Pregnancy Cravings … Chapter 16

After Sonal goes out of the room Riya comes inside the room with a glass of juice .

Ria : Sanchi !

Sanchi : Ria ! Come in .. why are you standing there ?

Ria : I brought this juice for you .

Sanchi : Ria ! You know about me, I don’t feel like drinking juice .

Ria : C’mon Sanchi ! Drink this ..

Ria forcefully makes Sanchi drink the juice. She smirks at Sanchi and keeps talking with her

Ria : You should have taken care Sanchi ! That day falling off the stairs would have harmed your health . After coming with Kabir, you know ?

Sanchi : Yeah but I don’t want to talk about it .

Soon, Sanchi drifts to sleep and Ria smiles with a smirk . She covers her with blanket and starts searching the whole room .

Ria : Oh come on … Where are the reports ?

She searches the whole room for the reports . Finally she gets the reports but heard footsteps coming towards the room . She drops those reports there and runs away .

Priya enters the room and sees Sanchi sleeping and goes away with a smile but comes back when she hears a sound .

Sanchi : Priya !

Priya : Yeah !

Sanchi : I want a glass of lemonade … I don’t know how I slept but my head is paining

Priya : Did you eat or drink something which you didn’t have to ?

Sanchi : No, Ria was there with me and she bought me a glass of apple juice .

Priya looks at the glass there and fakes a smile at Sanchi . She gets up.

Priya : Sanchi ! It’s normal in this condition . I’ll bring you a lemonade .

Priya exits the room . Sanchi sits there holding her head there . But no one noticed the reports on the bed . She tried to remember how she slept talking with Ria . She remembers something and gets shock .

“. Ria : You should have taken care Sanchi ! That day falling off the stairs would have harmed your health . After coming with Kabir, you know ? ”

Sanchi : How did she know that I was with Kabir that day ? She was downstairs right ? Oh god !!! All this time I have been thinking this was an incident but It was a conspiracy . I have to tell Kabir about this .

Priya in the kitchen discovers sleeping pills in the glass . She gets angry and calls Kabir and informs him

Just then Priya enters the room . She makes Sanchi drink the lemonade . Sanchi tells her about Ria . Priya also tells all about the discussion they had with Kabir .

Sanchi gets afraid because of the excess amount of adrenaline . She cries bitterly and Priya consoles her and puts her to sleep .

Kabir enters the room and sits near Sanchi who was sleeping . He carreses her head . Suddenly his eyes fall on the reports . He opens the reports and gets shocked ….
Hey guys ! I know it’s a short update but I think I’ll end it soon with 5-6 episodes I guess ..Feel free to drop your suggestions ..

I want to ask Anee a question that where to nominate OS for the award ceremony?

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