Pregnancy Cravings … Chapter 13

Everyone was tensed as well as tired about what happened at the party but no one investigated the first step which made Ria escape out of the matter .Saanchi slowly regained consciousness and saw Kabir sitting beside her . She rubbed his hands . He looked at Saanchi and let out long sigh in relief .

Saanchi : I am troubling you a lot , right ? You are really annoyed with me , know ?

Kabir : It’s not like that Sanchi ..Why will I be troubled ? I am just tensed about our baby and I’m happy that it’s alright ..

Saanchi : I know you are tensed and I really understand but I don’t like you being tensed for me .. you even look more khadoos and behave like a rude, heartless and arrogant person which I hate the most .(Holds his hand and places her head on his lap )

Kabir : I understand….I may be acting weird or lashing out at you for the mistake which you have never done ,or maybe behaving rudely …But it happens only when you are careless about your health.

Sanchi : Kabir ! I be careless because I know you are there to hold me whenever I fall, you are there to cheer me up whenever I’m upset …And you are always standing by me ,just always, which makes me feel secure .

Kabir gently kisses her forehead and holds her hand .

Kabir : I think you should rest now ..I have some work in the hospital ,I will finish it and come back home .Until then I will ask someone to stay with you..and Have dinner

Just then Ria enters .

Ria : It’s not required Dr.Kabir . I am there for Sanchi ,I will take care of her.

Kabir : It’s Ok Ria ! You rest ,I will call veer or priya to stay with her  . You just go and rest afterall you have to assist Dr.awasthi in the surgery early at 3am ,know ?

Ria : Ok sir !
In mind : Aww ! He cares for me ,I will see this Sanchi sometime elze …

Ria goes and Kabir gets relieved . He bids a goodbye to Saanchi. Just a moment after Kabir went away, Priya ,veer along with Sonal come to her room .

Priya : Are you better now ?

Saanchi : Yes

Veer : Thank God ! The baby is fine … I just love him …

Priya : How do you know it’s him only ? It can be her also …

Veer : I just want a baby may it be a boy or girl…

Saanchi looks at Sonal and feels her lost into some other world.

Saanchi : Priya! If you don’t mind ,I am feeling like eating Halwa ..

Priya : Sure ! Why not ? Veer ,let’s go to the kitchen. ..

Veer : Sure.

Priveer went away . Now It was only Sonal and Sanchi in the room .

Sanchi : What happened Sonal? You look gloomy

Sonal : Actually Sanchi ! I wanted to tell you a thing …but

Sanchi : You are free to tell me anything ….

Sonal : Woh actually … Sanchi ,You are having …some complications and it is a threat to your baby …may be it is a threat to your life as well

Sanchi : But Kabir told that ….

Sonal : I lied to Kabir because being a friend , I thought I should let you know first and then we will tell Kabir about it .

Sanchi : (in tears ) Sonal , promise me you won’t tell Kabir about this , he will definitely ask me to abort the baby but I will not do so. .. Please

Sonal : I understand Sanchi but we need to tell this to Kabir , ….

Sanchi : No,Sonal ! Please for the sake of this baby don’t tell anything to Kabir . (Keeps her hand on her tummy )

Sonal : Sanchi !(hugs her )

Sanchi : Thanks Sonal

Sonal : I will do it with one condition and that is you have to take complete care of yourself and ……

Sanchi : Now don’t say complete bed rest because I am gonna die if I completely rest on the bed .I will continue my work in the hospital.

Sonal : Ok but don’t lift anything heavy and just take care .. By the way , I am doing some tests of you in the second trimester.

Just then Kabir enters .

Kabir : Ya sure Sonu ! I will come with you for her tests .

Sanchi and Sonal look at each other what to say …

Sanchi : Urghh ! Kabir ,why are you behaving like a typical husband ?

Kabir : Because I am your husband ..

Sanchi : No ! Stop behaving like a husband, you really irritate me sometimes you know !

Kabir : Just before you told that you feel secure when I care ..

Priya with Veer enters the room with bowls of Halwa .

Priya : Halwa is ready ! I was making it for Sanchi , so thought to make it for all of us .

Sonal : Wow ! I am dying to eat your Halwa …

Priya: first of all ,Sanchi will eat then ,everyone ..

Priya passes the bowl to Sanchi . Sanchi tastes it and makes a happy face .

Sanchi : It’s really yummy ! I just love it ….

Veer: Sonal , Priya, I think we should go now and give some quality time to them to spend together .

Priya : Oh ya ! Let’s go …

Everyone went out of the room . Kabir went and closed the door. He changed into his casual wear. Sanchi too changed into her casual wear.  Sanchi was sitting in front of the mirror combing her hair when Kabir came behind her . She looks at him in the mirror .

Sanchi : How was your day ?

Kabir : Hectic ,busy and tiring (kept in hands on her shoulders )

Sanchi : And the reason behind it ,is me. (Removes his hands from her shoulders with a sad face )

Kabir : Why are blaming yourself ? The day was hectic because there was lots of work in the hospital and ……

Sanchi : And ?

Kabir : and I had to do 6 surgeries back to back , so …..

Sanchi : Liar ! I know it was all because of me …

Kabir : No,It’s not … Now stop blaming yourself and head to the bed otherwise forget talking with me …

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