Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 72

Preeta starts getting restless while in kitchen when somebody whispers in her ear. She looks around to find but in vain. The boys goes out for some work in morning.
Tanya : there she is, Preeta what are you doing here right now
Shrishti : di make food later come with us
Kritika : are you okay? why are you sweating like you saw ghost
Preeta still remain in shock
“Tanya bhabhi, please come here” Roo shouts from other side
Tanya and Shrishti follows her
Kritika : whats wrong? you look so restless
Preeta : I don’t know why but this place seems very strange ever since we came I feel there is somebody else other than us
Kritika gets shocked initially
Preeta : like somebody has eyes on us or is it just my illusion
Kritika : Preeta it might be your illusion don’t worry nothing will happen wrong
Karan calls Preeta upstairs in room
Kritika ; go madam your call has come
Preeta : shut up (leaves)
Kritika gets into thinking about Preeta’s words. Tanya suggests to see the whole palace which they could not do during marriage rituals.
Roo : thats great idea come on
The girls hangs in the whole palace with chirping around every place.
Roo : wow di, just look at this portraits, its so amazing to see old kings and queen
Kritika : then the story of this place might also be very interesting
Shrishti : di look at this, such a big court I wonder in those days kings had so many queens
Preeta : exactly but I am sure love might be for only one of them
Roo : but they are not god Krishna who will love Radha and marry Rukmini
Tanya ; don’t worry we will get somebody like God Ram who only loved one in whole life (teases her)
Roo ; bhabhi at least you don’t tease me you are my favorite one
Shrishti ; and what about us
Roo : you both can keep Kritika bhabhi
Preeta : aha wait (runs after her) I won’t spare you being the youngest one
Preeta and Roo reaches near the basement looking at the doors. They are about to reach locked door but Shrishti calls them. The painting drops of king by itself.
Shrishti : what are you both doing? come on hurry up lets go
The girls goes downstairs when Tanya is about to faint but holds herself.
Preeta : are you okay?
Tanya : yea I don’t know just felt little bit dizzy, don’t worry
Preeta : sure
Tanya : of course
Later at night Sahil and Roo sits in balcony facing each other.
Sahil : I still don’t know how Kaya handled your madness seriously
“I can ask you the same question, you know her from childhood” Roo asks with attitude
Sahil : why do you give so much attitude with everything
“Just because we are girls should be have horns on head who cannot have self respect” Roo says
“Impressive you know thats why I consider you special from all girls. its very nice to see a girl standing up for herself” Sahil gets impressed
Roo : thanks Karan bhai always say person’s biggest wealth is their self respect
Sahil : this place have such fresh air we don’t get in cities lets go for walk
Both goes outside the palace for walk in midnight
“Sahil can I ask you something, you are rockstar but I have not seen your shows yet” Roo asks about his career
Sahil : yea after Kaya died I lost inspiration too for singing, then Preeta came in my life as sister but again I still don’t feel like singing nowadays” Sahil shares his feelings
“What if somebody wants to be your inspiration” Roo holds his hand
Sahil gets lost in her eyes holding her face lovingly feeling the love she has for him
Bheegi bheegi sadkon pe main
Tera intezaar karun

Dheere dheere dil ki zameen ko
Tere hi naam karun
Khudko main yoon kho doon
Ke phir na kabhi paaun
Haule haule zindagi ko

Ab tere hawaale karun
Sanam re, sanam re
Tu mera sanam hua re
Sanam re, sanam re
Tu mera sanam hua re
Karam re, karam re

Roo ; we should go back its too late (steps back)
“Roo will you become my inspiration for life time, I don’t want to lose one more precious relationship” Sahil stops her holding her wrist
Roo controls her tears to not get much affected.
“After long time I got family love just because of your presence in my life” makes her turn toward him slowly
Roo : I am scared to get hurt again (keeps her eyes closed)
“This time I won’t let anything hurt you promise” removes hair blowing by wind
Ruchika embraces him smilingly and runs back in her room.
Preeta hears a noise of anklet outside her room. She declines initially but it keeps echoing outside the room and starts walking. In the dark hallway she feels somebody’s presence but invisible. Somebody watches her from back through mirror. A hand falls on her shoulder
Karan : what are you doing here
Preeta ; I think I heard some noise upstairs
Karan : baby doll this is old palace you might have heard some noise from outside
Preeta : no Karan I really heard somebody peeping outside our room
Karan ; baby doll (hears anklet noise)
Preeta : see I told you
“Ssshhh” Karan holds her hand scarily
The duo freaks out when a shadow runs around with the noise of anklet. They see Tanya going to her room drinking water
Karan: oh I see this girl will not let us stay in peace let me teach her (goes to her)
Tanya : you both here?
Karan : wrestler have you sworn to not let us sleep even in night, if you are not sleepy then tell your husband why are you ruining our sleep
Tanya : you know I had not done this but now I will scare in such way you would not sleep in whole life do you want me to try
Karan : how rude, first you are making mistake and then arguing with me
Everybody comes down with their bickering
Preeta : you both please calm won
Rishab : whats going on? you both don’t have any other work except fighting in midnight
Karan ; bhai you ask what is she doing in midnight wearing those anklet
Tanya : are you nuts? why would I scare anybody, if you say one more word I will make you dance with those anklets (scratches his hair)
Somebody watches them fight from corner
Sahil : why are they fighting?
Roo : don’t you know without their fight night and day cannot pass (rubs her eyes)
Karan : bhai actually Preeta and I heard noise of somebody going around with anklet
Sameer : and you thought it was Tanya
Preeta : no no we didn’t mean that but we just got scared with those strange noise and suddenly she came in front of us
Tanya : sorry i didn’t mean to scare you all
Rishab : lets go back to sleep its quite late
Karan : good night bhai
Everybody goes back in their room. Preeta still feels something wrong about the place.
Karan : baby doll are you still thinking? go to sleep now please (caresses her hair gently)
Next day the girls hang out near the temple to pray after marriage.
“God, after so much pain we all got united please keep everything fine” Preeta folds her hands while praying
“Matarani, thank you so much for giving me such good family, just keep your hand on us so nobody cast evil on our happiness” Tanya prays too
A women asks them about their stay and identity. She gets shocked to know about palace.
Woman : don’t you know that mansion is cursed, any girl who gets married there gets doomed
The girls gets hell shocked hearing it but Roo and Shrishti does not believe that.
Roo : thats impossible I don’t believe all this
“You all will be ruined, that spirit won’t let you leave anywhere mark my words:” Lady leaves with her warning them
Tanya faints due to shock.
Precap : Possessed Preeta tries to harm all the girls one by one except Roo.

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  1. It’s different.. nice twist ..

  2. The most awaied moment RuHil reunion?????????Now want RuHil confession and marriage
    First Preeta feeling someone’s presence
    And now kritika also
    The locked room?
    Karan and Preeta hearing anklet sound?
    Karnya’s bickering?
    Words of the woman at the temple?
    Preeta possessed and trying to harm all the girls except Roo as she didn’t got married??
    Interesting horror track….
    Want more of it . Please don’t end it soon
    Vaise bhi this is the last track?
    Please update soon . This track is very exciting ?
    Keep smiling ?

  3. Amazing update
    Finally Roohil’s union??
    Horror palace??
    Firstly preeta feeling someone’s presence and then kritika …..omg??
    Preetan hearing anklet sound?
    Karnya’s fight??
    Words of the lady at the temple??
    Plz plz plz add one more happy track after this and make this ff complete its century
    Hopefully story ends on a happy note
    Post ASAP dear
    Love u loads❤
    Stay blessed?

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