Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 89


Ruchika sneaks into Sahil’s car without anybody aware.

Sahil : you again?

Roo : thank god, nobody saw me (relieves herself)

Sahil : thank me and my world class acting, and your not so good one

Roo ; excuse me I am very talented alright, don’t taunt like that


A night before. Ruchika comes to meet Sahil at night through window. He gets shocked to see her bold avtar.

Sahil : what?

“Give me your hand” Roo takes his hand jumping inside

Sahil : are you crazy? have some shame coming inside a boy’s room

Roo ; don’t start with your lecture I am so much stressed out right now (gets emotional)

Sahil : why? you are from one who loves to give tension to people

Roo hugs him tearfully

“Hey what happened” Sahil makes her sit and gives water

Her hands shake while holding

Sahil ; did somebody said anything? just tell me the name

Ruchika tells him each and every detail. She met Saurav in Ooty during a trip not knowing he was friend of her dad’s business partner. In drunken state he misbehaved with Kaya but Ruchika teaches him good lesson by hurting his ego in front of whole college.

Sahil : I don’t believe this

Roo ; and I can’t believe how cheap people you befriend, he might be from big family but at least see everything

Sahil : are you here to taunt me?

Roo : no but to make thing correct, imagine if that MMS come out in viral, not only us but our families reputation, your career everything will be doomed in one moment

Sahil : I know things are very serious right now but anyhow we have to delete that video from his phone

Roo : whats the difference? he have picture

Sahil : come on yaar, we can prove those wrong in one second but video nobody will believe us

Roo : please use your mind

Sahil : there is only one way, we have to play along with him

Roo ; what?

Sahil : I mean tomorrow there will be explosion in college, you and me will blow that

Roo ; Listen I am not in mood solving riddles

Sahil tells her to have fake argument with him and make Saurav believe they broke up.

Roo : perfect and then with chance I will delete that video from phone

Sahil : will delete that video (mimics her funnily) don’t do something stupid or else we both will get caught

Roo ; tomorrow you will see my real nature, that I am so talented

Sahil : yea very much, now can you go from here if your family finds out then we will get permanent exit from house

The winds blow faster increasing their heartbeat. Sahil moves her hair running on face

Roo : I should go now, good night

“Wait” Sahil puts smell peck on her face

Roo is about to climb down

Sahil : go from door

Roo : are you crazy? aunty will wake up what will your neighbors think

Sahil : look around first there are no neighbors till miles away

Roo : so what?

Sahil : nothing go

Flashback ends

Roo : whats the next plan?

Sahil : dinner date, you go with your so called fiancé okay baby

Roo hits him with her purse funnily.

Sahil : call him and convince for dinner in hotel

Luthra office 

Tanya checks the CCTV footages about Mahir and other guy who came to office temporarily.

Sameer : he is the one

Tanya : forward little bit, did you all do background check on him before hiring

Sameer : actually he was here on Mahir’s recommendation until his leave

Sherlyn digs the detail of Singhania’s employees and close relatives. She brings file to Luthra office

Sameer : what is there?

“That Singhania’s puppets” Sherlyn hands the file

Tanya : my doubt was right the guy Mahir sent works for that Singhania

Sameer : oh now I see, he might have purposely made mistake in billing so we become the debt of Rajveer but question is what is benefit here

Sherlyn : I don’t know if I am right but I can sense something personal and professional

Tanya : could understand about business what personal enmity he wants to take out and from who

Sameer : if we don’t do something then they will be successful in their motive

Tanya : they brought alliance for Ruchika so one thing is clear they have something to do with her

Sameer ; you are right maybe Ruchika could be hiding something, her saying no first and then again agree to marry

Sherlyn : why don’t you ask her directly?

Tanya : if she had told me things would have not gone bad, now my doubt is getting clear but things are still complicated

Sherlyn : I know that Singhania won’t keep quiet if finds we got to know his deeds

On road 

Preeta and Shrishti reaches the address found on the card.

Shrishti : our doubt was correct, this looks like a private building  but could be something else

Preeta : we should go inside but carefully this time

The girls sneaks inside changing their attire.

Shrishti ; di what is this?

Preeta : they are running human trafficking racket here and using innocent girls

Shrishti : let me go straighten them

Preeta : no wait, don’t be so hyper, we can’t repeat the same mistake from last time

Shrishti : then what

Preeta : take your phone out and record each and every part of this building without coming in front of them okay

Shrishti : yes di (takes her phone out)

Preeta : hurry up and lets go before somebody comes back

The girls go to the projector room that have CCTV cameras fixed. Shrishti transfers the whole footage in her flash drive . The sisters leave from there unaware about camera in the room.

The duo comes out safely and reaches to Commissioner’s house

Shrishti : we have to show this video to commissioner Walia, he is good friend of Mahesh papa and Rishabji

Preeta : lets go, but everything we are doing is so risky, I promised Karan too that I won’t do anything that can be harmful

Shrishti : di relax nothing will happen we are doing this for sake of those million girls who are losing their dignity and self respect

Preeta nods positively. The maid opens the door asking about them

Preeta : we want to meet Commissioner Walia, is he at home

Maid : take a seat he will be right here

Walia : you both? how are you doing

“Hello Sir” both says

Walia : come sit, and Preeta your father in law told me about you congratulations

Preeta : thank you Sir, actually we are here to give you some important information

Waila : what info?

Shrishti shows him the whole footage shocking him to the core.

Walia : oh my god, where is this happening? that too in my city

Preeta : Sir its little bit far from Andheri, we both had to get this footage from inside building

Walia : do you know how much big risk you took by going inside, these people have upper hand to powerful politician

Preeta : you are right Sir but what about those girls who are becoming victim, their families

Shrishti : don’t tell us you cannot do anything about this matter because of high orders

Walia ; no way I am leaving this matter, I will send my team right now over there, and being a good citizen of this country you both made me very proud today

“Thank you so much Sir” girls says

Walia (on walkie) : Constable, get the force ready and raid the whole area of Andheri side, make sure nobody leaves that place we are going for important mission today

Shrishti : so can we leave?

Walia : yes you may but just be careful, there is always a price of doing good

Preeta : don’t worry sir we will be fine and thank you so much for help, lets go Shrishti

The girls leaves from there and wait for bomb to explode for wrong doers

Commissioner takes his large police force to seal the place and save trapped girls. He does not let enemies get hint of their presence and captures the whole army of goons inside. They bring out trapped girls safely to their families. Media surrounds the cops asking about the master planner behind everything

Walia ; we cannot say anything right now, our investigation is going on and soon that monster will also be in our hands, thank you (leaves)

Rajveer throws the remote angrily for his business closing down.

Rajveer : how could this happen? now those foreigners will be behind us for this whole loss

Saurav : idiots could you not see who were those people, coming inside building and you didn’t know

Ali : we had tight security but don’t know

Saurav looks at the last hour footage they got from building. He gets shocked to see Preeta and Shrishti there

Saurav ; I knew this girl won’t give up easily, that day only we should have killed her, not a problem, now its time to complete the task (gives bribe to throw acid on Preeta’s face)

Rajveer : this girl is not a threat but the other one (Tanya) she is very shrewd, they is digging out the past now how we made those Luthra in debt

Saurav : just order me dad, I will teach good lesson to her also

Rajveer : now I will take this matter in my own hands (calls somebody)

Preeta and Shrishti rejoice their victory of finally succeeding.

Shrishti : I am sure that master planner would also be breaking things at home, its time for some celebration di

Preeta : no, Rakhi ma will kill us

Shrishti : come on di just one gol gappa dish, thats its you cannot say no to your favorite food

The girls enjoy food on vendor stall. Saurav’s goon follows them for a while holding acid bottle. He is about to pour acid on Preeta’s face but Shrishti sees him in nick of time and pushes her on other side of road burning her neck.

“Shrishti” Preeta echoes on whole road after realizing what happened

Preeta : dear open your eyes (pats her face)

Shrishti burns in pain at her neck due to acid. She ends up calling Sameer who reaches City Hospital. He gets biggest blow seeing his life got wound he could ever imagine. Preeta breakdown to see the mark on Shrishti’s neck and most likely nobody to share her pain.

Sameer : bhabhi how did this all happen (asks her emotionally)

Tanya, Dhruv and Shrishti comes there too. They get shocked what Preeta reveals to them.

Sameer : doctor how is my wife

Doctor : she is unconscious due to shock, wound is too deep thankfully her face was saved

The siblings could not believe their ears.

Doctor : you have to take special care of her, I prescribed cream for her

Shrishti wakes up with heavy head recalling what happened while ago. The siblings come there to see her condition.

“Leave me alone”Shrishti shouts covering her neck with pillow

Preeta break down seeing her happy go lucky sister going through worst pain

“Shrishti listen to me” she goes to her

“No di, go from here I don’t want to see anybody just leave everybody’ Shrishti screams loud

Dhruv : Sameer you stay with her, we should all leave her alone

Tanya is not able to take everything and runs at house angrily followed by Preeta. She starts messing up her belongings and finds a gun.


Vikram gives Tanya a licensed gun to keep with her for safety

Tanya : dad gun? seriously why do I need it

Vikram : my princess, I am not giving you to use it like a toy but keep this for safety

Nandini : spoil her more

Vikram : you always see negative side, who knows one day she will need it, dear make good use of this whenever you feel in life but don’t ever use this for bad reason

Tanya : promise dad

Flashback ends

Preeta : where are you going (sees her with gun)

Tanya loads the bullet in the gun and starts walking

“I asked you what are you upto now and where did you get this from” Preeta stops her

Tanya : enough is enough now, I won’t spare that person, how dare he break our family

Preeta : who are you talking about

“Rajveer Singhania, he is behind everything, the attacks, and that human trafficking racket” Tanya reveals to her

Preeta : what? how did you

Tanya : when I saw in news about raid of that place I made Sherlyn find out about racket and she found out this Rajveer Singhania was running this, now he is finished

Preeta: have you gone crazy? you want to take this sin on you by doing this deed

“Then what should i do, let this all happen, first you, Kritika now Shrishti, I will end this chapter once and for all” Tanya jerks her hand

Preeta : and then what? destroy what is left, give lifetime pain to Rishabji, this family in your anger

Tanya : then what can we do? things are getting out of control, I cannot see all this my heart is piercing (sobs)

“The one who gives courage to everybody is losing her hope now, don’t forget you are a lawyer, your job is fight in court legally not using this” Preeta throws away the gun from her hands

Tanya : I cannot do this alone, not without my Rishab, how will I face him

Preeta : seeing my sister like this when I didn’t lost hope you are iron, all incidences are making me more stronger to revenge on those criminals

Tanya : how will we fight this alone?

Preeta : remember what Nandini aunty used to say we are today’s generation girls, this soil is our motherhood, if anybody tries to make it dirty its our job to clean that dirt, if our enemy uses cheating we have to use same weapon to defeat

Tanya gets encouraged with her words and spirit even though she is on verge of losing her sister

“Tanya our family reputation is on stake, and in our husband’s absence we have to make sure nobody dares to ruin it, teach that monster such a lesson he will realize what it means to mess up with Luthras ” Preeta increases her spirit to fight

Tanya nods positively.

Preeta : think about the child inside us, what will they think? their mother always depend on others and cannot fight alone

Tanya : I won’t let that happen, my child will not be weak, she will fight for right

Preeta : then what are we waiting for lets go

The girls go to Singhania mansion shouting his name furiously

“Rajveer Singhania come out, where are you hiding like coward” Tanya shouts

Saurav : wow look who is here, welcome bhabhiji, you are calling with so much respect

Rajveer : you both?

Tanya : what did you think? we are fools to get trapped in a cage

Rajveer : what are you talking about?

Preeta : you very well know, that acid attack was your plan right

Saurav : now that you know I will confess that yes I made that attempt, it was for you but bad luck your poor sister got victim

Preeta clutches his collar with fire in her every reaction. She have flashes of her sister’s pain

Preeta : how dare you do this to my sister? you probably don’t know when it comes to my loved ones I will turn whole world upside down

Payal remains unaware of everything. Saurav is about to hit on her but Tanya holds his hand

Tanya : if you again dare to do this, I swear I will break this hand of yours (punches on his face)

Rajveer : you both are threatening us in our own house, applause

Preeta : Mr Singhania, when courage rises, fear has to go out, you eyed on your happy family but forgot if you plays with fire your hand will also burn

Tanya ; but this time not just hand, ego and arrogant will burn in fire you all ignited

Rajveer challenges the girls to save their family from his wrath.

Rajveer : you won’t be able to do anything, nobody could defeat my power, there are million cases pending your will also be in one of them

Tanya : I love to clear people’ illusion they build, and I fight on truth’s power not money

Rajveer : I will also see how your husband could not do anything what will you do

Tanya : thats the main part, for once in life play with women’s empowerment then see the consequence if I don’t bring you in Luthra’s family feet then (have fire in her eyes)

Rajveer : your words won’t help your family to come out of my trap

Tanya : I have keys to every lock, just wait and watch how I strip your son’s character in front of whole world and then you will also be butchered in same way, this Tanya Rishab Luthra’s promise and challenge

Preeta : And I also vow, I will punish you all for hurting my sisters, this is Preeta Karan Luthra’s promise, lets go Tanya

Precap : Sahil and Roo gets trapped in Payal and Kaya’s murder case. Things turn worse due to their running away from spot.

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