Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 94


Rishab sits next to Tanya who gives him tissue paper to wipe tears

Rishab : nothing just tears of happiness

“wow till now I only see people shedding tears in pain but now with smile also good” starts pulling his leg funnily

Rishab : you don’t see any chance to tease me now one more is added to list

Tanya : thank god you reminded me

A small noise of baby giggling instead of crying

Rishab : you were right she is your daughter, any normal baby would cry but no Tanya madam’s child will laughs (holds baby in hands)

The duo stays in hospital few days after delivery. Both have little hard time handle due to the new schedule.

Doctor give discharge to Tanya. Rakhi welcomes her and baby after coming home.

Shrishti : welcome home sister, come and see how your room have become

Tanya : what?

Girls take her to room where all have decorated with baby swings and pink color painting on wall and pictures hanging.

Tanya : this is amazing

“You like it, this took us 5 hours” Shrishti says

Sameer makes his small niece wear pendal of god around neck.

Sameer : she is so cute yaar, just like you

“My shorty now lets go, newly mother and baby might be tired come” Shrishti says sweetly

Sameer : woah your sweetness is diabetic

“Okay enough lets go” Shrishti drags him out

Tanya looks around for Ruchika and goes to her room after putting baby to sleep.

After Sahil’s departure Roo makes keeps herself busy in other things. Her friends tells about dance on theme of independence day but she refuses to be part of play. The family gets worried about her behavior.

Tanya : hey princess (comes inside her room)

“Hello Bhabhi” Roo gives her blank smile rather than cheerful one

Tanya : what are you doing

Roo : nothing just sorting the room, come sit, sorry everything is just bit messy

Tanya : no formalities come sit with me

Roo sits with her

Tanya : what are you doing with yourself? I know whatever happened was not good

Roo : I have learned to move on from everything

Tanya : and thats why you are not participating  in the dance competition

Roo : when inspiration is lost what will I do by achieving this dance

Tanya : you cannot turn away from gift nature gave without asking

“Then what should I do, ever since this drama everywhere I go people see me from different view like a culprit ” Roo gets up

Tanya ; thats why its important for you to participate in this event, people will think it was your fault if you behave like this

Roo : bhabhi I don’t feel anything now

“Thats not how life works dear, this is your chance to show world that its not a girl’s fault every time and you don’t care about anything” Tanya tells her not to give up

Roo : okay but just for you, where is my little princess

Tanya : wait she is sleeping, play with her later but first you promise me that after exams you will participate in dance

Roo : anything for you (hugs her happily)

Preeta plays with Khushi in room alone while Tanya is in kitchen.

Preeta : whatever you say, she is just like you very stubborn, from half n hour I am trying to put her on sleep but dare she close eyes

Tanya ; I mean seriously, everything she does good is her dad and something off is like me

Preeta : oouch (shouts in pain)

Tanya : now what

“He kicked” Preeta makes her put hand

Tanya : oh my god seriously, you all are now making me feel bad, never mind I will settle all scores just let your champ come out

Preeta : I will wait for that day too

Tanya sits on bed and gets into thinking

Preeta : now what happened? god has given you such wonderful gift

“Preeta, I feel I am incomplete, like there is something missing, me and Rishab are still far from each other” Tanya shares her feelings

Preeta : Tanya, marriage is much more than this, but if you do only what heart says

Tanya : you are right

Sinha house 

Sahil : mom I have something to tell you

“You are saying as if I am stranger” Roshni brings juice for him

Sahil : I have last concert in Mumbai and got contract to perform in Bangkok

Roshni ; thats great but will you be able to do this without Ruchika

Sahil : mom love does not mean to stay with them always but sometime being far away makes us realize their importance

Roshni : won’t you meet her before leaving?

Sahil : i cannot make her weak or myself and now its too late for that

Roshni ; love don’t see anything, you both are living baseless life without each other

Sahil : mom please, I will think life gave me some good memories to live and took away family again,

lets not discuss this anymore, I have rehearsal bye (leaves)

Luthra house 

Ruchika informs everybody about her performance in college.

Karan : thats amazing, my sister’s dance and we won’t come last time we missed but not this time

Roo : thank you bhai, I am going to meet Kritika di

Mahesh : I want to talk with you few minutes (takes her inside the room)

Roo : yes dad

Mahesh : look I know you are upset that we gave you such big punishment

Roo ; dad please don’t feel bad about anything, I have no complaints, you always thought about my well being

Mahesh gets overwhelmed with her and puts hands on her head.

Roo : okay dad, I have to go for rehearsal

Mahesh : take care

Roo leaves to meet Kritika at her house. Both sister has been facing some awkward situation ever since the incidence. Roo has distanced herself from everybody leave her old self too.

Dhruv : wow, look who is here, did you forget the way of home (teases her)

Roo does not smile

Dhruv ; come on yaar I am just kidding, actually you came after long time in our house

Roo : how are you jiju? where is di

Dhruv : your di have gone outside but see she left so much work cleaning, cooking

Roo : hello don’t blame my sister okay

Dhruv : aha look at you, anyway now that you are here help me clean house

Roo : no way, di will be angry at me then, just think she will make you do double work

Dhruv : drama queen, Roo don’t you miss Sahil

“Jiju please I have controlled my emotions with lot of courage, don’t make me look at past now” Roo stops him

Dhruv ; I am sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you

Kritika interrupts their serious conversation and makes fun of them

Dhruv : do we look jokers to you

Kritika : no actually you both are sitting like this, my house might be missing that jokergiri of yours

Roo : jiju insult, its question of our reputation (winks at him)

Dhruv : right partner

Kritika : now what does that eye signal means

“We will tell you my dear sister, lets go for walk now” Roo takes her outside in garden

Both sprinkle water on Kritika holding pipe

“I won’t spare you both, stop it” Kritika defends herself

Dhruv : sorry madam but time for payback

Kritika : shut up both of you I don’t know why god have surrounded us in between you spoiled kids, you both, Karan bhai, that wrestler and Shrishti

Dhruv : because god told us you all are so boring, we should make you laugh

The trio enjoys the funny moment

Preeta sits in room stitching some clothes.

“Hello madam where are you lost” Karan snaps finger

Preeta : nothing, everything is happening so fast, you tell me what will you do when our baby comes

“first thing I would hold him in my hands and give him so much love” Karan lays on her lap

Preeta ; really? but you know they are very sensitive to hold

Karan : of course I know now stop lecturing, you know Roo’s performance is tomorrow, we are going there

Preeta : I will watch from TV don’t know why my heart is getting restless

Karan : why are you so superstitious? every time you think about something it happens

Preeta : I am not in mood of joking alright, can we go out for a while, its suffocating

Karan : where are you going?

“I want to drink milkshake, do you want “ asks him

Karan : yes but today i will make one for us

“Really” ask him with mouth open

Karan ; don’t be shock only till your delivery mom have given me responsibility

Preeta : after that you won’t take care of me? how mean of you

“You understand me so well, but thing is you decide who should I take care you or baby” Karan holds her closer

Preeta : leave me hand (tries to go) I am not even talking to you

Karan : okay I said sorry na, please lets drink my throat is getting thirsty

Preeta does not react but next moment Karan lifts her into arms taking in kitchen.

Karan : now you sit here like queen and I will make shake for us

Preeta observes him lovingly

Dil Mera Puchh Raha Hai Tujhse

Kya Pyar Karoge Mujhse Mujhse

Dil Mera Puchh Raha Hai Tujhse

Kya Pyar Karoge Mujhse Mujhse

Aankhon Mein Neendo Mein Khawabon Mein 

Tera Hi Chehra Hai Abb To Sanam

Yaadon Pe, Mere Khayalon Pe

Tera Hi Pehra Teri Kasam

Saanson Mein Tu Meri Saanson Mein

Bin Tere Jaane Jaan Kya Zindagi

Darti Hoon Har Pal Main Darti Hoon

Tu Chod Jaaye Na Mujhko Kabhi

Dhadkan Puchh Rahi Hai Tujhse, 

Kya Pyar Karoge Mujhse Mujhse

Karan pours the drink in one glass and puts straw.

“Not bad my husband this is delicious” Preeta appreciates his cooking skills

Karan : what should I do? my love is so precious for you, can’t help it

Preeta feels another kick inside

Karan ; what?

“He kicked” Preeta puts his hand on her belly

Karan feels the gesture inside and gets teary eyes

“I wonder when we will hold him in our hands” Preeta shares her feelings

Karan ; thank you baby doll for this day, I can’t tell you how happy I am today, the whole family was waiting for this day (hugs her tearfully)

Preeta ; save this tears for your sister’s wedding and our coming baby okay (kisses his forehead)

The duo goes back to their room.

Dhvuv at night sees Kritika standing on terrace looking stars.

“You didn’t sleep yet” Dhruv holds her from back

Kritika ; everybody is so lucky, when I took Khushi in my hands I felt like heaven, those small legs, eyes their crying, first word come from their mouth

Dhruv feels helpless seeing her vulnerability. She breakdown in his arms.

“Dhruv, why did god punish us when we did not do anything wrong why” her sobs becomes louder

Dhruv caresses her hair letting all pain out she has been hiding since long time.

“Look at those stars, every person crave to reach them but not everybody is not able is destined no matter how much they try” his hands runs on her hair gently

Kritika calms down in a while feeling peace.

Dhruv : you always make me sentimental, I cannot handle such things, I am very sensitive (teases her funnily)

Kritika : yea right, Dhruv why don’t you ever show your emotions

“If I become weak who will handle my jaan, she is very sentimental in everything but her love is priceless compared to any wealth” Dhruv holds her face with smile

Kritika : I trouble you a lot right

“Oh my god I can’t say how much, whole life even that Preeta didn’t bother me like this” teases her

Kritika ;  really? then how come you and that Preeta didn’t marry both were so perfect

Dhruv : I didn’t knew that time I was going to bind with tragedy queen  (starts running)

“Dhruv i won’t spare you today, every time you are joking for no reason” throws pillow at him

Dhruv ; you are very violent I will give you new name let me think

Kritika : shut up or else today you won’t be able to go in room

Dhruv : what do you mean?

Kritika throws him out of room for pulling her leg

“Sorry my dear husband but this is punishment for making fun of me good night bye” closes door on face laughing at his reaction

Dhruv : yaar this is unfair (goes to sleep on couch irritably) Kritu my love

“This won’t work for tonight sweet dreams” she shouts from inside

Dhruv sleeps in living room with huff but gets happy to bring precious smile on Kriitka’s face. Later at night she comes to see him in living room caressing his hair. Never she would have imagined her life would become bed of roses even getting hurt by thorns.

“You were taking advantage of me” Dhruv holds her back when she was about to leave

Kritika : excuse me thats my right okay now let me go

Dhruv : no I won’t what will you do

Kritika ; then I will not let you enter the room again I promise

Both rejoices their happy moment in the darkest storm of their life

Next day everybody gets ready to go at Ruchika’s performance in college. Rishab and Tanya have to stay back at home due to newborn baby. Rest of family goes to see her performance. The theme of the show is independence day

“Good evening everybody, 71 years from before we got something called freedom for our country, freedom where every person are allowed to live their own life with dignity and honor, nobody can control any person. This is country of color, humanity and love. Every parent of this world wants their children to pass the values to future generation. India is place of root and culture and its pious soil ” Roo gives inspirational speech and starts with her dance with some other girls.

Yahaan Har Kadam Kadam Pe Dharti Badle Rang

Yahaan Ki Boli Mein Rangoli Saat Rang… ) (2)

Dhaani Pagdi Pehne Mausam Hain

Neeli Chaadar Taane Ambar Hain

Nadi Sunehri Hara Samundar Hain Re Sajila

Des Rangila Rangila Des Mera Rangila… (4)

Sindoori Gaalon Wala Suraj Jo Kare Thitholi

Sharmeelen Kheton Ko Dhank De Chunar Peeli Peeli

Ghoonghat Mein Rang Panghat Mein Rang Cham Cham Chamkila

Des Rangila Rangila Des Mera Rangila… (2)

Sahil watches her show at college feeling proud of her inspiration.

Ishq Ka Rang Yahaan Par Gehraa Chadh Ke Kabhi Na Utre

Sachhe Pyar Ka Thehra Sa Rang Chhalke Par Na Bikhre

Rang Adaa Mein Rang Haya Mein Hain Rasila

Des Rangila Rangila Des Mera Rangila… (2)

Yahaan Har Kadam Kadam Pe Dharti Badle Rang

Yahaan Ki Boli Mein Rangoli Saat Rang

Dhaani Pagdi Pehne Mausam Hain

Neeli Chaadar Taane Ambar Hain

Nadi Sunehri Hara Samundar Hain Re Sajila

Des Rangila Rangila Des Mera Rangila… (2)

Ho Rangila Rangila Des Mera Rangila

Des Rangila Rangila Des Mera Rangila… (3)

The girls raises the flag as part of closing ceremony. Preeta starts feeling sharp pain inside her continuously. She is rushed to hospital


PS : Sorry my readers of Realization I am still working on next part. Hope I will be able to update as soon as I can.

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