Preetan FF : Truth of life Part 8

Tanya goes to meet Rishab in his office but starts getting nervous.

“Come in Rishab calls the person inside the cabin

Tanya : Hello jiju, why did you call me here, do you need anything

“Give some break to your questions gets up from his chair with smile

Tanya : sorry

Rishab : I called you for some other reason, have a sit

Tanya : what happened?

“I had doubt before but now its confirmed that your identity shows her some files

Tanya : I really don’t know what are you talking about

Rishab ; oh come on, don’t act in front of me, I know certainly you are daughter of Mr Yash Oberoi

Tanya stands up with shock

Rishab : I guess you probably knew about all this then why did you hide

Tanya : Actually I didn’t want you to think about past and everything

Rishab : I am very happy to see you, if I remember we only had formal meeting once in conference, after that I never got chance to meet you and uncle how is your family

Tanya gets saddened hearing about her family but does not show in front of him reacting normally.

Tanya : I have to go now, see you later

“Wait a minute, will you do lunch with me today holds her hand and makes requests

She is hesitant initially but he convinces her to spend time with him.

Rishab : don’t worry I will drop you at office later

Both goes to Rishab’s favorite coffee shop he always went during his college days but never told anybody.

“Wow, jiju this place is so great, I miss india, I was raised in foreign but still our motherland is close to me shows her emotions with smile

Rishab : there are many places in Mumbai to go, this is nothing

Tanya : Sherlyn is busy in her wedding shopping so nobody is free to take me

Rishab : what is your jiju for, I will take you everywhere

Tanya ; think once again my dear brother in law, you will have hard time dealing with your wife’s sister

Rishab : don’t worry I am Rishab Luthra and Sherlyn is understanding she won’t mind this

Tanya : you are right, she is just bit short tempered

Rishab : by the way I never understood what do you do for career

Tanya : I am doing internship for law

Rishab : not bad, if you need job recommendation let me know

Tanya : thank you but right now I am not in any hurry

Both rejoice their time in coffee house.

“Tanya, I want to apologize for that day, really I had no idea what was going on and when it comes to Karan my mind never thinks straight Rishab asks forgiveness

Tanya : you don’t have to be sorry, that was just misunderstanding and I know how much you love Karan just like I love my Sherlyn sis

Rishab : I feel bad that you cannot attend our wedding, I will miss you at ceremony, hope everything goes well by that time

Tanya : I trust myself and you might have heard time is best healer, don’t worry things will be fine, can I ask you something

Rishab : you have all right

Tanya ; From what I heard you are very reserved, calm person who don’t make friends easily, your family means everything to you then you made me your close friend in short time

Rishab : when I saw you first time, I felt I know you from many years, somebody like my own, they say some relation form by themselves

Tanya : thank you for being my best friend means lot to me, I should leave see you later and take care

“Your eyes speaks something else, I know you are hiding secrets in your heart Rishab gets suspicious

The families start preparing for the wedding unaware their children are unhappy with the wedding. Tanya tells Karan about the CD she made about Sherlyn and Prithvi’s confession.

“You have no idea, what you have done for us, I will always remember your favor thanks her

Tanya : go Karan, bring justice for your family, don’t waste time

Karan : you won’t come to wedding

Tanya ; no, my mission is something else and I will do it when time comes

Karan senses wrong in her words and is about to leave.

“I don’t know who are you, but being stranger you did so much for me, I will return this favor one day leaves Tanya into deep thinking

Preeta goes to mall with Shrishti when Karan comes there too. He sees Preeta looking at pendal but she is not able to afford. Unknowingly Karan buys the pendal of her but does not give at the same moment.

“I will give this gift to you baby doll after everything sorts out looks at locket

Finally the day comes for wedding of Rishab-Sherlyn and Preeta-Prithvi. The families get busy in the getting to the venue. Sarla is emotional on seeing Preeta getting ready for her ceremony.

“Sis, mom does not know the person she is praising is demon Shrishti gets apprehensive

Preeta : I have trust on Karan, he will save me today

The girl’s family welcomes bridegroom Rishab and Prithvi with the whole baarat. Shrishti fakes the concern for Prithvi during the ritual. Rishab’s heart does not agree to do the marriage while loving Preeta from whole heart. Rishab insists Sherlyn to call her sister for their wedding which she agrees.

Rishab : Sherlyn I know you are jealous of Preeta and my friendship but trust me my loyalty will always be with you, one promise I want to make, that no matter what I will always stand with you

Sherlyn looks at him from different angle  but remembers Prithvi.

Rishab : you too know that Tanya was innocent but you did not support her

Sherlyn : I called her but she refused to come after mom told her not to

Kareena sends Rishab out of room interrupting their conversation. Preeta however starts getting negative vibes about the situation.

Shrishti : while ago you were lecturing me to trust Karan sir now what happened to you

Preeta : My heart is nervous, something wrong is going to happen

Shrishti : do you remember what dad always said, when you are confused just close your eyes, take deep breath

Janki : what are you both doing here, everybody is calling you downstairs.

Rakhi praises Preeta and Sherlyn’s looks and blesses them.

“Hello everyone, thank you so much for coming for this special event, it is my dear brother’s marriage today Karan holds the mike

Rakhi and Dadi tells him about the auspicious time but he tells them to wait couple minutes. Karan shares the story of his relation with Rishab from childhood. Preeta gets emotional seeing the love between both of them.

Karan : I have very great surprise for my sister in law Sherlyn and my brother.

Tanya looks everything from the video camera fixed in the hall by Sameer. In the beginning Karan plays some pictures of their childhood but next video comes horrifying and shocking to public. The intimate pictures and videos of Sherlyn and Prithvi from past. He confesses his every crime from killing Tanya’s father to ruin Rishab professionally and personally.

“You know darling, this all love is fake for that Tanya, she is nothing to me Sherlyn tells to angry Prithvi in video.

Sherlyn : you know, only you are important for me nobody else, that girl does not even exist for me, calm down

Another thing comes in light which blows everybody is Prithvi had earlier tried to molest Tanya after their broken relationship tarnishing her image.

Karan and Rishab gets tensed on hearing Sherlyn’s hatred for the only sister she claimed to love. Sanjana comes forward and slaps her hardly.

“What the hell is this, I can’t believe you are my daughter holds her furiously

Sarla bashes Prithvi for playing with their emotions and ruining Preeta’s life. People starts gossiping about Preeta’s character after break of second marriage

“Excuse me aunty, who are you to give certificate for girl’s character, for your information Preeta does not need to clarify her character in front of anybody, do you get it? ” holds Preeta’s hand in front of everybody

Rishab is still in shock of all the happenings together.

“What kind of girl are you, did your conscience not hurt before doing all this cheap things Rakhi gives another slap but more harder than her mother

Tanya shuts off the camera watching the whole drama

Rakhi : because of you, my Rishab will never trust on love and marriage again,

Karan : who are you asking explanation from mom, this girl did not even spared her sister and is roaming with her uncle’s murderer, she does not even deserve to give any explanation

Prithvi intervenes showing his true color and stopping them for hitting Sherlyn.

“Rascal, how dare you stop my mother, you don’t even have status of standing in front of us Rishab punches on his face

Karan : bhai, don’t leave them easily, because of this two we had to face this much humiliation, this Sherlyn sent her lover to ruin Preeta’s life, and tortured her too for keeping quiet

Rishab and Karan beats Prithvi badly but stops seeing his parent’s plea. They ask forgiveness from everybody as well as Sanjana from Sherlyn’s deed.

“Mom, its all your fault, if you had accepted Prithvi and my relation I never had to do this all shows her evil side

Sanjana : really? the guy who spoiled your sister’s life is God for you, I can’t even stand your sight, just get out of here right now

Prithvi holds Preeta at gun point and tells Sherlyn to go with him.

“Listen you are doing every big mistake, just leave her or you will regret Rishab tells him calmly.

Shrishti sneakingly goes to the other side and turns off the light. Preeta runs away from his clutches without telling anybody. Prithvi sends the goons behind her which he hired previously. Karan and Rishab goes in hunt of Preeta outside. She runs as fast as she can and reaches Tanya’s bungalow.

“Preeta, what are you doing here opens the front door

Preeta tells her everything about the drama happened.

Tanya : what? you don’t be scared I will not let you happen anything

Preeta : please help me, lets go from here quickly

Tanya : wait let me get keys

Somebody turns off the light and breaks window upstairs. Both girls hide in one of the room downstair. Tanya looks at footprints and recognizes it to be Prithvi’s shoes. He looks in the room the girls were hiding but does not find them over there. Karan tries to trace Preeta but in vain. Tanya takes Preeta on the other side of house to make her escape but they hear a gunshot.

“Preeta, from that left is basement, it is coded with 564, go there and hide under my car, don’t worry about me, they will not harm you either Tanya shows her the way to basement

Preeta quickly runs down putting the code of door and hides in Tanya’s car. One of the goon tries to open the door but is not able to due to the code door. Prithvi fires another gunshot and tells Tanya to come out which she does but does not tell about Preeta.

“Where is Preeta holds her hair tightly and slaps on floor

Tanya : how would I know? she is not here and even if I knew I would never tell you

Prithvi : don’t test my patience, send her to me and I will leave you

“Do I look like a fool to you’ stands up with injured hand

One of the goon breaks the basement door and drags Preeta out from there. Tanya gets in scuffle to let her escape from the window but Prithvi hits vase on Tanya’s head. All of them follow Preeta on road but she finds shelter behind small temple. She finally gets network to call Karan.

“Preeta where are you, I am trying from long time to call you says with worried tone

Preeta does not utter word but weeps softly which scares him more.

“Babydoll, whats wrong, did that Prithvi do something his voices changes to rage from soft

Karan Luthra who hardly gets angry loses all his sanity when it comes to two most important people his brother and of course his baby doll Preeta.

“I am sorry Karan, if I had listened to you earlier then today things would be different starts sobbing

Karan : please don’t cry, and tell me where are you

“Today because of me you, Tanya and everybody is in trouble reveals what happened while ago

Karan : nothing will happen to you and her alright, I am coming to you

“No, you won’t be able to save me today, thank you for everything, before going I will pray to god that you remain my best friend on every stage says wiping her tears and is about cut call

Karan : Preeta, no don’t cut the call, please tell me where are you

“Goodbye Karan breaks the phone

In other moment Prithvi and his goons captures her. Karan tries Tanya’s phone is not able to contact her. Rishab and Sameer are not able to trace either.

Prithvi and Sherlyn brings Preeta to an old construction building. Karan traces the location of Prithvi and goes to save her.

“Because of you today my Sherlyn was humiliated in front of so many people Prithvi takes out his frustration on her.

“Let it be, anyway she is just pawn in our hands, jackpot to ruin Rishab Luthra Sherlyn stops him from hitting her

The goon throws Preeta in the corner who is lifeless and lost all courage to fight. Everything when she lost her smile or given up the only person who brings her back is Karan. Today she does not expect her Kadva Karela to save her dignity. Much to her disbelief Karan comes to save her risking his life. The scene horrifies him seeing his baby dolly with torn clothes, injuries on her delicate body. His anger had no limits after witnessing Preeta’s condition.

“How dare you Prithvi Malhotra, with your dirty hands touch Preeta, I told you to stay away from her, now you see what will I do with you Karan punches three times on Prithvi’s face

Both have lengthy fight but Karan loses his ability to fight when one of them hit the rod hardly on Karan’s left leg.

“Karan, are you okay Preeta who does not strength in herself runs to help him

Karan ; babydoll, this time it cost me high to save you (teases her even hurt)

Prithvi ; what a love? this two are perfect couple actually both are fools to mess their life by themselves

Sherlyn : Punnu, this girl is not important to us but this Karan, he is life of Rishab, you both have messed your life by your own foolishness

Prithvi : It was nice playing with you both Karan Luthra but in this life I won’t be able to continue this game so good bye

“No, please leave him, you can kill me but spare his life Preeta begs

Karan ; don’t beg in front of this creep, he will not get anything after killing us, and you shoot come one (holds the gun)

At the moment Prithvi is about to pull the trigger, one car crashes inside and signals Preeta and Karan to get inside. It is none other than Tanya who creates chaos in the whole factory. She drives out of the ground but the car gets stucked in the mud. The trio are captured again when Prithvi takes hold of Tanya even after stopped by Sherlyn

“Why are you all hell bent on making me bad person clutches Tanya’s hair

Sherlyn’s silence hurts her sister more than Prithvi’s torture.

“And you, did you forget that fateful night, or do you want me to remind you what I can do” goes close to her face

There are flashes in Tanya’s mind recalling Prithvi’s attempt to molest her the day she lost her parents.

“Not this two, but I will finish your game today, you lawyer is about to hit rod on her face but Rishab stops him holding the side of stick and kicks Prithvi. He forwards his hands to make Tanya stand up but suddenly his brother’s condition make him lose all the sanity.

“Karan, are you okay, how many time i told you control yourself Rishab calmly scolds his little kiddo.

Rishab reprimands both Sherlyn and Prithvi to mess up his brother and friend’s lives for their greediness.

“Creep, your Sherlyn babes probably didn’t tell you, I will turn the direction of every storm that will dare to strike my brother alright punches hardly on Prithvi’s face to make it bleed

Karan is overwhelmed to see the love on his brother’s eyes for him.

“You cannot run away from your deeds loser Karan warns him

Prithvi : I will leave you all but on a condition, one of you will stay here as proof that you all will not go to police

Tanya tells Prithvi to keep her capture and let everybody leave

“Fine you can take your brother and your beloved but this girl will stay with me puts knife on Tanya’s neck

Rishab : do you think I am an idiot who would agree to this

Tanya insists Rishab to take everybody with him and leave her alone.

“Think over Rishab, this girl or your brother gives him ultimatum

Rishab decides to take away Karan and Preeta out safely and come back to save Tanya again.

“Take her inside throws Tanya on floor

Rishab takes Preeta and Karan out in the lot where Shrishti and Sameer are waiting.

“Sameer, you take Karan to hospital, he needs medical right now tells him

Karan ; no bhai I will not let you go alone, if something happens to you

Rishab : I have to save her, you know how we lost our pinky years ago like this, we were kids that time but today I will not repeat the mistake again

Sameer looks at Rishab helplessly wanting to tell the truth but remembers Tanya’s promise.

“Karan, we cannot leave let his girls go alone, you go with them okay’ assures him

Karan ; bhai, Sameer will take them I will go with you, pinky was not just your friend

Rishab : but we lost her because of me, and today I will only save Tanya, you go

“Bhai listen to me Karan tries to stop him but in vain. On the middle of way, Karan tells Sameer to stop the car telling him to call the cops.

Sameer : where are you going?

Karan ; I will not leave brother alone inside, he is my life, I don’t trust that creep he will harm Rishab, you call the cops (goes in the building)

Rishab enters the place Tanya is captured and is half conscious.

“Don’t shout its me puts hand on her mouth gently

Tanya : what are you doing here?

Rishab ; I have come to save you, come on lets go from here

Tanya : why did you come all the way here to risk your life

Rishab : to loose some burden of guilt I am carrying from years

Tanya looks at him with confusion

Rishab ; come lets go (forwards his hands

Both goes to run outside but Karan and Prithvi’s lengthy fight stops them. The boys beat other on the upper floor of site.

Rishab tries to save Karan when the noise of bullet fire stops everything. Everybody is left stunned seeing pool of blood on Tanya’s clothes. She unknowingly walks on the edge of the window where Karan was standing. Her fall takes them both out of window and crash down on windshield of the car. At the same time police arrives there to arrest the wrong doers. Preeta and Rishab does not react to incidence initially but Shrishti brings back them to senses. All of them are horrified to witness  Karan and Tanya on the verge of life and death situation lying in all blood. They are taken to hospital in emergency room. Luthra family is shaken up with Karan’s condition as well as Preeta. She sits like dead body outside the ward not been able to get over the grief.

“Sis, please say something Shrishti shakes her shoulder hardly but Preeta does not give any respond

“Maheshji, do something, bring my Karan back he cannot leave me Rakhi demands to her husband

Rishab is sitting alone in corner not able to console himself.


Rishab is sitting on bridge with his broken heart. His heart had not stopped loving Preeta inspite of spending time with Sherlyn all the time. Tanya comes to meet him while passing from place.

“Whenever I am in some dilemma, you almost come in front of me gets sarcastic

Tanya : because I am problem solver for everything right

Rishab : excuse me

“Just kidding, what happened jiju changes the topic

Rishab ; you have to promise me you will listen to me like friend first not as somebody’s sister

Tanya : okay say

“You know before Sherlyn, I always got away from the idea of marriage, mom was so desperate to get me settled, but heart never said what kind of girl I wanted ” opens his heart out

Tanya : tell what kind of life partner you like to be with

Rishab : should I be honest or just lie

Tanya ; even if you lie I would catch so better tell truth

Rishab ; just like Preetaji, have you ever noticed, she is so perfect in everything

Tanya : yes she is very nice but if you are really not happy with Sherlyn just back out rather than compromising two lives

Rishab : you are saying this?

“Yes I know because I don’t believe in compromise marriage, you know why, it just takes the essence of living life, I mean you have to get married once why not with somebody with you who can share life makes herself comfortable while talking

Rishab : I don’t understand why are you lawyer, you should be a teacher

Tanya : I don’t know if this marriage is your own choice or just for family but you are very lucky that if even if you back out your parents will support your decision, just believe in yourself jiju and live the life you love for once

Flashback ends


Doctors informs both Karan and Tanya are in critical condition even after the bullet has been removed from Tanya’s body. Due to glasses hit on their head, lot of blood has been lost. Sameer curses himself for not able to save his brother who loved him more than anything and his best friend whom he met after many years.

La Fatah Illah Ali La Saif Illah Zilfiqar
La Fatah Illah Ali La Saif Illah Zilfiqar
Ali Ali

Himmatein Ada Karo Wo Madadgaar Maula
Ali Maula Ali Maula Ali Maula Wo Maula Ali Maula Ali Maula
Ab Hi Hakumatein Parwardigar Maula
Ali Maula Ali Maula Ali Maula Maula Ali Maula Ali Maula
O Shaahi Marda Aashir Azda Ja Fida Tumpe Maula
Ali Maula Ali Maula Ali Maula Maula Ali Maula Ali Maula O Maula

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