Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 92


Ahuja : Your honor, the witnesses were enough to proof that Sahil and Ruchika were in relationships even before their best friend cum fiancé died in an accident

Tanya : objection my lord, lets consider for a minute that my clients are guilty for Kaya’s murder but what motive would they have to kill Payal, right Mr Ahuja?

Ahuja : because she found out about their affair and Kaya’s murder related

Tanya : this is a conspiracy my lord, I want to remind Mr Ahuja that according to records, the last call made from Payal’s phone was to Sahil

Ahuja : but this does not prove their innocence, I will show the proof now

The video of Sahil, Payal and Ruchika’s scuffle with the gun and firing bullet on Payal.

Ahuja : My lord I don’t think I need to say anything else considering all proof are against this two

Tanya ; Your honor before you announce decision I want to ask for some time to gather proof, this is matter of somebody’s life and future

Judge : Hearing from both sides, court have decided to give three days for defense lawyer to gather evidence, if they are not able to find anything court will have final decision in next hearing, till then Mr Sahil and Ms Ruchika Luthra are on bail but are not allowed to leave the anywhere so their passport will be in custody till the case ends, court is adjourned

Luthra house 

Rakhi and Mahesh burst at Ruchika for breaking their trust, upbringing.

“I am so ashamed to call you my daughter today, if you do this what can expect from others” Rakhi raises hand on her

Roo ; mom please believe me, we have not crossed our limit, at least trust your given values and upbringing

Rest of girls does not say anything

Mahesh : first you tell us, since when is this all going on

Ruchika : before bhai’s marriage, but Sahil never took advantage of my love and friendship

Dadi : just keep your mouth shut, you gave very good repay of our love and freedom

Ruchika : dadi (goes to her knees) I know we did wrong by going to that place but i am also human who get can get carried in emotions

Mahesh : go back to your room

Ruchika : dad

“Did you not hear what I said, just go back to your room right now” Mahesh says sternly

Roo looks with pleading eyes to Kritika and her sister in law but runs away. in room.

Shrishti : di should we talk with her

Preeta : now leave her alone situation is very tense right now, lets go to our room

Sameer : what did Karan bhai said?

“what can he say, he will talk to papa when he comes back, I can’t disturb him right now” Preeta tells them

Shrishti : my heart is running fast di, next hearing is final one if we didn’t find proof then nobody will be able to save them

Tanya and Sherlyn meet a detective and gives money to find personal details about Rajveer.

Tanya : there should be no mistake and once your work is done go right out of country

Detective : don’t worry ma’am just give me 8 hours and everything will be in your hands

Tanya : good, now leave

Girls go back to Luthra house

Preeta : where did you go?

Sherlyn : I went to Ooty to get some information about Kaya, and guess what I found

Shrishti ; what is that?

“Boarding pass, Saurav Singhania in Ooty on 17th of november’” shows them ticket and pass

Sameer : where did you find this?

“From Kaya’s house, even shrewd criminal leaves something of his own” Tanya says

Preeta : that means he was present in Ooty when murder took place, because if I am not wrong its same time when her accident happened

Tanya : exactly but question is how did this boarding pass came at her home

Dhruv : I could be wrong but maybe Saurav came to meet at her house and in that scuffle he might have tried to killed her but she ran away and accident happened

Preeta : but there is missing link here, if Saurav really have made attempt to kill her, how come the postmortem report did not show any other injury and directly said it was accident

Sherlyn : money power works in today’s world and they took advantage of this

Tanya : not for long, they will also understand power of truth will overtake, next hearing people will also understand that

Sherlyn : there is one more task remaining now and I will complete that tonight

Sameer ; please be careful we all are in trouble already we can’t afford more

Sherlyn : nothing will happen, I will get the proof against them tonight

Kritika : wait what proof?

Tanya (gives Payal’s original diary) : read this

Everybody gets shocked reading diary. Payal had hidden camera in their guest house where she recorded murder of Kaya at her house.

Shrishti : oh my god, that means we are finally close to the truth but who will get that camera and how will we find it

Sherlyn : thats what I was saying, if somehow we get hold of that camera we will reach truth

Kritika : I still feel murder is somebody else who have killed both girls and there is fishy

Tanya : you are right even I think the same, but motive can be different

Kritka : Tanya why didn’t you use that bullet part in court as topic

Preeta : its of no use they already played video of those three holding gun, only way we can prove now if we find footage of outside when somebody has fired bullet

Tanya : you are right, that means even they know an outsider have shot Payal, I mean how come they might not have access to outside area

Sherlyn : but we can’t find that footage, if they can edit inside the house, will they not get rid of the real footage

Tanya : they won’t, I listen to my mind on this and its always correct

Dhruv : how will we go there, house is sealed right now and nobody is allowed to go there

Phone rings

Sameer : hello? yes what? okay thanks

Tanya ; what happened?

Sameer : that guy who covered Mahir for a month is caught, he is in police custody

Preeta ; wait what?

Tanya : that day when Shrishti was attacked we went to meet Commissioner uncle and told him everything, he sent people around to find that guy

Sameer : and also goon is in custody too who attacked Shrishti, we know who did it but police will make them confess everything

Preeta : Tanya next hearing is our day you have to be very careful with everything, we have one last chance to save not only Ruchika Sahil but defeat the bad

Sinha house

Roshni : have some juice, you will feel better, I know whatever happened was wrong

Sahil : I really don’t know what to do right now, my only concern is Ruchika’s image, for any girl this is very big thing

Servant : ma’am a girl have come to meet you

Roshni ; who is it?

Servant ; I think that girl who was staying with us

Preeta comes to meet Sahil

Sahil : you here? is everything okay

“Yes everything is good, I just came to meet you” Preeta says nervously

Sahil : why did you take trouble, you need rest, I am so sorry in this condition you and Tanya bhabhi had to go through this

Preeta : please don’t be sorry

“How is Ruchika” Sahil asks about her

Preeta : you love her so much even after everything I can see that worry on for her

Sahil : how will I not? she is my life

Preeta : I have not come to talk about what happened, but give you this (gives him holy offering and ties sacred thread on his biceps)

Sahil : what is this for?

“You can forget but I cannot, the person who gave me new life, what you both did for me only a loved one can do and this thread will protect you from bad” Preeta holds his hand

Sahil ; I am sorry for everything (breakdown in heavy tears) because of me you all have to suffer

Preeta : if you think mistake is happened then it is from both sides not just you, but this life who knows you will learn some lesson

Roshni : dear you are right, when time is not right we should take a step back and wait the when storm calm down

Preeta : okay i will leave now, you take rest and don’t you worry everything will be fine

Sahil : wait I will drop in my car

Preeta : no thats okay, it will be better if you don’t come right now

Sahil : don’t go alone

Both reaches Luthra house. Sahil looks towards Ruchika’s room window noticed by Preeta

Preeta : good night, and take care

Sahil leaves. Preeta goes to Ruchika’s room who is sobbing in corner.

Roo : bhabhi you here?

Preeta shows her phone showing Sahil on video

Sahil : hey Ms attitude, what have you done to yourself (laughs sarcastically) does not suit you

Roo : really? I don’t know how to hide pain like you so don’t give me that fake smile

Sahil : you are crazy seriously

Preeta : okay now you both time up, save some talk for after case, good night

Sahil and Roo waves emotionally hanging up

Roo : thank you bhabhi (hugs her)

Preeta : most welcome, now drink this milk quickly and go to sleep you might be tired

Roo : bhabhi tell me honestly Karan bhai was so much angry na like didi

“You know Roo, I always felt what is so different about a brother’s love and sister’s affection but after meeting Karan I feel they both are same yes brothers are little over possessive for their sisters” Preeta teases her

Roo : he might have felt so bad, if Rishab bhai have found this he will leave everything

Preeta ; you think Karan would let that happen, Roo any brother would feel like this when their sister’s reputation is on stake but then he would fight with whole world for her happiness also

Roo : Kritika di is so angry with me, she didn’t even talk to me properly

Preeta : give sometime to everybody, this is also big shock for them and yes that Tanya bhabhi of yours is very twisted she will bring out

Roo : I know she will but I am scared when bhai will come how will I face them

Preeta : we will figure that out later now you take some rest okay good night

After two days 

The court hearing starts again.

Judge ; court h

Ahuja : your honor I don’t think there is anything left in this case all the proofs are shown

Tanya : game is not over yet Mr Ahuja, last hearing you worked so hard now its my turn, Your honor should I

Judge : sure, Mr Ahuja you take seat, let her proceed, please continue

Tanya : thank you, can I have permission to call Mr Saurav Singhania in witness box

Judge : permission granted

Saurav comes to witness box

Tanya walks towards him angrily : Mr Singhania first of all you tell me where did you meet my client Ruchika first time

Saurav : what do mean? I have already said in Luthra house

Tanya : are you sure? no rush give answer after thinking

Saurav : I am saying correct I met her in Luthra house and our father are business partners from couple years

Tanya : never mind I will reveal that, you both first met in Ooty during a trip, and proof is Pooja who went with her and there you also met Kaya am I right Mr Saurav

Saurav : this is a lie, yes I knew Kaya but due to my friendship with Sahil and why would I misbehave with her (spills beans)

Tanya (raises her eyebrows) : I didn’t even mention about that but you confessed by yourself thank you for that, My lord Saurav met Ruchika first time in Ooty but their meeting was not good, he misbehaved with Kaya in drunken state this is the statement from his friends who testified (gives him affidavit)

Saurav wonders who gave testimony against him

Tanya : they also mentioned Saurav Singhania had  big crush on Ruchika from first day itself but it is said when ego is hurt any person be it good or bad  is not able to handle anything thats what he did to take revenge and to win the bet he tried several ways to woo her but none of those tricks worked

Saurav : your honor she is trying to distract from main topic to save her clients

Tanya : its my job to save innocent but I never blame wrong people for that, you say did you not place a bet with your friends that to teach lesson to Ruchika by dumping her

Everybody is left speechless with her claim.

Tanya : see there is no use of lying, your friends have already given statement

Saurav : you are right, I placed a bet that I will teach Ruchika big lesson for slapping me and bring on my feet but what does that have to do with this case, for god sake my sister died because of them

Tanya : its not proved that yet, anyway my next question is where were you on November 17th, the day when Kaya died

Saurav starts sweating

Tanya : everybody is waiting for your answer, why are you sweating, have some water

Ahuja : My Lord, defense lawyer is taking case into another direction

Tanya : No your honor I am going into right way, and everybody will know soon, can you please tell Mr Ahuja to not interrupt me

Judge : Mr Ahuja, its unfair to not hear other side of story and give concision let her proceed

Tanya : yes Mr Saurav you didn’t answer my question where were you on that day

Saurav : I was in Mumbai, whole time, busy with dad’s office everyday

Tanya : really? you are so hardworking son I must say, your brain works very fast even I agree and soon court will also agree with me  ,My lord on November 17th when Kaya Shrivastav died, Saurav was in Ooty that too in Kaya’s house

Another shock to everybody

Saurav ; what proof do you have?

Tanya ; patience, here is the proof (shows his boarding pass) now before you ask me I will tell I found this at Kaya’s house

Ahuja : how can we believe it? pass could be forged also

Tanya : just like the handwriting, in last hearing you said same thing right handwriting cannot be forged same way boarding pass can be fake but not name in travel agency

Ahuja ; what is your point?

Tanya ; I have confirmed with the airport management they had registration on Saurav Singhania’s name for ticket to Ooty from Mumbai, Saurav : I went for dad’s office work

Tanya ; while ago when I asked you said you were in Mumbai, you decide first

Saurav : yes I went to Ooty for some other work

Tanya : then why did you lie? and how did this boarding pass reached her house

Saurav ; how am I supposed to know that?

Tanya ; yes how would you know? but you might know that your sister was also coming behind

Saurav and Rajveer look at each other

Tanya (looks at their interaction) : shocked right? don’t worry I have big shock for you

Saurav clutches fist angrily

Tanya : My lord, Payal Singhania also went behind him to Ooty knowing her brother’s intention, here is the what happened, Saurav was looking for one chance to defame Ruchika, guess what he found one when he found out she is coming to meet Kaya in Ooty and your brain started to work

Shrishti : di, brain is what this girl have but why is she going in rounds

Preeta : you don’t have one, she have to give every detail not just show proof

Tanya : My lord, that day Mr Saurav manipulated Kaya in believing Roo’s life is in danger and he is responsible for that, both confronted each other at her house, which Payal had shoot in her camera (gives him CD)


Kaya (slaps him) : till I am alive you won’t be able to do anything to my Ruchika understand

Saurav : but only if you are alive (grabs her hair) before dying I will tell a secret, that report of your illness was fake, I bribed the doctor so you can move out of my way

Ruchika and Sahil are blown hearing his words including Kaya too

Kaya : what? how can somebody be so ruthless

Saurav : i knew you would become thorn in my plan to ruin that girl so I only played small game but you made bigger move by planning to meet them and convince to marry each other I won’t let that happen

Kaya : but I will make it possible, even if I am not dying now my words will come true, to save from you if I have to make Sahil marry Roo I will also do that and you will just stand like that

Both have scuffle in whole house. Saurav stabs Kaya but she manages to run in car. While on road she calls Sahil but is not able to say anything. Her car crashes on road ending her life right there.

Ruchika’s tear does not stop flowing seeing the whole footage. Her best friend did not mind sacrificing her whole life for their safety.

Ahuja : if this is truth why didn’t police find any scars on her forensic reports

Tanya : power Mr Ahuja, this days people misuse their money power to do bad things, and this is what Singhania’s did, with their money the case was closed without any investigation but there was one person who used this for good and bad reason, the victim of this case Payal

Rajveer does not lose hope of winning

Tanya : you can go Mr Saurav, my lord my next witness is worker of Singhania mansion not only house but in office also, Nitya

Nitya works in Singhania office and inside mansion as event manager.

Tanya ; so Ms Nitya say what you want to tell court

Nitya : your honor I am working with Singhania industries from years and close to Payal, after Kaya’s death I heard their argument


Saurav comes back to Mumbai after clearing all the evidence against him for Kaya’s death. A projector plays on screen about the murder

Saurav : what the hell?

Payal : how is the surprise bhai? amazing right I am thinking to become photographer

Saurav : shut up and give me that footage or just delete it

Payal : you think I am fool bhai, I worked very hard for this and I will give you easily no way

Saurav : what do you want? come to point

Payal : if you want to save yourself, then you have to convince Sahil to marry me

Saurav : what? are you in your senses? is he a toy which I can give you like this

Payal : of course not brother but since he is your friend and I am your sister you can at least do this for me or would you prefer jail?

Saurav : you are blackmailing your own brother aren’t you ashamed

Payal : and what you did was right? you know how much I hate all this blooded, first I thought you did all this for me but then I realized you are only interested in your benefit

Saurav ; now sister I did all this for you (tries to take camera but she instead makes him fall)

Payal : sorry brother, not this time, I might have done lot of mistakes but I can never think of taking somebody’s life, and yes if something happens to me then this video will go to police in one moment you will go to jail think about it

Saurav gets shocked with her behavior. He decides to take step back for destroying Ruchika and focus on Payal’s promise

Flashback ends

Nitya : Payal gave me that footage to leave in Kaya’s house, she was very guilty of hiding this but her love for Sahil made her do all this, she knew her brother won’t be quiet for long so I left the camera in Kaya’s house

Tanya : and what about the diary ? did she had habit of writing diaries

Nitya : yes Payal always write the diary

Tanya shows the diary to her that was presented in court last hearing

Nitya : this handwriting is also not Kaya’s, this is lie

Tanya : thank you Ms Nitya you can go

Ahuja : My lord, how can we trust a witness who was just caretaker of mansion

Tanya ; for a minute we assume she is lying but your honor we cannot deny this footage was shot by Payal because camera is her’s, and why would she write in this diary that Sahil and Ruchika have killed Kaya when she herself witness who did all this

Ahuja does not have any point to say.

Tanya : here is the key to one mystery my lord, Saurav Singhania killed Kaya in this greed of revenge and now comes final myster who is behind Payal’s murder and why, to make this case more strong I want to call Janvi Malhothra on witness box

Judge grants permission

Janvi (Prithvi’s mom) : I will only say truth

Tanya : Ms Janvi, do you know Rajveer Singhania

Janvi look at him nervously

Tanya : don’t be nervous, just say what is truth

Janvi : he is my brother (reveals shocking twist)

Shrishti : no wonder that Prithvi is like his cousin and brothers, monster

Preeta : shut up

Tanya ; tell us what you want to say?

Janvi : Prithvi is my brother’s son, in childhood due to his violent nature, there were lot of issues occurring in my brother’s personal and professional. bhabhi died in few years, bhai got busy in life but due to the disgrace Prithvi brought his business went down

Tanya : then?

Janvi ; one day in depression, he got into accident with a family and court gave him responsibility of children of that person who died but this did not go well with Prithvi so bhai gave his responsibility to me and i took him with me to raise

Tanya : point to be noted My lord, Rajveer Singhania gave Prithvi’s responsibility to her not because of his nature, but according to court’s decision Rajveer Singhania would get whole property if those kids are raised by him

Janvi : thats correct, to prevent any other mishap brother gave his son’s responsibility to me but I didn’t even realize when bhai started to guide me, then I understood one thing even after my upbringing, blood was same

Tanya recalls the disastrous night of her life when everything was destroyed. She controls her emotions hardly.

Tanya : I am sorry, Ms Janvi you can go now thank you, so My Lord coming back to point, Mr Singhania’s real son Prithvi Malhothra and Saurav Payal lost their parents in childhood, both didn’t even realize

Every person in court is at edge hearing the story.

Tanya : if Saurav wanted to kill Payal he would have done it long time ago but I guess that was not his nature, My lord my very last point, according to forensic reports, bullet was fired from distance and in last hearing we saw all three were inside with

Ahuja : objection my lord, this still does not prove their innocence for Payal’s murder who knows they had hired sniper from outside and stood inside they were trying to distract her

Tanya : really? then why would they frame themselves leaving fingerprint on Payal’s gun, in the house and specially their mobile, your honor this is answer to Mr Ahuja’s question (gives him footage of outside Singhania mansion)

A guy with jacket puts drug packet in Sahil’s car by opening with lock with pin. The sniper stands at the window pointing gun on Payal.

Tanya : and the master planner of all this is

Screen freezes on person Tanya points finger while everybody looks on

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