Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 75

Sameer recognizes Radha as his aunt from childhood.
“Masi you, after so many years” Sameer gets in tears
Radha : you are my Sameer, my didi’s last memory I can’t believe my eyes, you have grown up big
Both shares very emotional moment. Radha informs him about his baby sister she could not meet in years
Sameer : my sister?
Radha : yes after you left from my eyes I brought her to our house
Sameer feels bad knowing he had a sister of his own.
Radha ; I have very small picture of her, she was one year (shows him photograph)
Sameer remained shocked as well as Luthras
“Pinky” Sameer gets big blow going into flashback when he found small pinky in the orphanage
Karan : that means pinky is your sister, the real one (gets happy)
Tejaswini goes down near the basement to find the haunted room. The boys follow her downstairs except Mahesh. She tells them to grab each and every belonging of Gayatri to immerse in river. Initially all have hard time opening the door but starts to grab everything. They are horrified to see Gayatri’s picture and knife with blood on it.
The ladies keeps lighting the holy fire to keep the power of spirit in control.
Preeta goes to her room feeling uneasy about something. The wind starts blowing faster in the room. Her holy locket starts to loosen up and falls on floor somewhere.
Preeta : oh no my locket (starts to look around the whole room)
Gayatri’s spirit possesses her completely again to take revenge and walks downstairs
Everybody gets ready to sit near the fire when Preeta is about to stab Tanya from behind.
“Tanya watch out” Rishab and Karan holds the sharp side of knife to stop Preeta.
Karan : what are you doing? drop that
“I will kill her, she is the daughter of that Thakur “ Preeta speaks the voice of spirit
Families get extremely shocked with her behavior. Tanya starts to panic in fear. The lights start to flash in the whole mansion.
Tejaswini : don’t waste more time go and immerse this in river
Rishab : but Tanya and Preeta how will we leave them alone
Karan : yes thats right
Tejaswini : that spirit won’t get liberal till every belonging of her goes out of this mansion so hurry up
The boys starts heading towards the river except Mahesh who stays back.
Tanya gets trapped in the room when Gayatri’s spirit comes in front of her in Preeta’s form.
“What do you want from me” she begs in front of her crying
“Just like this I begged in front of your ancestors but they did not heard to my plea, killed my innocent child who could not come in this world” Gayatri rages in anger and emotion threatening to harm child in her womb currently
“Please don’t do anything to my child” Tanya starts chanting hanuman chalisa but in vain
She does not let Tanya escape from room who wants to drink water. The glass breaks on floor making her helpless. Gayatri recalls the same incidence when nobody fed her water during pregnancy. She leaves Preeta’s body and come to her real self in front
“Preeta, are you okay” Tanya tries to pat her
Gayatri : now nothing can save you from me not even your husband (comes close to her)
Preeta : what will you get taking revenge from us? I know whatever happened with you was wrong
“Will your child come back killing somebody’’s else” Tanya says lying on floor injured who question her mother’s feeling
Gayatri looks at her
Preeta : fate did injustice with you but will you be able to face yourself after harming an innocent life (pleads again)
This strikes hard to Gayatri like arrow piercing her heart. Boys immerse everything of Gayatri in the river
“Your maternal love won, its time for me to leave” Gayatri closes her eyes finally get liberation from the pain she has been giving to others and her own soul. Tejaswini’s chanting gets successful of sending the spirit away forever.
Preeta hugs Tanya who starts feeling dizzy. She makes her drink water properly
“Preeta are you okay” Karan comes back to see his love defeating the death
Preeta : I am fine (embraces him)
Everything comes back to normal slowly after long brawl. Sameer tells Tanya everything which brings another change in their relationship.
“My brother was always in front of me and I could not recognize him” Tanya gets in tears
Sameer : you know I always thought what is so unique in our relation even if we don’t have same blood
Radha : I cannot tell you how happy I am to see both of you after so many years, god finally heard to my prayers
Sarla : this is god’s nature dear he plays his own tricks to show way
The brother sister duo shares their own sibling moment.
Karan : I was thinking if you both are real sibling then in that case even Tanya is my sister right bhai
Mahesh : I hope you all children had good honeymoon lets go back from here
Rakhi : seriously, this was the terrible experience
Karan : but mom I must say today I understood why we need parents in life, they will bring us out from every situation
Sahil feels bad hearing it how he has been deprived of parents love whole life. Roo quickly notices his sadness but does not say anything. She tells Kritika to let her go in Sahil’s car while returning home.
Kritika : are you serious?
Roo : Di I will hide in his car before anybody sees me and you being my sister will handle everything love you (runs away)
Kritika : this girl will put in big trouble one day nut case
Rishab and Tanya have awkward moment while packing clothes. Karan asks Preeta what she did to get rid off spirit. She hesitates to tell him everything
Karan : I mean my baby doll is so brave to fight with anything (cups her face)
“You know where I get this strength to fight, from you before it was Papa now your love give me courage to fight with the world” Preeta hugs emotionally feeling guilt of troubling everybody
Karan : you know first day I was really scared to see your behavior (tells her everything about harming other girls)
Preeta : what? I tried to
“Listen it was not your fault, revenge is such a thing people get blind but god saved them” Karan kisses her forehead
Everybody gets ready to leave from the palace in evening. All of them give one glance to the place that changed their life. Roo sneaks in Sahil’s car secretly leaving everything on her sister.
Karan : where is Roo?
“Bhai she will come in our car don’t worry” Kritika tells him
Mahesh : this girl will never change, come on lets go
The families starts heading towards home.
Dhruv : why did you lie? where is your storm express
Kritika : where do you think she might be?
Dhruv : oh I should have known that, seriously your sister is so much forward than you all
Kritika : shut up
Sahil drives alone in the car when he feels a presence inside. He gets shocked to see Roo trying to come at front side.
Sahil : what the hell? you here?
“Sorry” comes to sit in front
“Oh my god nutcase what are you doing here” asks her irritably
Roo ; you are so mean? I took so much big risk to meet you
Sahil : why did you want to meet me?
“To cheer you up, I know you were tensed” asks him directly
Sahil : nothing today I realized importance of family, Karan is right parents are the only one who can save us from any situation
Roo : stop the car
Sahil : what
Roo : I said stop the car right now, come out
“You know I don’t understand your logics” asks her
Roo : close your eyes (puts hands on his eyes slowly) ask for a wish
Precap : Preeta gets pregnant as well as Tanya bringing another occasion for families. Sahil and Roo gets into accident

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  1. Despacito

    awesome epi di 🙂

  2. I don’t know what words would describe this amazing piece of writing
    It was incredible
    Loved it so much
    Sameer and Tanya have blood relation? I was shocked on the revelation
    Finally they got rid of every evil spirit
    Roo and kritika??
    Roohil’s accident??
    Preeta and Tanya pregnant??? so exciting
    Want to see rishab and karan excessive love and care towards their respective wife
    Post ASAP dear
    Love u loads❤❤
    Stay blessed??

  3. First of all I am sorry Ashi di
    I know you are waiting for the comment from 20 hours I guess. Firstly when I read it,it was not uploaded on tellyupdates and when I checked it it was very late 12 am so I slept . Then today I forgot to comment
    Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry
    Coming to the update
    Superb climax?
    I loved the way Preeta and Tanya explained the spirit of gayatri?
    Sameer-Tanya real siblings ???I am not at all shocked??just doing drama. You know why I am not shocked *wink* . Just wanted to know their reactions .That scene was very sweet . Vaise thanks to share with me . You are the best ?. Keep telling me secrets .
    Roo? Ruhil so sweet and cute?????
    This was a very touchy chapter .
    Ruhil accident??? (OK now I am not doing drama)
    Tanya and Preeta pregnant!!
    Feeling happy for Preeta and the whole family.?
    But poor Tanya??? Now she will try to go away from the lives of Rishabh and family. Wanting to know Rishabh’s reaction along with luthras . My Tanya di in dharamsankat????
    Please update soon
    Keep smiling ? and make my motivational Tanya di also smile . Please Please Please
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