Prem Charitra (Episode 8)

The episode starts with the sun rays falls on Brinda’s face… she woke up and sees the time… it’s 6.30 … sees everyone sleeping… yadhav sleeps on chair and holding yashu’s hand… who sleeps peacefully in bed…

Ameen seems hugging Myuri’ s head over his chest and sleeping… Meghna and shwetha both sleeping hugging their pillows and teddy bear respectively….

Brinda went to kitchen… and started preparing coffee and Kausi enters… she started preparing breakfast fast… everyone got one by one…

She serves coffee to everyone and hot milk to yashu…

Everyone gets ready with files and starts their planning …

By evening they almost completed the work. ..

Myuri – shall we go to that temple again. …

Yadhav – okay Mam..

They all come to the same old temple…

Swadhandheera welcomes all…

Shwetha – Brinda said you know everything about all…

Meghna – so we all came here to know about us…

Swadhandheera- okay meghna. ..

Yadhav – how do you know her name?

Swadhandheera – u belive that I know everything. .. so her name too..

Yashu- so will you tell us the details regarding the kingdom that extinct. ..

Swadhandheera – I can’t tell you all… it’s needs certain time…

But I can certainly say about your past and future. ..

Yadhav – then say about me…

Swadhandheera – I’ll say about all…

Yadhav and Yashashwini you both love each other and it will last forever. In your previous birth you both loved each other and lead a happy life.

Ameen and Myuri you both will soon become parents of three children at a time. Two girl babies and one boy baby, last birth you both born in different religions.. Ameen born Hindu and you as Muslim and this birth you exchanged the religions and born.

Ameen and Myuri looks each other happily and so everyone.

Shwetha you born as princess and married to a chief commander of your father’s army. so your father made plans and failed your love. so now you will get your commander back as your fiance. By the time you reach home. Both of you live happily.

Meghna – you will realise your lover is not good guy and soon realise your love for your step mother and will get arrange marriage.

Brinda – you will meet your life partner and your eyes shows him in a special way. and you meet your twin within next jenma poornima ( pournami) happens once in twenty years. .. that is to say within 1 and half year. .. and in your last birth you made a sankalp (swear) that you will finish off the devil power and died.

Brinda – I don’t have sister.
I’m a single daughter for my parents.

Yadhav – she would have done her duty by killing the bad snake in our college. ..

Swadhandheera – who knows! ..and thinks for a second and says may be your parents might have lost the kid when it born.. Brinda recalls her parents saying her sister were kidnapped
In hospital the day she born.
And said her…

Then kausi gets food there itself for everyone and Brinda served food to swadhandheera. Brinda – okay Ma..

Yadhav drops Brinda in that place. .. and ask her to call when the work gets o ver. ..

Brinda – okay yadhav. ..

The episode ends with Brinda entering into the temple. ..


Brinda sees some book made of dry leaves and touches it and get some flashes and fell down there…
Later swadhandheera calls and informs Ameen…

In office- after the flash back
Brinda Wakes up from sofa and sees Arjun there and started crying then hugs him… and he consoles her… Prem enters in… and he too consoles her. ..

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  1. Super epi mithra..precap is awesome??

    1. Mithrabrinda

      Thank you padhu ?

  2. i jst fell in luv wid ur ff mithra!! Its amazin! Eagerly waitin for next episode!

    1. Mithrabrinda

      Thank you Thanya … welcome to our family….☺

  3. The precap was amazing sister!

    1. Mithrabrinda

      Thank you deepe ??

  4. krishnai aka ww

    hey really superb episode di…….. perfect…… precap too samma……….

    1. Ww Di, I feel pandavas are good akka
      Because they revenged the kauravas and took oath to bring women’s dignity
      Bhima acted fastly in the hall against molestation of draupadi while Arjuna was silent bounded by his brothers word, but he showed love for her in vanavas and tried to keep her away from sorrows
      Actually in vyasa text draupadi never taunt duryodhana or Karna sister it were all the following own versions but not in the ithihas Di…….

      Better than Rama who was cruel to sita.. were the pandavas

      Satyameva jayeta

      Hare Krishna

      1. krishnai aka ww

        okay da….. i understand your point of view….. and sorry yesterday i couldnt reply to you about your chemistry doubt…….. if you are still not clear let me know bcoz there are many who can answer your question….. but let me know in this page….. bcoz i visit only here the comment section….. rarely skr comment section………. hope understand……..

    2. Mithrabrinda

      ??? happy to hear krishnai….

      By the way I like your name sita ?so nice

  5. Mithrabrinda

    Can’t able to update Today…. Will update tomorrow….
    Sorry guys…..

    1. krishnai aka ww

      its okay di

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