Preetan FF : Truth of life Part 7

The guy points towards Tanya who remain speechless. She tries to defend herself but everybody is confused on happenings. 

Rishab : thats not truth, I know you are lying (tells guy) 

Guy ; no sir, this madam gave me money and also her bracelet as form of payment 

“Aunty, I didn’t do anything, he is saying lie and why will I even harm anybody let alone Karan goes to Sanjana but she slaps her instead 

“Not anymore word, I never expected this from you, and why, I know once you had sacrificed your happiness but that does not mean you should not let your sister stay happy starts blaming her but Sherlyn comes in between 

Sherlyn : mom, please let it be, I trust her she will not do anything wrong against us 

Sanjana  it was my mistake that I called you here so my daughter doesn’t miss her sister but you proved stranger will always remain stranger, go away from my sight 

Tanya is deeply hurt by Sanjana’s words but does not show her tears. Sanjana warns her to not participate in any of the marriage ceremony. Sameer is about to intervene but is stopped by Tanya who signals him by hands. She agrees to her aunt’s condition without any further arguments and leaves from there. Sherlyn is irked seeing Luthra family holding immense trust on Tanya. Rishab tells commissioner to find the culprit as soon as possible. 

“Karan Sir, after this do you think Tanya will help us asks concerned Shrishti 

“I don’t know but without her I will not be able to expose Sherlyn and Prithvi, I have to go meet her leaves the room after telling her 

Preeta is sobbing loudly in her room recalling everything happened from past engagement to current. She cursed herself for being good and people taking advantage of her decency. She lets tear flow down till her eyes get dry. Shrishti comes to console her but herself gets weak seeing Preeta losing. 

“Everything will be fine, sis I trust god, he will definitely help us out hugs her sister tightly like elder one

Karan visits Preeta who is totally broken with everything. She does not look at him in despair but he encourages her to fight against enemies. 

“Preeta, I can’t fight this battle without your support shakes her rapidly to come in her senses but she does not react at his attempts. Karan finally breaks her silence giving swear of him. 

“Karan we lost every chance scared Preeta asks him

Karan : I have not lost hope, come with me (takes her somewhere in car)

He takes her to dargah in a while and takes out of car. 

“Karan why did you bring me here questions him tearfully

Karan : you can find all answers here, you know this is my secret place, I come here before match and don’t tell anybody okay

“I won’t wipes her tears smilingly seeing his antics

Karan ; I heard that tying the strings here will complete all wishes, come lets go inside 

Both go inside the dargah and prays for their families. They tie the strings together at the same time. 

“God, I don’t want anything for me but my brother’s life is been staked and this innocent girls’ life is also on risk 

Tanya lights candle in church recalling Sanjana’s words. Sameer comes to meet her in a while. 

“Tanya, why did Sherlyn’s mom talk to you like this Sameer says in little rage

Tanya : I have no complaints against her, she is unaware what her daughter has been doing but I regret that Sherlyn is cheating her own mother 

“Why did you not show the video to the family, truth would have come at the same time asks her with concern 

“I could have shown but that would have been more complicated, video was deleted from my phone 

Sameer : what? but who did this 

“Who would do this all this, Sherlyn did all this to save Prithvi, I never imagined she would do this weeps softly 

Sameer : now what will you do

“Can I ask you for favor looks at him with much expectation 

Preeta and Karan walks on road together holding each other’s hand slightly. Though Karan had assured Preeta but deep down a fear is rising within her regarding family. The silence between them is like strong wind conveying so much than words. 

“I think we should leave, its getting late breaks the silence between them 

“Karan, wait holds his hand with terrified 

“What happened, baby doll’ cups one side of her face gently 

Preeta : you said everything will be fine but my heart is getting restless that something will go bad, promise me that you will not leave my side (makes him swear on her head) 

Karan is very hesitant to do something he has always been shaken of but does so by putting hand on her head as promise to never leave her side. They both starts heading to home. It has become usual for Karan to drop his baby doll at home everyday and their day is never complete without it. Preeta too has been getting used of his daily tantrums and antics. 

Sherlyn goes to meet Prithvi at home when his parents are out. Tanya follows her to his home but does not go inside for a while. Both of them rejoices their victory of their master plan. 

“Why are you upset babe, because your sister was humiliated looks at her tensed face

Sherlyn : you know she was always with me in every situation, I didn’t like doing this to her but that Karan forced me to do everything

Tanya clutches her fists while hearing the conversation.

Prithvi reveals how previously he worked in Oberoi office who was partner with Rishab for contract. He never met Tanya but somehow knew about her. Prithvi got jealous as Mr Oberoi trusted Rishab more than him even being loyal. He fell in love with Tanya and got engaged with her too but later revenge blinded him. He found out about her cousin Sherlyn with whom Tanya shared everything. Being blinded with revenge Prithvi made relationship with Sherlyn that increased gap between both girl’s mothers. Tanya ends enmity between Oberoi and Khurana family with Prithvi and Sherlyn’s union. Later on his truth about trying to ruin company comes out and engagement is broken. Tanya decides to get married only after Sherlyn is committed. They thank Rishab for saving their business from getting down. Prithvi is sent to jail but he vowed to ruin Rishab and Khuranas. He was able to kill Tanya’s father making it look an accident in front of world as well as her mother died due to blood cancer. 

Flashback ends 

Tanya is in tears recalling everything that happened previously. She stayed strong to protect her sister from Prithvi’s evilness but was not successful in doing so. She makes CD of their conversation but she is called by Rishab in office. 

Precap : Karan and Tanya in hospital fighting with death. 

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