Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 83

Karan goes to his practice as usual but this time with different feelings.

Rohan : whats cooking bro? you look very happy (teases him)

Karan : nothing like that, you keep focus on your practice okay go

Ruchika goes to meet her Tanya bhabhi.

“Hey come” Tanya brings her inside

Roo : how are you bhabhi? first tell me how is the baby

Tanya : if I am good only then baby can be healthy right sister in law

Roo : of course my dear bhabhi

“Come sit, whats in your hand” asks her

Roo : oh yes Shrishti bhabhi has sent this food for you both (gives her tiffin)

Tanya : how sweet, but you don’t have to work so hard my mom’s training will be helpful, say thank you from me

Roo : I am really missing you both

Tanya : me too but first tell me whats going on in your life, did Sahil proposed you or not

“No bhabhi but I have learned to live with his friendship, other day Kritika di was worried for same thing she is scared for my heartbreak” Roo tells her about Kritika’s worried

“Look she is right in her view, as a sister her concern is very true we all know Sahil is not ready to get into relationship “ Tanya explains

Roo : but bhabhi you say what did I lack, I tried everything to win him but

Tanya : Sahil’s not loving is not because of your good or bad, but his past of losing people, Kritika’s fear are true, life cannot go like this on one sided love

Roo ; then what should I do?

Tanya : right now I can only say give priority to your friendship and maintain that, if you really want to test his feelings, then don’t give him attention for few days and see but please for god sake don’t put yourself in trouble

Roo : promise (hugs her) but tomorrow is his concert after that

Tanya : as you wish

“Okay bhabhi I have to leave, Sahil wanted to go for shopping he will yell at me for being late always” Roo complains her

Tanya : sure take care bye sweetheart, wait a second can you do me a favor

Roo : yes what is it?

“Can you give this to Preta, mom

“Bye bhabhi” Roo leaves for mall

Sahil scolds Ruchika for being late always

“What do you mean I am always not on time” Roo shows attitude

Sahil : please stop with your bantering I don’t have time for this

Roo ; then whats the auspicious reason to call me here tell me that also

Sahil : I have to get costume for show, I thought you know good places here, and don’t make that face lets go (grabs her hand)

Roo : leave my hand

Sahil finds some good costume for show.

“Hey how is this dress” Roo shows short dress

Sahil : there is time for your niece or nephew to come why from now

Roo : you are seriously nuts, this is for me

“Have some shame, this statue might also be embarrassed with your thinking” pulls her leg

Ruchika goes inside the trial room angrily. Sahil walks out to attend important call. Behind the mall at wedding venue people burst crackers. In the chaos a rocket lands in the mall spreading fire in whole mall. Security evacuates the people from fire. Ruchika gets stuck inside the trial room when door gets stuck.

“Help, Sahil” Roo shouts

Sahil could not find her in the whole crowd and goes inside from back side to help her out.

“Ruchika” he calls her name

“Sahil over here” gives him signal

Until he reaches trial room, Ruchika faints due to lot of smoke inside

Sahil eyes remain numbed finding her unconscious.

“Roo wake up” pats her face but finds way to escape

After surviving the fire he finally saves his friend

Football ground

Rishab goes to meet Arjun on field.

Arjun : thank you so much Sir for coming, I knew passion never dies

Rishab asks for coach

Arjun : coach this is Rishab sir I told you about, he is very amazing player

Coach : he might be but as a trainer its my duty to see all player’s strategy what say

Rishab : I am ready

Coach : take your position over there

Rishab and coach have game one on one that becomes very tensed with both players having equal goal.

Arjun : Sir only 20 seconds and its tie right now

“Remember me and this baby is your strength not your weakness” Rishab remembers Tanya’s face and her words making last goal

Coach is super impressed with his passion and energy even after years.

Coach : welcome to our team captain

Rishab : thanks coach

Coach : I don’t know if Arjun told you but we have to go for semi final first and win that to enter international

Rishab ; okay you don’t worry this time trophy is ours (says with determination)

Karan sees Rishab practicing for football opposite to his ground. He cheers for him like previous games.

“Karan” Rishab goes to him emotionally

Both brothers share tearful union

Rishab : my kiddo has grown up that he is going to be father

Karan : don’t tease me okay, I still want to be pampered by you like always

Rishab ; promise come

The duo rest on the ground after everybody leaves after practice

Karan : I am so happy bhai you will finally achieve what you wanted

Rishab : this is all because of that wrestler

Karan : I also should get some credit for not giving up hope but you never listened to me

Rishab ; I am very happy for you, I still can’t believe somebody will be younger than you

Karan : but one thing is bothering me, that wives become too cranky

Rishab ; now that you have done it be ready for results

Karan : bhai

Rishab : okay now lets go before those two would be mother do something unthinkable

Karan ; of course love you bhai

Later Karan takes Preeta outside in evening

“I am getting hungry, can we eat” asks him

Karan ; yes you can eat my brain will that work

“No” stamps on his feet

Karan ; what does my princess want?

“Gol gappas” shows him the vendor

Karan : aha gol gappas (mimics her) lets go home come

“No I won’t until you fulfill my wish” Preeta sits on car bonnet stubbornly

Karan : godji please help me, once this pregnancy is done I will offer ten coconut I promise (prays)

Preeta : hello deal with god later, I want my gol gappas right now

Karan : okay fine wait here

Preeta enjoys annoying him

“There you go” Karan hands her the plate but does not get one for him

Preeta : come here

Karan : what is it now? here is your water (says irritatedly)

Next moment Preeta stuffs food in his mouth.

Karan : baby doll what are you doing

“Doing my duty” puts another one

Karan : thats enough for today come lets go mom is calling me non stop

Preeta : wait date is not over husband

“God no what now” Karan asks

Preeta gives small kiss on his dimple cheeks before going back in car.

Karan : this girl is crazy

The couple goes back home when Rakhi asks them to have dinner.

Preeta : mom I am not hungry

Rakhi : dear you should not starve in this condition come

Preeta makes sound altering Rakhi

Karan : nothing mom she didn’t eat anything from morning thats why

Rakhi : Karan? (stares)

“Mom actually on way Karan was hungry so he wanted to eat chaat and made me have some” Preeta puts blame on him

Karan ; mom she is lying, you know I don’t even like such things

Preeta : but now you do, no worries Karan she is your mom right (runs upstairs laughing)

“Wait Kareli” Karan goes after her

Rakhi : be careful Preeta, this kids

Preeta saves herself from Karan in room. Both throws on each other. The blanket lands on Shrishti’s face who stares at them

Karan : what? see what your sister did, now she is playing game with your jiju

Shrishti : di not fair

Preeta : shut up, his sycophant

Rakhi comes there to finally stop their non stop bantering.

“Preeta dear, today made your way but I won’t allow you to have outside food all the time” Rakhi warns her

Karan makes faces from behind

Preeta : sorry mom, it won’t happen again (holds her ears)

“My sweet child, by the way mummyji was calling you its time for her exercise” Rakhi hugs her followed by Shrishti

The girls leave the room

Karan : mom did you want to talk something, you don’t need excuse for that

Rakhi : are you angry at me that you had to go away from your brother

“I can never be angry at you mom, just surprised at your decision how can you let your beloved son go away when he needed you the most in life” Karan makes her sit

Rakhi : I could never think of hurting my children maybe my love went out of limit

Karan :while ago you were showering love to those girl don’t you think Tanya also deserves some of that too, she needed your love at this time of her life mom

Rakhi ; if I ask something from you will you agree with me

Karan ; anything for you mom

Rishab comes back home. He sees Tanya climbing up in kitchen to grab something

Rishab : get down right now

“Wait let me grab this box” tells him

“I said come down “ Rishab lifts her down forcefully

Tanya : what are you doing?

 Rishab ; now you tell me which language you understand I will learn that

Tanya : don’t know about you but I only know language of love

Rishab fakes to be angry at her

“Okay I am sorry” tries to pacify him

Rishab : on one condition today I will cook

Tanya coughs sarcastically

Rishab ; what?

“Sorry actually when you said that it strikes my mind that none of you guys stepped in kitchen how will you cook” teases him

Rishab : very easy you sit here and guide me I will make food for you (makes her sit on kitchen counter top)

Tanya guides him to cook everything. She blows his eyes while cutting onions. Both rejoice their moment. They feed each other lovingly and funny moment. Tanya gets teary eyes seeing his concern

Rishab :why did you get emotional eating my handmade food (asks her casually)

“ I never thought somebody can love this much, when I could not  give you single happiness” Tanya gets emotional

“But somebody taught me meaning of love, its not perfect, I found reason in you to live” Rishab holds her face runnings his finger on her hair

“I love you a lot, now even small distance kills me inside” hugs him tightly


Sahil : doctor how is she

“Her condition is critical right now, lot of smoke have been inhaled in her lungs, we are trying our best”doctor’s words pierces him

“No this could not happen, Roo cannot do this she have to be fine” Sahil goes to the temple in hospital

Sahil : how much more you want to test my patience every time, what mistake you are punishing me for, took away my parents, family, my best friend and now love why, this time my faith will win (says with determination)

Nurse tells doctor about Ruchika’s deteriorating condition. Sahil’s heart stops seeing Ruchika fighting between love and death. Her breathing slows due to smoke inside her lungs.

“Ruchika wake up, you promised me you will not leave my hand” Sahil pats her face

Ruchika does not respond to him. Slowly her breathing comes to normal.

“Ruchika are you okay” Sahil grabs her hands immediately

Doctor : how are you feeling?

Roo ; I am okay just little weakness

Doctor : don’t worry i will write some medications and you will be fine

Sahil : thank you doctor

Doctor leaves them alone

Sahil wipes his tears

“You were worried for me” Roo asks him

Sahil : no why would I

Roo : oh yes then this is all glycerine on your face like actors use right (teases him)

Sahil : you are cracking jokes look at your condition

Roo ; nothing have happened to me I won’t leave you easily remember

Doctor gives discharge to Ruchika after few hours. Sahil drops her home

Roo : thank you again for saving me

“You scared me what if something had happened what would I tell your family” Sahil hides his concern

Roo feels sad hearing him and leaves for her house

Sahil : I know your heart is craving to know my feelings but soon I will fulfill that promise

Next day the Karan, Preeta, Shrishti, Sameer, Dhruv and Kritika surprise Rishab and Tanya visiting them.

Karan : come on boys keep your language

Tanya : can I ask what is going on?

“No because we are not asking permission, we are going to stay with both of you” Shrishti tells them

Rishab ; what about mom dad

“My dear brother you don’t have to worry about that because they are going to Gurudwara at Amritsar with dadi” Sameer says

Rishab : so?

Preeta : that means now we all will stay together like always

Tanya gets happy seeing them. The couples settle everything in other rooms.

Ruchika gets ready to go at Sahil’s concert. She recalls yesterday’s incidence but decides to be happy for him. She goes to temple before heading to the venue.

“Matarani, today is very big day for Sahil, please help him to achieve his dream” Roo prays

The crowd gets full on the venue. Sahil looks at a diamond ring he brought.

Sahil : time has come Ruchika Luthra, be ready

Roo comes to wish him before performance

Sahil ; thanks

“All the best Rockstar” she gives him rose and leaves

The host calls his name

With the lighting on stage Sahil makes grand entry

Sitaron ki mehfil
Mein gunjega tarana
Ke hoton pe aaya
Hai dil ka fasana
Are, dil ne
Dil ko pukara
Lo main aaya
Milney dubara
Manzil, (hey..Hey)
Pyaar tumhara (ho..Ho)
Main hoon saagar
Tum ho kinara

Sitaron ki mehfil
Mein gunjega tarana
Ke hoton pe aaya
Hai dil ka fasana
Are, dil ne
Dil ko pukara
Lo main aaya
Milney dubara…

Ajab shaam hai
Ye pyaar ki
Pehlu mein sabhke
Yaar hai
Ajab raat hai
Jazbaat ki
Din mein
Pyaar hi pyaar hai
Ye pyaar tumhara
Ye pyaar humara
Hai khoob nazaara

Zamaana ushi ka
Hai saara zamaana
Ke jisne bhi sikha
Hai pyaar nibhana
Are, dil ne (hey..Hey)
Dil ko pukara (ho..Ho)
Lo main aaya
Milney dubara
Manzil, pyaar tumhara
Main hoon saagar
Tum ho kinara…

Kadam aaye hai
Us mod pe
Hum tum hai
Jahan saamne
Nazar se nazar
Karne abh lagi
Baatein bade hi raaz se
Ye raaz tumhara
Ye naaz humara
Kare hai kya ishara

Nishane pe dil hai
Ke dil pe nishana
Deewana hai apni
Hi dhun mein deewana
Are, dil ne
Dil ko pukara
Lo main aaya
Milney dubara
Manzil, (hey..hey)
Pyaar tumhara (ho..ho)
Main hoon saagar
Tum ho kinara

Sitaron ki mehfil
Mein gunjega tarana
Ke hoton pe aaya
Hai dil ka fasana
Sitaron ki mehfil
Mein gunjega tarana
Ke hoton pe aaya
Hai dil ka fasana…

The crowd’s noise echoes in whole stadium with cheer and happiness.

Sahil : thank you everybody for joining me tonight, it means a lot to me but this award’s main owner is somebody else who build new hope in me

Roo gets confused with his words

Sahil : I want to call that girl on stage who changed my whole life, she told me everybody deserves a second chance

In other moment Sahil starts singing and walks in the crowd to bring Roo on stage

Jaaneman Chupke Chupke Saari Duniya Se Chhupke

Tumne Aisi Baat Kahi Dil Mera Kho Gaya

Jaaneman Jaaneman Jaaneman

Jaaneman Chupke Chupke Sari Duniya Se Chhupke

Tumne Aisi Baat Kahi Dil Mera Kho Gaya

Jaaneman Chupke Chupke Saari Duniya Se Chhupke

Ha Jaaneman Chupke Chupke Saari Duniya Se Chhupke

Jaaneman Chupke Chupke Saari Duniya Se Chhupke

Jaaneman Chupke Chupke Saari Duniya Se Chhupke

Tumne Aisi Baat Kahi Dil Mera Kho Gaya

Na Jaane Kab Pyar Ho Gaya Sanam Ikraar Ho Gaya

Na Jaane Kab Pyar Ho Gaya Sanam Ikraar Ho Gaya

Sahil brings her on stage with much honor. She gets in tears of happiness seeing his gesture.

The female fan base surround Sahil with autographs. Roo leaves from stadium but is cornered by him.

Sahil : concert is over not our meeting, come

Roo : what are you talking about

Sahil blindfolds her and takes to beautiful beach he booked for them.

Roo : where did you bring me? open it now

Sahil lifts her in arms and brings in middle of water opening her blindfold.

Roo : why did you bring me here? (looks around)

Sahil bends on his knees showing her ring

“This” Roo widens her eyes

Sahil : light of my life, yesterday when I saw you in middle of death again there was only dark in front of me like somebody took away light again

Roo ; look you dont’ have to do this I only maintained my friendship (is about to leave)

“But its love for me, whole life I ran away from such feelings and relations now I want to get bind in your love” gets teary eyes while talking

Ruchika breaks down seeing his heart beating for her finally after long wait.

“Sahil you again made me weak” embraces him

He puts ring on her finger in middle of water professing their love.

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    Roo’s condition ? Sahil mentioned kaya as best friend and Roo as love??
    Rishabh the star!?
    Rishabh-Karan bond?
    PreeRan scene ??
    RishNya ?aww… they were too adorable to steal hearts?
    RuHil confession!!! I have tears in my eyes and these tears are the evidence of how much I loved it❤❤
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  3. Despacito

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