Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 90


Ruchika takes Saurav to dinner making him surprised. Payal doubts her sweet behavior

Saurav : nice choice I must say

Roo : thanks, can we order something I am very hungry

Saurav : sure you both order I will be right back

After few minutes Sahil texts Payal to come meet him outside

Payal : bhai I have to go for some important work you both carry on

Saurav : sure sister anytime go ahead (hugs her)

Payal : bye Ruchika (says with attitude)

Roo gives her fake smile

Saurav : hey Roo I will be right back, you give order (leaves his phone on table)

Roo takes the chance grabbing his phone but is password protected. Sahil calls her

Roo : what?

Sahil : you still didn’t delete that video

Roo : duffer, your friend is very cunning phone is password how should I

Sahil : you could have asked me? and by the way stop taunting me every time

Roo : I will because you are nuts

Sahil (remembers Saurav putting password once in front of him) : here is key

Ruchika gets excited when phone unlocks.

Sahil : now stop being kid and finish task

Roo : fine (hangs up)

Unaware to them Payal hears their conversation standing on door to Sahil’s car.

Sahil : hey when did you come

Payal : few minutes ago when you were busy on phone

Sahil : oh god I hope she didn’t hear anything

Payal : where are you lost? I am here

Sahil : sorry, actually it was mom’s call she needs my urgently, so I won’t be able to come

Payal : at least you can drop me at home, small drive what say

Sahil : sure why not

Both gets into car and leaves. Roo deletes the video successfully from the phone.

Saurav : hey did you order

Roo : yes chinesse its very delicious, and our favorite remember

Saurav : thats great

The duo have dinner and leaves.

Payal : can I ask you something

Sahil : yes

Payal : whatever happened today in college was it really truth

Sahil : I make mistake one time not again

Payal : thats what i like about you, this sense of humor, after so many years I met you but you still don’t have time

Sahil : nothing like that, your house is here

Payal : thanks for lift, see you later

Sahil : bye

Roo and Sahil meet afterwards to rejoice their victory of freedom.

Roo : now who will dare to marry us and make that video viral

Suddenly they see same video coming on Sahil’s phone

Roo : what?

Sahil : but who is this, its private number

Roo : I swear I deleted that from his phone where did this another come from

Phone rings

Sahil : hello?

Payal : what happened? shocked or surprised

Roo fumes in anger

Sahil : Payal? you?

“What did you both think, you will outsmart us sorry sweetheart but better luck next time” Payal threatens them

Sahil : what do you want?

Payal : come at my house then I will tell you, both right now

Sahil : fine, we are coming (hangs up)

Roo : I won’t spare her, how dare she, I am sure she might want to make a deal with us

Sahil : stop it yaar, lets go and see what she is saying or else she will make us doomed

The couple heads to Payal’s house

Luthra house 

Preeta : should we tell everything to mom, dad they should know truth

Tanya ; you are right, we have to let them know, by the way how is Shrishti

Preeta : she is fine, doctor gave her discharge but she is not letting anybody come near

Tanya : I don’t know what people get by torturing others

Preeta : you think we should inform Rishabji and Karan about this

Tanya : a while ago you were giving me lecture now you want to disturb them

Preeta : I didn’t mean that

Tanya : we will handle whole mess by our own, don’t trouble them, after long time my Rishab could see a light for his success, I cannot take that away from him

Preeta nods

Sameer sees Shrishti sitting lifelessly on bed.

“Its time for dressing” tells her calmly

Shrishti does not react much. Sameer takes the cream and removes her bandage slowly. She stops him midway

“I look ugly right, now I am not same tall pole you loved” says softly

Sameer holds her face towards him claiming her to be most beautiful girl of world.

Shrishti : i know you are saying to console me, every wife wants to be beautiful in front of her husband (goes to balcony)

Sameer (holds her from back) : see that moon, he will also be embarrassed seeing my Shrishti’s beauty

“Why did this happen, we only wanted to do good few days ago Kritka lost something precious” Shrishti breakdown in his arms

Sameer : take your pain out, after that I won’t let you cry anymore (caress her hair)

Singhania mansion 

The duo reaches and enters inside the house.

Payal : welcome (sees them holding hands while entering) come

Ruchika controls her anger to handle situation

Sahil : look you will not get  anything by doing all this you are also a girl

Payal : of course thats why I didn’t tell this to my brother yet and not even made viral

Roo : get to the point (holds his hand tightly)

Payal : here is the deal I will delete this video also and convince bhai to leave you but there is one condition

Roo : will you take auspicious time to say?

Sahil : be quiet please

Payal : you have to marry me and in return I will give Roo back everything, the debt they were in, and save image think what you want

Roo ; if you say one more word then i will cut your tongue, Sahil is mine only mine

Payal : of course, but you have to pay very heavy price just think if anybody finds out this video, everything will be doomed.

“Video video, let me end this mess right now” Roo tries to snatch the phone

The girls have cat fight but Sahil stops them pulling apart.

Sahil : stop it both of you, Roo stay back

Roo : you always take her side fine, explain her (sits on sofa)

Payal : for your information, I know Sahil more than you and from years

Roo shows her red eyes

Sahil : Payal you are girl from good family, I know you very well and maybe not like your brother

Payal : you tell me what did I lack, do I not love you before you left me for Kaya and now again

Sahil : comparing yourself with others means putting yourself down, don’t do that, I love Ruchika very much, and that place nobody can take not even you

Payal : you are saying this because my brother is troubling everybody right

Sahil (in mind) : I think she doesn’t know anything

Payal ; why are you quiet? answer me

“Now what I am going to tell you, be courageous to hear” Sahil scares her

Payal  : what?

Sahil reveals everything about her dad’s involvement in human trafficking and Saurav’s dirty deed to ruin a girl’s face.

Payal : no, you are lying my brother and dad cannot do this, I know they are arrogant but this is the limit now

Sahil : this is true today Ruchika’s sister in law was saved from worst, her face was going to be ruined can you imagine that pain

Payal even though consider herself as biggest but deep down is emotional.

Roo : I have no enmity with you but Sahil is my life, just like you, I cannot replace your friendship in his heart

Payal : if you both are saying truth then I will help in any case I can

Sahil : thanks

Roo : I don’t trust you, first delete that video

Payal grabs the gun from drawer which scares both of them.

Sahil ; what are you doing put that down

Payal walks around with the gun and is about somebody. Sahil not knowing her direction tries to stop her while Roo also holds the gun.

Sahil : what are you doing stop

The trio fights for the gun when next moment bullet shot hits Payal right on her stomach. Sahil and Ruchika freezes for a minute.

“Payal, get up” Sahil tries to pat her

Roo keeps holding the gun in hands shocked but drops on floor

“Sahil listen to me, you both run away from here, there is somebody around, go” Kaya says in pain

Sahil : we cannot leave you alone

“No, don’t say that, before my brother and dad ruin you both go from here” Payal insists and is about to say something about Kaya but breath her last moment

“Sahil lets go from here” Roo tries to take him but he is not willing to leave

Sahil : we have not done anything, why should

Roo : nobody will believe us, please lets go from here right now (pleads him)

Some car comes there scaring them. Ruchika and Sahil runs away from backside leaving their phones. After their departure Saurav comes there seeing his sister lying in pool of blood.

“Payal, sister open your eyes” Saurav gets teary eyes and holds her face

The guards look around the house to find Sahil and Ruchika’s phone in corner.

Saurav : find them

Rajveer : nobody should be spared, call Commissioner, whole world will see my wrath

Luthra house 

Girls call the elder in living room but hesitate to tell them anything

Dadi : whats wrong? please say

Tanya : dadi actually?

Suddenly Rakhi’s aunt Shobha make a visit to the family interrupting them.

Rakhi : chachiji? how are you

Shobha : my child (hugs her) how are you

Rakhi : I am good, after such long time

Shobha : first tell me how are my children (seeks blessing from Dadi)

Dadi : god bless you

Rakhi : Karan and Rishab went for their matches to London, rest are here

Shobha : my Sameer, Kritika (hugs them happily)

Kareena : chachiji this is Dhruv, her husband, they are our daughter in law, Preeta Shrishti and Tanya

The girls take her blessing one by one and last one is Tanya. Shrishti covers her wound with scarf

“I must say you got the moon for our prince ” Shobha appreciates Shrishti and Preeta’s nature.

Preeta : thank you

Shobha : may long live all of you, Rakhi so this two are pregnant

Rakhi : yes chachiji

Shobha : how many months you both pregnant, you look like almost 6-7 month and Preeta is only 4 months so much difference

Everybody gets tensed

Shobha : but as far as I know both marriages happened on same day

Rakhi ; you must be tired from whole journey take some rest then will talk

Shobha ; where is my youngest princess Ruchika

Mahesh ; these days she is been busy, you know its her last year and exams everything

Shobha ; show me the room

Everybody goes to their room. Shoba tells about her dislike towards Tanya.

Shobha : did I heard it right from people? that this girl was orphan, and then her rape everything

Rakhi : chachiji whatever happened was past

Shobha : I am not against her but how did you even agree to this marriage, our Rishab deserves so much better

Rakhi : my Rishab had dealt with all this after lot of difficulty its better to not dig out past

Shobha : have you ever thought what would the society say when this truth comes out

Rakhi : I also didn’t accept her but we cannot blame her for mistake she never did

Shobha : whatever you say but my heart is still not believing you married our Rishab to that girl, but tell me something how can she be 6 months pregnant

Rakhi reveals about her pregnancy

Shobha : god have mercy, my fear was true, Rakhi you are very innocent, the girl whose birth took away her both parents, lost her dignity what well being she will bring in this house, it would be better if you had brought somebody like Preeta, she is so beautiful, and also doctor

Tanya stands outside hearing their bitter conversation and leaves. Rakhi is unable to convince her aunt to accept Tanya.

They are interrupted by cops shocking them.

Mahesh ; Inspector you? is everything okay

Inspector : who is Ruchika Luthra here?

Kritika gets scared hearing her name

Rakhi ; why do need to see my daughter

Commissioner Walia comes there too

Mahesh : what is happening ?

Walia : look I know this is shocking but Ruchika and her friend Sahil has killed Rajveer Singhania’s daughter Payal

News blow everybody’s thinking

Kritika : no I don’t believe this my sister can never do this you are mistaken

Walia : I know this is hard for you all to believe but proof are against them, first their car is found at Payal’s house, fingerprint on the gun, their phones and this also in car (shows them packet of drugs found in Sahil’s car)

Luthras are dumbfounded to each and every allegations. If that was no enough Walia shows them pictures and video found at house which Saurav was blackmailing the couple. All of them passes picture to each other shockingly

“You didn’t do this right Ruchika” Tanya blames her for creating bad situation

Preeta : Tanya, what is all this? I still cannot believe our Roo can do such things and now don’t know where they both disappeared

Constable : Sir I searched everywhere, and other team checked at Sahil’s house but they are nowhere found

Walia : look Mahesh, I know what you are going through but you have to explain them to come back otherwise I will be forced to do something I don’t want to

Rakhi : please don’t say that, if you think they are wrong then we will make them surrender but before that we want to talk to them

Walia : okay I will keep you updated, if you all find out anything please let us know, this has become sensational issue now with cops, media and opposition party, take care (leaves)

Dadi : Mahesh say something

“Is there anything left to speak now, somewhere we have failed as parents that our daughter made us see this day, Rakhiji those two over there are working day and night to make us proud and here our same daughter is hell bent on humiliating us” Mahesh breaks into tears

Rakhi : when children make mistake, its our job to make them realize wrong and right, we will do the same to our daughter

“Rakhi, I always told you don’t be lenient on the daughters of this family, they will make you down one day and why won’t they after influence also matter’ Shobha looks at Tanya

Tanya ignores her words

She taunts family for choosing Tanya as bride.

Mahesh : what are you saying?

Shobha : I am saying correct, our Rishab who is pampered in this house, you all ruined his life by marrying with this girl

Tanya controls herself

Shobha : this girl trapped our Rishab in her charms and married him to get father of child, I know such girls and their nature

Rakhi : chachiji please there is nothing like that, she also went through lot of insult

Shobha : you are very naive thats why your son went away from you and now honor of this family is also at stake

Dadi : can we save this blame game for later? right now we should find Ruchika and Sahil

Dhruv : uncle I will go and find them you all stay here okay

“We will also come” Kritika, Tanya and Preeta joins him as well as Sameer and Shrishti.

All of them goes into hunt of Sahil and Ruchika who are saving their lives from cops. They find no way of going out of the city due to high alert. Tanya and Sherlyn goes together in same car.

“Sherlyn could you trace them” Tanya asks her

“No I cannot find the connection wait” Sherlyn calls one of her friend to trace number

She could trace numbers but phones were left in Singhania mansions.

Tanya ; oh god

Sherlyn : don’t worry we will find them, drink some water

Tanya : I am scared for Rishab and Karan, the news have become national issue now, and maybe it will reach them somehow

Sherlyn : it might not because right now, they might be busy in matches

Tanya : do you know they have tapped our phones if Roo calls me from outside they will trace the location quickly

Dhruv : Kritika please calm down we will find them alright

Kritika ; how should i? that girl crossed all limits of stupidity and now don’t know what will happen

Preeta : I can’t understand if they both were innocent why didn’t they come back home and that video everything

Kritika : let me find that girl first

“Sameer should we tell Rishabji and Karan” Shrishti asks

Dhruv : even if don’t they might find out through news who knows

Preeta : no we can’t tell them, Tanya and I were shaking to tell truth to papa and you are talking about karan, they will leave everything and come back here

Ruchika and Sahil finds a telephone booth. They decides to call Tanya and tell about location

Roo : wait?

Sahil ; now what?

Roo : if the news have spread then police will also have surrounded our families

Sahil : but we have to let them know, you think your siblings kept

The siblings are able to trace Sahil and Roo outside the city. Kritika slaps her sister first time for breaking their trust

Roo : di (says tearfully)

Kritika : don’t utter a single word, today you have lost that right, you broke my trust everything

Roo ; at least listen to me (pleads to her)

Kritka : shut up (shouts out loud)

Dhruv tries to calm her down

Kritika : what did I tell you? don’t ever do something that can bring down your image and this family but you did that, imagine the pain your parents are going through

Roo ; I am sorry di (holds the cheek she got slap) Tanya bhabhi you understand me please tell them we didn’t do anything

Tanya (gets angry) : you remember Ruchika what I said earlier I will support you in every right thing you do against whole world but for wrong punishment will be same as others

Ruchika loses her last support

Tanya : I didn’t expect this from you, if you were innocent why did you run away from there

Roo : we were scared

Tanya : right people are not scared of consequences (holds her shoulder)

Sameer : Pinky calm down you should not take such stress in this state

Tanya : what should we do? rejoice their deeds and Sahil I thought you were sensible

“I am sorry it was my fault” Sahll ask for apology to everybody

Dhruv : guys by running away you all made situation very complicated, cops, media everybody has created ruckus

Sameer : I just got the news, Rajveer got orders for you guys to do shoot at sight order

In a moment they hear police siren coming. The large force of police and vans arrives to arrest the duo on highway.

Walia : put your guns down, Sahil Ruchika surrender yourself please

Roo : Sir we didn’t do anything

Walia : give your story at police station not here come with us, I don’t want any violence

Tanya : go both of you right now

Roo : but bhabhi

Kritika ; did you not here what we said, just go with them peacefully at least don’t put us down

Sahil : they are right we should surrender, Sir we are ready to come but please don’t shoot

Walia ; nobody will, constable put handcuffs on their hands and take to police station

Precap : Ruchika and Sahil gets tortured in jail

Courtroom drama. Roo’s character to be maligned in front of everybody

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