Preetan FF : Truth of life Part 9

Sameer goes to dargah for Karan and Tanya’s well being.

“You know I have no family of my own, first Pinky became part of my life but you took away her from me, Karan bhai always considered me more than real brother, in one day you are making me orphan again, you cannot do this to me Sameer prays while tying the thread

Preeta goes to the temple and breaks down on floor.

” Don’t punish Karan for my mistakes, he is my strength I will become weak without him, please save him sobs loudly with tears flowing out from her eyes

“Preetaji, you know when we were kids, Karan and I always used to have cycle race, one day he fell down and got injured, lot of blood lost from his body, I promised to God and myself that till I am alive no storm will hit my brother Rishsb stands opposite from God statue

Preeta listens to him quietly

Rishab : even today nothing can take my brother away from me, he is my whole life, no power will separate us

Doctor informs them Karan and Tanya are out of danger but all they need is rest to fully recover. Preeta feels she got her life back after hearing the doctor. But her heart stops her to meet Karan.

Everybody rushes to meet Karan in room. Sameer meets Tanya who is still half unconscious.

“You scared the hell of out of me holds her hands while talking

Tanya : really? you know I am Tanya Oberoi, won’t leave you easily

Sameer : and this time I will not let you go easily from me, take rest now (is about to leave)

Tanya : Sameer, how is Karan? is he out of danger now

Sameer : don’t worry bhai is out of danger and we will take him home soon

Karan opens his eyes to find his worried family.

“May god bless you Rakhi kisses his forehead as well Rishab who scolds him of being irresponsible

“You only care about yourself, don’t even think about me, if something had happened I would have died hits him slowly but Karan gets in teasing mode again

Rishab : still joking around, I will hit hard like childhood if you again do this to me

Karan : sorry bhai, I promise my life is yours from today

Karan makes everybody relieved but his eyes keeps looking for somebody. He does not ask anyone about Preeta to avoid any embarrassment.

Arora house

Shrishti confronts Preeta of not meeting Karan even after everybody met him.

“I don’t have courage to see him like this, if something had happened to him I would never forgive myself leans against wall crying

Shrishti : it is all over now, Karan sir is absolutely fine

Preeta : I have decided from now on I will not meet him

Shrishti ; have you gone crazy? do you even know what he did for you

Preeta : thats why I cannot see him suffer because of me, and for few days I am going to Ooty

Shrishti : for what?

Preeta : my new job have a task, they want me to travel Ooty at orphanage, I don’t want any arguments on this, I will leave tomorrow night

Shrishti : I don’t believe this sis, why are you doing this

Preeta : I said no more arguments, I had talked with mom now help me pack my luggage

Karan and Tanya are discharged from hospital in the evening. Rakhi and Rishab pampers Karan after coming back. They do not let him go out of their sight which kind of irritates him too as he could not call his baby doll.

Karan ; bhai, what is this? everybody is guarding me like I came from battlefield

Rishab ; from now on you will stay in front of my eyes, every time I let you go out something happens with you

Karan ; don’t be so dramatic, you know I am the Karan Luthra I am destined to be king you know

Mahesh ; and who will be your queen

“Correction not queens, so many queens my dear dad pulls his father’s legs

Mahesh : wait I will show you

Rakhi : don’t you dare tease my son, or else I will stop making those sweets for you in morning

Mahesh ; you know I will make request to God tomorrow that send somebody to side with me in his house

Rishab ; dad you don’t have choice other than us, so don’t be in illusion

Karan ; mom where is Sameer? he didn’t even came to see me in hospital

Rishab ; he was there but don’t know where he disappeared

At Tanya’s house, Sameer prepares soup for her in kitchen.

“Wow, when did you learn cooking holds the bowl

Sameer : I tried and it is said if you add so much love in there, it will turn out great

Tanya : nice, by the way you have not told me did you find any girlfriend

Sameer goes into Shrishti’s thoughts but does not tell her

Tanya : hello, where are you lost? I asked you something

Sameer : no way come on, you know I am not fond of anything like that and forget about me tell yours what have you being doing this days

Tanya : you know I am top lawyer right in London but then dad wanted me settle down in india

Sameer : when you knew about us, not me but at least about Karan bhai,

Tanya : I never had courage and then dad passed away

Sameer ; now you are here I am so happy, I feel somebody of my own had come back to me, after mom dad I was alone

Tanya ; but you had Rakhi aunty, Karan, and all

Sameer : sometime love from just one person is enough to live

Karan finally gets chance to call Preeta but she blocked his number.

“What the hell is her problem throws phone in anger and calls Shrishti

Shrishti : actually she is sleeping, she said you take rest and then talk with her later

Karan : don’t try to fool me, I know you are hiding something from me

Shrishti ; I am saying truth, we will talk tomorrow, take rest (Cuts the call)

Karan : hello Shrishti, something is fishy here I have to find out, even Sameer is hiding things from me


Later in night Sameer sneakingly gets inside the room so nobody could find him. Karan watches him going upstairs the room like thief does.

“I was right he is upto something, did he go to meet Shrishti no I just talked to her while ago makes weird guesses

Sameer reaches his room safely but is hell scared seeing Karan sitting in his room.

“Bhai you did not sleep yet Sameer asks casually but sweats while talking

Karan : I should ask the same question to you, why are entering your room like thief

“Thief? what are you talking bhai, I went downstairs to drink water laughs but Karan shows him full jug of water

Sameer : now what should I make excuse (in his mind)

“Sammy, you know I might be younger one in this house but you are most youngest, so don’t even think to fool me walks around him and asks who he went to meet at night

Sameer ; no bhai, who would I go to meet, I was not sleepy so went to garden

Karan : next time learn how to make excuse, you have no sense on that, it is my department now come to the point

“I went to meet Shrishti turns other side knowing the fear he has to face

Karan ; Shrishti? at this time and how did you get in her house

Sameer : I cannot tell you that, its surprise

Karan : for who? and why do you need her help

Sameer : you are asking me so many questions, I will answer everything later now I am sleepy good night (goes to his bed and covers with duvet)

Karan leaves the room without arguing but does not believe his words.

Next morning Preeta is ready to go for her trip for work. Rishab informs Karan about his practice match session happening in Ooty in few days.

“Bhai, Ooty, I though thats a hill station thing why are we having practice there Karan asks him

“I don’t know your coach informed me you have to leave tomorrow morning, I have got flight tickets for you hands him the ticket for trip

Arora house

“Preeta, your bag is ready, have some breakfast Sarla shouts from kitchen

Shrishti : mom how can you let this happen, I know sis is going out for work but she is not talking to Karan Sir

Sarla : why are you so worried? you know both always fight and then patch up again, now get ready Preeta has to leave for bus station in an hour

Preeta gets ready to leave from her home to bus station. With heavy heart she starts walking outside recalling about Karan’s antics, his nonsense talks she will miss every single moment with him. As soon as she leaves Karan comes to Arora house and is shattered to know about Preeta’s departure suddenly. On his way he books his tickets for Ooty on bus and cancels his flight booking. He takes his clothes quickly and leaves for bus station.

Bus station

Shrishti bids goodbye to Preeta on station and tells her to take care.

Shrishti : I will miss you sis

Preeta : I am not going forever, just for few days and look take care of everybody and yourself my silly sister (taps on her head)

Shrishti : okay now you go, getting late take his bottle with you

Preeta boards on bus when it is about to leave but somebody comes in hurry to sit next to her. The guy puts his luggage up but Preeta does not look at him. She remains numb to see Karan Luthra is sitting next to her and in traveling with her.

“What are you doing here Preeta asks him with big eyes

Karan : Dumbo where do you think we are going not in another planet, this bus is for Ooty right

Preeta : I can’t believe you came here following me how bad it is

“Because you never told me that you are going there, you are such bad example of friend for your information I am going for my practice session Karan constantly irritates him

Preeta scolds him for traveling after day he came from hospital. Rishab calls Karan to give him good hearing of canceling his flight and go by bus.

“Bhai, you won’t understand the fun of going in this bus, you know hot girls everybody is fan of me praises himself

Rishab ; what the hell Karan? I told you not to go without telling me and you canceled your flight are you serious and what will I tell mom dad

Karan ; chill, I know you will handle it like always love you brother bye

Rishab ; you wait and watch till you come back, I will not spare you for this and take care of yourself

Karan : bye brother

Rishab : this boy will land me in trouble somebody

Later Rishab informs everybody about Karan’s departure to Ooty for practice session of next match.

Sameer : if bhai went to Ooty he will definitely go to that orphanage, what if he finds out about pinky, I have to let her know soon

In bus Karan fight for window seat but Preeta does not allow him to sit.

“Kareli, you are so boring, at least this view is my mate right now let me sit there teases her

Preeta ; Loser Luthra, you don’t even know how to batter me so please don’t try to mess with me right now

After a while bus stops at highway at some hotel. Preeta sees Karan sleeping like child and goes out without disturbing his sleep. When she comes back Karan has taken her seat.

“You took my seat I thought you were sleeping hits him with blanket

Karan takes the her blanket and goes to sleep again.

“Oh god, why did I even thought I would get some peace for few days without him but you tied him with me complains herself and luck

Karan is enjoying to see his baby doll’s irritation after long time. He always felt satisfied of teasing her on small things but deep down wished to see her happy face. Preeta dozes off in the trip but is feeling cold with the open window. Karan immediately closes the window and covers her with the blanket. He tugs off the hair interfering in her sleep but could not resist the innocent face she had while sleeping. She puts her head on his shoulder while sleeping. The bus reach Ooty in next few hours. Preeta finds herself sleeping on Karan’s shoulder and agains misunderstands situation.

“You know very few girls get this opportunity to sleep on my shoulder, you are one of them Karan gets in his usual mode again

Preeta : you know I was feeling guilty whole day for not talking with you but now I think I was right (takes her bag and gets down from bus)

“What? you did not want to talk with me, how could you even think of that Karan tights his grip on her shoulder.

He takes Preeta in his car waiting for him to his guest house.

“What do you think you are doing Preeta tries to free herself

Karan ; do you even realize how worried I was since yesterday, when you did not came to meet me in hospital, blocked my number why Preeta, did I do anything wrong with you

Karan’s tone and emotions pierces Preeta’s heart badly. She curses himself for taking such big decision.

Karan ; please tell me

“You did not do anything, I am unlucky for your life, every time you save me something happens bad, I could see everything but not your pain Karan sits on her knees sobbing

Karan’s tear falls on her hand but he wipes off quickly.

“By saying this you made me feel more guilty that I could not be good friend to you, only this much you understood me bends down with her on floor making her look at him.

Preeta : please don’t blame yourself

“Do you know when you are with me I feel world’s most luckiest friend, do you know why because only you see good in me, the whole world see me as flirt, naughty but there is only person who still keep the real Karan inside my heart, its you baby doll kisses forehead

Preeta : I am sorry, but whenever something happens to you I always lose my courage, you are my strength I cannot fight anything without you

Karan : then promise me you will never ever again do this to me, don’t think of going away from my life, before too I lost one precious relation, I cannot afford to let that happen again

Preeta : I won’t do that again promise, by the way for how long you will stay here

Karan ; at least a week, I have session for next match

Preeta : I am new to his place now drop me at the house I have to go

Karan : where are you going ?

Preeta ; I have to visit Annai orphanage for clinic work, they have made arrangement for me to stay near the quarters house

Karan ; looks like you will have to tolerate me for next few days, because that orphanage is across the street

Preeta : what?

Karan ; thats our nanaji’s orphanage, he died but people still honor his name and the quarters you are talking about is that house you can see from here (right in front of his guest house) but there is some construction going on

Preeta : then where will I stay?

“Here with me comes close to her

Preeta : stop joking

Karan : don’t worry only two days, then you can shift your place there, and you are not staying for too long don’t worry

Preeta ; how will we stay here together in one roof

Karan : oh god, why did you make her so dumb, Preeta there is nobody around in this area and I am not asking to stay in my room, you can take whichever ones you want okay

Karan helps her put her luggage in the room upstairs. Preeta unpacks everything but gets confused seeing so many pictures of their childhood hanging on wall

“Karan, who is this girl in picture, I know thats not Kritika, she looked different points in one of the picture

Karan : guess who is that? its our pinky she was so crazy I tell you, her one smile could bring light in so much dark

Preeta : please tell me something, where is she

Her phone rings at the same momement

“I wish she was here on this earth to meet you, she is not in this world Karan gets emotional


Rishab remembers about Tanya’s accident and goes to meet her.

Servant : ma’am there is somebody to meet you

Tanya : make him sit I will be right there

Servant ; Sir, take a seat madam will come soon

“Rishab what are you doing here running downstairs but slips

Rishab ; are you crazy? you just came from hospital and running like kid, where is first aid box

Tanya : thats alright I am perfectly fine

“Be quiet or else I will put tape on your mouth okay bandages her feet

Tanya ; thank you so much, and what brings you here

Rishab : actually that day after Karan got discharge I completely forgot about you, so I thought I should meet you

Tanya ; its really okay

Rishab ; thank you for everything you did, it means a lot to me (hugs her)

Tanya get hesitant to reciprocate but before she does Rishab breaks it.

“Maybe I should leave, its too late, you take rest let me know if you need anything starts walking but is held back

Tanya : you cannot go like this, at least have something for dinner,at least try my handmade food, its tasty

Rishab : really? then its a deal if I like it you will cook your handmade food every time we meet

Tanya : sure come, have a seat, so how is Karan, where is he

Rishab ; don’t even ask me my stupid brother is crazy, its only one day he came from hospital and today he left for Ooty

Tanya freezes hearing about the place and asks again

Rishab : he have practice session in Ooty and we also have our own house there but is always carless

“If Karan went to Ooty that means he will go visit that orphanage, he will find out I am still alive, no way I could let this happen talks in her mind

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