Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 71

Families does the ritual for the newly wedded couple one by one.
Rakhi : god bless my children
Karan : mom please pray for your sons they are going for prison like you
Preeta : really? we girls need best wishes and appreciate us that we are handling you guys (taunts them)
Kritika : hey Preeta don’t say anything to my brothers
Tanya : hello brothers’s sycophant how easily you switch sides
Rakhi gets emotional with all her son’s getting finally married
Rishab : mom you are crying
“You don’t know today you made me so happy, finally I will see my Rishab’s found his destination, may god bless you” Rakhi pampers him
Karan : we are also here, but who care I am the only one who is not loved
Tanya : because you are not deserved (shows him tongue)
Karan :oh I see now this girls will also get their share but me and Sammy will be alone
Mahesh : so what if your mom is not there, but your dad will always love you (hugs them) congratulations
Karan ; thanks dad
Rakhi ; why do you feel jealous? we love you both equally okay, Tanya dear why do you look upset
Tanya : nothing I am just missing mom on this day
“You know what I said I am mother of all three girls from today” Rakhi kisses her forehead lovingly
Sarla : okay now lets get this last ritual done you have to find rings in the pool
Mahesh ; girls be careful don’t cut my nose, my long life dream
Rakhi ; you don’t worry, my boys will win this game bet on that
Karan : love you mom
Luthra siblings stay on one side with Rakhi. While the rest sit next to Mahesh.
Rakhi : Start (puts ring in bowl)
“Come on people hurry up” Ruchika cheers them up
Sahil : you see Ms dancer my side will win, right Preeta
“Victory is already ours brother” Preeta finds the ring
Shrishti : told you don’t mess with us you all are very lucky to have us
Tanya : poor people (shows them thumbs down funnily)
Mahesh : I am so proud of you all now I am sure you will keep this mother’s brat on your toes whole life
Kareena : not bad son, you won over my stubborn daughter
Krtiika : mom thats so mean I am your daughter
Kareena : then you all should have kept the prestige of our family
Dhruv : thank you aunty love you
Kareena : love you too
“Aha love you, don’t worry I will handle you in such a way you won’t forget mr husband” Krittika challenges him
Dhruv : you are scaring me, it won’t work
Sameer : bhai this is not fair and uncle its only a game
Rishab ; don’t be so happy dad every time we saved your girls from problem
Shrishti : sorry to say Rishabji but you Luthra siblings didn’t save us but we are capable to save ourself from everything
Sameer : don’t fly high tall pole did you have memory loss, I saved you in goa from police case if I didn’t show that footage you would be in jail
Shrishti : last year’s calendar you forgot that I was the one who put that camera on front gate thats why you could access it
Sameer : so what?
Roo : bhai they are flying very high do something
Sahil : only using mouth does not work in real world you should have brains
Roo : excuse me? what do you mean, we are Luthra family children alright
Sahil ; are you gonna put that as qualification in your bio data for marriage, then i have good suggestion please dont do that mistake or else no boy will date you
Roo widens her mouth with his rubbish.
Karan ; don’t spare him sister go give him back hurry up
Roo gives him glare killings with eyes
Sahil : wow I got scared (makes fun of her)
Roo : you were right other day overconfidence suits on only few people (pours water on him)
Everybody laughs at his antics
Sahil : what the hell? today I won’t spare you (starts running after her)
Roo : see Mr rockstar today I defeated you again (runs in the whole palace but stops seeing a door moving by itself)
Sahil : what happened? you got tired so easily, I heard dancers have the best energy after athletics
Roo’s eyes get stuck on the door
Sahil : hello I am telling you something, why are you staring like a ghost
Roo ; somebody is right there Sahil (points)
Sahil : where? there is nobody are you day dreaming come lets go (Takes her back)
Dhruv comes in his room and sees his bride sitting in middle of bed covering face with veil. He goes slowly to open it but gets shocked to see Roo.
Dhruv : what are you doing here
Roo pretends to cry
Dhruv : now what happened? can you please leave your emotional story for tomorrow and where is Kritika (Asks her)
“Dhruv today I want to confess something that I could not say in months” Roo fakes tears
Tanya, Kritika, Preeta and Shrishti stands outside watching the drama
Dhruv : what?
Roo : that I started to love you, please marry me
“You have seriously lost it, few minutes ago I married your sister, please go see a psychiatrist” Dhruv steps back
Roo : I have gone crazy but in your love (makes her acting look real in front of him to create drama)
Dhruv : but from when?
Roo : ever since I saw you first time Karan bhai’s engagement party that day even di was married I regret for not telling you
Dhruv : I thought you love Sahil
Roo : no (makes face) that grumpy guy does not even look at me he is very bad, not like you
Dhruv : please stay back (starts getting scared)
Kritika : okay now enough of jokes poor guy (goes inside the room)
Preeta : wait yaar
Dhruv : thank god you came see your sister have gone mad I think
The girls make fool of him but Kritika kicks them out funnily
Dhruv : god they nearly gave me heart attack
Kritika : you are so sweet, I am so sorry but I have some right to play prank on you right
Dhruv : not so easily you have to pacify me for spoiling my surprise
Kritika : you made surprise for me? please tell me quickly I can’t wait
Dhruv : why should I? you made fool of me
“So what should I do to make my husband’s mood” Kritika gives him back hug
Dhruv : you think till then I will go and freshen up
Shrishti : who is next (Smirks at Preeta)
Preeta : no way, I think thats enough pranks for today please
Shrishti : di please one last
Preeta : why don’t you play one on your Sameer then always playing on my Karan
Shrishti : aha you forgot so easily yesterday’s punishment
Preeta : Exactly then everybody deserves one, what about your shorty
Shrishti : I will play with him by my own didi but I want to see Karan Sir’s reaction (tells Tanya)
Tanya : I am tired please
Preeta : let it be na Shrishti and anyway this is important night for us
Shrishti : okay di if you are saying then I will give up good night
The girls head to their respective room
Dhruv comes out from washroom getting surprised with their pictures all around.
Kritika : welcome to our little world
Dhruv : not bad my wife is so creative (holds her closer but sees her sad face) whats wrong
“I want to remove all the bitter memories from past every time I close eyes I only wish to see your face” Kritika finds solace in his arms
Dhruv : I will not let that storm come around promise (kisses her forehead)
The couple ends up consummating their marriage for bright future
Karan comes to his room to see his beautiful bride waiting for him.
“Baby doll what are you looking” Karan goes to her near the window
Preea : how things come true that you just see in dreams even if you pay something for it
“You are not more than dream for me, you know whats the best part of my day is when I see your face everyday this pure eyes, love that you share with my family what you did nobody could do that” Karan wipes her tears
“how can you love me so much, now even thought of going away from you kills me inside, Karan hold me today in such a way that nobody can even dare to take me away” Preeta sobs in his arms
Karan : stop crying I want to make this night very memorable for us okay
Preeta : did you see that moon is also glowing with its shine today witnessing our love
Karan helps Preeta removing her heavy jewelry without making her uncomfortable
Karan ; why don’t you go and change
Preeta : yea
“Wait I have brought this gift for you” Karan gives her sleeveless green and white saree
Preeta : thanks
Karan ; if you are not comfortable then its okay
Preeta : how will I not wear something you give me I will just be back
Karan nods
After few minutes Preeta comes out wearing the gorgeous green saree with white borderline. Karan is not surprised with her simplicity
Preeta : what are you looking?
“nothing that how moon has come more closer to met today” Karan lifts her in arms putting gently on the bed removing her hair coming on face but stops himself from kissing her
Preeta : whats wrong
Karan : if you are not ready then I will wait (starts to leave)
“Please don’t, I want to be yours for lifetime ” Preeta gets scared
Mere haath mein tera haath ho saari jannatein mere
saath ho – 2
Tu jo paas ho phir kya yeh jahaan tere pyar mein ho
jaaun fanaa
Mere haath mein tera haath ho saari jannatein mere
saath ho
Tu jo paas ho phir kya yeh jahaan tere pyar mein ho
jaaun fanaa
Karan unties her saree pecking on her bare back. Both share passionate and wild kiss turning their night blissful. They become one soul forever.
Mere haath mein tera haath ho saari jannatein mere
saath ho
tere dil mein meri saanson ko jagah mil jaaye
Tere ishq mein meri jaan fanaa ho jaaye
Jitne paas hain khushbu saans ke
Jitne paas hothon ke sargam
Jaise saath hain karvat yaad ke
Jaise saath baahon ke sangam
Jitne paas paas khwaabon ke nazar
Utni paas tu rehna hamsafar
Tu jo paas ho phir kya yeh jahaan
Tere pyar mein ho jaaun fanaa
Mere haath mein tera haath ho saari jannatein mere
Tanya enters the room that smell with her favorite flowers and candles. She sees small lights in the whole room with heart shaped.
“Rishab where are you” Tanya looks around for him but does not find him
She feels his hands wrapping around her hips
Rishab : finally you are here (whispers in her ear)
Tanya turns around to see another glow on his face that never came before
Rishab : what are you looking?
Tanya : that happiness, glow never came in your eyes till today does love really change people
Rishab : just try to feel that and you will understand (makes her sit on sofa)
Tanya : are you okay?
Rishab takes her leg on his lap tying small anklet in her feet and gently kisses it
Tanya : this?
“I wanted to give you this last time but that day luck was not on our side, its same anklet that is part of your heartbeat right” Rishab ask her
Tanya : but now my every heartbeat have only one name Rishab
“If thats the case then today complete me with your love and faith” Rishab opens his arms
Tanya could not resists and gives him bone crushing hug after long time. Rishab goes closes to her but she asks time from him.
Ek dil hai
Ek jaan hai
Dono tujhpe.
Dono tujhpe qurbaan hain
Ek main hoon, ek imaan hai
Dono tujhpe haan tujhpe
Dono tujhpe qurbaan hain
Ek dil hai.
Ishq bhi tu mera pyar bhi tu
Meri baat zaat jazbaat bhi tu
Parwaaz bhi tu rooh-e-saaz bhi tu
Meri saans nabz aur hayaat bhi tu
Mera raaz bhi tu
Pukhraj bhi tu
Meri aas pyaas aur libaas bhi tu
Meri jeet bhi tu, meri haar bhi tu
Mera kaaj raaj aur mizaaj bhi tu.
Mere ishq ke, har maqaam mein
Har subah mein, har shaam mein
Ik rutba hai, ek shaan hai
Dono tujhpe haan tujhpe
Dono tujhpe haan tujhpe
Dono tujhpe qurbaan hain
Ek dil hai
Ek jaan hai
Dono tujhpe.
Dono tujhpe qurbaan hain
Sameer and Shrishti’s room
Shrishti sees her shorty sitting like shy bride on the bed and pats him on shoulder
Sameer : sorry were you saying something
“You know everybody is right our case is so different I feel you are bride here blushing” tells him annoyingly
Sameer : this is first time I am sitting with a girl and too like you
Shrishti : what do you mean? this is not my second time either but say something
Sameer ; I forgot to bring gift for you but all I have right now is this (gives her small red rose)
Shrishti : shorty I don’t want anything just your love and strength
“You made me feel the meaning of life, so today I will give you one promise no matter what I will stand with you in every situation” Sameer kisses her forehead
Shrishti : can I ask something
Sameer : yes why not
“I love you a lot but I am still not ready to take our marriage to next step” Shrishti gets hesitant
Sameer : I will respect your every decision don’t worry till you are not ready I won’t cross that limit
Shrishti gives him passionate hug. Sameer goes to sleep in couch
Shrishti : we can share same bed if that is okay with you
Maine pucha ye dil se
Main kyu hoon jahan mein
Ek dhahkan boli tere liye

Maine yaadein tarashi
Aur khwaab bana di
Nayi duniya basa di tere liye

Tere liye.. tere liye
Tere liye.. tere liye

Joh main kehta hoon
Joh sunnta hoon
Joh sehta hoon, tere liye..
Main girta hoon, sambhalta hoon
Phir chalta hoon, tere liye..

Koi dard hoon gehra
Koi akks hoon pisra
Main kya hun bata de tere liye..

Yaadon ka chehra
Koi khwaab sunehra
Main kya hoon bata de tere liye..

Tere liye.. tere liye..
Tere liye.. tere liye..

Both sleeps on same bed turning towards each other and holds their hand.
Ruchika sits on her room balcony when Sahil comes to her.
Sahil : you didn’t sleep yet
“Yea it was long day so could not sleep” Roo says with tensed face
Sahil : actually I want to say sorry for everything if I had hurt you
Roo : why do you say sorry when you have not at fault, destiny has always played with you
Sahil : for a change why cant we have new friendship what say (forwards her hand)
Ruchika shakes her hand smilingly.
The winds blows stronger outside the palace with birds chirping. Down in the basement a big room has been locked with all tantra mantras. Somebody from inside tries to open it forcefully.
Next day the families decide to leave for Bombay and let their children stay in palace. Preeta wakes up from blissful night in her Karan’s arm. She finds him sleeping like innocent kid holding her hands tightly. She opens the room curtain with bright sunshine.
“Baby doll let me sleep” Karan covers himself with the duvet
Preeta : Karan wake up its almost 8, Rakhi mom is calling you all
All the couple comes downstairs after long night.
Rishab ; mom you all are leaving
Mahesh ; our job is done now you all can stay here for few days and we will enjoy our freedom
Rakhi : have some shame
Karan : we will help you put the luggage in car
Sarla : you all take care of yourself
The elders leave with happily for Mumbai unaware of the storm coming towards their children soon.

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