Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 33

Rishab informs everybody about Tanya’s mom arrival in Mumbai.

Rakhi : why didn’t you tell us before?

“Mom relax even I was not aware till your anniversary night and I heard you want to take the proposal at her house formally asks her

Rakhi : I am your mom, i never repeat mistakes that can be bad for my children, did you think I would go without talking with you

Rishab : mom don’t you think we are rushing I mean Tanya is raised in London will she able to adjust here

Rakhi : what do you think?

“I don’t know mom I enjoy her company but marriage is not what I think is good for both of us you know what I am saying rejects her idea

Rakhi : of course I understand you now but marriage is never perfect for any couple you have to make that work with all time,  commitment and understanding each other’s priority

Rishab : I need some time for all this before you talk anything to her family

Rakhi :you have lot of time but remember one thing in life’s journey one needs a partner you cannot be alone for whole journey

His mom’s words always touch Rishab’s heart and give one chance to his relation with Tanya

Karan and Sameer decides to play prank on Tanya when she is walking in library at evening. Everybody starts leaving due to the closing time but she stays for a while. Sameer calls Rishab from private number warning about Tanya’s danger. He immediately leaves to find her but gets stuck in traffic signal. Karan makes weird noises of things falling from table but that does not scare her.

Sameer : bhai what are you doing with childish act she from ghost people department, won’t get easily scared with anything

Karan : I don’t know what has her mother fed during childhood she makes chill run down from our spine stupid

Tanya gets prepared to leave when at door she sees a hooded shadow running inside

Tanya : who is there?

“Its your death young girl Karan mimics ghost voice and laughs

Tanya ; what ?

“I have come here to drink your blood says loudly making fun of here

Tanya : oh really you want blood I will mix that in drink how does that sound great na, you are ghost anyway will not die again

Sameer hilariously looks at Karan’s plan getting flopped of scaring her.

Karan : what is this girl ? dint’ even get scared

Sameer : you know what i feel either she is way too brave or you sound more like a joker

Karan : Sammy let me get out of here then see I won’t spare you if I found that you told her everything about our plan

Sameer : am I stupid to let her know anything, according to your information Rishab bhai should be here but where is he

Karan : I am sure he might have know that it was prank and his so called friend is not scared of even demon

“Hey Mr ghost if you are done with playing children horror game can you open the door for me says without any fear

Karan pushes the shelve of book towards and runs to the other side. .

“What happened girl your time is up now says with terror in voice

Tanya : look whoever you are please let me go you won’t get anything by scaring me (grabs the stick from window side)

“Of course we will, today you will see heaven in night get ready for that Sameer laughs crazily and walks towards her.

Karan and Sameer wear the hooded mask walking towards the door. Tanya sees them running and hits badly with the stick.

“Come today I will show you the whole heaven in this small room hits Sammy with her legs

“And who wanted to drink my blood taste yours first na throws books at them

She could not see their faces clearly but her hands does not stop from beating their legs, arms and shoulder. The faces were saved due to the mask on them. Rishab reaches there but could not hear the noises from second floor. He goes into store room seeing the lights but accidentally turns off main switch making it dark in whole library. Sameer and Karan running for their lives . They remain unaware Tanya’s claustrophobia from dark and small spaces. She gets terrified flashes of somebody abusing, putting in dark room whole night, screaming.

“No please go from here puts hands on her ears whispering softly.

She starts looking for torch but does not find anything for safety. Her hands tremble and shaking feet while walking downstairs. All in her mind is running terror of anybody trying to capture her again. Rishab looks around for her but realizes somebody might have played prank of phone. He starts leaving when a small noise of sober holds him back. The voice sound to him was of small child asking for help. The scene makes him fear too seeing Tanya sitting holding both knees together. He flashes the torch on her face but the anxiety within her does not give any reaction.

“Tanya are you okay goes near to separating her hands from face

“That light, he will come again ” points at the door with her finger

Rishab : nobody is there come

“No I will not go anywhere resists holding his hands

“See there is no one here I am with you come on get up makes stand up carefully. She clutches his shirt tightly not willing to leave his safe arms.

Rishab takes her to home with the heavy heart of not able to spending time and console her.

Nandini gets worried seeing her daughter’s past still haunting today.

Rishab : aunty if you don’t mind me asking why was she scared like this

“Years ago Vikram and I took an oath that we will go to our village Vadhavpur so our family is completed with small child and that time my father in law died, we met Vikram’s sister there, and her daughters Nandini reveals the ugly truth buried under from years

Rishab listens every word carefully that concerns the life of Tanya.

“After Vikram’s father funeral we all decided to stay together for few days. That time one of the Sarpanch from another village came to take the house belonged to my father in law, Vikram and his sister tried very hard to save house, in that revenge he threw our niece in fire she was around 6 years old but Tanya saved her life, that burn scar on her hand is wound she got from fire but things did not stop there that Sarpanch kidnapped my Tanya tortured her like animal, somehow we were able to trace him and sent to jail Nandini have poured out the whole bitter truth except Tanya is only his pinky

Rishab’s heart aches in pieces from what his ears had heard while ago. How the girl around him hides all the pain behind the killing smile.

Nandini : that fire cooled down but its pyre are still holding my Tanya she never came out of that incidence. We took her to so many doctors but they only said one thing change her environment, Vikram and I left everything behind settling down in London never came back again

Rishab : is that why you were holding her to come here so she does not go away from you

Nandini : you can call that me selfish or a mother’s plea of saving her child from cruel world

Rishab ; I understand

Nandini : thank you for understanding and bringing her safely

Rishab takes her leave after making sure Tanya is safe in her house. Nandini looks at old pictures of Sarla with her daughters and husband. She leaves the picture on table heading to room.

“Oouch Karan shouts in pain when Preeta is applying medicine on his hands

Shrishti : this is the limit Sir I mean who would purposely go into tigress cave

Preeta ; exactly you thought you can scare Tanya, then Rishabji will come and save her really who gave you this stupid idea

Karan : this Sameer gets this type of ideas in his useless minds

Preeta :  I am sure it might be your idea and blaming poor guy

Sameer : this was his idea not mine i just went to help me and instead of thanking me he is blaming for no reason very bad bhai

“Shut up Sammy, here I am in pain and you are joking with me holds the side of his arms

Preeta : did she hit you so badly? my poor baby (ceases on his wound but hits at the next moment)

Karan : what are you doing?

Preeta : hitting you so in future you will never do such foolishness

Sameer : I got call from office and home Rishab bhai has not reach home yet

Karan : yea I saw his car in parking lot what could have happened

Sameer : I hope everything is fine

Karan : if Bhai is with her I am sure everything will be alright

Preeta is about to lose consciousness but Karan holds her back quickly.

Shrishti : di are you okay ? wait I will get water

Karan : what happened? sit here

“Drink this Shrishti give her water

Preeta : I am fine don’t worry I think you both should go now quite late

Sammy : she is right lets go bhai Rakhi aunty will be waiting for us too

Karan : take care bye (waves to both girls)

In car Karan gets worried for Preeta seeing how her nightmares are getting worst everyday.

Sameer ; what are you thinking bhai

Karan : nothing you concentrate on driving, I am worried for Preeta, something is not right with her

On road they see a girl lying unconscious and car crashed on tree.

Karan : wait I think somebody needs help

Sameer : are you sure we should go and check at this late night could be dangerous

Karan : lets just see what if thats serious

Both remains shocked when they see Sherlyn unconscious inside the car.

Sameer ; bhai this is Sherlyn, but what happened to her like this

Karan : I think her car crashed but who knows she might have done deliberately

Sameer : why would she harm herself? she is not from those people what can we do

Karan : she does not deserve our help but for humanity we cannot leave her alone too in this isolated place, lets take to ours house in morning we will tell her to leave

Both puts in her car taking to Luthra house only to find everybody already went to sleep.

Sameer : thank god nobody is awake just put her in guest room

Karan drops Sherlyn in guest room but curses himself for helping the girl who is responsible for causing disaster in their lives.

Karan : if I had not promised Tanya I would have finished her game long time ago

Sameer : let it be she don’t have to stay her for lifetime she will leave tomorrow come

After they leave Sherlyn who was pretending to be unconscious smirks at her plan

Sherlyn : you both are such fools, don’t know I have come to make permanent place in this house and very soon both of you will be wrapped around my fingers


Sherlyn : what no way last time I listened to you but this is waste of plan

Prithvi : listen baby thats matter of few months and our purpose can completed when you become daughter in law of that family, get married to Rishab and then we will bring them to streets then our life will be settled

Sherlyn : don’t you know this days how he has become fond of that Tanya, I feel he will eventually agree to marry her

Prithvi : he will but your sister won’t do that mistake she is coward from inside, you know what her past was no guy will ever agree let alone that Rishab Luthra, you have to become

Sherlyn : may be you are right you know what I will convince mom she will only help me out now

Prithvi : thats the main point,  and once you enter that house  convince Kareena aunty you will help her stop Karan Preeta’s marriage if the whole family accepts her, then slowly you can make way to Rishab’s heart , win him with your charm

Flashback ends

Next day the whole family are on rage seeing Sherlyn in the house.

Karan : mom actually I saw her unconscious on midnight so I didn’t find it safe to leave her

Rakhi : fine you both got her here but Sherlyn don’t you dare put your foot in this house, you already made lot of disaster here

Kareena : bhabhi at least give her chance to repent, every person deserves one chance for their mistakes

“Rakhi aunty, uncle dadi, I know what I did was wrong please forgive me folds her hand but nobody pays heed to her

Karan ; your fake tears won’t melt anybody here, my duty was to bring you here safely because I keep decency with enemies also, the car is ready you can leave now

Sherlyn : I know you all are angry at me but just give me one chance for making you believe that I am changed now only I know what I lost (looks at Rishab who does not give her ounce of sympathy in reaction)

Sanjana : I know my daughter made big mistake but she has really changed i saw with my own eyes how much she regret for losing this family, guy like Rishab

Mahesh ; if you want apology from us then prove you have  really changed for good without giving us chance of complaint

Karan : dad she is faking all this

“Enough Karan this is not the way of talking with somebody Kareena shuts him up

Rakhi and Dadi does not forgive Sherlyn easily but because of her mother they give her one more chance to prove herself right.

Rishab calms down Karan assuring his disinterest in Sherlyn’s presence in their life. Tanya comes there at the same time seeing Sherlyn standing.

“Tanya my sister I am sorry I hurt you the most in my blindness pretends the fake hug to her

Sherlyn : remember what I told you I will come back again now you just sit back and enjoy the game my little sister (leaves the place)

Tanya gives blank reaction to her arrival again.

Sameer takes Shrishti for her interview at the hotel for event manager post.

Sameer : take this rose with you, consider my lucky charm good luck

Shrishti ; thanks (goes inside with confidence)

The main supervisor gets impressed with her qualifications and spunky nature. He offers her the high position of organizing every event in hotel and manage the customer service. Shrishti gets too much happy but plays prank with Sameer outside

“He said I cannot get this job I am under qualified and not worthy pretends to cry on other side

Sameer : who is he to tell you that? you don’t worry we will find another place, you cannot put yourself down because of such people

Shrishti starts laughing seeing his anger and pulls his leg for getting red.

Sameer : tall pole now I will not spare you (runs after her) you are making fun of me

Shrishti : okay sorry sorry, see today I got the job my first treat will be for you, wait here I will get the ice cream (goes to vendor)

“How easily Shrishti finds happiness in small things, am I doing big mistake of not telling her the truth questions himself


Kritika is afraid to out with Dhruv even though enjoying his company, She reminds herself of staying within boundary of a wife. Akshay tells her not to repeat the mistake again and not go anywhere without permission. She goes to her work when again spotting Dhruv who is busy with small kids regular check up.

“Kritika wait runs behind her when is leaving without giving glance to her

Kritika : why are you following me ? you don’t have any work

Dhruv : I was doing work but why are you talking like this (sees the injury) this wound

Kritika ; nothing, listen I am getting late for work

Dhruv : will running away from me lessen your burden inside

Kritika turns around to see him

Dhruv : if thats the case then go I will not stop you from leaving but remember friends are there for reason, they reduce your pain

Kritika : I am very happy with my life you don’t have to worry about

Dhruv : really? then can I ask for an outing today

Kritika : excuse me

Dhruv : I am going out of city to meet my sister and jiju they are going to Canada tomorrow do you want to accompany with me

Kritika : are you serious? you want me to join you for your family get together good joke

Dhruv : I am serious, I don’t like to force girls but I only want to spend some time with my friend

Kritika gets scared with Akshay’s reaction and calls him to asks for permission but he keeps declining her messages.

Dhruv : what happened? your husband did not give you permission to go with me

Kritika : how long will this take

Dhruv : I wil drop you home before 7 I promise

Kritika : okay fine let me know when are we leaving to visit your family house

During afternoon he takes her to meet his sister Simran and Raj jiju.

Dhruv ; didi she is Kritika, Preeta’s sister in law

Simran : Preeta? she is getting married too I wish we could have stayed till her marriage

Dhruv ; don’t worry we will show you live

“Hello sis formally greets everybody

Simran : come have a sit, consider your home

Kritika is overwhelmed with the hospitality from Dhruv’s family. She hardly met such genuine and caring people in her life other than own family.

In evening Kareena calls Akshay and Kritika for dinner in Luthra house. Rishab introduces Tanya to him as both had not met.

Akshay : hi

“Hello shakes hand with very suspicious image about him in mind

Kareena : where is Kritika? she did not come with you today

Everybody waits long time for her. Akshay informs them about Kritika’s absence and hanging out with Dhruv

Kareena ; where is she ? I hope she is not in any kind of trouble

Akshay : no mother in law your daughter is not from those people, I had warned her so many time but she did not even left bit of respect for me

Rishab : wait calm down tell us what happened

Akshay reveals them about Kritika and Dhruv’s increasing closeness from few days. He also goes to the extent of saying how Dhruv has influenced her in his charms. Karan had enough of hearing rubbish about his sister because of some stranger. Preeta sees the anger in Karan’s eyes for Dhruv and maybe little for her. Everybody tells Akshay to wait till 8 and Kritika will be back. Karan drags Preeta outside the house to vent his anger out.

“I know you are angry but trust me you are thinking all wrong Preeta tries to explain him

Karan ; I did not say you are wrong but I also know your so called friend is eyeing on Kritika from very first day

Preeta : Dhruv is not like that, he knows his limit to every relation I know him from years

Karan : because of that same friend today my sister have to bear lot of insult and I will not forget that keep that in mind

Preeta : you are taking his frustration on me, I know you have good judgement of people but sometimes you can be wrong also

Karan : I can be wrong in other things but when it comes to knowing people my guts feelings are never wrong

Preeta : but this time your target is on wrong person Mr Luthra, I have full trust on Dhruv

Karan : now you listen to me once they come back tell your friend to stay away from Kritika, she is naive like you never understand wrong people’s intention

“Enough Karan you said what you wanted to, no more word against Dhruv, just because I respect you does not mean I disrespect my friend Preeta loses her cool for his constant blaming on Dhruv

Karan: I forgot you have more confidence on that guy more than me, great

Preeta ;  you are crossing now, Kritika is not small kid to get influenced by anybody she went with her own choice

Karan : stop blaming her for whole thing, I know she should have not gone like that but that Dhruv is no less either, I saw on that football game how close he was getting to Kritika

Preeat : Karan I explained you what I wanted now its up to you if your brain has ability to understand

Karan ; even I don’t want to talk with dumbo like you right now I am only worried for my sister

Preeta : do whatever you want I am going from here good bye

“Preeta wait tries to stop her from leaving but she leaves for her home

Precap :Karan and Preeta’s bitter argument continues for a while. Sameer accepts Shrishit’s love while Dhruv too starts falling more for Kritika.

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