Preetan FF : Truth of life Part 21

Karan and Tanya dozes off for a while in the flight. He wakes up to see her head leaning on his shoulder. Though his heart feels every time to tell her everything but her honor always stops him.

“You are so stupid Karan, this girl was in front of you all the time and how can we not recognize her, that duffer Sammy also didn’t tell me anything tugs her hair behind ears

Tanya holds his hands in sleep which he is not able to take it off. Preeta keeps calling him.but he could not take her call.

“I am sorry baby doll but I will call you as soon I can feels guilty in his mind for not been able to call her

Preeta feels restless thinking about Karan

but Shrishti tells he to trust him and their love as nobody can break that.

Shrishti : you know today’s boys need some space too, learn to trust your love only then he will come running to you

Preeta : you are right but sometime when freedom crosses limit, it becomes betrayal

Karan and Tanya’s flight has almost landed on airport after few hours. Tanya looks at him sleeping peacefully. She tries to wake him up but he respond to her. She goes near his ears and shouts little bit loud without disturbing others.

Karan wakes up in panicking others too.

“Is this way to wake up somebody Karan shouts at her

Tanya : this is only way to wake lazy bones, I am trying to call you from last few minutes

Karan : you are such an idiot girl

One of the air hostess tells them to keep quiet for passenger safety.

Karan : did you heard that? now be quiet

Tanya : I always keep my ears open alright, no wonder you never travelled

Karan puts cotton in his ears to prevent listening on her talks. Tanya too puts headphones and listen to music.

In Mumbai

Sarla is looking some old pictures of her brother who is none other than Tanya’s father. Both of them were real siblings but circumstances separated them.

Shrishti ; mom, what are you looking?

“Nothing, you both have your breakfast, both of you are getting late for work puts everything inside

Preeta is going through files of her patients and asks Shrishti to get some materials for her clinic and patients.

South Africa

Tanya and Karan takes their luggage and goest out of airport.

Tanya : how will we go?

Karan : I should ask you same, I have not opened travel agency here

Tanya : who am I asking this?

Both goes into the cab sent the academy to pick them up. They check in the hotel accommodated by the team head. Karan is about make her fall and catch but she instead puts her leg in between. Karan falls on floor while trying to put feet between hers.

“How low will you stoop Mr Luthra, see you were trying to put me down and now you are sitting on floor next time try something else, but i am so nice gives him hand but Karan this time makes her fall on him accidentally pulling her legs

“See I made you fall on me says teasingly but it was definitely no joke for her specially when it comes to him.

Both have eye lock but more intense from Tanya’s side who is lost in his eyes.

“Move away, duffer pushes him on other side of floor

Karan : I am so sorry, lets go in the room and get some rest, let me help you put your luggage

“No thats alright, I will manage puts hand on his while taking her belongings

Karan takes his hand away feeling uncomfortable and goes to his room. He sees his baby doll’s picture on phone recalling their confession and moments. Never in his life had his heart filled with so much happiness. The doors he locked from years of love emotions were opened by his baby doll. She became his strength and inspiration after his pinky.

Preeta sees his call and gets excited but follows Shrishti’s advice of making him suffer little bit.

“Why is she not picking up my calls Karan keeps trying again

Preeta : let me pick up, poor guy must be so worried about me

Karan : where are you? I am calling you from long time

“I was busy,thats why didn’t hear phone call says with attitude

Karan : not bad, its been only few hours I left and you are showing me attitude

Preeta : okay sorry, did you reach safely and how is Tanya

Karan : we did, and don’t even ask about her she is so irritating like you, she chewed my brain

“What did you say? do I make you irritate, you know what you are very mean, I will not talk with you hangs up on him

Karan ; Preeta, listen to me, i was just joking hello, what should I with this girls both made me temple’s bell

Shrishti ; di what happened? why are you taking so much stress

Preeta : I will not talk to him, he is very mean to me, let him suffer there alone without me, for how long he survives there

Shrishti : I tell you what, he got perfect company there to go with, Tanya will make chew him like gum

Both share great laugh about her sense of humor. Tanya calls somebody to ask about her mother’s condition.

“how is mom’s health, is there any improvement Tanya asks to the person

Person : unfortunately no, and senior Doctor went out of country to meet with some experienced doctors.

“Thank you,, please let me know if there is anything you need keeps the phone after getting response from other side

She gets upset about her mother’s worsening condition when Karan come in her room.

Karan : what happened? are you crying

“No i am fine, you say what do you need says wiping her tears

Karan : I just came to tell my team is coming tomorrow morning so we have today to go around the city if you want

Tanya : you can go, I am not in mood

“What are you here for then taps on head

“To kill you walks towards him with knife scaring him

Karan : put that down (widens his eyes)

“Oh my god, look at your face next time if you try to irritate me, i got weapon to keep your mouth shut she laughs seeing his reaction and throws knife down.

Karan : you are so scary, I am sorry I asked you for company, stay here I will leave

Tanya : okay sorry, you go down I will be there in few minutes, and next time knock the door before coming in

Karan leaves in huff after getting so much attitude from the girl in front of him.

“Nobody ever gave me that attitude like this brat, not even my Preeta, today I realized my baby doll is nothing kareli than this, my kareli is so sweet Karan blabbers and clashing his head with Tanya again

Tanya : you are seriously blind, what were you blabbering alone

Karan : none of your business, now come we have only today for sight seeing

Both goes out to the park near the beach for walk and sight seeing.


Kritika is coming out of her designing company when she accidentally is hit by car that collides on tree. The driver comes out of car and tells his boss about the accident. The guy is in his late 20’s with black eyes and is very charming with white shirt and blue jeans. He carries Kritika feeling her light weight and puts carefully in the car. His eyes could not take off the simplicity of her face.

Guy : you take car to garage, I will drop her to hospital, can somebody help me call cab

One individual comes forward and takes Kritika to hospital. He sees Akshay’s number in her phone and calls him to hospital.

“Excuse me, the patient is fine now, are you related with her nurse asks him

Guy ; No, she was hit by my car so I brought her here, I don’t know her

Nurse : okay, is there anybody who can sign this consent forms

“She is my wife Akshay says from back and grabs forms from nurse.

Nurse ; thank you (leaves)

“Thank you gentleman for saving my wife Akshay shakes his hand and introduces himself

“My pleasure and I should be sorry, she got hit by my car, just say sorry to her, by the way I am Dhruv Saxena reveals his identity

Akshay : I guess you can go now I am here to take care of my wife (says with attitude)

Dhruv finds weird about his behavior and starts walking. Akshay scolds Kritika for being carelessly walking on road.

Kritika : I am sorry for troubling you, but did you brought me here

Akshay : now one guy dropped you here, now come lets go

Dhruv looks at Preeta and Shrishti’s picture in his wallet from few years back.


5 years back in Nasik

“Preeta, scholar where are you Dhruv shouts her name in the house

Preeta : why are you shouting? what happened did earthquake came

Dhruv : yes, big storm has come, dad will kill me now, he told me to get good marks to enter in medical college

Preeta : so you did not score enough for entrance exam

“No, I failed Dhruv shows disappointment

Preeta : but how did that happened? you don’t worry this time we will work more hard and I will talk to uncle, you don’t take too much stress

Dhruv winks at Shrishti who supports him too but Preeta finds his changed expression.

“You were joking? she picks up heavy piece in hand to throw

“Preeta, my sweet little friend please put that down, its heavy piece, if you hit my head how will I top again in college Dhruv starts running backward

“don’t worry, this will hurt little but it will get rid of all drama skills in your head, both of you are making fool of me scolds Shrishti too for supporting him

Dhruv : sorry sorry, Shrishti please explain your sister I am still unmarried, if she kill me who will marry me

“I will get many but you won’t get another one like me okay still running behind him like kid

“Take a break, I am tired stops on side as well as Preeta who is relieved. Dhruv takes the piece from her hand getting chance

“Darling when you have such great handsome boy why do you need such things to carry with you praises himself and tells her about being topper in medical entrance exam

Preeta jumps on him happily joined by Shrishti in group hug.

“Wow, thats amazing, I knew your hard work cannot go in vain Preeta is overjoyed with his success

Shrishti ; its cause for celebration now, but I am only waiting for the day you both agree to marry with each other, I mean come on what are you both waiting for

Preeta : keep break on your tongue okay, we both are only friends and marrying this idiot is like breaking your head on walls

Dhruv : and better than making you wife, I would rather tie myself in dark room

Shrishti : fine that day will also come when you both will be dying to marry each other

“That day will never come both says at the same time sharing their moment

Flashback ends

“What days they were, everything is so changed now, you went away from me talks with her picture and starts driving putting it back in wallet.

South Africa

“Karan I am tired, can we seat for a while sits on sand folding her legs

Karan : yea lets relax, are you seeing those children, they are so happy right now but when you grow up we always remembers those days

Tanya : you are right but sometime situation is not same for everybody Karan

Karan ; hearing serious words from you is I cannot digest

A kid accidentally throws ball on Karan while playing volleyball.  He gives ball to him on condition to play with them.

Karan : get ready for challenge Ms lawyer, time for some fun get up

Tanya : I am not going anywhere

Karan drags her up from and makes her stand on other side. Both enjoys playing the game with children and adults. Tanya keeps doing scores defeating Karan which irritates him as nobody did that before.

“Mr Luthra, you are only good for cricket Tanya makes fun of him

Karan this time gives hard shot making goal but it hits on Tanya’s legs.

“Oouch shouts in pain

Karan ; I am so sorry, are you okay? who told you to challenge me

Tanya : shut up, I am not your real rival, you hurt me so badly

Karan takes her back to hotel and puts ointment on her feet.

“It will be fine, your legs are so hard how come you got hurt so easily Karan massages her leg

“Why are you so painful hits him with pillow

Karan : and who gave you rights to hit me every single time, show raising your hands, keep your hands safe, who knows you can use it after marriage

Sherlyn goes to meet Prithvi in jail who has become more vengeance now.

Prithvi : baby, I am getting restless now, I want to see all those people suffering every moment of their life and specially that Tanya and Luthra family

“I promise you I make Tanya’s life worse than hell, her name, wealth,arrogance everything will break in one moment, she and that Preeta will die thousands death Sherlyn holds his hand tightly with her red eyes.

Precap : Karan confronts Pinky right before his final match while latter decides to confess her love after game.

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  2. Very nice episode but as cindy said there was a lack of preeran scenes.
    Wishing you all the best for next article and please there should be some preeran scenes as they both look brilliant eith each other

  3. Very nice episode but as cindy said there was a lack of preeran scenes.
    Wishing you all the best for next article and please there should be some preeran scenes as they both look brilliant each other

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