Prem Charitra (Episode 11)


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10 Jun. ..
They started chit chat… And try their level best to make Brinda laugh…

Prem thinks…. I won’t let you cry Brinda… You are my First supporter and motivator in all my life…. I won’t let any misfortune even to touch your shadow… And Arjun I feel like I got one more best friend.. In male version ?….

Arjun… Thinks…. Your smile makes my day perfect… I won’t let you at any circumstances alone .. I’ll be with you…. My life becomes incomplete without you… Your love… And Prem’s Friendship. …

Brinda thinks… Prem without your friendship.. My life is nothing… Even your worst joke makes me laugh….. You are best version of brotherhood and friendship..
And Arjun… You helps me like Prem and supports me like a shadow… But I can’t able to understand why I’m feeling lonely without you.. Is this that?? Then I’ll be your best half of yours..

I’m the most blessed person… With my ever caring friend and my most loving person ..

Their chit chat and knok joks was interupted by some phone call….

It’s prem’s mobile…

Prem – Hello…

Rathesh – it’s me Prem … Don’t say my name.. I’m in airport… Wanna give surprise to Arjun.. I got appointment in Banking company.. Near your area. .. as chief consultant of financial resources(CRFA)…

Prem – that’s so cool. .. oh dear… I’ll be there in 20 minutes…

Brinda – who’s it Prem? ??

Arjun – dear ah?? … is that your girlfriend? ?? You didn’t tell me! !

Arjun – No,but a VIP. I want you both to accompany me to the Airport.

Brinda – who’s that VIP, you will not say even to me? ? ( with cute baby expression she requested)

Arjun – okay. .. I’ll just give you a clue ,last night phone call.

Brinda – it’s Ra..( before she continue Prem cut off her)

Prem – Yes. .. it’s what you think.

Brinda thinks Prem and Rathesh wants to give super surprise to Arjun.

Arjun – Oh..Who’s is that VIP? Won’t you tell me? I’m your best friend yaar.( expressed with fake anger)

Prem – Well, we’ll meet that VIP in 20 minutes.

Arjun – I wanna to know for sure.

Brinda – Arju.. It’s a surprise.. Please wait for a while. ..won’t you do for me. .. Hmmm? ( requested in baby voice)

Arjun – okay. .. ( without delay he said okay. .. after allllll it’s his Brinda. .. Prem looks him with raised eyebrows that express. ..” if I say you won’t accept. .. but if she says without even losing a second you say okay. …”)

Understanding his expression Arjun hugged him…
And continued. ..

Arjun – well you are my best friend. .. won’t I hear you? ?

Prem – ahaaan. .?!

Brinda – both stop your super dooper eye talking … I can’t able to see .. Come on let’s go… ( saying so she left out)

Arjun and Prem smiled seeing each other…

Brinda – shall we? ?

Both Arjun and Prem nodded and sits on back seat.

Brinda starts the car…

Brinda – hey Prem… don’t tell ma about.. ( before she complete her sentence… Prem continues) Prem – I know Brinda. .. If mom and dad knows this they will start worrying more….( saying so Prem gives his consent with a small smile which is reflected in front mirror and Brinda gives a satisfactory look)

Arjun – well guys don’t forget today dinner party in my home. .. 7pm sharply ..

Prem – of course… even you will not forget the special dinner:-)

Brinda – Prem as usual you go and park the car… I’ll go with Arjun. ..

Prem – okay dear. .. This time I don’t need to worry about your loneliness. . But about Arjun’s … as he is accompanying my devil friend…

Brinda – Prem. ..

Arjun – Don’t say like that. .. she is cool and good girl. ..

Brinda smiles seeing Prem teasingly. ..

Prem – okay… I’ll park the car and come. … through back entrance. …

Brinda – okay…. We’ll wait there. …

Prem calls Rathesh and inquires him whereabout…

Rathesh – I’m near back entrance. .. In checking area..

Prem – come to parking area. ..

Rathesh – okay… I’ll pass through checking area and let you informed. .

Prem – okay… Brinda and Arjun are in main entrance waiting for you.. and Brinda won’t let Arjun see you… you come directly to parking area.. We’ll give a wonderful surprise to Arjun .. See you there.

Rathesh – okay Bro…

Arjun – at least say me now…
Who’s that VIP. .?

Brinda – wait for some more time and I want to tell you something important… about our life. ..

Arjun -( wait…. she said … Our life).. with a smile he says
Okay Brinda. ..

Brinda cell beeps…

Brinda excuses herself and comes to some corner reads the message. ..

[Prem – don’t worry. .. let him know your feeling… I think everything will be good ]

And she replies okay with a smiley…

In parking Area… Prem seeing Brinda’s message and he feels someone standing besides him. .. it’s Rathesh. ..

Prem – Hi …

Rathesh – Hi Bro. . How are you? ??

Arjun – good dude. ..

Both share a friendly hug…

Prem – you look good in real rather than the photo…

Rathesh – oh. .. Thanks Bro and you too. .. I saw Brinda just now. .. standing alone near Customs office. ..

Prem – Not possible. . She’s with Arjun. ..

Rathesh – but I see her filling form… wearing red kurthi…

Prem – hey.. she is wearing white chudi… I know it for sure…

Rathesh – I think I have seen someone like her. .. as I saw her only in photo….

Prem – its okay. … wait in car… I’ll go and see them…

Precap –

Krishna asks the manager about the withdrawal of 2 crores. .. manager asks him to come tomorrow as the amount is huge and with the approval of financial resources officer only we can give you sir. .. he is joining tomorrow. ..

Prem sees Brinda trying to express her feelings for Arjun. .. and thinks to wait for some time out…. A girl with lot of papers coming in that way. .. Prem and the girl collide. .. and the papers started flying in the air. ..

Prem sees the mole in her leg right leg foot base while she jumps to catch the papers. ..

Guess the new entry….

Credit to: Mithrabrinda

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