Pregnancy Cravings … Chapter 8

Kabir was sitting beside Saanchi holding her hand. He was tensed as well as angry for what he did. He was squeezing her hand .

Kabir in his thoughts : Saanchi is in this condition only because of me . I shouldn’t have speak loudly to her . I forgot that in this condition she had so delicate sentiments . Her mood swings and cravings ; I should have been with her all the time when she needed me . I didn’t think about her and gave her a bundle of files to read and diagnose .

Saanchi gains consciousness . She looks at Kabir in front of her .Kabir helps her get up and makes her comfortable with pillows. He is about to go when Saanchi holds his hand . They have a eyelock . Kabir sits beside her . Saanchi breaks her silence .

Kabir : No Saanchi ! I am sorry , I should have told you politely . Please forgive me and….

Before he could say anything she hugged him and surrounded him with her love. She cupped his face .

Kabir : Saanchi ! I’m sorry ….

Saanchi : Sssh ! It’s ok ! I know you were tensed and you burst out , Its ok Kabir .

Kabir : You have not eaten anything ! I should bring something for you until then you sit here . Ok ?

Saanchi nods and Kabir goes . After sometime Kabir comes with a glass of juice . He makes Saanchi drink the juice.

Saanchi gets up and goes to freshen up, she comes out of the bathroom wearing a green saree with a backless full sleeve blouse with wet hair . She goes to the mirror and wears her earrings . She was trying to tie her blouse dori but Kabir came and tied it . He hugs her rests his chin on her shoulder with his hands on her stomach .He nudges his nose in her neck .

Sanchi : Kabir , Stop it ! Somebody will come

Kabir : Let them come ..

Saanchi : Maa ! You here

Kabir suddenly let go Saanchi . Saanchi burst out laughing . He realized it was her prank . He chased her . She ran away . They were running like Tom and Jerry . Kabir was running ,as he held Saanchi’s palu which floating in the air , she came losing her balance and both fell on each other . Saanchi is on Kabir. She rests her hands on his broad chest . He keeps his right hand on her wet back and keeps his left hand on her waist . They have a eye lock . He tries shifting her palu which on her waist . Saanchi signs him not to do anything . He gives her a naughty smile and rubs her waist . She closes her eyes . He kisses her cheeks . She gets up to go but he pulls her and she again falls on him.

Saanchi : Kabir, let me go !

Kabir : Why ? Its  my time ,and ….

Just then Sonal comes in. She quickly covers her eyes . Saanchi quickly stands .

Sonal : Don’t worry!  I have not seen anything. I only came here to say that Kusum aunty is calling you both for breakfast .

At the dinner table ,everyone was sitting and eating except Saanchi which was noticed by Sonal .

Sonal: What happened Saanchi ? Why are you not eating ?

Saanchi : I don’t want to eat this . I feel like eating kheer or custard or drinking hot chocolate ? I want it just now !

Kabir : Saanchi , fruits are not there for custard , hot chocolate powder is also not there .

Saanchi : It’s ok ! You can make Kheer . Kabir please go and make kheer .

Kabir : Me ?

Saanchi : Of course you ! I am not going to eat from anyone except you .

Kabir : Saanchi ! You should eat this parathas you know ?

Sonal with a naughty smile : Yes Kabir ! You should make kheer for her, she should know your your cooking talent (sarcastically) .

Kabir glares at Sonal and decides to make kheer . He goes to the kitchen and pours milk and then adds rice and sugar . He waits for atleast 1 hr and liquidous substance . He just stirs it with ladle and checks its consistency and makes a dissatisfied face .

He pours the kheer in a bowl and goes to Saanchi . He enters the room and sees Saachi sleeping peacefully.  He keeps the kheer on the bed table . He looks at her lovingly . She was looking beutiful with her curls and rosy lips . He tucked her curls behind the ear and kissed her neck . Saanchi smiles and encircles her arms around his neck .

Saanchi : I’m feeling hungry
Kabir : Kheer is ready ! Taste it .

He forwarded the bowl of kheer . She ate a spoon made a confused face and quickly finished the bowl of kheer . Kabir was in cloud nine thinking that kheer is delicious .

Saanchi : Kabeer ! It not at all tastes like kheer but whatever it is ,its tasty .

Kabir : Well ! I am glad you liked it .

Saanchi : Of course , I will like it as it is made of your love

Kabir : By the way  I have a surprise for you tonight .

Saanchi : Really?

Kabir : Hmmm !

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