i think the CVC’S have gone mad guys!! shomi to get prego, dadi, unhappy with the new, will try to murder her,uttara’s bf to push swara off a cliff n she will suffer a memory side im hpy fr swasan scenes…bt other side i am sad if swara’s memory gets back to swalak engagement then!!???
gawd! well the matter given below is an article which i am copy pasting..
Dear readers, if you are already bored with the excessive lovey-dovey moments in Colors drama Swaragini (Rashmi Sharma Telefilms), then get geared up for some spicy new twist in the show.
Yes, the makers of the popular daily are all set to churn out some unexpected twist and turns in the series, we hear.
Hold your horses as we are all ready to reveal it.
We hear that in coming days, Sharmishtha (Parineeta Borthakur) will become pregnant with Shekhar’s child. Unfortunately, Dadi (Alka Kaushal) will get irked by the development and she will try to kill Sharmishtha and her unborn baby.
If this is not enough for you readers, then we have some more in our store.
Another source shares, “Uttara’s (Kyati Magala) boyfriend Rakesh (Mohit Abrol) will not be much fond of Swara (Helly Shah) and Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar). While Swara will try to reveal to Uttara that Rakesh is not an apt choice for her, Rakesh in a fit of rage will push Swara from cliff, with the intention of killing her.”
Oh no! Will Swara suvive?
Well the answer is yes, but she will suffer from a memory loss.
Kahani mein naya twist!!!
It seems that things won’t be too smooth for Swara and Sharmishtha in the coming days.
When we called Parineeta she refused to talk on the developments.

Credit to: kritika


  1. Pavi

    Sharmishtar pregnancy is highly disgusting… N then swara memory loss drama is tolerable if she is lose complete memory not like not remembering after swalak engagement… Not again swalak…its good if don’t remember anyone except her mom n dida… N dadi ragini n shekhar as neighbours…

  2. S priya

    It s really a stupid thing….even swara memory loss s smewt k but sumi pregnancy s really unbearable come on writers she shuld become gm nw nt a mother….dadi upset s acceptable but trying to kill her oh god such a nonsenses track…

  3. Tvisha

    and if swara loses memory she could go to flashes of SwaLak days OMG I can’t see SwaSan seperating from each other especially after today’s episode!!!! 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  4. Unknown

    Phewwww…CRAP!! Sumi Pregnant???? CVS ARE MAD..c has two daughters.. above all C HAS TWO SON-IN-LAWs..
    its tym to get pregnant f her daughters..not her..CVS kuch toh sharam kro..besharamo ki tarah SUMI PREGNANT..after some days they will show Sujju and Ap also are pregnant..Serial’s name is this third sis??? HAVE U GONE NUTS CVS??? plzz kuch toh logic rakho..we all are expecting a small sanky and any small lucky .. INSTEAD OF SHOWING DT DY ARE GIVING US CHOTU SHEKHAR.. CVS SHUMI IS OLD..PLZZZ KUCH SHARAM KORO.. INFRONT IF HER TWO SON-IN-LAWS C WILL ROAM BEING PREGNANT..CVS ITS NT RAMAYANA AGE..ITS MODERN AGE.. THINK WD SOME BRAIN.. ND memory loss track quite interesting.. Sanky will woo Swara..we will get to c their love story again..unmarried love story..and is bar agar KUCH DINO Swa____lak ko dikhaye to ragini firse heart broken ho jayegi..So just I wish wo is bar thodi si samajhdari bhi dikhaye..and SWA___lak kabhi nahi hoga..agar hua toh SWASAN and Raglak fans milke marenge..through ML track we’ll GT to c sanky ka tadap..

    • Unknown

      And plzzzz CVS try something new na!! just for SWASAN..they are bestest something like swara will nly remember Sanky..Bt I know dy will show swara remembers the incident till Rags was pushing her into river..BT when sanky will come in front f swara c will feel a special attraction towards sanky..sanky will woo swara..He will try to make her fall in love WD him all over again..Sanky ka tadap..and that “SS” locket will remind her abt Sanky..C will feel those bangales and Locket are special..special heart connection.. awww..wn sanky will see his princess WD lucky boy his expression will be worth watching..and I HOPE CVS WONT DRAG THIS TRACK LONG I CNT SEE MY SANSKU IN PAIN for long time..we will GT to c Swasan intense romance..BT CVS are very good to ruin good track..and plzzz guys Sab milke jamke twitter e CVS ko bolo plzzzz DONT SHOW SUMI IS PREGNANT..ND SWARA WILL NLY REMEMBER SANKY..???

      • Unknown

        Yup Tvisha..Its totally bakwas..just think..Shumi prego????? In this age??? is it Ramayana Age????

      • Unknown

        BT Tvisha I think Swara’s memory loss track will be more Swaragini centric than swasan centric..And I badly wanna Sanskar’s old cunning avtar..wn VK made his entry..Ruthless..I want Sanskar to punish Uttara’s bf himself..WDOUT RAGINI’S HELP..WD DT CUNNING BRAIN..Its high time to be again old SANSKAR MAHESHWARI,cunning ruthless arrogant businessman.. VK will again nailed it..

  5. manyatha

    i was laughing a bit when i read about swara and sharmistha what the hell r they mad to bring such twists swara memory loss ok because swasan scences would be more their new love story but sharmistha pergeant the most unexcepteable thing ……………….

  6. Unknown

    SWA____Lak nahi hoga…cz now Lucky boy Loves chill..and SUMI IS PREGO..OHH GOD..YEH SUPER SE UPAR KI BESHARMI..CVS if u don’t have good track then take some ideas from ff writers..Angel Goldie,Neha,Ananna,Nidhi and many more ..there are sooo many fab ff writers..plzzz use ur brain CVS .. and Agar Sanky ko boht dino ke liye tarpayegi na toh Main CVS ko itna galiya dungi ki CVS ko hi memory loss ho jayega..PLZ DONT SHOW SHUMI IS PREGO TYPE CHEAP THINGS..???? CVS walo Zara bachke rehna SwaSan fandom se..?????Biggest fandom in tellywood..they won’t bear any bakwas track which will hurt their SWASAN..hamari dil ki dhadkan hai SwaSan.. so plzzzzzzz..and let Raglak handle uttara’s that one musibat will come to them..not to our Swasan..nd SWASAN ko honeymoon par bhej do..Swasan ko thoda sa time do romance krne ka..Such HOTTEST COUPLE..ITNA HOT SIZZLING CHEMISTRY..plzz use this chemistry.. and BTW WHO TOLD CVS ki we are bored???? Who told?? plzzz meri samne aajao..Main dkhna chahti hoon..???

  7. Sayantani

    Hayyyyeeee Sumi is prego..Bhagwan ji..yeh kya din dikhaya tumne..?? yeh duniya yeh mehfil mere liye nahi hai..???? Iss crap track ko dkhne se pehle main kyun tapak nahi gayi?????? CVS walo haad hai yar bakwas ki..SUMI PREGO.. HAWWWW..?? Shekhar ji ap toh bht aage nikli..apka do damad hai Shekhar ji..?? Zara Sharam toh karo..? this is high time of SANKY ND LUCKY to be father..BT u??? Sasurji??? Apko sharam nahi aayegi kya???????

    • Unknown

      Sayu behena..meri aur ek wish bhi hai..Swara should forget everything except Raglak marriage..C should only remember Raglak married..and after that c should fall for My janu Sanky all over again… New love story..and after that her memory will come back..And meri akhri wish..LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST..memory wapas aane ke baad ek aur SR of yesterday hot sizzing passionate.. Mujhe firse SR dkhna hai Swasan ki..such hot sizzling couple.. uffffff..such hot..still burning inside..????????❤?????? agar yeh track aayega toh main dairy milk silk batungi..????? BUT NOT SWA_______LAK…after seeing yesterday’s episode I CNT bear SWA______lak…. Meri hottie janu will be sad again..I CNT c my hottie janu sad again..mujhe Rona aajayegi..???


    Shamishtha pregenct.its time for Swaragini to be pregnent but we know CVS can’t show this easily. they will test r patience so we can compromised but shomi is pregnant is disgusting plz don’t show this.
    Swara’s memeory lose is good.but make her remember only her ma n dida n gadodiya family as neighbour. then swara will come back to her old look. sanky will become his friend then he will make her fall fr him.she will again fall in love with him.n raglak to handle uttara’s bf.we can see new love story of r Swasan. it is not difficult for sanky to make her fall for him. but don’t make her memory lose when she is in love with lucky. plz don’t do this.

    • Ya this track would be intresting…. bt imagine swara lost her memory…. n comes to kno about her upcoming lil sis/bro… hw will she react… damn yr… hillarious..

  9. haha??????..OMG!.. yr yeh wrtr ko ho kiya gaya h yr? sumi pregnant???

    ab toh sumi ki Gaud bharai ke liye hum sbko jana he padega guyz??????

    kuch toh sharam karo writer ji..

    • Unknown

      Plz mickey Start to distribute Invitation card of Sumi’s godh barai among all..I’ll sponsor all the cards..nd sabse pehle unki do damad ko do invitation card f Sasu mom’s godh barai.. ?????????? has haske pet fat jayegi..???? SUCH A CRAP..My Sanky nw will play with little sali saheba or sala saheb..NOT WD LITTLE SANKY OR LITTLE SWARA..huhhhhhhhh…chalo chalo guyz SB apna saman pack karo..hum sabko sumi ki godh barai me Jana hoga..???????????

      • Unknown

        Kritika Dear,tumhari packings hogayi kya godh barai me Jane ke liye???? Hume jald se jald nikalna hoga..aakhir humari Sanky ki SASU MOM ki godh barai hai..Writerji ek kaam Karo..Sumi ke baad Dadi ko and then Ap and Sujju ko pregnant dikhao..uske baad swaragini ka…?????? And tab take Hume dher sare SR dete rahena SWASAN ki..?????

      • Unknown…im ready ha!! Lagta hai har ek month me mumbai jana padega…iss baar shumi k liye, next time ap, then suju n dadi too..:p

      • Unknown

        Meher yr..just imagine if this time again Swaragini will get w sissy dn WILL THEY AGAIN TRY?????????? If yes then I am sure Sanky and lucky will become mad..they will say We are last..our Sasurni is 1st..Hume bhi top karna hai ISS EXAM me..?????????? chalo guys SB mukh mitha karlo..Kolkata ki special GANGURAM ki mithai..?????????

  10. priya

    Guys,i think there may be twist in shomi case.reports could have been exchanged.someothr sharmistha would have come to the same hospital the same day.after all,i believe CVs won’t try to create such a nonsense history in indian TV serials

  11. Taniya

    CVS is going crazy..sharmishta being pregnant is the wierdest things ever. If swaragini also become l pregnant soon after sharmishta gets pregnant then swaragini can have their kids and sibling get married at the same time??. The writer of this show is making it boring and pathetic. How can sumi become a mother, she is going to be a grandma soon because now that both raglak and swasan consummated their marriage it is possible now.

  12. heart

    Is this time time to get shomi pregent …this is her time to play with her grand daughter and son ….writer had gone totally mad

  13. L?L… hahaha???
    .. Yarrr unknown. socho jb wo log apni sasu ma ki pregnncy ke baree me sunegi toh kiya hoga

    n kitna accha lge ga na jab unki do damad apni sasu ma ki care karengi??.. sanky kehgi Mom plz ha aaj se aap koi kam nhi karengi.. aapko aaram ki bht jarorat h??.. n dn Chota damad in laksh kahegi yes Mom bhai bilkul sahi kh rhi h.. aapko jo v sahiye hume bol dijiyega.. ??.. n sekhar wo khegi Sumi mujhe blkl 2mhri tarah ek princess chahiye.. sumi khgi nhi mjhe prince chahiye

    . yr unlogo ko age toh 40 ki upr h na cz swaragini ki shadi v ho gayi

    kiya uncle aunty isss umar me phir se suhag raat mana li.. hume toh pata v nhi chala.. naughty h??.. chalo koi baat nhi.. ab jab khush khbr de di toh mithai v khilao hume???????????

    • Unknown

      yup yaar..Just think Sumi ki moodswings… At midnight if c wants to eat pizza dn Either Shekharji or sumi ki do damad will bring pizza for her…and Shekhar will tell to Sumi” Princess,my baby I want a lil princess just like u..” Dn Sanky will think hayyyyyyyeee…yeh kya hogaya.. meri princess ki mom bhi Princess ban gayi..,?????????????????

      • Unknown

        Suhagraat mana liya itna kuch kar liya Hume pata v nahi chala..ekdm RESULT OUT..???????? boss Shekharji bht aage nikli..??? sasurji Zara apko do damad ko bhi bata dijiye apki secret formula..??? Hume lil Sanky and lil lucky dkhna hai..??? nt Lil Shekhar..?????????

      • Unknown

        And Mickey I think Sumi ke baad dadi dn Ap and dn hilarious SUJJU will get pregnant …Swaragini and SanLak Sadhu banke Himalaya me chali jayegi…they will say,”That much insult we just CNT tolerate .. We CNT do anything ..and our papa,badepapa and Sasurji and Dadaji have done EVERYTHING..WO BHI CHUP CHUPKE..audience and him sabko pata v nahi chala..?????? WE won’t show dis face to anyone..”..????????????? mujhe itna hasi aa rahi hai..???????????

      • Unknown

        And Kritika Sanku will say,” princess we should try again and again..just start our practice..”??????????

    • Lol what participate yr.. u r enough… bt ya i must say suhagrat SwaSan ki n uska result shomi n shekhar ko… mtlb kre koi n bhare koi 😛

  14. poo

    u guys … reading ur comments .. i almost brust out laughing … yar ..i even fell out of the chair .. haha hahaa haaha … unknown …omg u r awesome

    • Unknown

      Thanks yrrr..and aur bhi kuch kehna tha..BT Aakhir hoon Indian girl..main Sharif bachchi hoon..??????

  15. Fatarajo

    Nothing is impossible in Rashmi Sharma serials 😛 XD swasan and raglak deserved much better

  16. ashu

    Hearing abt somi’s pregnancy i laughed and my mom ws giving are-you-mad luk….wat is this…swara wil say sanky”ek chotu aane wala h “..he wil say “tum mom banne wali ho”. N she wil say “no mai maa nai behen banne wali hu”…sanky shocked somi rocks… really excitd for swara’s memory loss tract swasan romance

  17. pooja

    wow!!!!!!!!! great news……. 😉 😉
    weh we r telling u 2 make pair of swalak den u don;t listen to us
    now swasan & raglak are happy
    u r bringing di things
    wat will happen to ragsan

    kya phir se sanky ko pagal banana padega …..
    sumi will become mother wen d tym is of her daughters………..

      • Unknown

        Yup..Sumi and Shekhar thought chalo kuch asanskari karte hai..????? our daughters and son-in-laws CNT do nythng…we should start ..we should show dem DEMO..???????

    • ashu

      Shekhar and shomi are showng thy dont belive in showcasing their romance scenes thy only beleive in result (child)..

      • It will be so awkward for swaragini… to announce their mother’s pregnancy…
        Swara be lyk” sanskar ma ma banne wali h”
        San: swara ma ma hai phle se..
        Swra: are ni vo toh h.. bt ma fir se ma bnne wale h..
        San:(in mind) input to humne dala output waha se kaise !!?? Kuch to gadbad hai 😛

      • Unknown

        Meher meri Maa kya bola tune…main teri deewani ban gayi.._??? Hahahaha..input and output… Sanky babu plzz cl the engineers and check the circuit…?? otherwise you guys will be putting input continuously and output will come through Sumi..then u have to maintain a diary to remind ur sali sahebas and sala sahebs name..???????

  18. ashu

    Whn i sw somi puke i thought she wil be suffrng frm some disease bt pregnant…….cvs hv really lost their mind…

    • IREENA

      exactly i thought that they will show shomi is suffering from the CVS is grt they showed her pregnent. so we can expect swasan n raglak become parents at their silver jublii. 50 age.they r gone crazy but exited for upcoming swasan track.but don’t make our sanky a devdas. u should make him strongmake swara fall for her but not with his poliye nature but by his naughty nature like to tease her ,make her feel jealous etc.etc.olz do this.

      • ashu

        I really wanna see swasan dating n romnce which ws nt possble coz of their sudden marriage…..expctng this frm the memry lss drama

  19. Vinita

    Oh God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kya wirters ne hmusab ko pagal samjha hai!!!!!!!!!!! After reading tihs entire thing of Sharmishta I was laughing like a mad person. Kya isko comedy nights banane kya planning kar rahi hai rashmi sharma!!!!!!! Guys, jaldi chalo, bagpack karlo. Mumbai jana hai!!!!!!! Agar train miss ho jaiga then it will be a problem, right?
    Jaldi jaldi saman pack karlo!!!!!

      • Unknown

        Specially SanLak…they will cry their heart out…we are last..Our Sasurji 1st..
        Shekhar and Sumi rocksss..
        SwaSan and RagLak shockss..?????

  20. Varsha

    i saw this msg early mornin 4 itslf, was totaly shockd i ws busy so onl nt cmntd yt. Its really a crap. Sumi pregnant ho toh wo kudh abort karna nahi toh puri duniya usko dekhkar hansega (she should abort it or the result should be wrong), nahi toh dadi usko mar sakthi hain, iss bath me dadi teek hain kyunki usko patha hain ye baath sach ho toh swaragini ke sasural walo (mainly pari r sujatha) kuch buri sochega. Mujhe aise lag rahe hai ki CVS Swara ko buri banne wali hain, maine kisiki cmnt mein pada toh ab tak sumi aur swara hi buri character nahi dhi hain toh isliye rahega ye spoilers. Ragini toh itne achi thi aur lak ne rags ko tease kiya, waitin to wtch mre raglak n swasan as this bakwas is goin to come soon. Rakesh deserves d slap, feeling bad as they may pair swalak n ragsan again(should not b true never n ever as love startd btwn both couples). Swara sanskar se itni pyar karthi hain aur laksh ragini se itni pyar karti hain toh ab aise hoge toh main nahi dekhunghi. Bakwaas scene aana wala hain lagta hain ki CVS hamare patience ko test karna chah rahi hain…

  21. ye kya bakwas hai…sumi pregnant…cvs pagal ho gye honge…dadi ka rootna samajh ata hai par killind sumi…no…aur fir ye rakesh ka chakar…inhe pata kyon nahi hotaa ki hum swasan aur raglak ki moments enjoy kar rahe hai…aur fir mujhe lagta hai ki reports badal gayi kyonki abtak shekhar aur sumi ki consumnation nahi hui hai…to bachha kaha se aa gaya…actually it makes no sense that when swaragini are supposed to have kids their mom is pregnant…dadi bi quit karegi mujhe lagta hai…jaise ki jab tejaswi negative uske quit karne ki koshish ki…first dadi ko negative dikhaya fir positive aur ab negative…i understand that the serial is trying to be kept on air but this is not the correct method…aur fir swara ki memory loss hone pe agar vo sanskar ko bhool gayi aur swalak ho gaya to ragsan negative ho jayenge…really limits hoti hain aur ye bakwas…

    • Bhavana

      Exactly Payal, serial me humne Shekhar aur sharmishta ki consummation bhi nahi dekha aur sumi pregnant ho gayi…sumi ko bachha abort karna chahiye ya reports nakli hone chahiye…sumi above 45 hai aur forty ke baad 98% cases mein koi pregnant nahi ho sakta…serial me dadi sumi ke saath itna achha bartav kar rahi hai…suddenly go kaise sumi ko mar sakti hai??? Dadi should have been arrested and punished under sections:
      307-for attempt to murder(remember she tried to kill sumi when she was performing the pooja at 12pm at the badi)
      308-for attempt to suicide(remember she and dada ji tried to suicide with the condition that sumi and shekhar’s wedding should be called off)
      359-for kidnapping(remember she and ragini kidnapped sumi when Swasan kidnapped Laksh to tell him the truth of what happened on their marriage day)
      And now she should be booked under section 313(attempting to cause miscarriage without consent of woman)

    • Yamuna Gupta

      Ek dum correct Payal…by the way how do you know about the sections dadi should be punished under???

  22. Guys, lagta hai shumi aur Shekhar ne kuch jyada hi tufaani kaam kar diya hai,..
    :p…guys, kuch bhi karo..isse trp nahi badhni chahiye..

  23. kiya

    I think cvs gone mad. I mean are thry really insane? Wtf is wrong with them? How sumi can pregnant? Atleast add some sense and science in it. Firstly if swaragini are appxr20-25 their parents will be almost 40-50 at this age who gets pregnant? This is getting in my nerves now. Really this pregnancy drama is screwing up my brains. Atleast show something sensible yàar.

  24. kiya

    Are cvs mad? Really i guess they have gone insane. Who expects at this age? Really its getting into my nerves. Show something sensible at least. Driving us nuts here. I don’t understand wtf is wrong with them. Really unbearable. Just as it starts becoming bareable they spoil our intension of watching.

  25. Ganga

    Hahahaha…sumi is getting pregnant?! Socho agar teeno Maa beti el sath pregnant Hoke discuss kare Tera karsa chal raha hai? Mere wale ne laat marna shuru kardiya. Achi saheliyan ban jaengi.. XD
    Acha socho agar swara pehle pregnant ban jati aur uske baad sumi pregnant hoti toh? Omg..

  26. nik

    If it happens I mean d pregnancy twist dn its going to b d most horrible, wierd……all in one gaannnddddaaaaa wala twist. It ll bcm awkward for d viewers to watch it. N cmng to swara memory loss dn if its true dn we would surely love to watch sanky trying his best to gt bk hr princess n in a way we ll witness a new n fresh love story of swasan. But I doubt d memory loss ll a real one or fk like koi swara KO blkml kr rha ho ya swara khud hi a is a kr rhi ho kisi ka truth expose krne me liye.

  27. sudharshna udhayakumar

    Guys …actually this is current period of time to show swaragini pregnant. .it has some sence not their mother ….I think the writer would have blindly exchanged the character name….but nice comedy showing shomi pregnant…and swara memory losss …..I think the writer has some memory loss ….amnesia …I think he will again show from first swalak love ragini anger and at last was an love my God now a days thess drama writers are having pregnant woman thinking ….changes every min like swara will say about sanky in some fanfic I think) any ways pls don’t make yourself all foolish in viewers eyes that a kind request to wonderful writers of swaragini
    …sorry if i hurted anyone…

  28. Anu

    God. CVS are jokers? First of all. Puri biology Ki watt lagane me tule hue hai. Uttaras bf is just sooo disgusting.

    And the worst part is Sanskar maybe has to suffer. I don’t mind memory loss track until it affects SwaSan. I just hope whatever I wrote in my fanfic doesn’t turn true. I won’t he able to hear that. Poor Sanky yaar! At least make him back the suave businessman and make Swasan fall for each other once again. And please yaar Sumi drama nahi hone chahiye. That’s totally disgusting. Even Dadi is crazy man! I mean Sumi Jo hi kyu Marne me tuli huyi hai. Shekhar Ki bhi toh galti hai na. Stupid funny business people.

    Pakane wale hai aage ke episodes Mein. I dont want to see SAR anymore if they again drag some faaltu track.

  29. Unknown

    Sanky and lucky will get a heart attack after hearing this news…Wn Sanky and lucky will take their to school at the same time GREAT shekharji will take his child to school..sasur and damad will attend PTM together..???????

  30. Unknown

    I just wish Wn Sumi will be pregnant at the same time both SWARAGINI should get pregnant…Cz Swasan and Raglak dono ki SR hogayi hai..its time to result..????? if this happens then it’ll be lol..Sasur and damad will handle Swaragini and midnight sasurji and damad will go to bring pizza,ice cream… it’ll be worth watching..????????

  31. Agar 3no couples will b expecting then they will say:
    Aaj kuch asanskaari karte hai…
    Arre bhai Shekhar kitna romantic hai nah..!!
    Sanky n lucky kuch seekho apne bado se…
    Aur ha…kya pata…next month dadi, sujju n ap wil also get prego!!
    Phir toh pari ki jealousness ka koi thikana hi nahi raha!!

  32. jollybembi

    Arre yaar ye cvs vale khud ko kuch jyada hi chantt smjhte hain inhe lgta hai k aisa krne se trp badh jayegi n hum logon ko bhi inhone paagl smjha hai
    Sari vaat lga di cvs ne biology ki or medical k logon n students ki

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.