Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 50

Kritika hesitantly puts her hand giving one more chance to Akshay. Ruchika tries to interrupt but is stopped by Dhruv

Akshay : you supported Kritika most and I am very thankful for that

Dhruv : just make sure she does never get sad again her smilie is precious to everybody

Akshay : I promise I won’t give you all chance of complaint

Dhruv : wish you a happy married life (congratulates Kritika)

Kritika : thank you

The couple takes the blessing from the elders and starts to leave.

Do Pal Ruka Khwabon Ka Karvan

Aur Phir Chal Diyeh Tum Kahan Hum Kahaan

Do Pal Ki Thi Yeh Dilon Ki Daastaan

Aur Phir Chal Diyeh Tum Kahaan Hum Kahaan … (2)

Kritika bids teary farewell to her family. She recalls her moments with Dhruv his all care and concern for her.

Tum The Yaa Khushboo Hawaon Mein Thi

Tum The Yaa Rang Saari Dishaaon Mein The

Tum The Yaa Roshni Raahon Mein Thi

Tum The Yaa Geet Goonje Fizaaon Mein The

Tum The Mile Yaa Mili Thi Manzilein

Tum The Ke Thaa Jaadoo Bharaa Koi Samaa

Do Pal Rukaa Khwabon Kaa Kaarvaan

Aur Phir Chal Diyeh Tum Kahaan Hum Kahaan

Do Pal Ki Thi Yeh Dilon Ki Daastaan

Aur Phir Chal Diyeh Tum Kahaan Hum Kahaan

Ruchika : will you let her go like this?

Dhruv : who am I to stop her when she is getting back the deserved happiness

Ruchika : she will only remain happy with you, I know Akshay was not at fault but things have changed

Dhruv : no just circumstances have changed, you don’t think about all this focus on your career right now good night (leaves)

Ruchika : how should I tell you both are made for each other (goes inside)

Oberoi house 

Preeta suggests Tanya to sleep on terrace  with them in fresh air.

Tanya : are you sure?

Shrishti : We enjoy sleeping on roof its fun you also try it will be amazing

Tanya : okay I will get bed sheets and blankets

The girls make bed on roof top to sleep.

Preeta : your terrace is really big and awesome

Shrishti : by the way Tanya did you ever experience this in London

Tanya : no chance, but our house had rooftop so me and mom sometimes used to sleep like this dad was always busy

Preeta : me and Shrishti loved counting starts as kids, this fresh air clear sky

Shrishti : I hope you both remember marriage is after three days and we have to get your wedding dresses

The girls have their long chat dozing off while Tanya is unable to sleep recalling her mom.

“Shrishti do you know what you and Dhruv used to do when I was moody like this Preeta winks at her

Tanya looks at them with confusion when both sisters attack with tickling on her. She runs after both girls funnily.

Tanya : wait, Preeta I didn’t expected this from you thats not fair

While running Shrishti end ups clashing on a shelves from which some pictures fall down.

Shrishti : i am so sorry

Preeta : what are you doing? wait I will help you

Shrishti gets shocked when she find Sarla’s picture with their dad and Nandini also.

Preeta : hello where are you lost

Shrishti : di this is mom dad’s picture with Nandini aunty does this mean they all knew each other

Preeta : I don’t know, Tanya did aunty ever said that she knows mom

Tanya : no she never mentioned anything to me either, in fact mom never told me about dad’s family residing here

Shrishti : we should ask mom, does this mean we all are cousins oh my god

Preeta gets overwhelmed knowing they have one more sister close to them.

Tanya : now I see why mom wanted to organize our both Mehndi in this house

Shrishti : you are our sister I still could not believe my own ears and eyes

Preeta hugs Tanya very emotionally knowing she is their cousin they never met.

Preeta : I always felt there is some connection between us and today god gave us the answer

Tanya : I got my family back, I am very happy today

The girls share very affectionate hug after long time.

Next day the girls question Sarla about their family relation with each other.

Preeta : why did you hide this from us?

Sarla : seeing you all together we didn’t find it necessary to tell you truth

Shrishti : now there will be double fun in this marriage

Tanya : aunty, mom and dad never told me about you but being my dad’s sister will you do the giveaway ritual like your daughter

Sarla : even if you had not asked me I would have done the same thing, after all you are my brother’s last memory

Tanya ; thank you aunty

Sarla : now come on you both are getting married tomorrow, get your dresses

Shrishti : you saw mom both are doing emotional blackmail since yesterday I told them to try their bridal dresses but nobody value me

Tanya : really? (Twists her ears) you are so hurry I will do one thing get you and my brother married in same mandap what say aunty

Preeta : don’t pamper her so much or else she will fly high in air

Shrishti : I am offended, you both go I will meet my shorty only he understands me

Preeta : wow now I have to tell Rakhi aunty get their marriage preparation on same day

Shrishti : mom please tell them not to bother me

“Oh my dear sister so sweet enjoy your freedom before marriage Tanya teases her

Preeta : okay come on we are getting late designer is coming soon

The girls does arrangement of their wedding dress.

Roo bashes Kritika for choosing wrong again for her

Kritika : I know I have done nothing and you also know whatever happened was not Akshay’s fault then whats the reason to not forgive him

Roo : di, I am saying Akshay ji was wrong but you are ignoring your feelings, Dhruv is your destination, when will you understand

Kritika : you are small, you won’t understand this society, we are girls from decent family, marriage is not a joke for us and Dhruv is just best friend for me and same for him

Roo : really? are you seriously saying to me or yourself

Kritika : I am not in mood to argue with you, now everything is fine

Roo : it has started to go wrong now, and you will recall my words one day the marriage you are living is just compromise nothing else

Luthra house

Rishab looks at the anklet he brought to gift Tanya on their wedding night.

Rishab : you are the best gift in my life compared to what i am giving

Rakhi : Rishab where are you?

Rishab : I am right here mom, do you need anything

“No your and Karan wedding sherwani came, so just try that out if the size is okay, why do you look so tenseRakhi sees him upset

Rishab : nothing mom so much happened in last few days my mind is still on that

Rakhi : you know what I always say you cannot change whatever happened, its your duty to take care of your wife, if you are happy then she will also forget her pain

Rishab : something is bothering me, if things does not properly this time

Rakhi : you are thinking too much, focus on your wedding god will keep everything right

Rishab : okay mom if you are saying so then it will be fine

Karan paces around in room nervously with the wedding date coming close.

Sameer : what happened bhai? you are nervous from right now tomorrow is your wedding

Karan : you keep your mouth shut or I will make you this punching (threatens him) sit quietly

Sameer : what happened?

Karan ; my heart is pumping so fast, I mean the Karan Luthra is getting married tomorrow imagine

Sameer : oh that is the problem, come on bhai you should be happy

Karan ; aha (laughs sarcastically) look who is talking, you know what I will make you sit in mandap with your tall pole if you utter one more word

Sameer : why are you scaring me with her name? I am not scared of anybody

Karan : really? (sees Shrishti standing behind) you are not scared of her wow

Sameer : of course not, she is so innocent type my tall pole (makes fun of her)

Shrishti : but my shorty is not innocnet

Sameer gets shocked hearing her voice

“You hurt me today shorty by saying this I will never talk with you Shrishti starts crying in front of them

Karan senses her prank in a minute

Sameer : you are getting me wrong I was saying to make bhai feel better

Shrishti : shut up I am not talking with you

Sameer : tell me what can I do to make you feel better

Shrishti : give me those tissue paper to wipe tears

“What? Sameer gets confused but give her tissue

Karan is not able to control his laughter breaking Sameer’s illusion. He and Shrishti shares the laugh of fooling him again.

Sameer : this was your both idea great, both of you go to hell now (leaves the room)

Karan ; you should have not done that, my poor brother

Shrishti : please don’t pretend you care, don’t forget you were part of my plan

Karan ; now go and pacify my little brother

Shrishti goes to console Sameer in garden.

“Sorry shorty holds ears like kid

Sameer picks the water pipe splashing on her.

“hey what are you doing stop it Shrishti tries to save herself

Both enjoys their water moment.

Kritika goes to meet Dhruv at his hotel and finds him packing his luggage.

Kritika : yesterday whatever happened

Dhruv : its all over now what do you want?

“Won’t you ask why I came here ask him softy

Dhruv : No I won’t and you should have not come here

Kritika : where are you going?

“Canada with Simran didi and jiju, I am leaving tonight after Preeta’s marriage is done Dhruv does not look at her but keeps busy in packing

“Dhruv I am talking to at least look at me Kritika loses patience on him

Dhruv : I don’t have time for your useless talks now go from here I need time for packing

Kritika : I won’t go from here till you tell me the reason for your leaving, why didn’t you tell me before

Dhruv : I didn’t find it necessary, and you should not bother to think about

Kritika : what do you mean?

Preeta calls Dhruv to meet her for some important work in clinic. He rushes leaving Kritika unanswered again.

Kritika : this is enough, Roo you are wrong this time, if Dhruv had even feelings for me he would have answered my question

Later at night both couple have mixed feelings about their wedding.

“What are you looking Tanya ask Preeta

Preeta : nothing, tomorrow is such a big day for all us, you know mom always dreamt of this, me and Shrishti get married

Tanya ; thats right more than father, our moms always wait for this day to see us becoming bride

Wedding day 

The families gets in full swing to make sure nothing is left out for their children’s happiness. Sarla goes to hall in early morning to get everything ready. Dhruv tells Preeta about his departure in the evening after wedding

Preeta : what are you saying?

Dhruv : didi called me yesterday, they want me settle with them in Canada

Preeta : I can’t stop you but tell me honestly are you really leaving for this reason

Dhruv : there are many reason but doesn’t matter, my duty was to give Kritika back her happiness now she got that she does not need me anymore

Preeta : what are you saying ? if you really have feelings for her go tell her before its too late

Dhruv : its already late, but you don’t think about this today is your wedding, biggest day of your life

Preeta : you know I will be happy seeing you like this

Dhruv : nobody can do anything we have to deal with the situation somehow

Tanya decks up as bride for the person who has become her soul in course of time

“Rishab today I will give you the biggest gift of your life tonight you will see your pinky plays with her bangles

Shrishti ; wow you are looking so beautiful both my sisters are not less than angel today

Tanya : I want this day to be most memorable day of my life, tonight I will tell everything to Rishab i cannot wait to see his reaction

Shrishti : I am sure this will be the best day for you and my Preeta di

Tanya : now you come soon too we both will miss you a lot

Shrishti : don’t worry I am youngest one so it takes some time

Phone rings

Shrishti : aha not bad its your husband’s phone pick it up I will check Preeta di

“Today you cannot stay away from calling me Mr luthra I hope you remember in few hours you will see me right by the way keep your shoes safely tells him to beware of Shrishti

Rishab : even if I have to to bare foot I will take you today wrestler

Tanya : really?okay then we will see now bye I have to do my final touch up bye (hangs up his phone)

“Mom I wish you were here to see your daughter becoming bride today, never mind I know you are looking at me from somewhere Tanya talks to her mother’s picture emotionally

Preeta looks herself in mirror blushingly for finally marrying the person she loves rather than somebody who she never really knew.

Shrishi : I am so happy di, you are getting married this day will memorable for all of us

Preeta : yea today I will go to my Karan, our all dreams will come true

Shrishti : I don’t have to say but I know for sure he will keep you very happy, my both sisters deserves the best

Preeta : now you also come quickly I will miss you a lot don’t make me wait

Shrishti ; don’t worry di I will marry shorty before you all go to your honeymoon what say

Preeta : stop it shameless girl go and check mom if she needs any help I am ready

Shrishti : okay you sit here I will be right back

Karan calls Preeta before leaving with procession

Preeta : yes Mr Luthra tell ms what do you need now

Karan : only you can give what I need, Preeta I can’t wait to see the glowing moon today, you know I am so hungry I had nothing since morning

Preeta : today is our wedding and you still think about food really

Karan : after you only this food is my support, by the way I called to say something important

Preeta : please I know your important thing say quickly

Karan : tonight after the wedding we will spend our beautiful night on farm house

Preeta : before that warning, tell Sameer to keep your and Rishabji’s shoes on place safely my sister is no less

Karan : thank you for reminding me I already prepared my little brother for this and tell your tall sister this time her charm won’t work with my Sammy

Preeta : well we will see

Karan : Preeta today I want to make this day very special for both of us to remember

Preeta : come quickly and take me with you

Rakhi calls Karan and Rishab for the rituals. The boys are extremely happy with Kareena’s presence from heart in their happiness.

Luthra family starts to go at venue with the wedding procession with lot of dance and fun. They are given warm welcome by Sarla and Dadi. She pulls the nose of Rishab and Karan little bit hardly.

Karan : bhai my poor nose

Rishab : keep that aside for a while okay

Shrishti brings Preeta and Tanya down for garland ritual. The boys could not take the eyes off from their brides who are glowing like moon symbolizing Greek God.

Rakhi : come make each other wear the garland

“Not so easily aunty Dhruv lifts up Preeta

Karan : what are you both looking ? (tells Sammy and Rishab )

Sameer and Rishab puts up Karan high. After some funny brawl both ends up exchanging their garlands.

Mahesh : come on another couple, Rishab

“Wait dad whats is so hurry Akshay and Karan lifts Rishab up

Karan : so Ms wrestler now what will you do

Tanya : actually I changed my mind, I won’t get married today what say

Karan and Rishab initially thinks as joke but seeing the seriousness in her voice they put him down.

Rishab : what are you saying? are you okay

Preeta : we both changed our minds, that we will not get married today

Karan : you cannot feel bad for such small reason

Tanya funnily puts garland on them turning out to be prank of her

Shrishti gives thumbs down to boys

Karan ; this is cheating bhai this girl made fool of us

Preeta : but you should not get offended after all this is not first time she played prank

Mahesh : did you see Rakhiji, they are my daughter I am so proud of you

Tanya : thank you uncle this is just trailer

Karan : oh hello don’t think I would spare you for this, my Preeta has become prankster in your influence

Tanya : don’t worry after marriage you won’t even recognize she is the same innocent Preeta

Karan : bhai lets go they both don’t want to marry us

Rishab : you both started again even today how much childishness you have

Tanya : excuse me where are you taking him? leave his hands now

Karan : I won’t what will you do

Rakhi : okay stop it, time is running away and you both don’t have time to leave your silliness today, let me make this clear do whatever you want to but please after the rituals okay

Sarla : I was thinking there is still some time left for the wedding, Shrishti take both of them upstairs and bring back when i call you

Shrishti leaves both girls in their perspective room.

Unaware everybody, Deepak sneaks inside with the decoration staff. He previously sent sniper to attack Karan on the sangeet ceremony to revenge on Rishab and Karan for messing with him.

Sherlyn stands in front of her hiding something behind on her back.

Tanya : what are you doing here?

Sherlyn ; are you not happy to see me? I have come to wish my dear sister for the most happy day of her life right

Tanya : you have lost that right now get out

Sherlyn : I have brought gift for you (shows the the vase on her hands)

Tanya looks at vase with widen face. Before she could react any further Sherlyn hits the vase on her head hardly.

Sherlyn : I told you my loving sister one of us have to sacrifice for Rishab and unfortunately I am not that great so have a good sleep

Tanya holds her head trying to hold herself but ends up falling on floor

Sherlyn : now when you wake up tomorrow you will see the real bride of Rishab, I will be married by the time everybody will know

Tanya who is half unconscious gets flashes of Rishab murmuring to save her. Sherlyn wears her jewelry and wears the same bridal as Tanya

She wears the engagement ring of Tanya to avoid anybody knowing about her.

Shrishti comes to take her but sees the bride covered in veil. Sherlyn does not let lift up the to prevent seeing face. Preeta and veiled Sherlyn comes down with the mesmerizing beauty. Rishab tells his bride to lift the veil but again she is not willing to show her face. Both couple starts the ritual of marriage. Rishab gets confused with her behavior but lets it go. Dhruv gets call from somebody and rushes without interrupting marriage.

The priest tells them to start taking the rounds at the same time. Tanya feels heavy head trying to get up but again falls down. During the vows Kareena sees the reflection of Sherlyn in the pool of flowers.

“Wait this is Sherlyn “Kareena shocks everybody to the core

Rishab lifts up veil only to get biggest blow of his life. He freezes for one minute not understanding whats going on.

“Sherlyn what are you doing here and where is Tanya ” Rakhi asks her forcefully

Sherlyn : aunty actually

Kareena : why are you quiet? tell us where is she

“Upstairs in room says nervously

Rishab removes turban and goes upstairs in room. He looks around for her like crazy but does not see presence of her anywhere. Karan and Preeta’s pheras remain incomplete. He goes with Rishab to find Tanya in the whole venue.

Suddenly a gunshot fires in the venue by Deepak. He holds Preeta pointing gun at others.

Deepak : nobody will come close or else it will be very bad for all of you

Karan : what are you doing leave her?

Deepak : because of you both brothers I have suffered a lot in personal and professional but not anywhere

Sarla : Aren’t you ashamed of doing this?

Deepak : no I am not, t have come to take Preeta with me and none of you will be able to stop me (starts walking backwards)

Luthra boys tries hard to stop him from taking Preeta but he takes the car keys. Karan and Rishab follows him

Preeta : what are you doing? leave my hand (tries to free herself in car)

Deepak : how can I ? you are that jackpot to ruin those two brothers

Karan : i won’t spare him today

Deepak drives towards the cliff side with Preeta. He stops the car near the end and brings out Preeta out from car.

Rishab : you are not doing this right leave her

Deepak : Mr Rishab what did you say other day? you will make me paralyzed if I dared to look at her I am in front of you come on

Karan : bhai wait he will not agree easily

Deepak keeps moving backwards with tight grip around Preeta him. The cops take the chance and shoots Deepak on his chest. Karan rushes to hold Preeta but the balance looses when Preeta and Deepak ends up falling from the cliff.

Karan freezes for a minute shouting her name that echoes in the air. Rishab and Karan slips into major depression losing their love and friends on most important day.


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