Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 49

Oberoi house

Rishab and Mahesh stands at the door to greet the people coming for funeral. Tanya’s eye become dry that have no tears left to shed for her mom. What is left are memories of Nandini that can help her rise again from ashes. The priest tells them to take Nandini for final ritual on cemetery

“Mom, no you cannot go anywhere, put her down Tanya does not let them take away

Preeta : please hold yourself

Tanya : Preeta you don’t understand, she don’t have habit to live without me we both are only each other’s support

Shrishti and Preeta tries very hard to console her but she goes out of control.

“Mom please wake up you know I cannot live without you stop joking, Preeta mom loves to play pranks with me tears does not fall out from eyes

“Tanya aunty has to go na, she needs rest come on lets bid her farewell she won’t feel good seeing her daughter crying Sameer’s words makes her calm down little bit

Luthra family men carry Nandini’s bier to the cemetery for final ending ritual.

The priest tells to do last ritual of Nandini by her children.

“I will light pyre Tanya holds the pyre without any tears left in her

While going round she recalls each words

her mother taught. The confidence and strength was due to her mother.

“One thing always remember that don’t ever bow down in front of wrong, there will be time when you have to choose between two right things, but always take the path that can bring light Nandini’s every word flashes

Kehta Hai, Hai Zindagi Tu

Kyun Mujh Mein Phir Milta Nahi

Deta Hai Aisa Safar Kyun

Hai Manzile Jinki Nahi

Kehde Khuda.. Hai Kaisa Khuda Tu

Jo Bas Mein Tere Kuch Nahi

Han Koi To Vajah Hogi Jo Yun

Hai Majboor Tu Bhi Kahin

With the fire rising high Tanya’s eyes flood in tears letting every pain hidden inside. She throws all emotions and feelings that could make her weak in fire. She stays there till the fire cools down in evening.

Luthra house

Rishab is gult stricken for not understanding Tanya’s state all the while.

Karan : bhai stop blaming yourself, that was not your fault

Rishab : how come I did not see those pain behind she was hiding, and we were not with her when she needed us

Karan : I know but right now only you can give her that strength

Rishab : how should I even go in front of her, I cannot see her like this

Karan : I have idea you bring her at our house for dinner and I will also call Sarla aunty we all will have small get together

Rishab : are you sure?

Karan ; bhai just bring her rest me and Preeta will handle

Rishab : okay I will go check on her

Mahesh and Rakhi feels the grief of Tanya losing her mother while helping them.

Rakhi : what good deed we did to get such daughter in laws? we can’t thank that girl enough for her help

Mahesh : Panditji called, he said auspicious day is after four days for both marriage

Dadi : how can we arrange for wedding? its not even a day Tanya’s mom died

Sarla : she told me if something happens to her the wedding should not postpone

Rakhi : but right now Tanya is not even in that state to go anywhere

Dadi : maybe we should postpone both marriages, even Karan will not marry without Rishab on that day


Arora house

Karan goes to meet Preeta alone at her house while everybody else has gone to temple in evening.

Preeta : what are you doing here?

Karan : are you really asking me that question baby doll I am your after few days would be husband

Preeta : after few days not right now, go from here I have to prepare dinner

Karan fakes his anger to get her sympathy.

Preeta : what does that sad face mean?

Karan ; I am not talking to you, do your work go make dinner

Preeta : you are seriously small kid okay tell me what is going on

“You know pinky is depressed right now, I wanted to cheer her up and I though you could help but not thanks I can do anything for my friend, I don”t need your help Karan changes his tone

Preeta : could you have not said that without this useless drama of yours god is this time make such jokes

Karan : baby doll I am very tensed right now don’t make me more agitated

Preeta : tell me what do you need from me?

Karan : I told bhai and same thing to you, we planned dinner at our house and do something to cheer pinky after

Preeta : she helped us so much without even caring about her own sorrow, can we go to her house right now I will make something for her

Karan : Rishab went to meet her why don’t you bring her with you or Shrishti and you can go at her house to stay

Preeta : I will talk to mom when they come back don’t worry she won’t stay alone (sees him upset with everything) what happened

Karan : I never imagined I will see pinky in this state in life, she must have broken so badly with everything

“Karan who said she is alone we are with her and you see after some time that smile will come back on her face Preeta consoles him

Karan : its not easy this time, she has lost her mom the one who was her world, Nandini aunty gave her love more than real daughter

Preeta decides to bring Tanya with them at Arora house for few days.

Shrishti and Sameer too are tensed with the storm occurring at the same time.

Sameer : I feel this marriage rituals have brought big change in our life

Shrishti : yea right a drastic one, Nandini aunty was so nice and she was only one in Tanya’s life and she too left

Sameer : I don’t even have courage to go in front of that girl being her brother how could i not see what was bothering her

“Shorty its life, I know this is very bad phase but we have to support her not become weak Shrishti makes him understand

Oberoi house 

Rishab goes to meet Tanya at her house after the tragedy in her life.

Rishab : where is she? did she eat anything

Chaaya ; I went to her but it was locked and she refused to eat

Rishab : get her food upstairs I will go talk (goes to her room)

He opens the door feeling fast winds blowing through window. Everything was on in place surprisingly. Rishab recalls his previous instances with Nandini and her caring nature towards him like his own parents. He sits on opposite side not able to face her in guilt.

Rishab : I always told you there is only bad quality you never share your pain with anybody

Tanya does not utter word and just listens

“You know when my dad had heart attack doctors said he will not survive this time, Karan’s and my situation was same like you, I had to console mom, dadi and Karan was crying in corner alone Rishab shares his inner turmoil from past

Tanya looks up to him

Rishab ; I could not even show my tears to others being elder son my pain and emotion buried inside

Tanya burst into flood of tears hearing the sorrow buried in his heart deep down. She tightens her fingers and around embracing him. “Rishab I want my mom why did she leave my like this questions him tearfully

Rishab : she has not gone anywhere, her memories and soul is still in this house (holds her face wiping all tears) give me all your pain

Chaaya brings the food for her to eat

Tanya : I am not hungry

“Have little bit for aunty, today I will feed you but don’t bite my fingers Rishab starts feeding her

Tanya funnily bite his finger

Rishab : ouch you always do opposite

Luthra and Arora family comes to visit tanya. Preeta and Shrishti decided to stay at Tanya’s house  after Sarla’s permission

Tanya : you both here?

Shrishti : actually we came here as paying guest for few days, I don’t believe in formality so we brought our luggage here

Preeta : I hope you don’t mind

Karan : baby doll you are such a dumbo why would she mind right partner (gives Tanya high five)

Tanya : why would I mind? chaaya have their luggage put in room

Preeta : thats okay we will put it just show our rooms

Rakhi : dear you have done big favor to us by saving my Karan, though you had to pay big price for your goodness

Tanya : no aunty I have not done any favor, it was my duty as friend and job as lawyer

Mahesh ; you and Preeta have made us realize how precious are daughter and every family should get one like both of you

Sameer : okay now we have something planned for our dear lawyer please sit, bhai get your guitar out please (tells karan)

Zindagi Ki Yehi Reet Hai
Haar Ke Baad Hi Jeet Hai
Zindagi Ki Yehi Reet Hai
Haar Ke Baad Hi Jeet Hai
Thode Aansu Hai, Thodi Hasi
Aaj Gham Hai To Kal Hai Khushi
Zindagi Ki Yehi Reet Hai
Haar Ke Baad Hi Jeet Hai
Karan and Preeta dance together making other couple also join them. Tanya dances with Rishab emotionally recalling something similar she shared with her parents when both were with her in happiness and bad times.

Thode Aansu Hai, Thodi Hasi
Aaj Gham Hai To Kal Hai Khushi
Zindagi Ki Yehi Reet Hai
Haar Ke Baad Hi Jeet Hai
Zindagi Raat Bhi Hai, Savera Bhi Hai Zindagi
Zindagi Raat Bhi Hai, Savera Bhi Hai Zindagi
Zindagi Hai Safar Aur Basera Bhi Hai Zindagi 

Sarla : Preeta you both take care of yourself and don’t let that Shrishti bother Tanya

Later he takes Tanya to garden for walk after the disaster in her life. They remain silent unlike their normal meetings.

Rishab : you know when karan was small I use to bring him here after his every exams, that crazy boy never liked to sit in classrooms

Tanya : even I hated such boring lectures its different story I had to become lawyer

“Tanya thanks for saving Karan I know you are lawyer but still thank you for everything appreciates her goodness

Tanya ; thats okay (starts getting teary eyes recalling her mom)

Rishab : whats wrong

“Nothing I just remembered mom, she always told me to choose the way that can bring light in other people’s life even if you have to walk on thorns of that she was my everything her small tears roll from eyes

“Look here, I will not take place of your mom nobody can do but I want to be your strength will you give me that right forwards his hands

Tanya : from now you are my everything my life my happiness and desires (embraces him closely to her not willing to his arms)

Rishab : come lets go

“When will you come to take me as bride she stays back as he is walking

Rishab stops hearing her words and turns around to see the smile on her face

“the day I waited from long time, I never believed in fairy tales like other girls but today I am waiting for the day my prince will come and take me away from this world walks towards him while talking

Rishab : are you sure you want to do this marriage soon

Tanya : of course, I want to live that every moment, that wait of a bride to see her prince coming to take her, mom last wish was to see my marry as bride and I cannot deny that

Rishab ; and I want to see that shine in your eyes don’t make me wait for too long

Tanya : you also don’t be late now I will meet you directly at our mandap till then recall me in dreams Mr Luthra

Rishab : when reality is in front of me why should I dream

Tanya : okay then your choice its matter of only few days good night

Rishab : good night

Both starts walking on opposite sides with the hope of dreams desires to start their bright future on that marriage day.

Akshay asks forgiveness from Kritika and Luthra family for the deceit and his helplessness. Everybody gets hesitant initially but leaves the decision to Kritika.

Akshay : I know I hurt you the most in this brunt but if possible forgive me, will you give me one more chance to rectify mistake

Kritika looks on with blank reaction

PS : Guys next part jubilee Embarrassed time for my long story. I have something up sleeve for everybody in next part marriage twists. Story is NOT over yet lot to explore now. Are you guys ready for big dhamaka?
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  1. Hi dear
    Every time u write, it brings smile on ur readers faces ??
    Episode was fantabulous
    Poor Tanya…..??? but she is lucky enough to have everyone supporting her
    Tanya is preeta and shirshti’s cousin, plz let her know this
    Loving rishnya??….they are amazing and so supporting like other two couples??
    Preetan and shirshmeer’s couple are awesome. Their fights are so cute. Even karnya’s fight…..they are so funny ??
    Tanya is seriously very brave. She is a motivational character for girls out their who need to fight for their rights
    As for the next episode, I am jumping up and down with excitment. I am over the moon ?? and if u r saying its long its definitely gonna be pretty long?
    We r surely ready for big dhamaka??
    Cannot wait for next
    Plz update soon
    Love u loads❤❤

  2. Despacito

    Your story is really awesome. Rishnya are really caring. Preetan are perfect love birds and shrishmeer are cutiepie. Your story is really heart touching. I loved it. Carry on. And post next part asap.

  3. Sorry for the late comment
    OMG Tanya ..I am literally crying for her . She is so brave . From where does she bring this much courage . I just love her . And Rishnya tgey are very understanding and supported . Loved that song zindagi ki yahi reet hai … It was appropriate for the situation . It was so nice to see everyone being so sipporting to her . When Tanya will come to know about her being prishti(preeta&shrishti) cousin sister she will get more courage . Want sarla to become her mother . It was a Rishnya part …. And your big dhamaka I know it is already up but I haven’t read it yet but I know it will be the wedding day . Yesss . I hope that I get enough time to read it .
    I can’t even say update soon as you have already updated but I will say wish me good luck instead .
    Keep smiling and keep rocking

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