Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 80

Luthra house

Sahil agrees unwillingly to Ruchika’s tantrums and get ready to go out.

Roo : you can drive my car

Sahil takes the key annoyingly

“Come on stop being grumpy all the time, my Kritika di is enough in that department, but I know jiju will get rid of that” starts her chat

Sahil : does your mouth ever get tired, you blabber so much

Roo ; only sometime but only ears, stop stop

Sahil : what now? (stops outside the Gurudwara)

Ruchika comes out quickly

Sahil : what are you upto now

“My dear grumpy friend if you look around we are at gurudwara so of course we are here to pray come” tells him

Sahil : you go, I don’t go inside on his doorstep

“You know what didi always say, one should never stand on God’s doorstep, who knows he will give you what your heart wants” goes after telling him off

Sahil : hey (comes inside)

“Be quiet for a while, let me pray” Ruchika covers her head with scarf and bows down

Sahil is taken aback with her gesture. Every time he ends up seeing another side of her.

Roo : hello what are you looking? you also bow down come on

“Bhagwanji, you know by now that I never came to your door before even when Kaya always insisted me but I never payed heed on her words, now this girl came don’t what is so special in her, a force always attract me even if she is always annoying, silly but her heart is very pure please don’t let this smile go away from her face” Sahil prays for Roo’s happiness and his concert

Roo : comes lets go

“You don’t look like this prayer and all type” tease her

Roo : we girls always have deep secrets inside our heart

Sahil : impressive

“Don’t tell this to anybody but I took vow if you get chance to perform in big concert I will bow down in gurudwara” ties amulet on his shoulder while talking

Sahil : you love me so much (ask softly)

“I never believed in love but now I realized we don’t have to be with them, I will just wait for that time” tells him smilingly and is about to leave

“And I believe there is nobody true than my best friend, she is world’s most pure girl I ever met in life” Sahil whispers burying some face in her hair

“Sahil please leave my hand” closes her eyes with blowing wind

Sahil (makes her turn to him) : you know why I want to do this concert, just to see smile on this innocent face

Roo ; then promise me you will rock this concert for our friendship

Sahil : I promise, now before somebody find out we are not at home lets go

Both comes back to Luthra house and goes to their respective room.

Kritika calls Roo urgently to meet at her house other day

Ruchika : didi why did you call me urgently is everything okay

Kritika : Come sit, I want to talk something important

Roo : yes di (sits down)

“Look I don’t know what Sahil feels for you but after yesterday I am forced to ask are you serious about him” asks her calmly

Roo : why are you asking that question? you know we are just friends

Kritika ; only we know that but if an outsider would see you like this going out or spending whole time with him they will make different meaning you know we belong from Luthra family, this all thing spread like fire

Roo : di you are saying this inspite of knowing everything

Kritika : I know but I want to hear from your mouth, yesterday I am sure you might not just made him stay for time pass, tell me you went out with him, don’t try to lie

Ruchika nods looking down

“I am not stopping you from anything, we both are like friends before sisters right” Kritika asks her

Ruchika : yes didi

“You have grown up now, more than others I have been with you from childhood, I don’t want your heart to break just remember there is limit to every relation which we should maintain” Kritika warns her politely

Roo : didi I am your sister, I know my limits and will never dare to cross that, more than mom I have grown up under you, promise, your sister will never break that trust (hugs her emotionally)

Dhruv : sorry for interruption but can I ask what’s this emotional scene about

Kritika : my dear husband, this is between our two sister cum friends nobody allowed, not even our parents

Roo : yes jiju, by the way beautiful house I must say great choice

Dhruv : if my choice was bad would I had selected your sister

Kritika : you are feeling proud or being guilty of marrying me (ask him sarcastically)

Dhruv : good question, you will get the answer soon bye love (runs away)

Kritika : wait, this guy is crazy

Ruchika : di I will go now, getting late for college see you later

Kritika : bye sweetheart (hugs her)

Roo : bye

Kritika gets into thinking

At clinic 

Preeta starts feeling uneasy while examining patient’s leg.

Dhruv (comes there) : are you alright

Preeta : yes just feeling sick today I don’t know why

Dhruv : you sit here, let me finish with this patient, drink some water

Preeta goes back to her cabin. After a while Dhruv comes there

“How are you feeling now” asks her

Preeta : I am okay

Nurse : ma’am Dr Sonia sent this reports of patient (gives her envelope)

Preeta : thank you

Dhruv : what is this? if I am not wrong Dr Sonia is one of those gynecologist right, on second floor

Preeta : yes, but thats none of your concern

Dhruv : are you trying to hide something from me wait a second, are you going to give good news to everybody

Preeta gets shocked initially but declines to his statement.

Preeta : no you are crazy its nothing like that

Dhruv : I know dear for every wife she wants to see her husband’s reaction no problem i will also wait with others (leaves)

Preeta : if this is really true than, everything will get complicated with Tanya’s pregnancy

Hotel blue diamond 

Shrishti is given big task for arranging a grand wedding in the hotel.

Anu ; look there should be no mistake okay, this is marriage of PM’s daughter

Shrishti : don’t worry this event will be very successful like others

Anu : okay listen they are coming in three days, make sure rooms are cleaned, check the guest list and the keys are properly arranged

Shrishti : sure ma’am

Cricket field 

Karan like everybody goes for his practice and plays with all energy

Coach : okay boys hear this up, its very important, we got another chance to play in internationals

Boys gets excited

Coach : wait wait, new is not over yet, semi finals are held in a month and if we get selected we will get chance to play final with other countries and that will be in Australia

Karan : don’t worry sir we all will work hard this time too and win that medal

Coach : great, back to practice come on

Luthra house 

Karan holds small together at night to make everybody relax from the workload.

Mahesh ; you completely like me, so proud of you dear

Rakhi : when he does good then so much praise if something goes wrong you come to me complaining

Karan ; hey wrestler, you are eating healthy food not bad, but there is one more nutrition

Tanya : really? then tell me from which college you did nutrition college

Karan : I don’t need any degree for that, you loved papaya right, have some

Preeta signals her to avoid it

“Oh no eating papaya at this stage can be harmful but how should I even say no” Tanya gets into dilemma

Shrishti ; why did you stop? if thats your favorite have some

Tanya : actually my food habits changed in London so I don’t eat this anymore

Rishab is not surprised with her antics

Karan : really? I feel not just food so many things changed after staying in foreign

Rakhi : dear but you agree or not our home food is healthy one

Mahesh : who are you saying this to? when she herself have magic of cooking

Tanya : thank you uncle only you understand my problem

Sameer :let it be, nobody can handle your tantrum, if Rishab bhai was not there then you would still be single (teases her) only he can handle you

Preeta : stop it Sameer, there is limit to everything (vents her irritation on him)

Shrishti : di thats okay he was just joking and if being her sister she didn’t mind why are you reacting like that

Dadi : you all are still kids

“Why is di behaving like this, now my doubt is confirmed she is hiding something big” Shrishti gets assurance

Roo ; okay now dinner time is over, its party time come everybody I will play the song

Sahil : then I am sure we all will get gloomy with your choice (takes remote from her)

Roo : give that back to me, your choice does not matter here leave it

Sahil : of course it does

Their fight makes Kritika feel something weird unlike other time. Dhruv decides to talk with her after going back to home

Tanya ; give me that I will play instead

“No way, their choice is much better than you” Karan also fights with her

Tanya : listen be respectful to me okay I am your bhabhi, give me that

Both have funny fight after long time. In the process the remote breaks of the recorder

Rishab : fantastic, now play the song

Karan : bhai why don’t you tell your wife she always messes with me

Tanya : really? who told you to put your nose in between

Shrishti : quiet everybody we have back okay, tonight will be memorable party for us

Sameer brings his laptop and connect bluetooth with it.

Karan : wow you are so smart like me

Preeta : please thank god he is not like you, world’s biggest flirt

Karan : thats not fair I left that business after marriage

Preeta : oh are you regretting your decision fine then rectify your mistake

Roo : can you save this typical couple fights for later we are here to enjoy and Sameer bhai please play some good romantic music, because today mom dad will also dance

Rakhi : no its okay

Mahesh : at least give me chance to show our romantic side

Rakhi : mummyji is sitting there have some shame

Dadi : you go dear

Sameer : okay ready

( Saanson Ko Saanson Mein Dhalne Do Zara )…(2)

Dheemi Si Dhadkan Ko Badne Do Zara

Lamhon Ki Guzarish Hai Ye, Paas Aa Jayein

Hum, Hum Tum, Tum,Hum Tum

Aankhon Mein Humko Utarne Do Zara

Baanhon Mein Humko Pighalne Do Zara

Lamhon Ki Guzarish Hai…Hum Tum

Saanson Ko…

Ruchika and Sahil happily dance

Sahil : by the way next time make sure you think twice before taking mannat please

Roo : why

Sahil : I don’t want to be in trouble for taking you at midnight

Roo : don’t worry next one will be not dangerous just that you have to visit me five temples and I will light lamps

Sahil : god how did I forget all girls have this quality but didn’t expected from you

Salvatein Kahin, Karvatein Kahin

Phail Jaaye Kajal Bhi Tera

Nazron Mein Ho Guzarta Hua Khwabon Ka Koi Kafila

Jismon Ko Ruhoon Ko Jalne Do Zara

Sharm-O-Haya Ko Machalne Do Zara

Lamhon Ki Guzaarish Hai Ye…Hum Tum

Saanson Ko…b 

Chu Lo Badan Magar Is Tarah, Jaise Surila Saaz Ho

Andhere Chupe Teri Zulf Mein, Kholo Ke Raat Aazaad Ho

The couple dance together happily enjoying moment after long time. They swap partners during dance Tanya goes with Karan

Karan : bhabhiji be careful now I am married, tell me something what are you eating this days, you have become fat

Tanya : excuse me what do you mean?

Karan ; don’t mind but before marriage if I am not wrong your face was different

Tanya ; very funny when your brother didn’t say anything to me who are you (shows him attitude)

Rishab ; looks like they are having very serious conversation

Preeta ; you should know by now what their serious talks are

Rishab : I wanted to tell you something from long time but didn’t get chance

Preeta : friends don’t need formality

Rishab : thank you for everything, supporting me and Tanya, if you were not with her I wonder how we could have handled this

Preeta : before doctor I am a friend and also sister till I am with her nothing could go wrong (looks at Tanya who is fighting with Karan like always)

Preeta apologizes to Sameer for being rude

Sameer : come di sorry bhabhi, you have right to scold me but just want to make sure if everything is okay

Preeta : of course I should ask you same question now you are married to my storm sister

Sameer : don’t ask me how is your sister, I feel she was better at girlfriend than wife

Preeta : I know she is like that but she will love you most in whole world

While dancing Tanya starts feeling nausea. Karan steps back seeing her. Rishab and Preeta gets tensed while Tanya runs to washroom quickly

Rakhi : what happened? is she okay

Preeta : I will go check (runs to her room)

Karan notices Rishab’s disturbed reaction as well as Shrishti

“Jiju now my doubt is getting clear what she is hiding from us” Shrishti tells Karan

Karan ; what?

Shrishti ; that same thing girls have after marriage, I searched in morning and symptoms she is getting are of pregnant woman

Karan : what rubbish?

Shrishti : did you not see how she avoided eating that fruit only pregnant ladies does not have that and I have seen with my own eyes that she ate that before

“Tanya are you okay”Preeta knocks at her washroom door

Tanya (comes out) : I am fine

Preeta : are you sure, drink water and relax okay no need to go down

Tanya ; but if I don’t everybody will doubt me

Preeta : I will take care you sit here

Dhruv : I think we should leave, its too late now right

Kareena : okay dear take care

Kritika ; good night mom

Sahil :I will also leave bye aunty uncle

“Bye dude” Sameer waves him

Roo : wait di I am coming outside with you

Kritika quickly understands her antics to talk with Sahil outside.

Kritika : there is no need we are not guest here good night

Roo ; okay bye (stays back)

Everybody goes back to their room

At Dhruv’s house

Kritika gets worried for her sister

Dhruv : hello where are you lost?

Kritika : sorry do you need anything

“Need? I was shouting for water and my throat hurt and I had to come all the way here” scolds her

Kritika : sorry I was distracted with something

Dhruv : okay sit her and tell me, in morning I avoided that because you said it was between you both sisters

Kritika ; nothing I am just getting worried for Ruchika, her feelings are so much stronger for Sahil, and she don’t even know if he will give that place to her

Dhruv : what are you talking about?

Kritika ; don’t you know how this days she is using different ways to spend time with him, I am not saying its wrong but there is limit to everything

Dhruv : come on, she is not small kid who does not know her bad and good

Kritika ; of course she is maybe thats why she has her heartbroken, my heart is getting restless seeing her emotions

Dhruv : I know this is not you but a sister’s love is saying but think her view, she is happy with Sahil’s friendship let her be, don’t you trust your sister enough

Kritika ; its not about trust but about fear, we all know Sahil is very nice and life always gave him sorrows but somewhere I know after losing Kaya he would not give that place to Ruchika

Dhruv : you know what I think, its their life let them handle it stop thinking too much, if you behave like this then Roo might also start feeling you don’t have enough trust her, and she will not do something that will break your trust or family’s image

Kritika gets bit relieved with his words

Dhruv : just relax okay, come lets go I am very tired

Luthra house 

Karan tries several ways to ask Preeta about Tanya’s health but she denies to reveal anything to him

Rishab : Sammy these are confidential files keep them properly

Sameer : okay bhai

Rishab : I will see you in office

Sameer collides with Preeta who is going to clinic with files of patient. He unknowingly takes the papers that have Tanya’s medical reports.

Sameer : sorry bhabhi

Preeta : no thats okay, you should run to your room there is big storm

Sameer : god this girl (runs upstairs leaving all files downstairs)

Shrishti messes up whole room with her clothes

Sameer : what is this all pole?

Shrishti : get your eyes checked I am organizing my wardrobe

Sameer : like this, you should join classes for that now

Shrishti : how mean of you

Rakhi and Dadi comes back home from walk

“Girish get glass of juice for mummji” Rakhi calls servant

Dadi : this weather is killing me

Girish accidentally spills juice on file Sameer left on table.

Rakhi ; what are you doing?

Girish : sorry ma’am I will clean this

Rakhi ; I don’t know why they leave office files here

Sameer and Shrishti comes down arguing with each other. Karan adds fuel to their fight

Rakhi ; you couples have no other work

Karan ; mom I was going but this two are giving good entertainment by the way are you planning to join office

Sameer: such a great idea

Rakhi : no chance, girlish spilled juice on it but who left it here

Sameer : oh god, I left those here, bhai gave me to put it safely, because of this tall pole

Shrishti ; how easily you put blame on me

Rakhi opens the file that gives her big blow, She gets silent

Dadi : what happened? what is it

Karan : mom are you okay

Shrishti : aunty

“Tanya is pregnant” Rakhi reveals shockingly Shrishti : I knew it, I told you sir

Karan ; that means bhai made his way, he is becoming father oh my god

Shrishti sees the report too and gets confused while reading

Sameer ; now what happened to you? why your tongue got silent

Shrishti : report says she is 3 months pregnant (reveals to them)

Karan : what? you might have got glasses get your eyes checked (gets the file)

Sameer read the reports too

Karan : she is right, but how is this possible, Sammy where did you get this file from, tell you were hiding

Sameer : what are you saying bhai? I don’t have time from office and this problem magnet how will I get time to find whats going on with this girl

Karan : then how did it came here

Sameer : I think when I clashed with Preeta this morning it might have got mixed

Karan understand everything except Tanya’s 3 months expecting.

Dadi : I am sure hospital’s might have made some errors

Shrishti : but this reports have Preeta di’s signature as doctor

“You didn’t do this right Preeta by hiding from me, now even I can’t help you be ready to testify for this mistake” Karan talks to himself

Rakhi : only Tanya can answer this question

Tanya who is coming from outside finds out everything. She walks nervously towards Rakhi who is sitting on sofa. Mahesh comes there too and informs Rishab from text.

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