Prem Charitra (Episode 7)


The episode starts with everyone reaching back to guest house. ..
Ameen parked the car and kausi opened the door. .. shwetha and myuri heads to kitchen. Yadhav carried yashu in his arms and goes to her room.. Brinda is taking the files from car…. and kausi with a basket going to market. … near the main gate she met the girl. .. its none other than our meghna ( last before episode I mentioned wrongly the fourth student is shwetha, but it is meghna)….. Brinda saw her and hugged her then asked her how’s her health. … its very boring without your company. .. We all are waiting for your presence. … This is kausi ma… Our new ma in this home….

Meghna- greeted her and said her name is meghna. .. she couldn’t come with them because of typhoid. ..

Kausalya- how are you now??? meghna smiled and shaked her head signing good. ..kausi continued that I have to the market. .. shwetha and myuri are already in kitchen. .. I’ll leave now. ..

Brinda- I thought of accompany you. .. shall we?

Ameen came and is surprised to see meghna…. and Brinda said she will go with kausi. .. Ameen seconds it…

Both Brinda and kausi heads to market….

All are happy to see meghna there. .

Everyone enjoyed. .. Meghna asked Yadhav about yashu’s health. .. shwetha and Brinda said … that she was unwell. ..

Yadhav- she is …

Yashashwini- perfectly alright. ..

Yadhav- you didn’t take rest? ??

Yashashwini- it’s boring to be idle… and see I’m perfectly alright. ..

Because of me everyone have to delay the project. ..

Ameen slightly twisted her ear and said- u came back normally and meghna to accompany us so we will finish the project with in these 2 days. ..

Shwetha- of course we do it.. 50% of the project, old gateway building near the temple is finished and we have to search about the missing parts of the gateway. ..

Myuri – I thought of going to that old Lady and ask about that. .. she is too old and she should have some information about it…

Ameen- even I enquired. .. We all go there by tomorrow. all back to their work. ..

Shwetha and myuri back to kitchen and Yadhav and yashu to garden for a small walk… Ameen and Meghna started discussing about the projects and experience of these 4 days. ..

On the way to market,

Brinda- I feel like this place is familiar to me… such a beautiful view and wonderful climate. ..

Kausalya – yes. .. its called village. .. In town we won’t get this much pure air and natural food…

Brinda – I accept this 100%

Kausalya – shows one banyan tree and said this is very old tree here… you saw that temple na…. its on the back side of this tree… such a huge tree…

Brinda – I’ll go and see when I take dinner to that granny. .. forgot to ask what’s her name? ??

Kausalya – no one knows. .. how much people respects her … They are not strong enough to ask her details. ..

Brinda – okay. I’ll ask. .. where is the market I didn’t see any shop nearby. .. only the farms…
Kausalya – see there is a small hut made of coconut tree branches … There only we get vegetables and fruits. ..

Brinda – it is looking so nice. .. greeny hut with natural branches all over the hut with blooming flowers….

Kausalya – what you want to buy. .. even you will get all kitchen ingredients here…

Brinda-I’ll buy cauliflower and potatoes it’s yashu’s favourite and Yadhav favourite too . And channa gram for myuri mam… mangoes for meghna. ..
We will buy some bengal gram and prepare vada for Ameen sir and carrot halwa for you. …

Kausalya – how do you know I like carrot halwa. ..

Brinda – you once said that your mom used to prepare carrot halwa with lots of cashew and u used to finish it before everyone. …

Kausalya – I thought I’ll get a daughter like you…

Brinda – you are not too aged to become my mom … but a cute elder sister. .. okay we done shopping. .. shall we leave? ?? Or wanna to buy anything else didi ( elder sister) ? ??

Kausalya – what about you?? What’s your favourite, ??

Brinda – everything is my favourite when my dear ones prepared. .. don’t get emotional I like everything in food ….

Kausalya smiled…:-):-D
Brinda settled the amount and got two bags full of vegetables, fruits and other ingredients. ..

Kausalya took big bag from her and said it’s elder sisters duty. …
Brinda to smiled. ..
And small chit chat till home. ..

In the kitchen all four ladies started preparing food…

Ameen and Meghna is cleaning the dining table and arranging the plates and glasses. ..

Yadhav gets broomstick from yashu and asked her to do some easy work. ..

Yashu fills water in glasses. .. and switch on the light music. …

Brinda comes and gives some herbal juice to yashu and make her drink it….

Shwetha and myuri comes with bowls full of meals prepared. … One by one…

Ameen – may I help you myu? ?

Myuri- don’t worry I’ll take care… you just call and inform Niranjan sir and say everything is perfect and we will come back after 2 days…

Ameen – command accepted maharani… your servant at your service. …

Myuri – still you making fun of me. ..

Everyone sits to eat… Brinda comes there with a carrier and said she will go and give that granny these food… and will be back soon…

Myuri – don’t go alone. .. Ameen will come with you. ..

Ameen – yes… wait I’ll get car keys. ..

Yadhav – sir you sit and eat… I’ll drop Brinda…

Yashashwini – he is right. .. Yadhav you go and drop her and after giving the food you both come back quick… I’ll wait for you both. .. said so she smiled seeing Yadhav.

Every one said we’ll wait for you guys. .

Yadhav and Brinda leaves….

In car…

Yadhav – how is Prem. .. he will not even leave you for a second … at least he will call you 5 times a day…

Brinda – he is calling me minimum 10 times a day. .. how do you know? ??

Yadhav- hey from childhood I know you and Prem….

Those days never comes back. ..
You , meghna and yashu are same class. ..
And myself, Prem and shwetha are your seniors. ..
Because of you and Prem only I got my love yashu. … and still now I didn’t find a best friends like you and Prem ever in my life….

Brinda – golden days… unforgettable moments.. Our canteen…. Breach rides. .. lollipop fights…

Yadhav – hmm. .. We reached. ..

Brinda – it’s really very old building….

Yadhav – this building belongs to 865 BC. .. wait I’ll park the car under some tree and come. .. you just go straight in…

Brinda – okay. ..

Brinda sees the temple and steps in. .. old lady opens her eyes and feels her presence…. The bats started flying out…. and a bright rays of sun falls in. ..

Yadhav comes and says we have to go this side. .. It seems brighter than before. ..

Brinda – I feels something different. .. Don’t know how to say… I feels peace. ..

Yadhav – it’s our mahadev’s blessing. .. let’s go into the chamber of secrets. .. ha ha ha. .

Brinda – joke. .?

Yadhav and Brinda comes near the old lady-

Her eyes seems to be bright seeing Brinda. ..

Both greets each other. ..

Old lady- son! Will you bring me some banana leaves from the opposite garden. ..

Yadhav – sure granny. .. and he leaves. .

Brinda – I have lot of questions to ask. .. shall I? ?

Old Lady- even I have to say a lot about you. ..

Brinda – hmm? ?

Old lady- I’ll answer. . Whatever you ask… that’s my responsibility. .

Brinda didn’t understand the inner meaning of her words..

Brinda – what’s your name and why are living here alone? ??

Old Lady – my name is swadhandheera. .. my mom and dad keep this name…. During foreigners invasion every one is in the thought of getting freedom. .. and so my dad kept this name swadhandheera (independence)….

And I studied in gurukul for 18 years … I was a bright student … my guru said that I’ll be the reason for the great change of the history .. and I’ll attain it only by dedicating my life towards a unknown goal… I started doing tapasya dhyaan ( a deep meditation for years)and I got some gynaan udhayam ( a unique granted knowledge of everything)…. After that every one started worshiping me… I started roaming all the places in this bhaarath..and started helping everyone … finally my inner feeling said this is the place I should wait for the some who brings the change of history. .. so I’m waiting. … and one pure women who lost her husband on the very day of marriage stays with me and helps me… she gone to her fathers home yesterday and she will be back after 2 days. ..

Brinda – don’t know what to say.. but you are really awesome ….

Yadhav enters with leaf… Brinda started serving the food… she eats all. .. and thanked them…

Yadhav – why you are thanking us… u did a great favour to us…. nothing equal to that. …

Brinda – yes… swadhandheera granny…. We will leave everyone is waiting for us there. …

Swadhandheera thinks even she is waiting for her over years and years. …

They take a leave and goes back to guest house…

Everyone sits to eat. .. Meghna asks kausi also to sit. ..

Kausalya – how can I? ?

Ameen – you are like my sister. .. you took care of us…
Myuri – don’t think you are a maid. .. you are one of us..

Shwetha makes her sit with them…

Brinda – let’s eat… she opened the big banana leaf… and so does everyone which food was kept in different bowls and kept in a big brass plate. ..

Everyone sees their favourite and started eating happily. ..

The day gone really good. ..

The episode ends here. .. no precap. .. as the next part will be published today itself. …

Credit to: Mithrabrinda

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  1. krishnai aka ww

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      2. Mithrabrinda

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  2. krishnai aka ww

    forgot to say…….. actually i really like the old lady’s name explanation……… Swadhandheera…….

  3. krishnai aka ww

    @ Sita dont worry…… just remember one thing……. ” I am learning so that gain more knowledge about this world and what i know its just hand full off and i have to know about the whole sea”

    Dont worry about marks…… just read the subject books with the interest you have while reading these updates, fan fictions, novels and story books……. dont learn for scoring marks…….. then you would be able to plan yourself well and give equal importance for both your studies and entertainment……..

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    today epi was just always super..sorry I dono which std ur studying I’m 9..I dono hw tu call u di r with name..can u say ur std plz

    1. Mithrabrinda

      College 2nd year.. By the way welcome to our family…. ?

  8. Super work mithra……eagerly waiting for next epi…..

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      Thank you dear ?

  9. As usual. A fantastic episode sister!

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