Preetan FF : Truth of life Part 22

Karan puts dressing on her feet but she gets completely lost in his care.

“Hello, where are you lost snaps his finger to make her come out of senses

Tanya : thanks

“I should go, its too late good night tells her but she keeps holding his hand

Karan : are you planning to see morning with me tomorrow

“What asks in confusion

Karan : my hand Tanya

“Oh sorry good night leaves his hands

“Tanya turns around calling her when she looks up at him

Karan ; thank you for everything, because of you I am here today, if in future I can come any use to you just remember me

Tanya : sure why not

Karan goes back on his room but gets uncomfortable with Tanya’s gesture. He tries to calls Preeta to divert his mood but she instead calls him first

“Your ego is so much bigger than my love, I was angry at you but you didn’t bother to pacify me, why are you so arrogant Mr Luthra Preeta keeps blabbering to him but she realizes his silence

Karan does not say anything

Preeta : Karan, what’s wrong? why are you so silent, is everything okay

“I don’t know but I feel alone without you, I wish you were with me, I really miss Karan sounds like broken

“I am in your heart, do you know what that means wherever I go my soul will always be with you Preeta’s word are have been his pain reliever ever since she came in his life. He tells her to do FaceTime to see her beautiful face. She turns on the video camera. Karan’s eyes are filled with all tears flowing he had controlled hard since he left.

“Hey, remember what I said your precious tears are mine now Preeta tells him not to shed tears

“I can’t tell how much peace my heart feels seeing your beautiful face, I missed this tiny eyes that has love only for me Karan run out of words to praised her beauty and simplicity

Preeta : okay, don’t praise me too much you can save that when you come back

“i can’t wait to come back to you baby doll, before I never was so emotional of going back home but you made me crazy Karan blames her for making him fall for her badly

Preeta ; get used to it Mr Luthra, you will have to tolerate this kareli for lifetime now, and see my best wishes are always with you, listen I have some work you take care of yourself bye love you (gives him flying kiss before leaving)

Karan : bye baby doll (hangs up too)


Kritika is busy making dinner for Akshay and give him surprise. She waits for long time but he does not come.

Akshay : what is it Kritika? I told you I am in meeting, I will be late you have dinner

Kritika ; what about your dinner? how long will it take for you to come

Akshay ; I have late night meeting with client, you take rest, I have to go bye

Kritika gets upset with his behavior but understands his situation too. Preeta and Shrishti makes surprise visit to her house.

“Hi, Its nice to see you both here Kritika is happy seeing both girls

Preeta ; I hope we didn’t disturb you, whats that injury on your head

Kritika ; not at all please come in, its a small injury, I got hit by car this morning,

Preeta ; what? are you okay

Kritika : I am fine, don’t worry, I was not looking on road and hit by car

Shrishti : and then?

Kritika : the driver of that car took me to hospital, and Akshay came

Preeta ; thank god, who was he? did you see his face

Kritika : no, I could not even thank him, nurse said he left before I got discharge

“Wow, what a decoration, you are so creative, no wonder you are best designer in town Shrishti compliments her effort

Kritika : thank you, have a seat I will get something for you

Preeta : we are not guest here that you have to serve us, we came to chat with you, sit with us where is Akshay

Kritika : actually he is busy with some clients today so he will be late

Shrishti ; that means all your efforts will be in vain today

“Shrishti, be quiet Preeta signals her

Kritika : its not like that, nowadays work load has been increased in office so he is not able to give me some time

Shrishti : but you recently married, you guys should go for you know honeymoon and do some romance

Kritika : shut up Shrishti, Akshay is so busy this days, we cannot even go out of city right now

Preeta :try talking with him, maybe he will agree for you and take some time out

Kritika ; yea I will talk to him, I am very hungry what do you want to eat

“Chole bature Shrishti interrupts

Preeta : lets go out to eat today, don’t take trouble lets go

Kritika : but

Shrishti : no ifs and buts, get ready we are waiting for you

Kritika hesitantly agrees to go with them thinking Akshay might come back before her return. The trio goes out for dinner enjoying their time together.

Shrishti : wow, Kritika this food is just delicious, I must say

Kritika ; by the way Preeta how is my dear brother, I heard he only talked with you, he forgot he has two brothers and sisters

“Stop it, he is absolutely fine okay throws napkin on her

Shrishti ; you forgot his tall fan is also waiting, when is his match I am dying to see

Preeta : his team will reach tomorrow so after three days

Kritika : thats less time, I am sure my star brother will also win this

After dinner the girls go to their respective house. Kritika reaches little bit late due to traffic after dropping Preeta and Shrishti.

“You are finally here? Akshay sits in dark when she came inside

Kritika ; you scared me? when did you come

Akshay : I came a while ago, where did you go at this time

Kritika : I went with out for dinner with Preeta and Shrishti, you said you are coming late thats why

Akshay ; but I came early to have dinner with you anyway now you had food lets go to bed i have to wake up early

Kritika : I am sorry, I promise I will never do anything you don’t like

Akshay : look I don’t want to take away your freedom, thats why I am also letting you work but just make sure you are honor of this house, don’t ever do something that bring down image of this family

“My whole life is your now, I will never give you chance to complain promises him and hugs him emotionally

Akshay : lets eat and go to sleep


Shrishti shares the idea of going somewhere

Preeta : holiday for what? oh now I see you want to spend time with your shorty

Shrishti : di, if I wanted that why would I wait for your Karela to come back

Preeta : aye, only I have that copyright to call him Karela, for you just sir okay

Shrishti pretends to be offended but Preeta figures it out. They remember Dhruv’s flashback recalling same incidence.

“If Dhruv was here, what he would have said? made crazy assumptions about Karan but he would be most happiest person Preeta praises his honesty

Preeta and Shrishti informs Rishab about their holiday planning after Karan’s arrival.

Rishab : but where? you all can go I don’t have time here

Preeta ; please Rishabji, for me, (requests him) take some break to enjoy with us

Rishab being such a great friend could not deny when it comes to Preeta. He agrees to go with them but tells to choose the location.

“You don’t worry sir, we will choose the best place to go, you just say yes Shrishti interrupts them

Rishab : well then just let me know location and day, we will start arrangements

Preeta : thank you Rishabji

Akshay declines the offer of going to honeymoon due to work load.

“I am so sorry baby, but you know I just got promotion and boss is not giving me day offs, I promise we will go somewhere after few months when everything settles down Akshay tries to justify the reasons

Kritika : I didn’t ask any justification from you, we both respect each other’s decisions and support don’t worry

Akshay : you are so caring and understanding, but if you want to go with your cousins you can go, I won’t stop you

Kritika : I won’t go anywhere without now, we will go together

Akshay ; as you wish, I will not force you for anything then

Cape town

Karan wakes up early in the morning and gets ready to meet his team who have arrived few hours ago.

“Rohan how was your journey Karan pats his shoulder

Rohan : buddy, it was good, what did you do yesterday

Karan : nothing I just went for sight seeing, when are we starting for practice

Rohan : coach said we have to leave now for practice, if you are ready we can go

Karan : wait let me inform Tanya, so she does not wait for me

He asks receptionist about Tanya who informs she left somewhere in early morning.

Karan ; strange she didn’t even tell me

Rohan : its okay, she is not kid, must have some work

The boys goes to practice field where they are introduced to another team.

“Hi, I am Roger, senior head of this academy introduces himself to everybody

Roger : I welcome all of you here, good luck with everything, just keep one thing in mind, discipline is only thing I need from you guys

Boys start the practice with all dedication to win their match.

Tanya finishes the legal work she was supposed to with the clients. She still have few hours to cut before Karan comes back from his practice. She sees a painting exhibition in the park and walks there.

“Hey young lady can I help you in making one of best painting Tanya volunteers to help small girl who is struggling and picks up the canvas. The young girl helps her guide through about her imagery. Everybody praises her artistic view and gifts her one of the paintings. Tanya also buys football for Rishab which has been his long dream.

“This work load and responsibilities has made my Rishab very reserved, but no worries now your pinky will bring your normal life again, that same one who was happy, lively Tanya feels guilty for not been able to give her time to Rishab ever since their meetings.

Karan gets tired after whole practice session. He goes back to his hotel room after getting exhausted with game whole day. He is running through his phone and dials quickly Preeta’s number.

“Yes Mr Luthra, looks like you have got all time to chat with me right Preeta taunts him for not focusing

Karan : you know I have only one complaint from god that he give you some sense, like really girls die to talk with me

Preeta : but I am Preeta Arora, your kareli remember that, so whats going

Karan : I am so bored here, you know at least you should have given me company here

” I thought you would love your Pinky’s company, isn’t it Preeta just slipped the truth from her tongue

Karan : what did you just say?

Preeta : I will talk later, you carry on

“Wait, Preeta Karan calls her by the name that she is not used to from his mouth

Preeta : I am sorry, please forgive me

“You knew and didn’t bother to tell me, I didn’t expect this from you Karan gets little bit rough on her

Preeta tells him everything how she got to know and stayed silent only for Tanya.

Karan ; you and Sameer are both close to me and both could not even share that

“Sorry, sorry holds her ears on one side and asks him how did he found out

Karan :actually her bag was left in Rishab’s car and I found her diary

Preeta : you are so ill mannered to read somebody’s diary

Karan : listen don’t try to teach me manners, I will talk later with you and don’t think I forgave you for this (pretends to be angry with her)

Preeta gets upset with his attitude but also understands it was her partly fault. Shrishti overhears everything and again confronts her about everything.

“That means this girl it Pinky, I can’t believe this Shrishti stands up in shock

Preeta : and one more thing, Pinky is sister to your dear Sameer, so throw that logic out of your mind that there is lovey dovey moments between them

“Thank god, I am safe now Shrishti sees Preeta’s grooving stare on her

Shrishti : sis, did I say something wrong?

“Wrong? you are celebrating your happiness, and that Karela is giving me bitter taste, both of you are headache on me throws pillows and sheets on Shrishti

Shrishti : why are you venting his anger on me, first you and that shorty had done phd in hiding things from us and now showing temperament on us

“Look I am already upset, go from here and help mom in kitchen Preeta orders to leave her alone for a while

Cape town

Karan keeps pacing in the room thinking how to set things again to normal. He bangs his head on Tanya again.

“What the hell is wrong with you, do you have any problem with my head, always banging Tanya shouts at him

Karan : sorry, where were you? I was looking for you whole day

Tanya : I was bored so went for some shopping why

“Nothing, lets go for dinner, I am very hungry Karan offers her

Tanya ; sure why not

Both heads to a small restaurant on roadside.

Karan ; I miss mom’s food, nobody can compete here

Tanya : Yea I tried her food, I must say she is amazing

Karan : but bhai told you are no less, just that your tongue is too spicy

Tanya : thanks for compliment (accidentally puts her hand on his)

Karan removes it slowly feeling uncomfortable.

Both goes for walking when a thug takes Karan’s wallet from his pocket.

“Thief, wait both runs after him Tanya gets his grip running like marathon

“You will take my Karan’s wallet, you call yourself thief Tanya beats him black and blue till he bleeds

“What are you doing, leave him will you kill him, stop it Karan tries to stop her but she does not resist

The cops come there and takes the thief with them and lets Tanya go due to Karan’s insistence.

Karan : you are so scary, what if something had happened to him

Tanya : what do you mean? he would have taken your wallet and I would stay quiet

“So much anger just for me, you didn’t care to be taken by cops, why Karan holds her shoulder gently

Tanya sees his intensity but does not say anything.

Karan : I am waiting for answer

“I am tired, good night Karan removes his hand and leaves

“You are still same Pinky, not changed the words stops her steps rapidly

She freezes the moment of facing the biggest fear of her life.

“Pinky, no matte how much you run away from me but destiny brought you back walks towards her while she stands facing on other side of road

Tanya : Karan please, stop

“Didn’t you trust my friendship, or were you scared that you will again go away makes her face towards him. She has her eyes closed with tears

“Once this hands always gave me strength to fight with every challenge, your best wishes made me reach this level, why are you back you out now holds her hands and wipes the tears falling from her eyes

“Because I am scared of losing you all Tanya screams moving backwards

Karan : what?

“I never wanted you guys to know who am I you know why because that Sherlyn would have taken advantage of this, targeting me to revenge on all you, Karan I don’t want to be cause of misery and I promised my mom in life I will not come in front of you all as Pinky breaksdown in front of him

Karan : you are not unlucky for us, do you know when I lift that bat I see your face that what would do if you were with me

Tanya : I am Tanya, your pinky is buried down in emotions, you cannot wake her up again (gets up and starts walking)

“Tomorrow is my final and I know I will see pinky not Tanya for my success Karan bets on her when she denies to come on his final match. He leaves the spot.

Precap : Karan returns back home after the victory rejoicing his moments again Preeta. Sibling plans for vacation

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