Preetan FF : Truth of life (sequel) Part 9


Shrishti gets happy after knowing Tanya’s gesture towards both children.

Preeta ; even in all this years I could not understand this girl

Shrishti : but di will Rajiv be able to do this, I mean playing such hard instrument

Preeta : don’t worry at least give him a chance to do something

Rajiv : only you are our support masi, this mom dad don’t trust us (teases Shrishti)

Shrishti : excuse me go for your practice right now

Rajiv : bye masi

Preeta : okay bye

Shrishti : di this children are so fond of you here and there Maya only listen to Dhruv

Preeta : you know Karan always wanted a girl and now he is saying he will do kanydaan of Khushi in marriage

Shrishti ; di she is still a kid, we will think about that later

Preeta : but we really mean it

Shrishti : great you all got daughters, you will do that for Khushi, others have their own what about me

Preeta : I give you best idea plan for one more child

“Di I won’t spare you today Shrishti runs after her

Preeta : okay sorry what happened to your mood

Shrishti ; di here you are talking about Khushi’s kanyadaan but did you ever thought will tanya allow this

Preeta : what do you mean?

Shrishti : see I am not against anything but ever since we left india Tanya is distanced from everybody and Khushi is close to you more than others

Preeta : are you in your senses?

Shrishti : I hope someday she does not feel you have taken away her daughter even when she was fault

Preeta : okay stop right there, I know tanya very well even after many years you are saying this

Shrishti ; because I am worried di, I cannot see anybody insulting you

Preeta : first of all you throw this nonsense out of your mind, and after all first right on Khushi is her mother

Shrishti : are you less than mom to her?

“You Preeta is about to say but are interrupted by Pari

Pari : sorry did I came on wrong time

Shrishti : of course not whats up

Pari ; I need some money to buy things for college, mom gave me last time but you know Khushi di always use it easily

Preeta ; get my purse and I will give you

Pari : thank you masi

“Most welcome Preeta looks at Shrishti

Shrishti masi said something very factitious of real life. When a child get attached to somebody else naturally their parents would get little jealous but for me I had two parents one showered me love like flowers other never showed their concern, and me I cannot even tell how this two mothers of my life relation going to be in future Khushi hints on Tanya and Preeta’s changing relation later in future 


Sahil convinces Maya for world tour after her exams are over

Maya ; really? I am so excited where are we going by the way

Roo : Europe for 18 days happy and that will be your birthday gift also

Maya : a lot thank you mom dad, this trip sounds so thrilling to me we will have blast

Sahil : okay but first you promise me there won’t be any complain from school from now

Maya : I promise it won’t (hugs him) can I finish my homework and we can go out for dinner after

Sahil : of course why not anything for my princess just finish your work and we will go

Maya : okay

Roo : did you see how happy she got, I wish that smile remains on her face

Sahil : trust me this time nothing will go wrong and I will distance every gap

Roo : I want to meet my bothers and Rakshabandhan is coming, you know every year Kritika di goes but I couldn’t go after Maya’s born

Sahil : we will go to London this time before Rakshbandhan okay and Maya will also tie rakhi to her brothers

Roo hugs him emotionally

Maya : mom I am hungry (comes to their room) sorry did I disturb you

Sahil : no no this is your house you can come anywhere anytime (says sarcastically)

Roo : shut up, yes dear I have dinner ready come lets eat

Roo makes her favorite food

Maya : wow mom, you cook so fabulous, I mean this curry nobody can make i.e.

Roo ; there is one more person who can make you lick fingers, your eldest Mami (Tanya)

Maya : really?

Sahil : yes, nobody can compete her handmade food (praises her)

Maya ; she might be but right now my mom’s food is best for me

Roo : by the way what happened to your school event

Maya ; oh yes I am going to audition after exams when we come back from trip

Sahil : i am also here somebody ask me

Maya ; dad you tell me how was your both first meeting

Sahil recalls their first unique meeting

“From everything you got this question, this is very difficult question dear Sahil winks

Roo ; stop it both of you and eat dinner

Sahll and Maya looks at each other


Khushi tells Pari about Yash teaching her music for event.

Pari ; thats exciting I can’t wait for you and Rajiv to perform

Khushi ; this is my last chance to win mom’s trust and love

Pari : Can I ask you something?

Khushi ; except my clothes just kidding

“Di you and Yash are so close to each other, but in this age both of you never said how you feel for each other Pari asks

Khushi ; what?

Pari ; anybody can figure it out you both are more than friends is that true, this relation is much deep

Khushi : give a break first there is nothing between me and Yash he is my bestie we both went through same situation

Pari : di the way you both are with each other that bond of friendship is way behind

Khushi ; which stupid novel are you reading this days

Pari : its reality di, if in future lets say you both start loving each other and family don’t accept you

Khushi : okay stop it enough you are blabbering nonsense nothing like that will happen you know our family is very liberal

Pari : but not in everything, if one day you have to choose between love and family what will you do

Khushi ; first of all that time will never come, I trust our family and myself, its true Yash have always supported me when I needed a friend he never backed out

Pari : in this family nobody knows about him

Khushi : so what? they are not aware of my all friends its not a big deal and before you say anything lets end this argument don’t spoil my mood, take care

Pari ; I hope your every word come true di and you don’t have to face anything bad

My loving bookish sister whom I always considered as kid for first time said something sensible and me as rebel ignored it. Somebody said it right, sometime  younger show path to elder, if I had listened to her words maybe my life would have been little different from today, somewhere Yash and my past were related which we both didn’t realize till later and it affected our present and future Khushi says seriously 

Yash teaches Khushi music at his house in evening time

Yash ; so first you have to learn tunes before singing

Khushi : I can’t do this, its so hard to understand this tune

Yash ; come on yaar just close your eyes, take a deep breath, one two three

Khushi starts learning tunes

Zehnaseeb, Zehanaseeb

Tujhe chaahun betahasha zehnaseeb

Mere kareeb, mere habeeb

Tujhe chaahun betahasha zehnaseeb

Tere sang beete har lamhe pe humko naaz hai

Tere sang jo na beete uspe aitraaz hai

Iss kadar hum dono ka milna ek raaz hai

Yash ; perfect just keep practicing and you will rock the audition

Khushi : I hope so Rajiv also have to learn

Yash : he is not like you to give up chill

Preeta cleans her room seeing all old pictures of Dev and Karan with her


When Dev turned 5 years old and his diseases was found.

Preeta : hello yes

“Mam I am calling from Dev’s school, he got unconscious suddenly can you please come to nearby clinic right now School nurse informs her

Preeta rushes leaving all her work and informs Karan same

Preeta : doctor I am Dev’s mom what happened

Doctor : please take a seat, I had doubt last week when I came to check on students in school but I could not take his test without your permission

Karan : what test?

Doctor : I sent his blood to lab and your son is suffering from juvenile diabetes

Both are hello shocked to hear it

Preeta : what? how is this possible

Doctor : kids who are diagnosed with such diseases need a kidney transplant

Karan : why can’t you arrange for one? just do the treatment

Doctor : according to his age its hard to find donor for him

Preeta : please don’t say that, we cannot lose our child

Doctor : I understand your feelings but right now we have to keep him on dialysis machine until his donor is found

Karan : when will you find one

Doctor : can’t say right now, it could few days years or more

Preeta (gets angry) : you are saying till then my child will live on support of that machine

Karan : Preeta please calm down they are trying their best

Preeta : you are not understanding Karan, they are saying our Dev life depends on that machine you know what that means

“Listen to me, nothing will happen to Dev I won’t let any harm come to him Karan tries to calm her down

Preeta (breaksdown) : please do something I cannot see our child suffering

Karan feels helpless too with situation.

Flashback ends

Precap ; Dev and Zara friendship blossoms with time. Khushi finds out her past and real identity

PS : Prithvi will be shown in this sequel but married and have boy  almost aged as Maya

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