Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 97

Luthra house 

The family gathers for breakfast. Kritika asks Tanya for help to bring Sahil and Roo unite again with family’s permission

Kritika : I know your brain works the best in such situation please do something

Tanya : am I tube light? and if your dear sister had not done that deed of hiding then today family was busy in their marriage preparation

Kritika ; stop with your lecture please

“Okay fine listen to me carefully” explains her plan carefully

Kritika : what a superb plan (hugs her happily) see I told you only your brain works

Tanya : say softly, what will this small girl think

Kriitka ; let her also think what her mom is capable of

Dhruv calls Roo from private number and scares by telling Sahil has been hospitalized.

Roo ; what? who are you

“I am his best friend, he just came from hospital at home please come fast” his words pierces her heart badly

Roo ;  nothing can happen to my Sahil, I am coming to you (starts running)

Tanya and Kritika sees her leaving house in rush but unaware to them boys find out their trick done.

Rishab : your smile is no less than danger, now tell me clearly what was going on

Karan : bhai you are asking wrong person (Tanya) she is already twisted

Rishab : before you both start I am warning right now save it for later (walks towards her)

Tanya (moves back) : I am sorry but I only wanted to help Roo

Rishab : look I know you were trying to help her but do you realize what would consequence of this

Tanya : you are worrying for no reason whatever happened is past now

“Bhai you all might not have noticed but we know how Roo has been living all this months, and why for that mistake both have been punished” Kritika explains to both her brother

Rishab and karan feels guilty knowing what their sister have been going through. The family gets to know everything

Ruchika goes at Sahil’s house with all thoughts coming in her mind.

Sahil : you? (gets shocked)

“what happened? are you okay” Roo pulls him closer with all energy

Sahil : are you crazy? nothing has happened with me look I am fine (calms her down)

Roo : then why did your friend call me?

Sahil : what friend? somebody might have played prank with you (makes fun of her)

Roo : I am sure you might have done that prank

Sahil : me? what nonsense it might your loved one, the only person could do that is that dear jiju (refers Dhruv’s name)

Roo : no way

Sahil : okay then ask him, by the way I am leaving today, I will miss you

Roo gets emotional about his departure.

Sahil : I think after this we won’t be able to meet each other

Roo : please don’t say that

“We have promised to not see each other and have to keep honor of that” tells her to not meet him again

Roo starts walking out leaving him devastated.

She reaches Luthra house back.

Roo : dad you all here?

“Dear till today we let our children take their own decision and you all never took advantage of our given freedom” Rakhi says softly

Roo : why are you saying

“Because I know my daughter is grown up today she can make her own decision” Rakhi gives her a box with ring

Roo : whats this?

Karan : see we know you are pea brained but don’t at least show that (taps her head)

Roo : I really don’t know what you are talking about

Kritika : i will explain you know what if I was not stuck with this idiot right now this ring would be on Sahil’s finger

“Roo see how she is troubling me, and this wrestler both made me scapegoat by making that prank call” Dhruv pretend to be offended

Roo : how sad is that? you are so naive that somebody made you scapegoat

Dhruv : now you are doing same thats not fair

Kritika : see I was right, I am so stuck with him

“Before their marriage ends here go Roo hurry up and stop your Mr right” Rishab encourages

Roo : dad should I go?

Mahesh encourages Ruchika to listen her heart and stop Sahil from leaving.

Roo : dad

“Go dear hold your dreams” Rakhi tells her

Roshni : you only have half n hour, his flight takes off at 8, this time if you let him go then you won’t see him again

Dhruv and Kritika takes her to airport. She takes the control of car to reach quickly.

Sahil checks in at the airport

O Rabba O Rabba

Ye Mohabbat Bhi Ek Ibaadat Hai

Aur Ye Ibaadat Bhi Ek Mohabbat Hai

Ye Bhi Deewangi Hai Vo Bhi Deewangi Hai

Ye Bhi Dil Ki Lagi Hai Vo Bhi Dil Ki Lagi Hai

Mujhko Kya Ho Gaya,Sabko Hairangi Hai

Ho Gaya Hai Mujhe Pyaar,Ho Gaya Hai Mujhe Pyaar

Nahin Hona Tha,Arre Nahin Hona Tha

Arre Nahin Hona Tha Nahin Hona Tha Nahin Hona Tha

Arre Nahin Hona Tha,Arre Nahin Hona Tha

Nahin Hona Tha Nahin Hona Tha Lekin Ho Gaya

Ho Gaya Hai Mujhe Pyaar… (3)

Sahil looks at Ruchika’s picture on his phone but is called to check inside the gate.

Zamaana Dilon Ko Nahin Jaanta Hai 

Zamaana Ko Ye Dil Nahin Maanta Hai

Nahin Aur Koi Faqat Ishq Hai Vo

Jo Aashik Ki Nazron Ko Pehchaanta Hai… (2)

Ab Waqt Faisle Ka Nazdeek Aa Gaya Hai

Kya Faisla Karoon Main Dil Ne To Ye Kaha Hai

Dil Dil Dil Ne To Ye Kaha Hai,Dil Dil Dil Dil Ne To Ye Kaha Hai

Jeene Ka Hai Shauk To Marne Ko Ho Ja Taiyaar

Ho Gaya Hai Mujhe Pyaar… (2)

Nahin Hona Tha Nahin Hona Tha Lekin Ho Gaya

Ho Gaya Hai Mujhe Pyaar… (2)

Ruchika finally is able to reach the counter but cops stops her from going inside.

Dhruv : please sir let us go this is very urgent its matter of heart

Cop : whatever it is I can’t let you go, now don’t waste my time

Kritika : now what? there is only few more minutes for take off

Ruchika gets inside the office to speak on mike.

“Attention everybody, this is very special message for a passenger from his beloved” officer speaks

“Sahil I know you are still here, saying sorry won’t be enough last time but today I want to confess something from heart I have heard separation only make relationship stronger and we realize importance of our love” Ruchika gets in tears

Sahil is taken aback with her speech

Jaaneman Chupke Chupke Saari Duniya Se Chhupke

Tumne Aisi Baat Kahi Dil Mera Kho Gaya

Jaaneman Jaaneman Jaaneman

Jaaneman Chupke Chupke Sari Duniya Se Chhupke

Tumne Aisi Baat Kahi Dil Mera Kho Gaya

Na Jaane Kab Pyar Ho Gaya Sanam Ikraar Ho Gaya

Ruchika comes in between the crowd singing. The duo starts walking towards each other with tears of happiness.

“Will you handle this Ms attitude for lifetime” Roo bends on her knees holding ring

Sahil : what if I say no?

“Then get ready to bear my tantrums till you don’t agree” she laughs

Dhruv : don’t say yes easily my own personal experience this Luthra sister are too dangerous

Kritika stamps on his feet

Sahil : fine on one condition

Roo : of course and what is that?

“You have to wait till I come back from concert” tells her funnily

Roo : okay but I don’t trust you so before leaving you have give me guarantee

Kritika : are you both nuts?

Ruchika puts ring on his finger as token of their commitment.

Sahil ; because of you my flight will miss Ms Attitude (hugs her)

Dhruv : bye dude take care

The trio bids him farewell and goes back

Dhruv : I was right Kritu you should learn something from your sister

Kritika : oh please I am better as I am

Roo : aha look who is talking

Luthra house 

Karan sees Preeta putting Dev to sleep and lost in deep thinking. She dozes off leaning against the bed

Karan : baby doll are you okay?

Preeta : yea sorry I just fell asleep, something is bothering me

Karan : what? (asks her softy)

“I still could not figure out anything about that fire incident I used to get in my dreams “ shares her fear

Karan tells her everything how Tanya saved her in childhood from fire incident. The same story which Nandini told Rishab earlier.

Preeta : what? (gets shocked)

“Do you know when Shrishti got kidnapped, you and Tanya got unconscious, Sarla aunty told us everything” Karan brings her closer

Preeta ; how strange is life everything has come to normal suddenly

Karan : only regret is we did not go for our honeymoon yaar

“Was that ghost palace less than honeymoon” she says irritatedly

Karan : how about Switzerland, just me and you in snow imagine

Both goes into dreamland

Preeta : before you say about those hot girls throw that out of mind

Karan : you are still dangerous, actually i have brilliant idea we can all surprise Sahil in Bangkok and do grand wedding of Roo

Preeta : have you lost it? marriage in Bangkok

“What a superb idea” Roo shouts hearing thier conversation while passing

Karan ; hey slow down if somebody hears then leave Bangkok, you won’t even get grand wedding in village

“village another awesome idea” she shouts

Tanya : whats happening (comes in sleep walk) can somebody tell me

Karan : oh madam is in sleep let me wake her up (grabs glass of water)

Preeta ; what are you doing (tries to snatch no way you are doing this

Karan : leave it I said

In scuffle both ends up splashing water on Tanya waking her from sleep

“What the hell” she screams

Preeta : I am sorry this Karan, are you okay

“Oh I knew it might be this clown, wait I won’t spare you today” Tanya gets jug of water running after him

Karan : what are you doing? bhai save me (goes in Rishab’s room)

Rishab gets annoyed with their never ending silly fights.

Karan : what are you sitting?

Preeta ; because he knows that more than small kids you both are childish

Tanya : but he threw water at me (pouts) and you are blaming me

“No no do I dare to blame you or him, we are only audience to watch daily entertainment” Rishab says sarcastically

Tanya : was that joke?

“Enough both of you, at this time only owls stay awake and normal people sleep” Rishab lose his temper

Karan : because of you bhai’s sleep go disturbed wild cat

Khushi small giggle interrupts their fights

“See see there comes another one, she is another unique piece” Karan tells her

Tanya : don’t say anything about my daughter, she is much better than you

Karan : really? look who is saying this

Preeta : if you both are so fond of fighting then go out and continue please spare us (leaves)

“Baby doll listen to me, and you wrestler I will see you later” Karan goes after Preeta

Rishab : don’t you both get tired with same thing everything , I could have understand if it was before marriage but now you both have become parents still same childishness

Tanya : sorry

Rishab : now take care of this junior, I have to wake up early tomorrow

Tanya : okay good night

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  1. Mam your thinking ability is great amd your ff is realllly osm..i m liking this one than the original shkw…hats off to you mam

  2. Brilliant episode
    Absolutely loved it
    Finally Roohil united😍😍😍😃😃
    Karan’s idea of destination wedding…..superb😍😍
    Water being splashed on Tanya😂😂😂
    Plz add more preetan scenes
    Super excited for next
    Post ASAP dear
    Love u loads❤❤❤
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