Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 91

Police station 

Shobha tries to stop Tanya from going to meet Ruchika inside police station. But much shocking to her Tanya shows her anger this time.

Shobha ; this all happened because of you, in all this years none of my Rakhi’s children made such mistakes and now you forced our Rishab to accept an illegitimate child

Tanya : listen (holds her hand) you can tell me whatever you want but I have not given rights to anybody for badmouthing my child nor my honesty to my profession

Shobha : finally you showed your true colors, I knew on first day that you are not good match for my Rishab

Tanya : I would have given you reply but right now my duty is calling me as lawyer and daughter in law of this family (jerks her hand off and starts walking)

Shobha remains speechless in front her

“Chachiji, I respect you a lot but sometime its children’s duty to show elders right way” Tanya leaves to go inside

The cops torture Sahil and Ruchika beating them badly for confession.

“How much you beat me, my answer won’t change” Sahil resists

The lady constable grabs Ruchika’s hair tightly and throws on floor. Her body get bruises  andn pain something she never felt before.

“Say the truth or else this delicate body of yours won’t be able to take the torture” lady constable slaps Ruchika

The duo loses the strength and ability to stand up on their feet.

Luthra family and Sahil’s mom come to meet them but cops does not allow them.

Tanya : Commissioner uncle please, just for once let us see them, I need to talk with them

Walia : they are not in condition to say anything

“What do you mean” Rakhi asks him

Commissioner asks constable to bring them. Both are brought to front. Their condition shocks the family to the extent which they could ever imagine to see their children. Sahil and Roo loses their capability to speak or react.

Kritika solaces her sister to reduce the pain but wound within them are too deep. Preeta touches Sahil’s injury but he stops her.

Shrishti : how badly they have hit, even animals are not tortured like this, uncle what is this?

Walia : I am sorry but right now even things are not in my hands

Tanya : you cannot do anything but I won’t keep quiet (wipes blood from Roo’s lips)

She goes to meet the officer in charge who was given orders for beating.

Rathod : yes?

Tanya ; Listen Mr Rathod, do you know I can make you suspend right now for torturing two innocent people on circumstantial evidence

Rathod : Ma’am we are not fond of doing all this but we are given orders from superiors, and your relatives have done deed like that

Tanya : I know about murder thing but you are not allowed to touch them

Rathod ; go wherever you want but nobody can save this two now, they have killed daughter of a politician

Tanya : listen you

Dhruv : wait there is no point of explaining them anything things are very complicated we have to deal calmly come lets go

Tanya ; but Dhruv

Dhruv : please come on (takes her out)

Everybody gets tensed with situation and goes back to Luthra house.

Tanya calls Rishab but Karan picks up instead.

Karan : wow you already started to miss us, its only two days

Tanya : where is Rishab?

Karan :  by the way tell me how is my baby doll

Tanya : she is fine and your baby now please tell me where is Rishab, I want to talk urgently

Karan ; he is at practice you are saying like you have already delivered

Tanya : stop it now listen as soon as he is free please tell him to call me

Karan : okay fine I will, should I say something, I never saw him so happy before thanks yaar

Tanya gets it dilemma hearing his words and hangs up phone

Karan : such a crazy girl she is (goes back)

Preeta : what happened

Tanya : nothing, for first time Rishab found happiness for himself how will they feel if they find out whats going on (wipes her tears)

Preeta : I know, anyway I came to inform you Sherlyn wanted to talk something important

Tanya ; yea lets go come

Dhruv, Sameer and girls go to forensic lab to get information about Payal’s muser. Dr Iyar is very renowned forensic expert and Sherlyn’s uncle.

Sherlyn : uncle did you find anything?

Iyar : give me sometime (goes through the victim’s body to gather information)

Tanya : Dr, how did she get shot?

Iyar : seeing the wound my doubt is getting clear, bullet has been shot from distance

All gets shocked

Preeta : even I think, Dhruv see the wound it does not look like bullet is shot from close

Tanya : we would find that only after talking to ruchika and Sahil, right now they are not allowing to interrogate them

Iyar : one more thing , the bullet she got is not an ordinary they are more used in foreign places

Shrishti : you mean? the shooter have used different type of bullet obviously he was hired from another country

Sameer : but then how did they find gun inside the house because all of them were in house

Sherlyn : Dr, can is it be possible bullet might have shot from outside

Iyar : could be since you all are saying everybody was in the house

Dhruv : but its very hard to prove, their fingerprints are on the gun

Iyer : where is that gun?

Dhruv : with the cops, they have kept it with interrogation

Iyer : if I could get chance to see that gun, I will figure out

Tanya : you leave that to me I will find some way, if not then we will prove that in court

Preeta : court? you mean this case will be dragged in court now

Tanya : what do you expect? its not ordinary murder, a politician’s daughter, now with media and cops their party will also behind us

Preeta : oh god

Sameer : I think we should all go home now, chacha chachi are very much stressed out

Iyer : yea you should all leave its very late

The siblings heads back to home but nobody is able to sleep due to catastrophe. Tanya paces around in the room while Preeta sits on bed

Preeta : I still cannot forget that wound our Roo and Sahil, how were they coping with it

Tanya : I know, the girl who was raised in so much pamper today she is dealing with thorns

Preeta : but one question is rising in my mind, who would have killed Payal, I mean maybe one of the rival but why only that time when Roo and Sahil was with her

The question also strikes on Tanya’s mind

“You are right, clearly says somebody known have done for a big reason” Tanya tells her

Rakhi gets depressed about her daughter’s injury as well as Mahesh.

“Maheshji, what wrong we did to anybody our children are suffering one after other, my Rishab, Kritika and now Ruchika” Rakhi soba

Mahesh : god is testing us, but saddest part we cannot even give solace to our daughter, her silence said a lot

Rakhi : if she had told us everything would we have refused but we are also at fault

“I am very unfortunate father who cannot even wipe our daughters tears, how she might be staying there” Mahesh breakdown

The siblings comes to console them.

Shrishti : uncle if you breakdown like this how will you handle your Ruchika, she is still a kid

Sameer : chachi, you always considered us equal then won’t you trust us, we will bring them back

Mahesh : we have full trust on you all, my wishes are with you


Karan and Rishab goes to hotel after their respective matches.

Karan : god I am so tired bhai, how do you still get so much energy

Rishab : you should learn some, mend your ways you are going to be father now

Karan : why are you scaring me, by the way your bodyguard called

Rishab : what?

Karan I mean that wrestler Tanya, don’t know she sounded tense she might be missing you

Rishab ; give me your phone mine is charging

Karan ; actually my phone is also dead sorry

“You are still a kid” Rishab grabs his phone to call his wrestler wife

Karan ; yaar you are so much changed after marriage not bad

Rishab hits on his head and goes to other room

Luthra house

Phone rings

Tanya who almost felt asleep due to tiring day picks call quickly to not disturb Preeta.

“Hello” she says softly

“Hey wrestler sorry would be mother” Rishab teases her

She laughs little bit

Rishab : whats wrong? madam is silent wow

“How would i good, when my heart is far away there” she gets emotional

Rishab : now you realize your mistake, even I am missing you all

Tanya ; first tell me how is your practice and when are the final

Rishab : next week and then I will straightly come to you and our baby, listen I hope you are taking care of yourself don’t be so careless

Tanya recalls the whole day incidence

Rishab ; you go silent again?

Tanya ; nothing I am just tired

Rishab : okay I won’t trouble you more, good night take care bye

Tanya : you too bye (hangs up and goes back)


Karan ; bhai are you done?

Rishab : you were right, something is wrong I never saw this girl so quiet

Karan : she must be tired and now your baby must be desperate to come out

Rishab : not yet, still 2 more months, anyway I am also tired lets eat dinner and go to sleep

The boys takes rest after eating


The news become sensational tarnishing image of Luthra family in news all over world. Tanya goes to police station and interrogate Sahil and Roo

Tanya : look I won’t say in riddle but whatever I ask just answer me very honestly

Both nods

Tanya : I want to know every detail from past few days not just murder day

Roo : actually few years ago I went to trip at Ooty where I first met Saurav and also Kaya, he misbehaved with her so we both had some clash

Sahil looks at her

Tanya : so thats when you and Kaya befriended

Roo ; yes bhabhi, that time I didn’t know his enmity would get so much deep

Tanya : Sahil? what about you

Sahil : actually, I know Saurav from school days in boarding, then after school we did not stay in touch much

Tanya : what was going on from past few days? I am not going to ask about this MMS but just tell me were they blackmailing you with this

Roo : that day when they came to our house, I went to meet Saurav alone (reveals everything)

Tanya : why didn’t you both tell any elder about all this mess

Roo : bhabhi I was scared if something had went wrong that video could have gone viral

“Few things you should leave on elders” Tanya stamps her hand on table

Sahil : sorry bhabhi we thought

Tanya : now what I am going is ask is very tough so answer me carefully, who had gun

Both remained shock as they are still under dilemma how everything happened

Sahil : actually we are still in shock how the bullet fired we were trying to stop her

Tanya : stop from what?

Roo : she grabbed gun and pointing somewhere we thought it was on us so we were holding gun together

Sahil : what happened ?

Tanya ; forensic expert said bullet was fired from distance and you both are saying it was shot close

“What” Roo widens

Sahil : that means she somebody was outside and Payal was trying to save us

Tanya : I don’t know, right now everything is very complicated, and they found drugs in your car

Sahil : what? but how

Tanya : all I can conclude right now is somebody has conspired to frame you both

Constable tells her to leave due to visiting hours

Tanya : okay I am going right now but you both take care and please don’t hide anything or else I won’t be able to do anything (leaves)


Karan goes through internet when his eyes falls on something unexpected. His family’s reputation, sisters image everything has been doomed

“Today’s latest new, famous and rich politician Rajveer Singhania’s daughter Payal has been murdered in her own house, police have arrested two people in this case one who have become celebrity Sahil Sinha and other is Luthra family’s honor Ruchika, Mr Singhania have used all his power to punish his daughter’s culprit, we will keep you updated what happens next stay tune on TV news” reporter words blow Karan

Rishab : what are you doing? its time for your practice and you are doing time pass (is about to take his phone)

Karan : nothing bhai, I was going to take shower you go my practice have some time

Rishab : okay but don’t be late (leaves)

Karan does not waste time and call Preeta immediately.

Preeta : hello (picks up phone nervously)

Karan : baby doll such big mess happened and nobody bothered to inform me or bhai

Preeta : thats why Tanya called yesterday but I think she didn’t wanted to bother you

Karan ; okay listen I am coming back you don’t worry at all (starts packing)

“No wait” tells him softly

Karan : what?

Preeta : if you come like this in middle of game then Rishabji will also find and he will also leave  everything

Karan ; I don’t care right now our sister and family needs us so no more argument

Preeta (pleads him) : Karan please don’t , you know how much Rishabji worked hard for this day he and Tanya have weaved so many dreams

Karan stops himself in midway

Preeta : you know why Tanya stepped back, for once in life she want to share this responsibility with Rishabji, Karan marriage and love not mean just love and trust but also sharing duty

Karan : but how will she manage everything in this condition (gets worried)

Preeta ; don’t you trust your dear Bhabhi, for once pinky can be defeated but not Tanya, you see she will use all her power to bring Roo and Sahil back

Karan : I trust you but please take care of yourself and I will try to not let bhai find this out, did cops find out culprit

Preeta ; not yet, but case is very strong and all proofs are agains our Roo and Sahil, fingerprints on gun, pictures, drugs in the car

“pictures? what pictures” Karan asks

Preeta feels like fool for spilling beans

Karan : are you there? what photographs are you talking about (asks her)

Preeta : actually Saurav was blackmailing Roo from many days and in all mess Payal got murdered

Karan gets angry on Ruchika’s stupidity seeing the picture Preeta sends him with picture

Karan : this girl? how can she be so stupid

Preeta : let it be right now we just have to prove them innocent and bring back home safely

Karan : you are right but for this both should get punishment from mom dad, how are they

Preeta : they both are trying to be strong but situation is such any parent would be broken

Karan : okay I have to go coach is calling me, take care and please let me know if things turn bad I will come back right then

Preeta : sure my dear husband now you focus on your career, leave rest to us at least let us prove daughters of Luthra family

Karan : and tell that wrestler my best wishes are always with her and one from bhai too

Preeta : now go, bye and come back soon

Karan : love you baby doll (hangs up)

Tanya : I told you this news will be spread everywhere

Preeta ; but Karan said he will not tell Rishabji so lets just focus on this care

Tanya : that gun is in police custody so we have to deal with that in court

Dhruv : did the date come for case

Tanya ; yes tomorrow but there is one problem

Kritika : what problem

Tanya : I have never been to court cases there are different types of lawyer for criminal cases

Preeta ; but you are still authorized to fight right

Tanya : Preeta try to understand, I have done my law in different country, Karan’s case was different we dealt with that easily here we have to deal against strong defense and I don’t even have experience we cannot take chance to lose

Kritika : now what we will do then? which lawyer will take the case

Tanya : Sameer did you talk with previous lawyer of Luthra you might know somebody

Sameer : unfortunately no lawyer is willing to take this case, that Singhania have played big this time he have gained public sympathy

“Tanya please only you can save my Roo” Kritka gets teary eyes

Rakhi comes there and tell sibling to leave her alone with Tanya .

Tanya : yes mom

Rakhi  : dear you know I always doubted my decision was right or not

Tanya looks on

Rakhi ; today you have to prove that my decision was right, more than others you have done so Rishab and this family, I always wanted a girl who can share my Rishab’s duties and life (takes her to temple downstairs)

Tanya : why did you bring me here?

“After few days is Dussehra , the day when good triumph over evil and you know ten days people worship Durga Maa when she killed Mahishasur, she was also woman, you have to also burn evil in fire like Ravaan’s ego was burned in ashes” Rakhi explains them importance of truth

Tanya bows down to her feet as well as Preeta.

“May truth win, this is blessing of not a mother but woman” Rakhi applies red kumkum on their forehead blessing them

Preeta : Dussehra is known for ending of bad this time also same will happen

The girls bow down in front of god for victory. Everybody gets busy in preparing for the case. Tanya tells Sherlyn to travel at Ooty to get information of Kaya.

Sherlyn : but why?

Tanya : because I know very well this topic will be raised in court

Sherlyn : how?

Tanya : first rule, prosecutor lawyer always try to bring light to character of guilty, secondly they will try to make Roo and Sahil’a affair look wrong, so I want you to go find how did Kaya exactly died

Sherlyn : okay I will leave tomorrow morning but sadly I won’t be able to see my lawyer sister in court, best of luck (hugs her)

Tanya : thanks, and be careful okay

Sherlyn : don’t worry but one thing is bothering me

Tanya : what?

Sherlyn : how come there are no cameras in the mansion, we could easily access and prove

Tanya : there is no use, they would have edited by now and made it against Roo and Sahil

Next day the first trial day comes. The media surrounds Mahesh and Rakhi asking about their daughter’s affair.

Sameer ; Excuse me, will you all stop bothering them, right now their daughter’s future is on stake and you all are busy in your TRP’s please move

Rajveer and Saurav comes there confronting Luthras again.

Saurav : your daughter didn’t do this right, I will make sure she gets punished for killing my Payal

Mahesh ; I trust my daughter, she can never play with law no matter what and who is guilty court will decide soon

Rajveer goes to Preeta and Tanya taunting them again for losing.

Tanya : you announced even before war started not fair Mr Singhania

Rajveer : victory is of course ours, just wait and watch right Mr Ahuja

Ahuja : oh so this is the defense lawyer, if I am not wrong its your first case best of luck, I will make sure you at least learn something before end

Tanya : experience is not replacement of being intelligent, thank you best wishes and I have given you all details I know about Kaya, if you find anything wrong let ms know soon

Sherlyn : I will

Sahil and Ruchika are brought in police van. Rakhi, Mahesh and Kritika yes very emotional seeing her in such condition.

Rathod : you both take a seat here

Sahil and Ruchika feels awkward for coming at place they could have imagined.

Preeta : Sameer who is this lawyer?

“Mr Ahuja I heard he is very renowned lawyer of country, he has not lose any case till now” Sameer informs them

Preeta : but our Tanya is no less either

Sameer : its easy to say bhabhi this lawyer is very shrewd and cunning

The hearing starts

Judge : Prosector lawyer you may proceed

Ahuja : your honor the case is very clear, Ruchika luthra was supposed to get engaged with Saurav Singhania due her family was in debt but she was in love with Sahil Sinha, so Ms Payal found out and they both killed her

Tanya ; objection my lord, I want to remind Prosecutor lawyer that all proofs found are circumstantial but none of the evidence prove crime of my clients

Judge : objection sustained

Tanya : thank you My lord (goes back to her seat)

Ahuja : first of all I want to call Ruchika Luthra’s best friend Pooja who will certificate of her character

Judge : permission granted

Pooja come in witness box

Ahuja : Ms Pooja, you are Ms Ruchika Luthra’s best friend, from how many years you know her

Pooja : yes, around 5 years we both studied in same college

Ahuja : but if I am not wrong, Ruchika’s close friend was Kaya Shrivastav, and she was also Sahil Sinha’s girlfriend

Pooja : once we all went on a trip to Ooty, thats where we met Kaya first and their friendship started, I was not so close to her

Ahuja : so obviously you might have met Mr Sahil there too

Pooja ; no first time I met him in college

Ahuja : your friend might have told you something about him right

Pooja ; Roo liked him from first day itself but I don’t know if she met him before in Ooty or Mumbai (looks at Roo)

Ahuja : so you are saying they both didn’t meet in Bombay when Kaya was there

Pooja ; I said I don’t know anything, but yes Kaya wanted them to meet in Ooty the day when she had an accident

Ahuja : who told you this?

Pooja : because I remember once Roo told me Kaya called her to meet Sahil in Ooty

Roo and Sahil looks her confusingly

Ahuja : thank you Ms Pooja you can go

Pooja leaves

Tanya : Mr Ahuja, what does this case have to do with their first meeting

Ahuja : big link Mrs Luthra, take a seat you will find out soon

Tanya goes back

Ahuja : My lord here is main point, Ruchika and Sahil’s love is not new from months but from years when Kaya was alive, when she became threat they both got rid of her, to make my words more strong I would like to call Ms Ruchika

Roo comes up in the box

Ahuja : Ms Ruchika as your friend said you were supposed to meet Sahil in Ooty due to Kaya but unfortunately she died in accident

Roo gets nervous hearing his claim


Before court trial

Tanya : Ruchika today there will be time in your life when whole world will question your character, certain allegation will be made and  there you have to be very strong, don’t let anybody put you down and your self respect

Roo ; bhabhi, how will I face everybody

Tanya (holds her face): listen to me, you cannot be weak, if you are right no power can given you both punishment

Sahil : I trust you bhabhi

Tanya : good, you both promise me no matter what happens but you won’t lose your calm not even for each other or else case can get weak

Roo : we promise you bhabhi

Both puts hand on hers

Flashback ends

Roo : looks like you came with half information, never mind I will tell you

Everybody gets bit surprised with her reaction

Roo : yes I was supposed to meet Sahil in Ooty and Kaya planned our meeting, but we couldn’t see each other

Ahuja ; why?

Roo : my dad had a stroke so I had to rush that evening and I couldn’t even meet Kaya

Ahuja : really? then tell me something why did it took you so long to know your best friend cum sister has been death

Roo remain speechless and looks at Tanya

Tanya : Mr Ahuja I have question for you, this case is for Payal Singhania’s murder not Kaya whats the logic

Ahuja : your honor, I want to make one more point here, her client is childhood friend of Saurav and Payal so obviously they knew about Kaya later, this is diary of Payal (shows to judge)

Sahil and Roo gets nervous

Ahuja : Payal got to know how Sahil and Ruchika planned to get Kaya out of their way, this two also killed her to save themselves

Roo : how can you prove we were behind Kaya’s death based on this diary

Tanya : exactly your honor, diary could be misleading

Ahuja : but the handwriting cannot be, my lord I want to bring that garage mechanic who tampered Kaya’s car brakes when she was going to pick her so fiancee Sahil

The mechanic shows Ruchika’s bracelet as toek of money to bribe for tampering Kaya’s car and making it to accident.

Precap : Case continues with another side by tanya showing proof against Saurav

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