Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 96

The family enjoys time with both babies who have brought change in environment of house. Roo finds a dress to wear at the concert


Mall after proposal

Sahil : hey Roo look at this (shows her white salwaar with shining border)

Roo : salwaar kameez? I am Ruchika Luthra, I have some standard

Sahil : what does that have to do with standard?

Roo : you are so innocent my boyfriend, I don’t wear traditional dresses

Sahil : okay fine you don’t care for me

“Oh my god since when you became that dramatic king, its my department” pulls his cheeks

Sahil : no need for that battering, I know everything

Roo buys the dress for his happiness

Flashback ends

She wears the same dress something she is never used to in her life.

Kritika : wow my sister is looking angel today , nobody should cast evil eye on her

Roo : di am I doing right?

“I told you before saying again, you are not doing wrong, you are good daughter but you still have some commitment to Sahil just go” Kritika encourages her to fulfill his wish

Roo hugs her crying

Kritika : don’t go like this or else your Sahil won’t recognize, and your make up will get ruined

Roo : bye di (leaves)

“Bappa please today let everything be fine in my Ruchika’s life” Kritika prays

Rishab who is awake takes Khushi downstairs to let Tanya take rest.

Karan : bhai you didn’t sleep yet?

“No this madam was crying so I thought to bring her downstairs but see she wanted to come out of room” Rishab tells funnily

Karan : of course she is queen of nighttime like her mother

Rishab ; shut up, what are you doing?

“I was not sleepy, let me hold her for a while” Karan holds Khushi first time but she piss on him drenching his clothes

Karan : oh my god

Sameer makes fun of him

Karan : stop it sammy, you are making fun of me, her mother is sleeping like years

Rishab : what happened? why are you shouting

Karan ; look what your spoiled daughter did

Everybody tries to hide their laugh

Karan : you all are making fun of me

Rishab ; sorry my little brother, but she is also your niece if you forgot

Preeta : you are right Rishabji, she has taken all qualities of her uncle and mom

Karan : mom this is not fair

Rakhi : okay now, get her changed or she will get get rashes

Tanya : wait give me I will get her changed

Shrishti : mom I am telling you she will change the records of this family


Sahil gets ready for his performance but more than this concert he waits for his inspiration. Roo’s car breakdown in middle of road

Rohit : dude your name is announcing

Sahil : yes I am coming (looks at his locket) I know Ruchika you will come my hear says

Host announce his name for performance. Lights pans towards Sahil who is holding guitar in hands looking down. Audience remain calm and wait desperately for him to start

“Before I start my performance for today, I want to give small speech, today is my last concert in this country and I want to dedicate this to someone very special and close to my heart, she is very sweet stranger who I met in unexpected way, once in life I believe every person should go through a phase where there realize importance of their love, and my today’s song will give that taste to all lovers” Sahil gives emotional speech not knowing Roo has come inside

Music starts

Bechainiya Hai Saansein Ruki Hai, Tanhaayiyon Mein Teri Kami Hai

Bechainiya Hai Saansein Ruki Hai, Tanhaayiyon Mein Teri Kami Hai

Aankhon Mein Aansu Thamate Nahi Hai, Kaise Hai Yeh Pal Katate Nahi Hai

Dard-E-Tanhai Mein – (4)

The concert goes on live to every person’s house. Luthra family watches his show without getting distracted. They could feel every pain in his tone

of having lost everything

Phulon Ki Yeh Shaakhi Hai Kaanton Se Saji

Mitane Se Na Mitegi Dil Ki Yeh Bebasi

Jo Hum Pe Gujari Hai Beetein Tum Pe Kabhi

Tumako Bhi Yaad Aaye Beeti Baatein Sabhi

Mushkil Hai Khushiyon Se Ghum Ka Milana Yahaan

Sholo Mein Lipata Hai Mere Dil Ka Jahaan

Dard-E-Tanhai Mein – (4)

Aise Bhi Hum Jiyenge Kabhi Socha Hi Nahi

Jo Sapane Tut Jaaye Woh Judate Phir Nahi

Dasati Hai Yaadon Ki Parchhayiya Teri

Aawaara Iss Dil Ki Koi Manjil Hi Nahi

Saahil Se Yeh Lehare Kyun Hoti Hai Juda

Aankhon Ke Yeh Aansu Tujhe Dete Hai Sada

Dard-E-Tanhai Mein – (6)

Till the last lyrics tears have covered Ruchika’s face fully. Her eyes becomes dry with no emotions tears left to shed and lost her last hope of giving happiness to the person she only loved. Not able to stand at the place she leaves from there.

“Ruchika listen to me” Sahil tries to stop her from running away

“Leave me alone, just go away from here” she roars loudly

Sahil : don’t go away from me again, you don’t know how I lived last few months (holds her face tearfully)

Roo : that day you left so proudly saying Roo you are lucky to have family, dont’ leave them, but for once you did not say what will I do without you (pushes him on floor)

“I am sorry for everything, my heart know how each day I have passed for me like slow poison” his hands run on her hair

Roo : and now you are going again far away (starts hitting him)

“You are saying as if I am going for lifetime” tease her funnily

Roo : if you say that again I won’t spare you (clutches his collar)

The next moment she felt his hand to her waist and removing hair that were falling on face. Roo heart started to race feeling the passion and love in his eyes for her. Sahil moves closer to her lips asking her silently for permission which she gives closing eyes. Roo felt like heaven feeling his first kiss filled with love and passion.

It starts raining when both are lost in each other’s world forgetting all pain they face in months.

“By the way this dress looks beautiful on you” compliments her movie little away from her

Roo : thanks after all I am Ruchika Luthra

“Your habit of praising yourself will never leave” lifts her in arm lovingly

Luthra house 

Karan goes to Ruchika’s room but does not find her till late night.

Krtiika : bhai what happened (asks nervously)

“Where is Roo I know she would have not stepped out without letting you know” ask her

Kritika : actually bhai

“Why are you stammering, say clearly” Karan gets angry on her

Kritika ; she went at Sahil’s concert (reveals)

“And you let her go against mom dad” Karan asks with rage

Kritika : bhai I encouraged her, Sahil is leaving soon out of country, I don’t think it was wrong

Karan : go to your room its quite late

“But bhai” she says

Karan : good night Kritika (leaves)

Kritika tries to call Roo but is not able to reach her.

Sahil and Roo does not realize the time.

“Its 12 , I am dead if somebody get to know I am not at home” Roo gets scared

Sahil : I am sorry even I could not realize, let me drop you home

Roo : di will kill me

Sahil : don’t worry, nothing will happen

The duo comes back to house. Roo runs inside hurriedly before somebody sees her. Much to her shock Rakhi and Karan are present

Rakhi : where were you? (sees her all wet)

“Mom actually” she gets anxiety

Rakhi : I am asking you something

“I went to meet Sahil “ Roo reveals looking down

Rakhi gets angry but Karan stops her

Karan ; stop it mom, and you go to room,  change your clothes

Roo : bhai I am sorry

Karan : didn’t you hear what I said? go right now

Ruchika leaves to her room

Karan : mom what are you doing? she is not kid

Rakhi : didn’t you see what happened?

“Mom sit here, first of all she is not kid anymore and have little trust on her, I know she won’t repeat the mistake she did before” Karan makes her understand

Rakhi : I am mother, I cannot see my any child going wrong way

Karan : none of your kids can break their limits at any cost now go to sleep good night

Rakhi ; good night (leaves)

Karan goes to Ruchika’s room

“Bhai you here” she starts moving back

Karan : you did what you wanted but I will only say one thing again before doing anything remember this family’s values

Roo nods

Karan ; good night

Roo : good night bhai

Karan sees Preeta sleeping peacefully with their newborn Dev. He leans to kiss their forehead and covers with duvet.

Precap : Mahesh allows Ruchika to stop Sahil. Amidst celebration Rishab and Tanya end up consummating their long lasting marriage

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