Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 95

The family rushes Preeta to hospital.Karan consoles her during the whole labor.

Karan : baby doll please push little for our champ come on

Preeta loses her energy and gets little unconscious

Doctor : wake her up, if she won’t there will be more problems

“Preeta get up, you cannot lose hope little bit more  please” Karan gets in tears seeing her condition

Nurse : doctor baby is not in normal position

“What? this is not good” Doctor gets worried and asks for operation and tells nurse to shift Preeta in OT room fast

Karan : doctor what happened?

Doctor : we shifted her to OT, you have to wait outside don’t worry

Karan panics with fear praying to god for his baby doll and child’s safety.

Rishab : don’t worry everything will be fine (consoles him)

Doctor comes after eight hours giving them good news everybody was craving to hear.

Doctor : congratulations, its a boy (shows them baby from outside)

Brothers share warm hug feeling happiness of whole world. Karan could never imagine somebody would be younger than him. He makes his mind to give all happiness to his child and make him brave.

Sameer : congratulations bhai,

Mahesh and Rakhi are extremely overwhelmed seeing the baby who has features of Karan.

Rakhi : god bless him

Mahesh ; congratulations dear

Elders thanks Preeta for being reason of another happiness in their family.

Dadi : may god bless you dear (tells the couple) nobody should cast evil eye

Shrishti ; let me see first I am his masi

“Hello excuse me I am his chachu first so I will hold him” Sameer argues

Mahesh : you both have become married but still same fighting like kids

Shrishti : papa I just said one simple thing and he is arguing like always

Karan : you both go from here right now, Preeta is tired and continue your fighting there bye

Sameer : bhai thats not fair

“Come on out out” Karan throws them out

The family leaves them alone.

Preeta : you are crying? these days you have become too sentimental

Karan : let it be, you always make me cry for no reason but today I have rights

Baby cries

Karan : hmmm, he is on her mom (holds him in hands gently) baby doll this is best gift of my life

Preeta smiles

Karan : by the way what name we will give him?

“How would i know ask your sisters and his bua” taunts him funnily

Karan : you leave no chance to taunt me and now your kid will be same

Luthra family 

Rakhi prepares to welcome Preeta and newborn baby as soon as they come home.

Ruchika decorates room for Preeta’s baby when her phone rings.

“Hello” she picks up

Moment of silence comes

Sahil : hi Ruchika

Her old wounds reopen with his voice going back into their flashback.

Sahil : I saw your performance yesterday, I know we are not allowed to meet but just could not stop talking with you

Roo : Sahil I have to go, Preeta bhabhi is coming home, there is so much work to do

“Wait don’t hang up I won’t take your much time just a request, tomorrow is my last show in Mumbai and I am leaving for Bangkok just want to see you one last time I promise we won’t talk but before leaving from here” pleads to her with broken voice

Ruchika loses her ability to say anything and hangs up. She leans on door tearfully realizing his helplessness

Kaanch ke wo khwab naazuk the humare saare

Chhoone se hi tootne lage

Mannaton mein umr bhar ka sath jinka manga

Humsafar wo chhootne lage

Both remembers each other

Na marna munasib jiya bhi naa jaaye re

Na marna munasib jiya bhi naa jaaye re 

Haye re daayre

Daayre daayre

Daayre daayre

The family welcomes Preeta and baby grandly with all the rituals. Kritika and Roo get small cot for baby

Kareena : so again both became bua have you thought the name or not

Kritika : this time Roo will give the name last time poor her did not get chance

“Dev” Roo mentions

Karan : not bad my little sister you have reformed so much good

Roo : bhai please, at least stop teasing now

Tanya : hey first give me baby (stops them from going in the room)

Karan : you please stay away for him (teases her) or else there will be another wrestler

Tanya : excuse me I am talking to my nephew, who are you in between

Karan : his father (taps his head)

“But I am two in one, his chachi and masi okay” pushes him on side

Karan : bhai explain her not to mess with me

Both fights again to hold Dev in hands

Rishab : god save us, why do they even get kids when they herself are children

Tanya : you are still defending him (pouts)

Rishab and Preeta leaves with huff leaving their annoying partners on own

Tanya : because of you my Rishab got angry idiot (starts hitting him)

Karan : wrestler I won’t spare you either, from two days I have not slept and here you started with your irritation voice (shouts at her)

Sameer and Roo pulls them apart hardly taking them back to room.

Sameer : you both have really no shame

After putting Khushi to sleep, Tanya and Rishab goes for dinner downstairs.

Rakhi :  dear both kids went to sleep

Preeta : yes mom I don’t know how you handled three children that too on head

Karan : what are you trying to say?

Mahesh : Preeta dear your mom called, she called you at home and bless both babies

Preeta : okay papa we will go

Ruchika looks at picture of Sahil and her from previous days. Kritika encourages her to go at concert shocking her

Roo : di you are saying this?

Kritika : because I know love is not for profit or loss that one forget

Roo : and going against family ?

Kritika : you are not doing anything wrong, not for love but for your friendship go to his concert

Roo looks on

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