Pregnancy Cravings … ( Chapter 1 )

It’s  been a year after their marriage and It was a day
any other ; sunny and windy .Everyone in SDCH were busy doing there duties

. In Kabir’s cabin , as usual he was working in his laptop . He looked up at the clock and it was 2: 15 pm . He kept a slight smile and shut down the laptop . He stood up and started taking slow paces towards the door . He held the door knob and on the count of five , she came with a lunch box smiling sweetly at him .

He stood there staring at her simplicity , beauty and passion .

Saanchi : Wouldn’t you let me in ?

Kabir let her in and locked the door . While she was opening the lunch box  he made a quick move and hugged her from behind locking his hands with hers . She was happy in his embrace . She rubbed his arms and broke the embrace .

She forwarded the plate and insisted kabir to have lunch . He took the plate and started eating . She was looking at him ; happy watching him eat vigorously . He offered her a bite . She quickly munched it .

She then rushed to the bathroom . Kabir also rushed to the washroom . He saw her vomiting.

Kabir : Saanchi ! What happened  ?

He continously rubbed her back to make her comfortable  . She washed her face and stood up .

Kabir : I think you need a check up right now .

Saanchi : No , I’m  ok ! It’s indigestion . I’ll take antacid.

Kabir : We can’t be careless about your health …

She kept a finger on his lips

Saanchi : Ssshh ! I am fine… It’s 2: 45 pm now . I should join my   duty otherwise Mr.Khadoos will kill me … (smiles)

Kabir : I think you should take half day off, you know ?

Saanchi :Kabir. ..

Kabir : I listened to you know ? Now , you are bound to listen to me . You will take half day off, is it clear ?

Saanchi : But …

Kabir : No buts , go home now . Ok bye !

He gives a quick peck on her cheek before going out of the cabin .She stands there for a while and goes out . On the way she meets Isha and Pragya .

Pragya : Abe o ! I heard Kabir sir gave you half day off .

Isha : Are you ok ?

Saanchi : I’m  ok guys !Just he gave me a holiday.

Pragya : Ok bye ! He is the same Khadoos for us ..

Saanchi : Bye .

She left off .At Kabir’s house  she entered in .

Kusum : Saanchi,  you came so early today ..

Saanchi : Yes Maa , he gave me a off today.

Kusum : Why ? Is he unwell today ?

Saanchi : No , maa I was feeling a bit uneasy , so he told to take a off ,

Kusum :Then why are you here ? Go and take rest . Go

Saanchi : I am fine now . Why not you take some rest today ? I will make the dinner .

Kusum : Ok fine .

Saanchi carries on with cooking . She was half a way from finishing her cooking , she got a call . It was of the one and only Kabir .

Saanchi : Hmm , Kabir

Kabir : How are you feeling now ? ..Wait what’s this sound ? Don’t tell you are working somewhere

Saanchi : I am better now . And yes I am in the kitchen . Before you start your lecture , Mr  Khadoos,  please listen to me .

Kabir :Ok

Saanchi : I have made your fav dishes and you have to come a little early .

Kabir : ok ! Love you take care .

Saanchi :love you too

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