Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 74

Shrishti makes coffee for herself. She hears a noise outside and goes out to check but does not find anything.
Sameer : what are you doing?
“I was just trying to divert my mind so coffee do you want some” offers him
Sameer : no thanks how is Kritika
“I think she will be fine, Dhruv is with her right now” Shrishti tries to blow the coffee
Karan who is passing from there sees poison bottle on floor outside the kitchen. He throws her coffee breaking glass
Sameer : whats wrong bhai
Karan : this coffee had poison in it
Shrishti : how do you know
“By this” shows them poison bottle
Shrishti gets afraid hearing it
Rishab : whats going on
“Bhai somebody poisoned her coffee” Sameer informs him
Rishab : what?
Dhruv : one thing is very strange, all three girls have been hurt in other way, Tanya have fever, Kritika got hit and she got poisoned but Preeta is safe and is hanging around
Karan ; what do you mean?
Dhruv : I mean if that spirit wants to harm married girls she has not done anything to Preeta yet isn’t that strange
Karan : no because she herself have becomes strange
Rakhi and Sarla goes to visit the woman who can help them sort out the problem. Her name is Tejaswini who is very experienced in paranormal things.
Rakhi ; hello (greets her)
“Yes” woman asks them
Sarla : we need your help our children are trapped in a strong spirit
Tejaswini : I knew you all will come here, one thing I want to say the spirit in that palace has become very powerful
Rakhi ; please do something those children are our whole life
Tejaswini closes her eyes chanting some mantras and gets shocked
Rakhi : what happened?
“My intuition was right that spirit has started hovering around but you don’t worry tomorrow I will come in noon” tells them
Sarla ; till then how will we fight with that spirit
“Here are some holy lockets that will help your children to deal with that power but make sure you put on their neck properly if you lose it then that spirit will become strong again specially to all girls” warns them
Sarla : thank you so much
Both ladies leave the house and gets back in the palace.
Mahesh : what?
Rakhi ; she said she will come tomorrow till then this lockets will be our shield
The elders have hard time putting lockets on girls neck due to strong force. Sarla is about to put one on Preeta’s neck but she instead makes big eyes
“Don’t come close to me” her tone changes to fear of something
Karan : I told you bhai
Rakhi and Karan hold her tightly chanting hanuman chalisa while Sarla is able to put the locket on her neck.
Shrishti : thank god di
Preeta feels somebody just got out of her soul rapidly.
Preeta : mom (hugs her)
“You are okay” Karan asks her
Preeta nods
Tanya’s fever decreases while Kritika too gets out of danger.
Sahil and Ruchika reaches the village trying to find the address of lady. They ask some people around for location. Both takes ride on truck at the lady’s house whose name is Radha.
Woman : yes? who do you need
“We want to meet Radha ma, is she here” Sahil asks her
Woman : wait here I will call her
Sahil and Roo looks around the house. They see an old woman coming inside
Radha : hello, who are you?
Sahil : you are Radha ma the one who was caretaker of that palace
Radha is quite shaken hearing it
Sahil : actually we want to know about that mansion our family girls are getting targeted
Roo : please tell us whatever you know its matter of my sister and bhabhis
“That palace was given to my brother in law by their ancestors but sister and jiu were not aware of the blunder done, they were also newly wedded couple and that spirit started haunting them, my sister’s elder son lived with me in at my in laws , I ran away with my sister’s new born daughter from there and it was last time I saw my sister and brother in laws, some priest closed that door which was room of spirit” Radha gets in tears
Sahil : but what does that spirit want?
“Her name was gayatri devi, she was married to one of the Thakurs years ago, they killed her mercilessly because of her lower class, from that day she is revenging the married woman who become bride in that mansion” she narrates
Roo : what happened to those kids of your sister and jiju
Radha : when I came back here my mother in law without letting me know sent him away somewhere I could not find and then forced me to leave my sister’s daughter too, I sent her to Ooty orphanage
Sahil : do you have any picture or that locket of two children and that letter too
Radha gives them picture of both kids she has hidden from years. Roo recognizes the holy thread in small boy’s hand.
Sahil :what happened
Roo : I have seen this picture somewhere but can’t remember
Sahil : try to recall
Roo : I am trying, aunty how old was the kid when you saw him last time
Radha : around 5 years and the girl was only 2 months why
Sahil : I think you should come with us please
Radha ; I (hesitates)
Roo : please don’t say no, for my family they are in danger right now
Radha : okay, but we have to leave soon and I will have to come back in two days
Sahil : don’t worry we will come back to drop you here
The trio starts heading towards the palace
Back in Rajasthan
Things get little bit normal after Preeta comes out of possessed spirit.
“Karan I am scared, that spirit will come again and make me harm” Preeta gets hyper
Karan ; I am with you nothing can harm you now alright (hugs her)
Preeta : did you talk with Sahil where are they now
Karan : I could not because of bad network around here
Tanya comes to senses looking at Rishab sleeping on couch for her promise.
Rishab : you woke up? do you need anything
“Yes and only you can give that to me” Tanya looks at him with smirk
Rishab : wait, your smile is not less than danger to me
“You lived to your promise just for me” Tanya steps back
Rishab : promise is very small thing for me, my life is yours
Tanya : if I ask you something you won’t refuse na (tells him seriously)
Rishab : what do you want
She looks at him with too much concern and worry about something
Sameer and Shrishti fight for the bed space at night.
“shorty there is too much space go on your side” tells him annoyingly
Sameer : what is it? let me sleep peacefully if you want so much space then just go and sleep downstairs
Shrishti hits him with the pillow and goes down in hall to sleep. In a while she hears noise of anklets again and runs to room. She tries to wake up Sameer but in vain
“What is it” he wakes irritated
Shrishti ; there is somebody downstairs (covers herself under blanket quickly)
Next day Tejaswini comes there as well as Sahil and Roo with Radha at the palace
“Mom dad aunty you all here” Roo asks them with confusion
Mahesh : we were missing you all so much and here we found out our daughter is having her own fun
Roo : dad you are teasing me, your princess (gets offended)
Sahil ; oh please is there anybody who cannot tease you
Roo : of course there is
“Stop it both of you” Rakhi scolds them
“Tejaswini ji thank god you came, please do something” Sarla requests her
The family asks about Radha from the duo who tells them everything
Tejaswini looks at every corner and ask about the room where spirit was locked.
Precap ; Climax of horror track, Preeta again attempting to kill one of the girls.

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  1. Despacito

    Awesome update di 🙂
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  2. Poison in shrishti’s coffee?
    Thankgod karan saved her at right time *sigh of relief*
    Preeta’s behaviour?
    By God’s grace she is out of possession
    All the girls’ condition experiencing betterment?
    History of the palace ?
    I understood yesterday wala secret fully. I had a question ‘how’ after knowing it but now I got all my answers . Thankyou once again .Now I am waiting fir it to get disclosed in the story . Wanna see everyone’s reactions regarding it .
    Rishnya are so sweet .?
    I am afraid what is Tanya going to ask from Rishabh .???
    RuHil ? Made the ff by their bickering .
    This horror track is the most interesting track . You should try more in horror di.
    Climax of the horror track !!!?!?????
    Also waiting for the next track and thanks once again to extend the story
    Love you?
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  3. i think that girl would be tanya

  4. It was amazing
    Poison in shrishti’s coffee?
    Preeta’s behaviour??
    Radha’s story?
    Excited to see what Tanya is going to ask from Rishab
    Precap;??super exciting
    Post ASAP dear
    Love u loads❤
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  5. I think that the girl is Tanya and the boy is Sameer.

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