Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 81

Luthra house

Rakhi : you very well remember last time when I told you and Rishab, better not try to to hide things from parents specially mom we will get to know truth today or tomorrow

Tanya : mom, what are you talking about

“You know what I am talking about, what is this” Rakhi shows her report and asks truth

Karan : are you really pregnant and that too 3 months when our marriages are only a month and half

Sameer : please tell us truth before it gets too late

“Dear, I have put full trust on you and Rishab always, just tell us truth and clear our illusion ” Mahesh urges her to speak up

Karan waits for Preeta and get answers from her of hiding truth from him. She comes when Tanya is finally about to break silence. She sees rage and lot of question in Karan’s eyes like never before for her.

Dadi : dear if you stay silent like this we have to get another meaning of that, just speak up

Rishab and Preeta look at each other

“You are right aunty, your Rishab can never break in limits even in dreams before marriage, we both never crossed our boundary” Tanya’s words scares everybody

Preeta is about to stop her but Karan pulls her back angrily.

Preeta : leave my hand

Karan does not utter word but holds her hands tightly.

Mahesh : you are scaring us dear, please come to the point

Tanya : this child is result of that fateful night that took all my happiness, its blood of same person who tried to break this family

Whole family shakes up with the truth

“You can give me whatever punishment you want for this, I will accept happily but please don’t tell me to leave this child I won’t be be able to do this” Tanya folds her hands

Rishab : mom actually

“I don’t want to hear anything from you Rishab, I heard enough, now you have started to hide things from us” Rakhi blames him for supporting Tanya

Mahesh : how can you even say this? whole life our son never lived on his own, he gave his soul to this family and never thought about himself

Rishab wipes his tears

“And what about this baby, what will we tell world, today or tomorrow this truth will come out in front of whole world” Rakhi asks him

Preeta : aunty but whats the fault of that child why should he suffer of the sin his father did

“Preeta I always considered you like my Roo more than this girls, you also hid this from us “ Rakhi goes to her

Dadi : I agree with Rakhi today, we are living in society today where million question will arise who will we answer

Rakhi recalls the Priest’s words from earlier


“Rishab’s lines are very complicated, he will have to pay price for his happiness and go through the dark phase” Panditji predicts negative things

Flashback ends

Preeta gets uneasy but controls herself

“Maheshji, our children have grown up, they know better what to do our responsibility is over now” Rakhi tells him and goes to her room leaving all confused

Her silence gives hint to Rishab and everybody else. He decides to step out with Tanya rather than let her go alone. Both goes to their room and pack their belonging.

“You are not going anywhere only I will leave this house” Tanya holds his hand

Rishab : if you step out alone then you will lose me forever

“Why are you playing with fire for me, this family needs you, your siblings, dadi everybody “ breakdown clutching his collars

Rishab : and you? don’t you need me anymore (holds her tightly)

“I have learned to live with memories from childhood, every challenge have made me strong from inside, no storm can affect now neither me nor this child” removes his hands

Rishab : if you dare to go out alone you won’t see my face again (swears on her)

Tanya does not argue with him

The siblings stop them tearfully

“No bhai I won’t let you both go from here, pinky at least you understand” Karan says

“Tanya you said na this is our house too please stop” Preeta request her

Tanya : I am sorry (sobs out loud embracing her sister)

Shrishti : if I had not shouted out then you would not have to leave this house please forgive me

Tanya ; no thats not fault (embraces her sisters tearfully)

“Bhai you promised me we will face everything together, I won’t let you go anywhere, Sammy put this back” Karan’s eyes turn dry with no tears left

Rishab : now you have grown up to take care of yourself, and everybody you both promise me after me you will look after mom and dadi (hugs both his brothers)

Sameer : no bhai you cannot do this, we will be nothing without you

Karan : you know mom loves you the most, even more than us, she is just angry we will make her understand okay

Rishab : its too late for that take care of her

and yourself too

Roo ; bhai please don’t this family will break if you leave like this

Rishab : silly girl, nothing can break this family we all are one right

Sapno Ka Wo Aangan Kahan

Darpan Bata Bachpan Kahan

Sapno Ka Wo Aangan Kahan

Darpan Bata Bachpan Kahan

Seedha Saral Tha Jivan Jahan

Darpan Bata Bachpan Kahan

Sapno Ka Wo Aangan Kahan

Darpan Bata Bachpan Kahan

Sapno Ka Wo Aangan Kahan

Darpan Bata Bachpan Kahan

Tanya and Sameer share very tearful goodbye bid. All the siblings have heartrending emotion of getting separated

Karan goes to his room sobbing and unable to cope with going far from his brother who is his everything.

Karan : you go, its your decision who am I to stop both of you right (does not look at him) mom is right you only love your wife

“You are saying this, you know after Tanya only you are my everything” Rishab says in broken voice

Karan ; then why are you going (ask like small kid)

Rishab : if I stay back then Tanya will have to go alone and she is my responsibility, you understand my pain better, mom will never be able to accept this child

Karan ;and what about me? how will I survive when my jaan is not with me

Rishab : you are not alone, now you have found your soulmate who can take care of you better than me (is about to leave)

Karan keeps holding his hand but Rishab jerks it off leaving him devastated

Bhai Se Yaari

Behno Se Masti

Udti Patango Jaisa Tha Mann

Jitne The Riste

Saare The Mann Ke

Unme Na Uljhan

Na Thi Jalan

Hoti Na Thi Anban Jahan

Darpan Bata Bachpan Kahan

Seedha Saral Tha Jivan Jahan

Darpan Bata Bachpan Kahan

Sapno Ka Wo Aangan Kahan

Darpan Bata Bachpan Kahan

Rishab and Tanya goes to Dadi’s room

Dadi : you have grown up so big leaving me (gets angry at him but in tears)

Rishab ; you know how much I love you, we will always be kids for you

Dadi : who will take me for walk everyday, take my old age tantrums for not going to doctor and hospital

Rishab : tell your boyfriend, he is not kid anymore he will take you everywhere, promise me you will take care of yourself

Dadi breaks down into tears putting hand on his head.

“Come here dear” calls Tanya close to her

Dadi ties holy amulet on her wrist for the safety of her child

Dadi : I could not do much but only give you blessings, may your child bring all happiness and remove all bitterness (kisses her forehead)

Finally the couple goes to their parent’s room for final goodbye. Tanya stands outside for not able to face them.

Rishab : dad I did right na (asks him)

Mahesh ; of course I am happy today that my children have not forgot what we taught them about right and wrong

“Mom will you not say anything” asks her

Rakhi remins quiet

“At least give me blessing if you don’t want to forgive me, without that I will not remain peace” touches her feet

Rakhi is about to put hands on his head but gets too late

Rishab : nobody can take your place in my life ever (hugs her and leaves)

Kya kabhi ambar se
Surya bichhadta hai
Kya kabhi bin baathi
Deepak jaltha hai

Kya kabi ambar se
Surya bichhadta hai
Kya kabhi bin baathi
Deepak jaltha hai

Kaissi hai ye anhoni
Har aank huyi nam
Chod gaya jo tu
Kaise jiyenge hum

Tuhi kinara, tuhi sahara
Tu jag sara, tuhi humara
Suraj tuhi taara

Jai jaikara, jai jaikara
Swami dena saath humaara
(jay jaykara, jay jaykara
Swami dena saath humaara)

Outside the gate Rishab have flood of memories from childhood with his parents, siblings and Dadi. Tanya weeps in his arms

Both starts walking to find their new world

In Karan’s room 

Preeta comes there to console him but instead gets rage from him.

Preeta : Karan I am sorry, I know you are angry at me but at least listen to me

Karan ; really? listen to your lies who have been telling me from eye to eye right

Preeta : its not that, at least hear me

“No Ms Preeta, you listen, only your silence is the reason for this house to break, you know I can understand why bhai had to hide this from us because anybody would feel embarrassed” Karan corners her angrily

Preeta : please leave my hand its hurting

Karan : wow you also got hurt, what about that pain my heart is feeling, my brother my life left this house do you know what that means

Preeta : you think thats my fault?

Karan : then why did you hide this from us, at least you could have shared with me, we both had helped our siblings but no madam have done phd in hiding things

Preeta : won’t you ask the reason why i had to hide this, for this day, because I know nobody would understand that girl’s pain, and for your information Tanya was about to abort this child, you know why not because she was concerned for her image, she wanted to protect this family’s honor for that she was ready to kill her motherly affection

Karan ; I never said you or Tanya were wrong, my problem is your hiding from me

Shrishti ; di, jiju is right we asked you so many times but you wanted to do everything by yourself now see the consequence

Preeta : you both found it now right what did you do, were you able to stop Rakhi ma, or Rishabji no right

Karan : you know what go away from my site (turns to other side)

Preeta walks out angrily but falls down on floor reaching to the door.

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  1. Shocking update???
    Tanya’s words that Rishabh can’t ever cross the limit before marriage caught my attention. Why don’t they understand this thing in real kdb??
    RishNya left the house ?
    At least Tanya is not alone ..
    Very emotional departure sequence …??. The siblings love, dadi , mom-dad sabse door ?? .
    Karan angry on Preeta?? Shrishti too…
    Preeta is right . Her words were very true but they can’t understand her..?
    Preeta gets unconscious I think now she is going to be pregnant .
    Come back soon RishNya .
    Very excited for the upcoming track specially the one we talked about yesterday .
    I will send you a list of judaai songs if you want . It will look good . What say?
    Please update soon …..
    I already told you ki jitna zyada suspense hoga mujhe utni hi kam neend aayegi so please update soon.
    Keep smiling ??

  2. Surely send me the list I need it badly

  3. Despacito

    poor tanya 🙁
    awesome epi di dont keep more suspence im really very exited update asap

  4. Sorry for late comment as I was at my grandma’s place
    Great episode
    Poor Tanya…..??
    Thanks God that rishab is supporting her
    Poor preeta also got stuck
    Excited for next
    Keep smiling?

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