Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 82

Preeta starts seeing dark in front of her eyes and falls down losing balance.

“Di, are you okay, jiju ” Shrishti runs to her quickly

Karan splashes some water on her face and lifts her up in his arms.

Mahesh : what happened dear?

Sameer calls the doctor. Everybody stands outside worried

Dadi : doctor is everything okay

“Congratulations she is pregnant” doctor gives them good news of Preeta expecting

“What? are you sure” Shrishti asks again

Doctor ; I am absolutely sure, my years of experience says that, she is pregnant, I have written some tablets make sure you give her with food okay

Sameer : thank you doctor, I will drop you outside

“Oh my god, Preeta sis is pregnant” Shrishti gets emotional

Everybody are still depressed with Rishab’s departure

Mahesh ; Rakhiji did you hear, we are becoming grandparents

Rakhi and Dadi blesses Karan who is not over from his brother’s pain. Shrishti and Dadi goes to meet Preeta

Dadi : you made me so happy today, I will get chance to see my Karan’s children now

Preeta’s eyes keeps looking for her Karan

Shrishti : di you are becoming mom imagine, now I will take care of you, everything your diet, daily exercise, let me go tell mom okay

Sameer : congratulations bhabhi

Preeta smiles little bit,

Mahesh ; not bad dear you are faster than jet speed train

Karan does not respond to him

Mahesh : look Karan I have not stopped you from anything but only remember you are not only a brother or son, you are somebody’s husband and now becoming a father

Karan : dad I don’t know if I should be happy to become father or sad to see my brother not part of my life’s biggest happiness

Mahesh ; he has only left this house not our heart and your brother has always taught you not to run from responsibilities and right now you have to take care of her with your child

Karan : love you dad (hugs him)

Mahesh : after long time you made me emotional go now, some day shower love to your dad also

Karan leaves with smile and enters his room where Preeta is waiting for him to react. He goes to change inside without talking with her.

Preeta : can we go out?

Karan nods

The duo trolls in the garden area. Preeta makes an attempt to talk with her

Preeta : you know mom will be so happy, I wonder how our kid will be, you said before remember you want him to be like me

Karan feels happy inside seeing her excitement

but does not show in front of her

“Karan I am trying to talk with you from a while and you are showing me that attitude, are you still angry with me” Preeta’s angry tone turns into soft like child

Karan ; this is the problem with you Preeta, that you never understand or trust me, before you didn’t trust me and now not seeing my pain

Preeta : okay what can I do to gain your trust? tell me everything

Karan ; you could see I was angry with you before but now to myself for not stoping my brother for going

Preeta : I had to hide you know why, there is always a limit in a marriage relation, and its called privacy

Karan understands her words and genuine reason for helping his friend and brother.

“Truth is you are not willing to understand your wife, I had not intention of hurting anybody” Preeta breaks in small tears and starts leaving

“I am sorry Babydoll, every time I hurt your feelings for no reason” Karan pulls her into emotional hug immediately

Preeta reciprocates

“You always wished good for my family and I make fun of your feelings, I am really stupid, idiot you hit me, slap as music as you want” Karan takes her hand

Preeta : stop what are you doing? (cups his face tearfully) I have no complaint against you

Karan : my mind and brain are frizzed since bhai left, I don’t have habit of staying away from him, so I vented out that on you

“I understand your pain, tears more than others, I am also somebody’s sister, look here” makes him look at her

Karan’s eyes get red

Preeta : we all are one remember, right now situation is not in our hands, time will find the way and our family will come together

Karan : you and bhai are my world, how will I survive without him

Preeta : you have to, if you become weak your brother will feel bad, I am always with you no matter what happens (kisses his forehead)

“Did you see dear, how your mom is, take every quality of her but only don’t give big lecture like her okay” Karan bends down touching her belly and puts small peck on it

Preeta caresses his hair overwhelmed with his cute gestures. Karan lifts her up and takes to their room

Preeta : what are you doing? put me down I am still light weight

Karan : oh yea I forgot after 9 months you will become so heavy, I need practice for that right (keeps holding her in room)

Preeta : than start your workout Mr Luthra you will need that badly

Karan : tell me something I heard girls become too cranky in two situations one during marriage and other on pregnancy did I heard right

Preeta : yes my dear husband you heart absolutely right

Karan : just making sure you know I have taken all your tantrums but this will be heavy

Preeta : okay now put me down, your back will hurt I know my baby’s father is not muscle man

Karan : oouch that hurts (puts her down on couch gently) I can’t tell you i am very happy today imagine the Karan Luthra is going to be father now but there is fear inside me

Preeta : what fear?

“Till today I was younger in this house, will I be able to fulfill this big responsibility, I want to give him whole world happiness” Karan rests on her lap

Preeta : I know nobody can be better father for our child than my karela

Karan : baby doll please don’t call that name, my image will be bad from beginning

Shrishti and Sameer knocks the door

Karan : come

Shrishti : sorry jiju and would be mother, I know there was some important conversation going on her but we want to talk something important

Preeta ; you and important does not suit? what is it, say

Sameer : bhai we brought something for you (gives Preeta thought of the day calendar)

Karan : and whats this use of me?

Shrishti : jiju we are saying from now on I am in charge of my Preeta’s caretake till delivery

Karan widens his eyes

Sameer : bhai relax you will also have some responsibility like on midnight when bhabhi wants to have something you will get that

“Sorry kareli but what I am going to do next you won’t like” Karan looks at her

Sameer : what are you planning to do?

Karan throws both of them out of room funnily and closes door.

Sameer : all because of you tall pole

“You don’t have other work than blaming me” Shrishti runs after him

Ruchika goes to meet Kritika and Dhruv at night banding door.

Kritika : who is that?

Dhruv : I don’t know maybe one of your relative

Kritika : Very funny (opens the door but gets shocked to find Roo weeping)

Dhruv comes there too

“Roo what happened, why are you crying” Kritika gets worried and takes inside

“Didi” Roo weeps in her arm

Dhruv : why are you crying like this? is everything okay

Kritika : dear what happened tell me (asks her)

Ruchika tells her everything which makes the ground slip from Kritika’s feet.

Dhruv : what? (shocked)

Kritika ; no, how could aunty could let bhai leave like this, and Tanya she is daughter in law of our family, they cannot do this

Roo : I don’t know how bhai and bhabhi might be right now

Dhruv : but what was the need to leave?

Roo : you know Rishab bhai, he is so much possessive for both, he left

Kritika calls her mom quickly and asks her about everything

Kareena : even I came to know right now dear, things have gone out of hands, we should wait till storm calms down

Kritika : mom what are you saying? Rishab bhai is soul of this family, without him its nothing you know that

Kareena : yes dear I know but we cannot do anything right now, but I am trying to talk with bhabhi and in all this Preeta is also pregnant we also have to think about her

Kritika ; okay mom as you wish (cuts the call)

Dhruv : what happened?

“Mom said Preeta is pregnant, we have to make sure she does not affected with all this” Kritika reveals to him

Dhruv ; I knew it, yesterday seeing her face I figured that out

Kritika : hello excuse me we are discussing about Rishab bhai right now, lets go find them

Dhruv : but will they come back

“I know how to pacify my brother, if they don’t want to stay in Luthra house then fine we will bring them here” Kritika tells him

Dhruv agrees with her

Kritika ; Roo you go home

“No I will also come with you” Roo insists

Dhruv : don’t be silly its too late go back we will let you know if we find them

Ruchika heads back to her house

Tanya and Rishab walks through a park recalling their family. Tanya feels thirsty but does not tell him. She starts getting dehydrated after a while due to thirst.

“Are you okay, sit here” Rishab gets water for her from store

Tanya ; thank you, Rishab where will we go, if you don’t mind can we go to my house

Rishab : are you sure?

Tanya : of course, its our house now and nobody leaves there either

Rishab hesitantly agrees to her condition knowing she needs proper comfort in situation. Both comes to Tanya’s old house that was closed after marriage.

Tanya : I will put all the luggage

“Okay” Rishab says without any emotion

Tanya sees him upset with everything leaning against window.

“Dear tell your dad, he is world’s best son, brother, husband and now will be great dad” Tanya walks towards him

“I really miss mom, for first time in life I had to be away from her, and Karan I don’t know how he might be” Rishab’s says in pain

“Rishab, they have right to be angry with us, we also made mistake of hiding this, we are nothing without them ask me what it means to be away from your own parents” wipes his tears gently

Rishab : whole life the family I lived for now I had to be away like this, I feel miserable

“You only said we will face this darkness together right, don’t make yourself guilty” hugs him emotionally

Dhruv Kritika goes to search for Rishab Tanya but could not find them

Dhruv : do you know any place where they could go

Kritika : wait I know, maybe at Tanya’s old house I am sure

Dhruv : sure? they might have gone there

“Certainly, right now Tanya needs care, they won’t stay in hotel” tells him

The couple reach Tanya’s house

Rishab : you both?

“Bhai so easily you left the house, without thinking how will everybody live when their light has gone out of house” Kritika tells him

Rishab ; you think it was easy for me to leave everything behind

“Then why did you come bhai, you know from year I tie rakhi in your wrist why just for the sake of day” ask him tearfully

Rishab : what are you saying? I have never considered you less than my own sister

Kritika : then come with me, I won’t let you live both of you here, come with us

Rishab ; I can’t (stops her) right now mom is angry with me and we have this house

Kritika ; bhai please, everybody let you go but I won’t leave from here

Rishab ; Kriitka try to understand, let things settle down and then think

Kritika : okay bhai, I won’t force you but please promise me you will let me know if you need anything

Rishab : do I have choice

“No” Kritika says with attitude

Dhruv : hello Ms attitude, don’t forget that good news in your so called self obsession

Rishab : what? are you going to be

“No no bhai not me, Preeta is expecting, our karan bhai is going to be father” tells him excitedly

Rishab and Tanya gets extremely happy with the good news amidst the storm.

Rishab ; my karan is going to be father, I can’t believe this

Kritika : doctor said she is almost one and half month so its just initial days

Dhruv : okay I think we should leave, let them rest now they might be tired

Kritika ; bye take care

“Bye” Rishab hugs her

Duo leaves

Luthra house

Rakhi looks at the picture of Rishab and Karan. Mahesh consoles her

“ I might be such unfortunate mother who could not stop her own child from leaving the house, and letting him suffer without mistake” Rakhi blames herself

Mahesh ; it was not that girl’s mistake either, who you shunned like this, we brought her in this house as our daughter

Rakhi : you think I had not felt bad telling her all this, my heart know I never blamed her for anything even when our Rishab left us but whenever I hear about her pain, that day always comes in front of my eyes when Karan was in hospital and our Rishab broke

Mahesh : whats the point of crying? he went away from us

Rakhi have nerve breakdown in pool of guilt.

Mahesh : don’t cry, I know with time everything will be fine again, right now we have to make sure our other daughter need us too, she is also giving birth to heir of this family

Kareena : bhabhi, don’t be guilty this is only fault of circumstance, your heart knows Tanya is innocent in all this and that child also

Sameer gets tensed due to business falling down without Rishab

Shrishti : is everything okay?

“I don’t know how will I handle everything without bhai” tells her

Shrishti : don’t know about others but I trust you a lot and your confidence

Sameer ; this house is so empty without bhai and my pinky’s banter, she is becoming mother

Shrishti : shorty I am always with you (rest on his shoulder)

Next day

Tanya tells Rishab about Arjun’s concern regarding football.

Rishab : what?

“I asked you something on our wedding night and you promised me that you will not step back if opportunity comes back” asks him to join the team

Rishab : I don’t know how will I play, its been many years

“Life passes but talent remains with you and passion run in veins, see your baby is also saying that” tells him smilingly

Rishab always loses in front of her argument and decides to go ahead for match.

Sahil’s concert date comes closer. He gets busy in rehearsals but does not forget to call Ruchika who is still dealing with her family problems.

Sahil : I am calling you from long time, where have you been, wait are you crying

Roo : no, nothing just something went into my eyes (rubs her eye)

Sahil : one should not try to lie if they don’t know how to, try hard next time

Roo : I am just missing my Kritika di thats it

Sahil : you are saying as if she went all the way far and then you don’t see her in ages

Roo ; why did you call me here?

“Oh yes, concert tickets have come, here is the one for you special one, no excuses” gives her the passes

Roo : thanks, I am getting late for college, I will see you later bye (leaves sadly)

“No matter what you say, I know your eyes are hiding some pain inside, never mind this concert will change your mood I promise” Sahil goes back to his studio

Luthra house

Preeta receives extra care from both families. She feels bad for Tanya who is alone in same situation.

“God, here everybody is around me I don’t know how my sister will be there alone, that girl is too careless for her own, please help her” Preeta talks in mind

Shrishti : di where are you lost?

Preeta : nothing

“Then finish this milk, Rakhi mom have strictly instructed me to take care of you” informs her

Preeta : here you all are with me, but nobody is concerned about Tanya, she needs more care than me

Shrishti : di you are worrying for no reason, I sent food for her with Roo, she will go and give her (whisper to her)

Preeta : really?

“Di she is not your sister alone, mine also how will I forget about her now come finish this breakfast” Shrishti orders her

Sameer gets shocked to know how the stocks have fallen of company. They are drowned in the debt with investors.

Sameer : if I didn’t do anything then soon we will lose everything, no I cannot let Rishab bhai’s handwork go in vain

Precap : Sahil’s grand confession for Roo on stage and sharing intimate moment after. Preeta’s pregnancy brings another occasion for Luthras. Tanya is sheltered by Sherlyn who become her support after Rishab.

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