Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 85

Oberoi house 

Preeta feels dizzy while working

Kritika : come sit, how many times we told you don’t stress much drink water

Preeta : I am fine thanks

Kritika : would be mother, now you have to take care of two lives

Preeta : yes madam don’t worry, and next turn will be yours

Kritika blushes hearing it

Preeta : look at this face how you are turning red (hugs her)

Kritika : I think after marriage this is the best happiness we girls get to feel nine months

Preeta : there will be another small Karan soon in our family

Shrishti hears them from kitchen and thinks about something.

Preeta : okay listen I have to go at hospital for emergency case

Kritika : take care of yourself okay, come I will drop you

Preeta : thats okay I will manage

Kritika : don’t be stubborn come get ready I am going to car

Kritika drops Preeta at hospital and goes for her work at RJ station.

Preeta and Dhruv goes to different general ward for duty. She sees some people from the window in her cabin covering their face. They take few girls in the old building forcefully.

Dhruv : hey Preeta, can you help me here

She does not respond to him and runs downstairs quickly.

Dhruv : Preeta wait where are you going?

She follows the goons. Dhruv is stopped by some nurse for patient.

Dhruv : god this girl, where is the patient

Nurse : in ICU, sir hurry up please

Preeta runs outside the building but is not able to see properly people inside. She climbs to the window to peep and what sees brings a big blow to her. Several youngster girls are brought there as victim of s*x trafficking. Her heart starts pumping faster with sight in front of eyes and gets sweaty. Suddenly people get alert with her phone ring call. She tries hard to cut the call but in rush drops ID and escapes. The goons are not able to catch her but one of them finds her ID of hospital with picture on it.

Preeta comes back to hospital terrified with the incidence.

Dhruv : what the hell? you were running away like you saw some ghost

Preeta holds the glass shivering

Dhruv : are you okay? why is your hand shaking like that

Preeta : nothing I am going home (says in broken voice and leaves)

Dhruv : something is definitely wrong with her or else she would never behave like this


Roo walks in corridor when somebody pulls her in corner.

Roo : what are you doing?

Sahil : not bad till today somebody was craving to meet me and now you are running away (plays with her hair)

Roo : its time for some payback sweetheart (teases him)

Pooja interrupts their moment

Sahil : what happened?

Pooja : you should come see, outside there is big windstorm

Roo : what nonsense

Everybody gathers outside the campus when a sports car enters with full speed.

Pooja : wow who is this

Roo : how would I know (gets irritated)

The car stops in the middle with most guys craving to get the car keys for girl. She spins it in air and starts walking.

Roo : what has happened to world? for her they have made this nuisance

Sahil : whatever you say but she got some attitude to get attention (teases her)

Roo stamps on his feet and leaves

Pooja : Mr Sahil be careful you are dealing with an atom bomb who can explode anytime

Sahil : don’t worry I have habit of handling dangerous bombs

Pooja : wow not bad by the way for your information do you know who she is

Sahil ; no

Pooja ; daughter of politician Ranveer Singhania, Payal

Ruchika vents her anger out of things due to the new girl’s presence. She sees in corridor Payal who is about to fall but Sahil holds her.

Sahil : are you okay? (makes her stand up)

“I like people who help genuinely, and you are one of them” Payal flirts with him

Roo : this girl how dare she touch my Sahil, let me teach her good lesson (gets the marble out she got from Tanya’s house) thank you bhabhi your trick will be use of me

Sahil : you are most welcome (starts walking to other side)

Roo leaves marble on corner and hides behind the pillar. Payal slips on floor injuring her back

Payal : what the hell? my back is gone

Some students help her get up and takes inside the room.

Sahil : I am sure this might be that attitude maker’s trick, god help this girl

Oberoi house

Preeta comes home extremely shocked with everything. She closes the door and looks for something that can make her relax.

Luthra office

Sameer finds investor who can bring them out of debt and maintain good partnership. It turns out to be Ranveer Singhania who finances their company without any exchange deal.

Later in evening everybody comes back home from their work.

Dhruv : Preeta where are you?

“Why are you shouting like this” Kritika asks

Dhruv : I dont’ know but she behaved very weird today, just ran away from there

Kritika : what?

Shrishti : but di is resting in her room

Kritika ; I am sure she might be tired, let her rest, talk later

Dhruv ; okay

Rishab comes home with gloomy face as well as Karan with him

Tanya : why are you both making that face?

“What else can we say everything is over” Rishab says emotionally

Tanya : please say something I am getting worried

Karan pretends to cry loudly

Kritika : bhai did you mess up with somebody or a girl slapped you

Karan hits on her head

“Tanya I want to tell you something from long time but didn’t get courage” Rishab holds her

Tanya : yes tell me

“I can’t live with you anymore, you should get habit of staying away from me” Rishab’s words hurts her badly

Tanya : what are you saying?

Rishab : I am tired of you now

Tanya gets emotional but she hears giggling from Karan and Rishab followed by others

Kritika : oh my god look at that face I can’t believe bhai can play such prank

“You all were making fun of me” Tanya throws pillows at them

Rishab : wait wait i am sorry

“Sorry my foot I won’t spare anybody” Tanya picks up heavy vase

Karan : what are you doing? please put that down we will get hurt

Rishab ; I have very good news, our team is going to London to play for international

“Woah” Tanya jumps on excitement

Kritika ; congratulations bhai thats amazing

Dhruv : but when are you leaving

“We have to be there for practice so maybe in one or two weeks” informs them

Tanya : I am so happy

Karan looks for Preeta and asks about her

Shrishti : she is in room, maybe she is tired

Karan ; really? thats strange

Preeta sits in room holding her knees together and puts hand on her ears. She takes sleeping pills to get distracted but hides when Karan comes there.

Karan : baby doll why did you get scared?

Preeta : nothing I was not feeling well thats why you came, lets have dinner

“Wait” Karan pulls her back

Preeta : what?

“Are you sure everything is fine? your eyes says something different” Karan asks her

Preeta : you always doubt me, come I am very hungry lets eat

Karan doubts her behavior

Shrishti decorates their room for Sameer with candle light dinner. He comes late at night due to heavy workload

Sameer : tall pole what is all this ?

“Be quiet, close your eyes and ask for wish” Shrishti slides her hand on his face slowly

Sameer : are you alright?

“You lived to your promise not its my turn” Shrishti covers herself with red veil

Sameer : you have really gone crazy, you only said we need to understand each other

“I don’t know about you but I realized one thing love is only we need for marriage, will you bind me in your love today” Shrishti asks him tearfully embracing him

Sameer : tall pole I am all yours always (lifts her up in arms)

Baahon Ke Darmiyaan

Do Pyaar Mil Rahe Hain

Baahon Ke Darmiyaan

Do Pyaar Mil Rahe Hain

Jaane Kya Bole

Mann Dole Sunke Badan

Dhadkan Bani Zubaan

Baahon Ke Darmiyaan

Do Pyaar Mil Rahe Hain

Jaane Kya Bole Mann

Dole Sunke Badan

Dhadkan Bani Zubaan

Baahon Ke Darmiyaan

Sameer puts her on bed

gently removing hair from her face. Shrishti puts small kiss on his face.

Khulte Badn Hote

Labhon Ki Ye Ankahi

Khulte Badn Hote

Labhon Ki Ye Ankahi

Mujhse Keh Rahi Hai Ki

Badhne De Bekhudi

Mil Yoon Ki Daud Jaayein

Nas Nas Mein Bijliyaan

Baahon Ke Darmiyaan

Do Pyaar Mil Rahe Hain

Jaane Kya Bole

Mann Dole Sunke Badan

Dhadkan Bani Zubaan

Baahon Ke Darmiyaan

Both of them have their most beautiful night together and consummating their marriage.

Kritika stands across the window when Dhruv comes there.

Dhruv : what are you looking

Kritika : nothing just that how easily you fit in my family without any complain

Dhruv : complain for what? oh yes I have a lot against you but can’t help it

Kritika ; really? can you tell me which bad quality I have

“That you love me so much, care for me and gave me amazing family” Dhruv brings her closer while talking

Kritika : drama king bigger one than my brother

Dhruv : nobody can compete that, tell me something why are you getting emotional

Kritika : becoming mother is such a big happiness for any girl and for us

Dhruv : oh my dear wife also want baby, tell me you want small Kritu or small Dhruv

Kritika : I want junior Dhruv, but I am telling you right now he should be like both of us not just me or you

Dhruv : that depends on you sweetheart (tease her funnily)

“Dhruv here I am talking seriously and like always you want to make it funny” Kritika sits on bed annoyingly

Dhruv : okay I am sorry baby (sits next to her) you know even I feel we should have our junior to develop our relation

Kritika ; I have never seen my dad only mom raised me alone and my uncle aunty

Dhruv : you at least had them I never understood feeling of a mother, you know our child be very lucky he will get love of both of us

(gets emotional)

Kritika : now who had to use this tissues (gives him tissue paper)

Dhruv : stop making fun of me, always you end up puling my leg, you are no less (runs after her in whole room)

Both enjoys their time unaware of tragic coming to hit upon them.

Preeta is unable to see at night and paces in the room every minute.

Karan : baby doll are you okay? why are you sweating (makes her sit)

“Karan I am feeling scared I don’t know why, my heart is getting restless” tells him with fear

Karan : scared for what? I am with you then why this fear

Preeta is not able to tell him anything and avoids the topic.

Karan : what is she hiding? I hope its nothing serious maybe her heart might not agree to share with me i will tell Kritika

Next day Preeta decides to take day off from work and stay at home.

Preeta : but if I stay home everybody will doubt (prays in temple) god ji please help me today, don’t let anything wrong happen

Chaaya finds some pills in Preeta and Karan’s room while cleaning the house. She gives that to Kritika who is leaving for her work

Chaaya : didi I found this bottle from the left corner room

Kritika : that is Preeta’s room, thanks you go

Chaaya : okay didi

Kritika : this might be medicines of vitamins but what if its not, let me check online

Kritika search online but gets shocked to find it medicine of sleeping.

“What” Kritika immediately runs to Preeta’s hospital

On the way she sees some goons kidnap Preeta and take to the same building.

“Please leave me alone, I didn’t see anything” she begs in front of them

Damu : listen to me (grabs her hair tightly) if you dare to open your mouth then remember this knife next time will be inside your stomach

Preeta : I won’t please let me go

Sheru : letting her go means inviting death I say kill her right now and end this

“No please” Preeta puts hand on her belly

Kritika sneaks inside the building but is caught the people when she is about to call cops.

Sheru : look bro another target (pushes Kritika on floor mercilessly)

Rana (leader of gang) : see this place carefully you both might understand what can happen with you

Preeta : please leave her, you can capture me

Kritika : no Preeta don’t beg in front of them, they are monster who target innocent girls, you all will be punished

Rana : Sheru, cut her tongue in such way she wont be able to utter a word

Sheru drags Kritika with one hand and hits her brutally messing up furniture. Preeta feels helpless seeing her

Dhruv tries calling Kritika but could not reach her phone.

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