Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 73

Everybody gets tensed due to Tanya’s sudden high fever after incidence.
Rishab : what are you all saying?
Kritika : bhai its true Preeta’s illusion is right, there is something wrong in this place or else why would suddenly Tanya’s get sick
Karan : oh come on you know Tanya gets worried in small things
Preeta : really? is she so weak to faint by somebody’s word please
Dhruv ; guys calm down first if there is really wrong here lets just leave from here
Sahil : Dhruv is right lets go back anyway we had spend enough time
“Rishab bhai, our foreign clients called they will only wait for two more days or else the whole contract will get canceled” Sameer informs him about business problem
Rishab : I don’t care how can I leave Tanya alone here and how will we take her in this condition
Kritika ; bhai Mumbai is not so far, it will be only 5 hours drive lets go back, and don’t worry about car I will drive
Sameer : are you sure? only you and Tanya know how to drive or else one of us will come with you
Roo : dont’ worry bhai we will manage
Shrishti : I have an idea lets wait till Tanya recovers and then leave what if something happens on midway
Karan : tall pole you girls were craving too much for staying here now what happened
Preeta : can we save this for later, lets wait till she recovers and then leave as soon as we can from here
Everybody goes back to their room upset about recent incidence
Roo starts getting doubt about the incidences in the palace.
Sahil : what are you thinking?
Roo : I have strong feeling something is wrong in this place, Preeta bhabhi’s illusion is right
Sahil : how can you be so sure?
Roo takes him to the room and opens the computer she brought
Sahil : what are you upto
Roo : wait a minute please (finds something) have a look at this
Sahil : this is history for the palace
“That woman was right, this mansion is cursed by very old spirit but we have to find somebody who knows better” Ruchika suggest him
Sahil : but how will we find? this place is like 100 years ago and what does that spirit wants
Roo : whoever it is will only target bhabhi’s and Kritika di because they are married
Sahil : we can find something from this palace itself what say
Roo : you are so smart (says sarcastically) but now will you also say how will we find in such big mansion
Sahil : we are so many people I am sure somebody will find small thing
Ruchika and Sahil starts finding clues in the mansion. They are about to reach the door in basement but gets clue outside.
“Sahil look what is this” Roo finds piece of paper
Sahil : what? looks like paper of this mansion did somebody buy this
Karan : what are you both doing here?
Roo : bhai look what we found (gives him the paper they got)
Rishab : what is it?
Sahil : it says about the owner who bought this palace years ago but they died
Sameer : then whose name is this mansion is
Before they could read the name paper gets on fire itself. The girls starts shouting in fear seeing
Karan ; back off everybody
Rishab and Dhruv pours water on the fire. Furniture starts to break due to the power and lights flashes in whole mansion. Everybody starts running out while Rishab takes unconscious Tanya outside carrying her. The door closes on midway not letting anyone go outside.
Kritika : what is happening?
Preeta : told you that woman was right spirit here will not let us go from here now we are trapped
Karan ; nothing will happen to anybody okay (tries to calm her down)
Preeta : don’t give me false hope cant you see what is happening here
Rishab : we have to think another way to get rid of this problem
Shrishti sees something in the paper burnt
Sameer : what is it?
“where is Nawanagar village” Shrishti asks
Kritika : I think thats nearby village but its quite far from here why
Shrishti : there is address here of Nawanagar village maybe somebody can help us
Preeta : but how will we go there?
Sahil : if you all don’t mind me and Ruchika can go there and find somebody
Luthra brothers hesitates initially sending their sister to another place but agrees
Rishab ; take care of each other okay
Sahil : don’t worry she is my responsibility and I will bring her back safely
Karan gives hug to both of them before leaving. Sahil and Roo starts heading to Nawanagar by nearby bus at night.
Kritika : please take care okay (tells to her little sister emotionally)
Roo ; don’t worry di we will be fine
Sameer ; you are getting late, bus is leaves in 5 min hurry up
Dhruv : bey buddy
Sahil and Ruchika gets on the bus to Nawanagar. The rest goes back to the palace. Rishab does not want to inform their families
Karan ; you are right bhai but they are our parents I am sure they will find a way
Sameer : yes bhai lets call them , we won’t be able to handle this alone
Luthra house
Rakhi feels uneasy sensing her children’s in some sort of problem
Mahesh : why are you worrying? they are not kids, let them enjoy there
Rakhi : you don’t understand a mom can feel her child’s pain I know something is wrong
Mahesh ; okay let me call them
Rakhi : what happened
Mahesh : none of them are picking up my phone
Rakhi : i am telling you our children are not safe, let me call Sarlaji
Dadi : why are you troubling them
Rakhi calls Sarla
“Yes Rakhiji” Sarla asks her
Rakhi ; did you have any talk with Preeta or Shrishti, we can’t get their phones
Sarla : no why what happened
Suddenly Preeta and Shrishti’s picture frame breaks Rakhi and Sarla decides to go there and help their children.
Rishab calls Mahesh
“Where are you all? I am trying to call all of you, here your mom is getting tensed, just tell me everything is okay na?” Mahesh asks him
Rishab ; dad actually (tells him everything) and Tanya’s fever is not getting down instead its getting worst I am afraid about other girls
Mahesh : you all leave from there immediately
Rishab : we tried but could not that power is too strong and is not letting us leave
Mahesh : okay listen to me carefully you all stay together and we will leave right now, our blessing are with you nothing will happen take care
Rishab : okay dad (hangs up)
Mahesh : we have to leave as soon as possible our children are trapped in death and life
Rakhi : do you think we should consult a priest who can help us
Mahesh : but who? we don’t know anybody
Sarla : lets go there first our kids need us
The trio leaves for Rajasthan immediately.
The group is not able to sleep in fear in their rooms. Rishab holds Tanya’s hands sitting next to her.
“Karan I am scared please do something” Preeta pleads cryingly
“Baby doll listen to me god is with us and our parents also, I trust them we will get out of here safely I promise” Karan gives her solace
Nearby neighborhood palace
A noted medium woman does the prayer in the house putting on fire.
“This is not happening good, god help them” she closes her eyes getting flashes about the palace group is staying
Later in midnight Preeta hears a whisper outside the room again. She starts walking like being possessed towards the door and gets the keys from the drawer.
The bus stops on highway at some hotel for few minutes. Sahil goes out to get signal from phone and call his mom. Roo follows outside to get some fresh air. The bus starts to leave and is missed by the duo.
Roo : no, this all happened because of you
Sahil : excuse me who told you to get off from the bus, I was trying to call mom
Roo : Mr forgetful my brothers gave you my responsibility now you should fulfill that
“Oh god where did I get trapped, please save me from this torture” Sahil teases her
Roo : torture? you are lucky to have spend time with me
Sahil : but I am not from those fools to like bear tantrums in spare time
Roo : you are so irritating, while ago you were so sweet with me
Sahil : can we please save your tantrums till we solve this problem lets go find some help, uncle is there other bus to nawanagar
Vendor : next one will come in the morning
Roo : what? till then
Vendor : there is lodge here if you want to stay there, bus will come at 8 in morning
Sahil : thank you
Roo : god not again, I am so tired and now this
Sahil : what do you expect? that I carry you in my arms please I don’t want to break my bones we have to do some work
Roo gets irritated with his antics. Both finds small lodge nearby to stay for night.
Sahil : hello can we get one double room
Roo : same room? no way
Sahil : we are not spending night for whole day only for few hours shut up
Worker : there you go (gives the keys)
Back in palace
Preeta reaches the haunted room and opens the door staring at lock. There is complete silence in the whole place. Preeta comes in her senses only to find herself trapped. She goes to run upstairs but a force pulls her inside rapidly and closes door. Nobody is able to hear her screams in dark night.
Roo and Sahil gets tensed thinking about the situation.
Roo ; in my whole life I never saw a real ghost and today I am shaking
Sahil : why do you have to see one when you are not less than ghost
Roo : please for god sake don’t joke, I wonder what will that spirit do to bhabhi and di
“Listen god always help the people who have pure heart, your bhabhis and di are true nothing will happen to them” Sahil assures her
Roo : thank you
Sahil : take some rest its quite late we have to reach the place tomorrow
Roo : good night
Karan feels Preeta’s absence but before he could look for her she comes back in room
Karan : where were you
Preeta does not answer weirdly and goes to bed making him bit anxious
Karan : strange she did not even answer my question never mind she might be tired
Next morning Sahil wakes up first to see Roo sleeping peacefully. He does not wish to wake her from sleep looking at the innocence. After a while both finds another bus and leaves for the village.
Karan : bhai how is Tanya?
Rishab : still same, I put the cloth on her head whole night but fever is still there
Sameer : I just hope we leave from here
Mahesh, Rakhi and Sarla arrives there relieving their children.
Shrishti ; thank god you came mom, we were so scared
Sarla : don’t worry we are here nothing will happen now where is Preeta
Kritika : I think she is upstairs let me go call her she won’t hear
Karan ; bhai yesterday night Preeta behaved bit weird
Rishab : why?
Karan : I don’t know she went somewhere and when I asked she didn’t say anything
Kritika goes upstairs to find Preeta but is not able to find. Somebody grabs her neck through rope near pillar making her scream. She manages to run from there
Dhruv : thats Kritika’s voice
The boys run to find her
Kritika keeps running when big swing hits on her head.
Dhruv ; oh my god Kritika? are you okay
Mahesh ; take her to the room quickly
Shrishti does bandage on her injury.
Dhruv ; did you see aunty? this is all happening where is Preeta
Preeta comes there without any tension making everybody curious.
Sarla : how is Tanya?
Rishab : she has been conscious from yesterday
“Preeta where were you, Kritika came to find you upstairs” Sameer asks her
Preeta : but I was outside (says casually) who said I am upstairs
Shrishti : did you not said you are going on terrace while ago
Preeta : you have become forgetful I went outside to nearby temple
Karan and Rishab senses fishy in her behavior quickly but does not mention. A neighbor next door suggest them about a experienced medium who can help them.
Precap : Roo and Sahil reaches the village to finally solve the mystery. Preeta tries to harm Shrishti through poison in food. New entry

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  1. Despacito

    di your story track is going in really suspence. ammaging epi. precap is horrible.

  2. Omg!! your story is becoming interesting day by day. I can’t wait for the next update

  3. Brilliant update
    Tanya’s fever…?
    Paper getting burnt by itself…?
    Possessed preeta…?
    Attack on kritika….??
    Roohil’s ??
    Precap; preeta trying to harm shrishti???
    New entry??
    It is getting super exciting
    Post ASAP dear
    Love u loads??
    Stay blessed??

  4. Such an exciting and interesting twist in the tale . I must say that you are too good in horror . Once I read an os on preeran by you ‘curse’ . It was also horror but I was reading it tilll 2 am .I was a bit scared to read horror story til this late night but I couldn’t resist it was so interesting as if the content of the story had possessed me . Same goes here I can’t resist to read more and more . So please update soon.
    Ok enough of my bakbaks . Wanna say thankyou as you are extending the story with another track. Now I am very happy . The little sadness I had was because at that time this was the last track and I didn’t wanted such a beautiful ff to end so soon . But now I am double-triple happy and excited .
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    Okk now it’s time for goodbye as I have again started with my bakbaks .
    Oh moto toh reh hi gaya!
    Keep smiling ??

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