Pregnancy Cravings … Chapter 2

Saanchi was sitting on the bed waiting for her beloved caring husband to return . She heard the screeching sound and ran towards the window . A slight smile made a way to her lips . She rushed down the stairs and opened the door . It was none other than her love ;Kabir at the door step. Her face brightened seeing him .

She welcomed him with a warm hug . He too reciprocated the hug.

Kabir : By the way , Where is maa ?

Saanchi : I have given her medicines and she slept .

Kabir : Ok ! Let me change , then I will come for dinner..Ok ?

Saanchi nods positively .She starts serving food and doing some chores of kitchen . She looks at the watch and goes to call Kabir . She enters into the room and finds no one. She is about to go , when a strong pair of hands surrounds her .

Saanchi : kabir !

He kissed her neck making a shock wave pass through her . He pulled her closer . She could feel her back touch with his bare chest (he was in towel as he came from washroom ). She could feel his breath . He held her closer from her waist . He placed a soft kiss on her back . She shivered feeling his touch .

She broke his embrace and was about to go when he pulled her hand and she came twirling in his arms again .

Saanchi felt awkward: Kabir, its getting late..umm.. I think …we…should have….dinner

Kabir sensed her awkwardness and nodded in positiveness.

Kabir : Let’s go .

He squeezed her shoulder and they both went downstairs.Kabir was eating and Saanchi looked at him lovingly. He forwarded a bite to her . She denied to have it.

Kabir : I have not earen and you already ate , that’s not possible  . I know you didn’t eat dinner . C’mon have it .You will fall ill

Saanchi : No kabir, I am not hungry ..

Kabir : Saanchi I can read your face . Tell me what happened ?

Saanchi : Actually from the morning whatever I eat ,I feel nostalgic and vomit . I am also not feeling well .

Kabir tensed : This happened and you didn’t think it to be important to tell me ..

He stood up and goes to wash his hands .

Kabir : You go to the room and I am coming just in a minute .

Saanchi stood up and suddenly felt dizzy . She fell unconscious. Kabir noticed it and rushed to hold her . He held her .

Kabir : Saachi , what happened  ? Saachi ! ….. Oh no ! She has high fever .

He lifted her in his arms . He was very tensed and at the same time angry as she didn’t listen to him. He made her lay on the bed . He gave her medicine. He kept changing the cloths on her forehead .

It was around midnight when Saanchi heard some noises and woke up . It was none other than kabir taking over phone .

Kabir : Ya ok , Yes fine ! Confirm it for tomorrow.

He cuts the call when a weak shaking voice interrupts him.

Saanchi : Kabir ! What have you confirmed for tomorrow and why haven’t you slept yet ?

Kabir didn’t even reply and handed her medicine to eat . She ate the medicine and again asked the same questions .He didn’t reply and slept . Saanchi as well as Kabir felt . She was sleeping with tears . Kabir felt sorry for her .

Kabir: I am sorry ! But I am angry with you …and I had to be rude with you for your good .

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