Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 88

Luthra house 

Roo terrified stays in her room with no lights on covering her ears. She shakes in fear recalling the MMS video.

Saurav ; hey baby (calls her)

Roo does not say anything

Saurav : your break time is ending soon,

Preeta : mom where is Roo

Rakhi : see na that girl is in her room, she didn’t even came for dinner

Preeta : you give her plate I will take in room

Rakhi puts food in the dish and gives to her. Preeta knocks on Ruchika’s room but she does not open door. Preeta comes inside dark room

“Roo where are you” she turns on the light walking

Ruchika comes in her senses and looks around

Preeta : why did you get scared? (asks her)

Roo : nothing bhabhi I am fine you here

Preeta : mom said you didn’t eat food so today I came instead, come I will feed you

Roo ; thank you bhabhi but I am not hungry

Preeta : how come? why punish your stomach come have something (feeds her)

Roo : who made this? its very delicious

Preeta : you fav bhabhi, she is so stubborn

Roo : don’t say that, I love my all bhabhis very much (hugs her) just that I see myself as her reflection

Preeta : come on I am just kidding, tell me something honestly are you worried

Roo : no just bit stressed, exams are coming, its my last year and then we have big dance coming up for independence day during farewell

Preeta : thats amazing, so you should know this is very important for, tell me what my youngest sister is planning

Roo : I don’t know yet maybe designing or professional dancer

Preeta ; Shrishti wanted to be model but our circumstances were such she could not, whatever you do just make sure your heart agrees (kisses her forehead)

Karan calls her from room

Roo : go your call has come, I will send the plate

Preeta : but finish this okay like good girl

Roo ; promise

After Preeta leaves Roo gets some medicine out from her room. She takes anxiety pills to distract her mind from everything.

Preeta : why are you shouting?

“Shouting? my throat is hurting and you are asking what happened” Karan messes room

Preeta : oh my god, if you can’t do any work at least don’t mess it up please

Karan : help me pack clothes now

Preeta : you are talking like you are staying there forever duffer

Karan : don’t irritate me now alright, I am so much stressed out with this trip

Preeta : why?

“Because I know you are very careless and won’t take care of yourself in my presence you created big drama without me what will you do” Karan blames her

Preeta : don’t remind me same thing, I can take care of myself and whole family is with me

“Preeta please promise me you will not do anything stupid in my absence please” Karan holds her hand

“Karan your anger is justified, but your baby doll have to be strong, our child should be brave, he should also learn something” Preeta cups his face lovingly

Karan (bends down) : and you naughty kid take care of your mom okay, don’t trouble her too much, when you come out we both will bother her together

Preeta caresses his hair emotionally

Karan : you are crying ?

Preeta : tears of happiness, don’t know why but my heart is not feeling right

Karan ; even I don’t want to go but you only said our child should also be part of our success (kisses her forehead)

Rishab sees Tanya standing in balcony

“Whats wrong to my chirping bird today” holds her from back

Tanya : every time I forced you to chase your dreams not when destination is coming my heart is not feeling good

Rishab : okay then I will stay back

“Don’t ever say no to your dreams” puts hand on his mouth

“Pinky even I don’t want to leave you in such condition but have no choice” Rishab embraces her tearfully

Tanya : whenever you are with me i get strength to fight but every time in your absence I feel weak and no courage

“You cannot be weak till today I was pillar to this family but now after me you have to make sure nobody tries to break our unity” Rishab makes her swear to not lose herself

Tanya ; I won’t let anybody play with the honor of this family thats my promise to you

Rishab : its time for me to go (is about to leave)

Tanya holds the grip too tight of his hand staring at him but ends up pulling in tight hug.

Rishab: hey wrestler this emotion does not suit your personality

“Rishab I am scared, please take care of yourself” Tanya sobs

Rishab : remember I am always with you at every point just keep doing what you always do, fight for right thing

Tanya nods wiping her tears

Sameer : bhai we should start leaving, your flight is in two hours

Rakhi feeds curd to both her sons blessing them for victory.

Karan : mom please don’t be so emotional, already we had enough of tears

Rishab : Kritika, Shrishti you both take care of this two please

Shrishti : don’t worry jiju they both are our responsibility now

Roo ; best of luck bhai (gives them good luck flowers)

Karan : ah thank you sister, take care love you

Tanya gives Karan lucky charm band and ties on his wrist.

Karan : by the way my lucky charm is with me (looks at Preeta) but since its from my pinky I will accept that

Tanya : very funny, best of luck buddy (gives him friendly hug)

Mahesh : my tigers go rock the entire stadium and make us proud

Both seeks blessing from elders. Sameer and Dhruv helps them put luggage inside car

Tanya : can we come please?

Karan : sorry only boys allowed no ladies, only the one who don’t get sentimental

Tanya stamps on his feet lightly

Karan ; what was this?

Tanya ; it was light only because you are going for match okay loser bye

Karan ; you?

Rishab : we are getting late come lets go

Karan and Rishab looks at their wives turning back in parking lot. The girls smiles at them. Tanya gives flying kiss to Rishab who blushes. Karan winks at Preeta smilingly and goes. The girls decide to stay in same room to not feel absences of their beloved

All the boys goes to airport to drop Rishab Karan

Sameer : bhai here is your boarding passé and ticket and best of luck

Karan : bhai I think he is also in category of girls of shedding tears stop yaar

Rishab : Sameer, Dhruv you both take care of yourself and mom dad

Dhruv : stay assured we will be fine

Karan : bhai our flight is announced lets check in

Rishab ; yes lets go bye guys

The four share their hug and departs for their destination.

Tanya and Preeta misses Karan and Rishab badly looking at their picture.

Tanya ; I wonder how they might have stayed when we were not with them

Preeta : thats what I am thinking, that pain, sorrow everyday was killing them

Tanya : so strange we are so used of their presence now it feels like our soul have left

“My Karan’s laugh, prank echoed in every wall of this house, now they are also deserted” Preeta shares her inner feeling

Kritika : there they are, would be mothers milk time, aunty said you both drink this quickly and then go to bed

Tanya : whats that smell?

Shrishti : oh hello, this is healthy milk, saffron and all nuts drink come on

Tanya : I can’t handle the smell and you are talking about gulping

Kritika : okay then we will call aunty, she will give you good hearing

“No please” Tanya gulps faster in a minute

Shrishti : you are so scared of Rakhi ma, now every time we will use her as tool

Tanya : where is my Roo? only she understands me from whole house

Kritika ; for your information she went to sleep, and in this case she is of no use to you

Preeta : okay now you both go we want to take some rest here you go (puts glass back)

Shrishti : good night di, wrestler

The girls leave duo alone to sleep

“what are you thinking” Tanya asks her

Preeta : about Ruchika, I really feel she is hiding something from us like she is in trouble but can’t share with us

Tanya : really? you didn’t ask her

Preeta ; I tried but maybe you can ask her she might share with you

Tanya : don’t worry I will ask her tomorrow, you go to sleep good night

Preeta : good night (turns off light)

Singhania mansion 

Payal gets furious after knowing Sahil and Ruchika’s relationship.

“I will kill that girl, Sahil is only mine first that Kaya now this one no” Payal breaks everything

Saurav ; go ahead break whole house

Payal : bhai you promised me Sahil will be mine, then why don’t you do something

Saurav : sister take a deep breath, drink water

Payal throws glass

Saurav : okay I will show you something (plays MMS of couple making her more furious )

Payal : you are adding fuel to my pain

Saurav : how many time I tell you? don’t be angry just think, tomorrow your thorn will be gone forever

Payal : how

Saurav : your brother is not that fool, this time I have played such big game that fish is my bait finally, wait for tomorrow morning

Payal : you mean? Roo will agree to your proposal easily and go away from Sahil

Saurav : yes sister then you can take your Sahil with you anywhere

Payal : thank you bhai (gets happy)

Next day Ruchika shocks everybody with her decision to marry Saurav.

Rakhi ; what are you saying?

“Yes mom this is my final decision” Roo says

The girls gets shocked with her words.

Mahesh ; dear there is no rush you can take some more time

Roo : dad I thought very well, and I know Saurav from long time

Mahesh ; I will let Rajveer know but till your brother’s don’t come back we can’t held any ceremony also

Tanya takes Ruchika in the room alone

Roo : bhabhi whats wrong?

“Thats what I am asking, what is going on you are marrying Saurav really? Tanya ask her

Roo : yes bhabhi (looks down) they helped our family and asked nothing

Tanya ; have you gone crazy? don’t give this logic to me now tell me why did you put your heart on side

Roo : I don’t want to talk about this anymore my decision is final

Tanya : did somebody forced you to do this? if yes then just tell me the name I will make his life hell say name, your bhabhi is still alive

Roo : its nothing like that, I beg of you don’t force me (runs crying)

Tanya : god I don’t know what is happening

Shrishti asks Preeta about the building where they got kidnapped

Preeta : I still can’t forget the noise of those girls, whenever I remember that place I shake up

Shrishti : who are those monsters? they made whole girls community as business

Preeta : I think we will get clue from the same building only

Shrishti : no di we can’t go alone if you want I will go there but you don’t

Preeta : and let you go? we will go together

Tanya goes to meet Sameer but finds he already left for office. She comes across file in the study which increases her doubt about the loss.

Tanya senses wrong in Singhania’s motive behind his helping to Luthras. She decides to check the office to find out the problem of loss. She seeks help from Sherlyn to check on Singhania’s every detail.

Sameer : what are you doing here?

Tanya : I want to check accounts file from last two months right now and yes by the time I want details if every staff who worked here in last two months

Sameer : okay it will take time, maybe by evening I will get file to you

Tanya goes through every account file to catch the error that causes mishap. She finally gets hold of the numerical figure that was put wrong in the billing.

Tanya : I knew it

Sameer : will you tell me what happened

“See this, here amount should be 40 lacs but somebody made it 4 million “ shows him file

Sameer : what?

Tanya : first tell me who is the head of this whole accounting department

Sameer : Mahir but he is very old employee and cannot do such thing

Tanya : my job is not to believe in feelings, where is he right now

Sameer : he is on leave

Tanya ; then who handled this accounts in last month in office

Sameer ; when Rishab bhai was there we hired a new head for the department just to cover Mahir’s position till he comes back

Tanya : give me the detail of Mahir and that new guy hired even if he was not here

Tanya calls the whole staff and security

“From today nobody will enter this office without ID and if they come one of us need to check first” Tanya orders everybody

Sameer : I will tighten security in the office but I need sign of Chairman

Tanya : don’t worry I will sign, and yes make sure you get the details of those two employes

Preeta and Shrishti goes to the old building to find some clue against the goon. Shrishti finds the card with address and number

Preeta : what is that?

Shrishti : it looks like some address

“I think I know this place when we first came here in city my interview was at this hospital” Preeta recalls something

Shrishti ; lets go check it out

Xaviers college

Sahil confronts Ruchika for ignoring him since last few days. She does not answer him

Sahil : I am asking you something

“Hey buddy” Saurav interrupts them

Sahil : you? oh my god after many years

Saurav ; long time man, what were you talking with her?

Sahil ; nothing its a long story

“By the way now that you know her congratulate us we are getting engaged” Saurav informs him

Sahil is take aback but his heart breaks in million pieces when Roo accepts that

Saurav : we both know each other from long time but never got chance

Sahil does not reveal their relation in front of him but leaves Roo devastated.

Roo removes his hand

Saurav : never mind sweetheart, after all now you are going to be mine

Roo ; listen I have given this right only to Sahil not anybody else (punches on his face)

Saurav ; how dare you?

Roo : I am doing what you want only for sake of my family and Sahil’s career don’t even try to get close with me

Payal goes to Sahil who have so many unanswered questions in his heart.

Payal : what happened rockstar?

Sahil : nothing just leave me alone

Payal : I don’t leave my friends in bad times (sits next to him)

Sahil : there is nobody of own in this world

Payal : okay don’t share but how about a cup of coffee with me please

Sahil agrees

Later the duo have heated argument in front of whole college.

Sahil : you are such a big cheater, I should have know girls from rich families only know how to play with emotion and heart

Roo : mind your language, I am also very much aware of boy’s nature, nobody stays true with one relation

Sahil : really? then now also confess that everything was lie those promises, love

Roo ; yes it was cheat anything else, I am marrying Saurav at least he is not flirt

Sahil : go ahed why not and congratulations for marriage because I won’t come

Roo : I didn’t even give you invitation

Saurav and Payal smirks at their argument and plan of separating love birds forever.

Precap : Rajveer challenges Preeta and Tanya to save their family from his wrath

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