Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 93


Tanya points towards Rajveer who remains shock and tries to prove her wrong

Rajveer : she is lying, my only son is Saurav and Payal, this is truth

Tanya : okay then (grabs the gun and points toward Prithvi who is standing between cops)

Everybody stands up in shock

“Prithvi Malhothra sorry Singhania, because of you I lost my everything, honor, right of living with dignity if today I have to kill you and go to jail my hands won’t shake” Tanya holds the gun firmly

Preeta tries to stop her but in vain

Tanya ; law could not punish you for what you did to me but today I will make sure both you dad son get what you deserve

Ahuja : My lord, she is breaking law in court

Judge ; Mrs Tanya Luthra you are not doing right put that gun down, you could be sued

Tanya : then go ahead but I will not spare this guy today he has made my life living hell (is about to pull trigger slowly)

Rajveer : no don’t do this, he is my only son, I know he did wrong with everybody, I sent that guy to your office and made him put errors in the accounts so you get in debt and we will bring you all in our feet, that human trafficking racket was also run by me (reveals his every deed)

Ruchika closes her eyes with tears flowing.

Tanya : thank you (gives gun back to cop) I am sorry My lord but I had no choice, person’s biggest weakness is fear and thats what I took advantage

Judge ; Mr Singhania, can you tell court why did you kill your own daughter

Rajveer : truth is I never intended to do this in fact I tried to stop Prithvi from doing this


After knowing Payal’s intention of helping Luthras by bringing doom to Singhanias. Prithvi decides to finish her game and hired foreign sniper to kill her. He got chance when Sahil and Ruchika goes to meet Payal fateful night. Prithvi puts the drug packet in Sahil’s car while duo are inside.

Rajveer : what the hell? you want to kill her

Prithvi : dad I won’t spare that girl, she will bring doom to us everything will be ruined

Rajveer : don’t be stupid call the sniper right now and cancel your plan

Prithvi : I won’t let that happen, after long time I got golden chance of getting rid of those two foster children of yours and my revenge to Luthras will also be completed

Rajveer gets helpless seeing his son has become blind in revenge like him. The full proof plan of Prithvi was successful of trapping Sahil and Ruchika and making Luthras break down.

Flashback ends 

Tanya : here is the end of story My lord, Payal’s only mistake was she took wrong advantage of somebody’s death for her love same with Saurav Singhania he did everything out of ego and maybe some for his sister, they say like father same son, I agree with Janvi Malthothra, thats it my lord (goes back to her seat)

Ahuja does not defend Singhania after knowing he supported wrong side.

Judge : after hearing from both sides, court has reached conclusion Rajveer Singhania started game to play with law and humanity, so all his power, prestige should be taken away and declaring lifetime imprisonment for human trafficking racket, helping a criminal to clear evidence with that Saurav Singhania is convicted for 14 years imprisonment for murder of Kaya Shrivastav and Prithvi Malhothra whose have destroyed so many lives should be hanged to death, and all charges against Sahil Sinha and Ruchika Luthra are take back, court is adjourned

Luthra family’s head is raised up high again by getting their dignity and reputation back.

Ahuja : Mrs Luthra, I have fought lot of cases in this court and also won but today first time I am for losing you know why because truth won today

Tanya : thank you Sir, you inspired me to win this case too

Ahuja : not at all, I feel if every girl take example from you nobody can dare to raise finger on woman’s character, take care and congratulations

Tanya : thank you

Before leaving Saurav ask apology from Luthras and Sahil for his crime

Saurav : I am sorry for everything, today only I know what I lost, this punishment is nothing what life gave me by taking away my sister

Cops takes him away. Prithvi vows to come back in Tanya’s life again which scares her little bit.

Everybody walks out of court breathing with relieve after another storm passed from their life.

Sherlyn : Tanya you won first case, treat is must, aunty can I take her with me

Tanya : what are you talking about?

Rakhi ; yea sure go ahead, but take care okay

Sherlyn ; don’t worry I will drop her safely thank you come sister (takes Tanya with her)

Preeta : wait wait, only you two, we all worked very hard thats not fair

Sherlyn : sorry doctor but its our sister’s day, and you stay with her all time

Sameer : thank god, take her at least our mind will get some peace after long days of court

Tanya ; you (Starts hitting him)

Sherlyn : come we are getting late, mom is waiting at home lets go

Dhruv : Sahil come I will drop you both home

Sahil : no thats okay we will manage

Dhruv ; please come (takes Roshni and Sahil with him in car)

Kritika and Dhruv goes to drop them at home. Rest of family goes back at Luthra house. Sherlyn and Tanya goes out to beach relaxing after long days of stress.

Sherlyn ; hey why is my sister tensed? you should be happy finally what lesson you taught to those people (tells her)

Tanya : I am missing my Rishab, I wish he was with me here to share this happiness

Sherlyn ; come on yaar, he will be so proud of you, and thank god he was not here else he would have been shocked to see your lawyer avtar and that gun what was need to take risk

Tanya : you know I am not scared of right things, anyway lets not talk about this

She gets video call from Karan. He shows her live video of Rishab’s final match and last score.

Karan : hold your breath pinky, its last few seconds now

Tanya looks on and prays for his victory. Rishab does the final goal and wins the watch. She jumps excitedly but controls herself.

Karan : okay listen, after match we are heading back see you later bye my dear bhabhi

Tanya waves and hangs up

After few hours Karan and Rishsb starts heading back to India after finishing match.

Luthra house 

Ruchika goes back to her room locking herself. Her mind is still stuck on Kaya’s death video and has become nightmare of her life.

Dadi : Mahesh I know Roo did mistake but its parents duty also to forgive and move on

Rakhi : what she did is not easy to forgive mummyji, and also she has to realize her mistake

Dadi : was this all not enough for her to understand the blunder

Mahesh ; lets end this argument here, I don’t want Rishab and Karan to feel bad on their success

“And your gems are here” voice comes from back

Rakhi ; Karan, Rishab (gets overwhelmed)

The boys get teary eyes seeing their family after long time. Coming back home was bliss for them with their parents, dadi and siblings. Rishab and Karan looks for their beloved

Rakhi : I know who you are looking for, Preeta is in room and Tanya went out with Sherlyn

Karan : why did you send her with that girl, I don’t even like her sight

Mahesh ; Karan we know you are angry at her but more than her mistake she repented, she helped Tanya a lot in this case

Rishab : what case?

Karan : sorry bhai I didn’t wanted to trouble you but I found news on internet (tells everything)

Rishab is hell shocked hearing whole story. Further Sameer tells about both hearings and Tanya’s twisted argument.

Sameer : i swear bhai if you had seen her, you would have lost senses, and with gun

Rishab : gun? let her come today

Mahesh : for a minute even our breath was stopped the way she was holding gun imagine if something had happened

Rishab : I knew that girl is nut but so dangerous

Dadi : you both forget everything and show us your trophies I am dying to see that

Karan and Rishab takes her blessing and shows their trophies.

Rishab : mom where is Roo?

Mahesh ; in her room, but talk with her later you both might be tired

Rishab ; okay dad

“Karan jiju your baby doll was no less either” Shrishti whispers him funnily

Karan ; but where is she? I am dying to see her

Shrishti : upstairs go run now

Karan runs quickly as much as he can to see his baby doll’s face after ages. He looks around in room but nowhere she is found.

“Congratulation and celebration” sweet voice echoes in room Preeta comes with small cake

Karan : baby doll (pulls her into tight hug without hurting her bump) you know how much I missed you, my success is incomplete without you

“Karan thank god you came, I was feeling very alone without you, it felt like my soul left with you far away” Preeta sobs in his arm

Karan : how is my baby inside? hey I hope you didn’t trouble your mom, no worries dad is here we both will take care of her okay (kisses her tummy)

Preeta caress his hair softly. Karan lifts her in arm. He remains upset with everything happened.

Preeta : Karan I know things were not right but Ruchika is still kid, she made mistake

Karan : its not about mistake but she has hurt mom dad indirectly

Preeta : already whole family is against her if you both brothers also do same where will she go

Karan : you think I would do that, yes I am angry at her but she is my sister okay

Preeta : I am very thirsty, let me get water

Karan : wait where are you going? I have got something from you

Preeta : what tell me (asks excitedly)

Karan : calm down, close your eyes first

Preeta : no I won’t

Karan : okay then keep waiting (goes to other side)

Preeta closes her eyes in huff while Karan goes to kitchen for his surprise. He comes upstairs quickly

Karan : now open your eyes

“Coconut water” Preeta shouts loud

Karan ; while ago you were thirsty, your throat was hurting few minutes back

Preeta ; this is my favorite, thank you so much (starts drinking alone)

Karan : you are so mean, I got this even after long tiring day and look at you

Preeta : aww you are feeling bad recall haldi day, how rudely you started eating samosa

Karan ; oh for that you were settling scores fine, you continue I am going

“Don’t ever say that” Preeta holds his hand emotionally

Karan : never ever, promise (kisses her forehead)

Both share each other’s affection after long time.

Dadi informs Rakhi about Dusherra next day

Rakhi : mummyji, this time we have decided girls will burn statue of Raavan what do you say

Dadi : are you sure? every year our boys do that

Rakhi : but this time our daughters have brought light back and now every year they will do this

Dadi : as you wish

Rakhi : thank you mummyji

Rishab goes to meet Ruchika who is sitting quietly

“Bhai you are back” comes to him

Rishab ; how is my sister

“I am fine bhai, congratulation” Roo holds his hand

Rishab : what is all this? come sit, look till today only Kritika was friend to you but today I want to ask will this brother also get that right

Roo : what are you saying bhai? very first you have right on me

Rishab : then give me an honest answer, do you love Sahil more deeply, see your love is still new

Roo : bhai you know when I realized meaning of true love, seeing your and Karan bhai’s love story, your both waited and had faith, our love might not be deep but I had faith somewhere it will come back to me

Rishab : see I know you both were at fault so you both have to bear punishment mom dad give and I know my sister is very strong, just remember one thing no matter this brother of your will always be in on your side

Roo : thank you bhai (hugs him) you must be tired from journey

Rishab : oh yea a lot and that wrestler might be coming soon, by the way how was she in court

Roo : don’t even ask me, bang on she scared not only those enemies but us for a minute

Rishab : now you take rest, I will leave bye

Roo : okay bhai

Later at night Tanya comes back home. Much to her surprise the room in complete dark. She sees a video on the table and voice she has been craving to hear.

“Hey wrestler, I know you might be missing me too much right now, all this days you had to face everything alone but my wishes were always with you no matter where I go, miss you and see you soon” video ends

Tanya cries leaning on table. She recalls Prithvi’s warning of harming her again and holds her belly.

“No I won’t let anything happen to my child” Tanya starts panicking

Rishab : and I would let that happen (comes from back)

“Rishab” Tanya immediately turns behind and runs to his arms

Rishab : you are our tigress, why do you get scared so easily

“I never thought my child will have blood of such disgusting people, that Singhania, you know Prithvi threatened me he will come back” clutches his collar

Rishab : he can’t even come out of jail, stop crying and I won’t let him wander around you

Tanya holds him tightly not wiling to leave this safe arms anytime soon.

Rishab : look what i got for you (shows her the trophy he won)

“Oh my god, finally” tanya gets excited

Rishab : are you happy now?

Tanya ; a lot, our dream came true, this is best gift of my life I will keep close to my heart

Next day Luthras call Sahil at home to talk about the whole incidence

Mahesh : so you say what do you have to?

Sahil ; uncle I am really sorry for everything my intention was not to hurt anybody, I love Ruchika a lot if we wanted to elope we could have done it long time ago but we wanted to marry on your permission

Roo keeps looking at him with tears

Sahil : for whole life I was craving for love and I got that from this family

Rakhi : dear there is limit to every relation and one should not cross that, now that you both have done mistake will you both do what we say?

Sahil : just say (fold his hands)

Mahesh : from today onwards you both won’t see each other, or try to be in contact

Sahil and Ruchika are completely shattered with the decision. She resist when Sahil agrees

Roo : no, papa please we won’t anything like that again, he have not done wrong with me (pleads to them crying)

Mahesh : choice is yours Ruchika

Sahil : Roo you are very lucky your family is with you , standing on your side don’t lose it for one moment of love (takes her hand off)

Karan : dad think once again, such big punishment

Rakhi : no dear, we both have thought very carefully it would be better for both families

Sahil (goes to Preeta) : because of you, I got new inspiration to live my life again with happiness, thank you for everything (hugs her)

Sahil starts walking outside leaving Roo shattered. She runs to the terrace watching him leave. He waves her and tells to smile

The love birds separate after big brawl in their life for better of families.

Dilon ki mohabbat ko baandhe kyun
Haaye re!
Dilon ki mohabbat ko baandhe kyun
Haaye re!
Daayre.. daayre..
Daayre.. daayre..

Hain kyun faasle darmiyaan leke aaye re
Hain kyun faasle darmiyaan leke aaye re
Daayre.. daayre..
Daayre.. daayre..

Karan goes to console Roo who is sitting on beach cafe. She becomes silent after Sahil’s departure unlike before losing her chirpy self.

Kaanch ke wo khwaab
naazuk the humare saare
Chhoone se hi tootne lage
Mannaton mein umr bhar ka
saath jinka manga
Humsafar wo chhootne lage

Sahil leaves from college and gets contract from big music company. Even though he lost inspiration but deep down still wanted to achieve success to keep their love alive.

Na marna munasib
Jiya bhi naa jaaye re
Na marna munasib
Jiya bhi naa jaaye re
Haaye re!
Daayre.. daayre..
Daayre.. daayre..

After two months

As Tanya got up to get some water she felt a sharp pain in her tummy and cluthed her stomach droping the glass in her hands and Rakhi and Sameer immediately rushed towards her.

‘’Bhabhi what happened?”asked Kritika seeing her  in so much pain.

‘’Sameer we must take her to the hospital ”said Rakhi and they nodded.

‘’Kritika you go and inform other and call bhai i will carry her ‘said Sameer lifting Tanya in his arms and rushed outside.

Tanya was in the labour for the past 2 hours while Rishab comes to OT rushing quickly seeing her pain brings tears to him.

Rishab :  just few more pushes please think about our child (caress her hair)

Finally they hear baby’s cry vanishing all the pain.

“Congrats Mrs Luthra, its a girl” nurse give baby in Tanya’s hand first

She kisses her princess who is wrapped in towel with content smile. Whole family rejoices the moment with the first child in their house. Rishab holds the baby in hand bringing tears of happiness.

Rakhi : Tanya you promised me, first I will hold the baby in my hands

Tanya laughs little due to anesthesia given.

“God save her from evil eye” Dadi bless child

The siblings fight to take the baby in hands.

Karan ; I must say bhai, she has features like you, same eyes, nose thank god we are saved from another wrestler

Tanya hits him with pillow but will less energy. Kritika who is the happiest one decides to give the name of baby.

Mahesh : so bua, what name you gave to your niece tell us also

“Khushi, the one who brought happiness in our family” Kritika smiles

Everybody loves the name

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