Pregnancy Cravings … Chapter 6

Kabir was there in Saanchi’s cabin . He was about to go . Saanchi stopped him and asked him to stay with her .

Kabir : Saanchi!  I have other work to do

Saanchi held his hand but he freed his hand and was about to go when  Saanchi kissed his lips . They were lip locked.  They both were so lost in each other.When the devil, the moment ruiner the one and only Ria came . She looked at their position and fumed in anger even though she knew they were married.

Ria : (coughs) Dr.Kabir !

Kabir(Jerks) : Yes Dr. Ria !

Ria : Sir ! Actually I couldn’t answer this question ,so …(Ria is still a intern as she failed in exams  )

Kabir : Ok let’s go .

Saanchi was feeling really bad and went to the hostel to Isha and Pragya .She entered into the room and jumped onto the cozy bed . She waved Ishagya .

Saanchi : You know what ? I want to kill that Ria ! How dare see take my Kabir away from me ? We were in each other’s arm know ?

She suddenly realized what she said now .

Isha: My Kabir ?

Pragya : In each other’s arms ?

Veer who was silently listening to them hiding behind the curtain spoke up .

Veer : Chori Chori Chupke Chupke ! Wow miss Golgappa !

Saanchi turned red and gave a deadly glare to all of them .A knock was heard. Isha went to open the door . It was none other than Kabir . Saanchi wondered how he knew I was here .

Kabir : Saanchi ! Shall we leave now ?

Saanchi nodded and went away with him . Ishpragveer were watching them going silently and giving a large grin  .Kabir opened the door for Saanchi to sit .She sat and he turned over and sat in the driver’s seat . She was silent . He broke the silence and spoke up .

Kabir : Would you mind listening to a song ?

She shows no response. He switch ons the music system . Lambi Judaai plays . He changes the song . Phulo ka taron ka plays . He again changes the song when  Alvida plays . He switch offs with a frustrated look . Saanchi burst out laughing. Watching her laugh he let out a long sigh . Saanchi spots a ice cream parlour and screams .

Kabir : Why are you screaming ?

Saanchi : You stop the car !

Kabir : But why ?

Saanchi : Stop the car ! I want to have ice cream !

Kabir : Ice cream ! Now ? No way ! You will fall ill

Saanchi : I want ice cream other wise I am not going with you  .

She quickly gets out of the car .

Kabir : Saanchi get inside the car !

Saanchi : No ! I want ice cream .

Kabir : Saanchi ! Don’t behave like a child , come inside .You will get cold ……Ok fine ! Sit inside , I am going to bring ice cream .

She smiled broadly . He let out a sigh seeing her .

Saanchi : Blueberry Cardamom Crisp !

Kabir: Ok !

They reached home when they found a girl with high pencil heels wearing ripped jeans with a crop top with a hair bun with red straps of hair hanging . She put on blood red lipstick, winged eyeliner, smoky eyeshadow with pink blush . She turned around and gave a smile to kabir and hugged him .Saanchi fumes seeing him.

Kabir : Sonal ! Long time no see

Sonal : Kabir ! You have changed a lot … you were a total jerk …

Kabir : But you are the same Sonu ! Saanchi, she’s Sonu ;I mean Sonal and Sonal , This is my wife Saanchi .

Sonal hugs Saanchi . They shake hands .

Sonal : Feels like you’re. …Pregnant ?

Kabir : Oh I forgot to tell you Saanchi that she is an expert gynaecologist and yes we are having a baby ….She’ll also be joining the SDCH

Sonal : Aww ! My baby khadoos .(kept her hand on Saanchi’s tummy )

Saanchi : Shall we go inside now ?

Sonal : Ya sure !

The trio went hand in hand . Sonal went in to Kaanchi’s room .Within an hour or two Sonal and Saanchi were comfortable with each other .

Kabir : I am hungry ! Shall we dine now ?

Saanchi : Sure

Sonal : I’m also coming .

The next day the trio were sitting as they had off . They were discussing some cases when Kusum came in .

Sonal : Hiya Aunty !

Kusum : Morning beta ! Kabir I have decorated the whole house and done all the preparations.

Kabir: For what ?

Kusum : You forgot ! Today is he party !

Sonal : Aunty ! He is the same akdu ..

Timeskip to the evening party . Kabir was getting ready wearing a black tuxedo . He was looking damn handsome . Sonal was making Saanchi ready . Saanchi was wearing a red transparent saree with full blouse. Her waist and navel was visible through the saree . Sonal wore a green and yellow backless off shoulder blouse  with yellow saree . Veer was wearing a white coat and Isha wore a white frock . Pragya wore shorts with a crop top .Ria wore a brown coloured top(like that of bikini) and shorts.  All the guests arrived and waiting for Kaanchi .

Kaanchi went down . All greeted them .  Kabir went up to the stage with Saanchi and announced the news of Saanchi being pregnant.  Every one cherished in joy except Ria .

Ria in her thoughts :How can she be pr…pregnant ? No! It can’t happen . I will not let it happen . Kabir is mine only

Everyone was congratulating them . They were happy . They danced . They sang . They ate . It was a grand celebration that night . It was a cherisable moment for all of them besides Ria who was planning to do something big to harm Saanchi

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