Preetan SS : Truth of life Part 5

Karan promises himself to not let Preeta marry Prthvi at any cost. Rakhi comes to Karan’s room and ask him about his misbehavior.

Rakhi : Karan what is going on? I know you are hiding something from all of us, tell me I am your mom

Karan : I am sorry mom, but I can’t tell you anything, you will find out when time comes

“Today I am not going to leave this room until you tell me what is going on Rakhi stays stubborn

“Mom, this marriage is not right, Sherlyn is cheating on all of us Karan finally musters courage to tell his mother the ugly truth she could have ever imagined in her life

Rakhi : what are you saying?

“Mom, trust me that girl will destroy not only our family but Bhai’s whole life, we will lose our Rishab, I don’t know why she is doing this but all I want to do is expose her reality and do you know who is her husband he says helplessly

Rakhi ; who

Karan : Preeta’s fiance, Prithvi, he is taking advantage of Preeta’s innocence and helpless

Rakhi : and what about that food poisoning

Karan : it was Sherlyn, she mixed some kind of powder in dessert and blamed Arora family only to trap Preeta

“Karan, my Rishab will break down after all this, how will he cope with this betrayal Rakhi starts worrying

“Mom, I promise you, till I am alive nobody can dare to harm my brother holds her hand and makes promise

Rakhi : you are bearing all this humiliation just for your brother

Karan : mom, he is my soul I love him more than my life, I will save him from every storm, thats a brother’s promise

Rakhi ; god bless you but don’t forget to take care of yourself

Tanya’s house

“You have always helped me till today, not my parents but you witnessed every moment of my life, I always chose the right side but today for first time my heart is not supporting me because I did wrong in fooling everybody, you have to show me right path Tanya lights lamp in front of god in her home

Karan does a fake call to Tanya and tells about Sherlyn meeting her boyfriend.

Tanya ; what rubbish? look whoever you are I can send you behind bars in few minutes, so stop right there

Karan : fine, now if you don’t want to trust but go and check blue diamond hotel, your sister and her boyfriend have secret meeting there in room 302

“Shut up, or else I will not spare you hangs up the call and throws phone

Karan smirks thinking about his success but wonders how to call Sherlyn to the hotel. He considers himself lucky when he sees Sherlyn talking to Prithvi and meet in hotel. Karan again calls Tanya and informs her about location and time. She finds the number from call center and yells at Karan for making joke.

Listen to me carefully Mr Luthra, if you are telling truth then this is my promise that no power will harm your brother but if this is all lies to insult my sister, I swear I will make you pay such heavy price you won’t be able to afford whole life, remember that Tanya threatens

Karan : I agree, if I am proved wrong, I will also stop interfering in Shelryn’s life

Both Karan and Tanya next day get ready to catch Sherlyn and Prithvi red handed in hotel. They both argue for being late.

Tanya ; excuse me, I don’t have airplane to fly and reach here

Karan : do you think I am super man who would fly, I am star cricketer, speak with some decency

Tanya : I always speak politely but only who deserve it

“Will you please stop your nonsense, I am here for some work, can we do our task Karan ends argument

Tanya ; As if I have lot of time to waste on your stupid antics, I don’t know why am I even here and by the way I am not like you who can put leave everything on brother’s shoulder, I do my own work

Her last statement makes Karan lose his confidence but handles himself .

Tanya : can we please go? did they come here or not

“Sherlyn is right there Karan points her going upstairs

Tanya ; but she is alone, where is guy

“He might be in the room, lets go and hear near the room Karan and Tanya goes upstairs following the room.

Sherlyn : we are saved in nick of time or else that photographs, I don’t know how that Karan found out

Prithvi : don’t you worry babe, but we have to very careful from now on, that Karan Luthra won’t keep quiet, I know him better

Sherlyn : do one thing, why don’t you tell them to bring the marriage date closer, put pressure on Preeta so she can convince the family

Karan clutches his fists and fire rages inside him when Prithvi thinks to force Preeta. He wanted to kill the guy who had dared to utter rubbish about his baby doll but luckily Tanya calmed him down. She fixed microphone in Sherlyn’s bracelet to hear the conversation.

Tanya : can you please control your anger for a while

Prithvi ; thank god you informed me about Karan going to your house

Sherlyn : all thanks to my smart sister, she has been eyeing on Karan and changed the photographs

Tanya gets heartbroken seeing Sherlyn betrayal and breaking her promise

Karan scolds her for foiling all this plans of exposing Sherlyn.

“Duffer, even if I had not changed the pictures, both of them would have still accused you of bringing photocopied pictures Tanya whispers and taps his head lightly

Karan : very smart, but now what should we do, this creep is blackmailing Preeta

Tanya : now you don’t do anything, leave everything on me, and don’t lecture me how to play this game

Karan : fine but if you mess up anything that can harm Preeta or bhai then just wait and watch

Tanya : if you were smart enough things would have not happened, who told you to show those pictures right away

Karan : but tell me what are you going to do before

Tanya : let Sherlyn leave then see what I do to them

Sherlyn : Prithvi, our target is only Rishab, this karan and Preeta are just weak pawns, one is helpless and other is over smart

Prithvi : baby, you leave everything to me, just anyhow your marriage with Rishab happens, then our future will be secured

Sherlyn : okay, I will leave now before somebody sees me here

After Sherlyn leaves Tanya tells Karan to watch the live show. She enters Prithvi’s room shocking him and pours glass of wine sitting on sofa.

“What are you doing here Prithvi asks angrily and little nervous

Tanya : why? did you get scared seeing me or you are afraid that I will expose your truth in front of Arora family

Prithvi : listen, I am not scared of your baseless arguments, come to point

Tanya : Prithvi you know you are very smart player, but till today nobody has been able to defeat me in any game

Prithvi : really? and if you were so smart you would be able to figure out truth

“Okay, then if you really want to know what can I do, I will send this video to police that you were behind Karan’s accident in Ooty, Tanya shows him the video of bribing the truck driver in Ooty

Prithvi starts sweating seeing the video and asks her how she did it.

Tanya : good question, did you really think seeing you here would make think you have changed, I know you have come here to revenge on Rishab

“Oh god, this girl will mess up everything’ Karan curses himself

Prithvi : what do you mean?

Tanya ; please don’t be so innocent, you very well know that Preeta is very close to Luthra family and Rishab, so you will use her against Rishab am I not right

“Thank god, she does not know about Sherlyn and my planning thinks in mind

Tanya : hello where did you lost? I hired detective to spy on Karan Luthra and stop him to reach the proof not to kill him, and that detective found out you were behind the accident, and most important thing that driver is in my custody, he can reveal your name in my one sign , cheers (shows wine glass)

” What do you want from me Prithvi with no choice comes to point

Tanya : now thats good point, so thing is you have to leave Janki aunty

Prithvi : no way, if I did then she will tell truth to everybody

Tanya : but she is of no use to you, Preeta knows your truth, and its your choice do you want jail or revenge

Prithvi : come straight to point

Tanya : we both can be good use of each other, you leave Janki aunty and drop the idea of marrying Preeta, I will help you on revenging on Rishab

Prithvi : why do you want to help me?

Tanya : I don’t have to tell you the reason that Rishab is responsible for my father’s death, isn’t your reason similar, your business came down because of Rishab Luthra, and  you don’t have to involve weak pawns in this game

Prithvi ; what if I don’t agree ?

“You don’t have choice sweetheart, because if that video goes to Rishab and don’t forget he has image in his mind, if by mistake your identity comes out, your game is up, choice is yours Tanya gets up and walks around

Prithvi : fine, done I will leave Janki and free Preeta from marriage

Karan is super impressed with Tanya’s game plan of backing out Prithvi from marriage with Preeta.

” So I will take your leave now, and yes if this deal goes out of this room then I will seal your fate forever Tanya leaves from room and goes to parking lot.

Karan : I am waiting for you on valley hill


Tanya goes to his apartment

“What a brilliant move, but one thing is not fair, my brother is still in danger Karan again starts blaming her

Tanya : do you really think I will let Rishab burn in this fire, no the reason I freed Preeta is because she can stay out of this danger game

Karan : but what if he tells everything to Sherlyn, we will be done

Tanya : he won’t dare to unless he wants to go jail, Karan I promised you that now ball is in our court (says calmly), and one more thing always remember, a person’s biggest weakness is fear and people like Prithvi they are only scared of fear and we have to take advantage (puts hands on his shoulder)

Karan is taken aback with her gesture

Tanya : I have to go now, take care okay

Karan nods and goes into flashback


“Pinky, no matter what you do today you can’t win from us young Karan tells the girl while playing cricket with Rishab

Pinky loses first goal and plays Karan’s trick of wining. She ends up defeating both Luthra brothers.

Karan : how do you always do this? bhai she wins the losing game

Pinky : my dear Karan, always remember one should always know weakness of your opponent and play only to win rather than thinking to defeat your rival

Karan : I will remember this always, my spicy girl

Before leaving camp Pinky gives small locket to Karan as lucky charm he can play in every game


“Pinky, you were always right one should always think of winning game more than defeating your enemy, till you were with me I won all cricket games and now this locket of yours is my lucky charm, wherever you are I am sure you will be proud of me Karan looks at locket in his neck and stares at the last memory of his best friend.

Prithvi lets Janki go and warns her to keep her mouth shut to safeguard her family from his evilness. Arora family is relieved to see Janki back but she does not tell anybody truth. Sherlyn rages at Prithvi for letting Janki go but he does not tell her real reason is Tanya. Later Prithvi also informs Preeta he will not marry her but tell not to inform family yet

“What are you saying Karan Preeta stands in shocked

Karan : babydoll, even I could not believe that, but there is still risk because you and me are not real target, its Rishab bhai

Preeta : why did not tell Tanya to blackmail Prithvi and stop the marriage with Sherlyn

Karan : thats of no use because firstly nobody will believe Sherlyn’s truth without proof and we also have to prove she was behind that food poisoning, so far even Tanya don’t have anything evidence against Sherlyn, she just played this move to save you

Preeta : I am tired of all this Karan, when will this get over

“Listen Preeta, we are almost near our goal, we cannot step back, now you don’t have to worry about anything because that Prithvi won’t bother you Karan assures and make her sit

Preeta ; I want to thank Tanya, she is going against her family to help us

“Don’t even thank her, she is full of attitude like imagine she is showing me stupid, Karan luthra gets irritated

Preeta : thank god there is somebody who can dare that

Karan : please don’t praise her so much but one thing is bothering me about her

Preeta : what?

“You know Preeta, there was girl in childhood, we called her pinky, she always defeated me in all games but one time she gave me advice how to win real match in life, she made me see my talent, that was cricket, when I saw Tanya today with Prithvi, I could see the same fire, bravery and confidence in her eyes” Karan gets in thinking about his friend

Preeta : where is she? you never told me about her

Karan : I don’t know where she is right now, after summer camp I did not see her that much, yes I know one family adopted her and they were friends with dad but for some reason they had to leave to foreign after that I never got to see her again

Preeta : but you might be in touch with her after she left

Karan : no, I could not meet her after but I was never able to forget her, she was my best friend and Sameer’s too

Preeta : interesting, please tell me more about her, how was she

Karan : I am not telling or else you will burn in jealousy and not believe me

Preeta : please,  i won’t make fun of you

Karan : not right now, after everything sorts out we will talk about that later

Preeta pouts like kid and does not talk with him. Karan offers her to take to ride but she flatly denies. Sameer hears Karan’s view about Tanya and goes to find clues in her house while she is out.

Karan tries to pacify Preeta but she is hell bent on teasing him.

“Come I will take you to my special place today he drags her in car

Preeta : where are you taking me

Karan : its surprise baby doll, and I am not going to tell you

Preeta has stopped minding Karan calling her baby doll and other names as she is habituated with them. He takes her to his private guest house that sea facing.

Preeta : where did you bring me?

“Get down, and I will tell you removes his seal belt

Preeta : please tell me, we are so away from the city

In a moment it starts raining heavily when both gets wet and goes inside.

Karan ; this is actually private guest house, my cricket ground is close so they gave accommodation here

Preeta : are you allowed to bring me here?

Karan : of course, and we don’t have any match so nobody is around

Preeta starts sneezing. Karan tells her to go and change.

“What will I wear Karan, there might be boys clothes in your drawer she gets upset thinking

Karan : there are some clothes of girls

“And which girls she asks snobbily

Karan : don’t look at me like that, sometimes Kritika comes here to see my match so there might be something

Preeta : okay fine

Later Karan sees Preeta drying her hair with towel. His eyes could not resist seeing simplicity and beauty she possess. Preeta sees him looking at her with different reaction

Karan : I was not looking at you

“Then what are you doing here, you will cold, dry your hair, you are so irresponsible no wonder Rishabji always think you as kid makes him seat and dry his hair with towel. Karan is completely lost in her and enjoys her attention. Lights goes out due to rain. Preeta starts screaming seeing darkness in the house.

Karan : don’t worry, stay here I will bring candles from kitchen

“No, please I am very scared of dark, stay with clutches his shirt tightly and puts her head on his chest slowly

Karan : hey babydoll, I am not going anywhere, just close your eyes (puts her hand on his chest), I am right here

Precap : Karan and Preeta’s romance continues in the guest house. The proximity makes both very uncomfortable

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