Preetan FF : Truth of life Part 20

“Happy birthday to my dear sister Sameer brings cake for Tanya at midnight

Tanya ; thank you (feeds him too)

“So what does my sister want for her gift, you have given everybody precious gift Sameer asks her

Tanya ; I don’t want anything, and you know I can do anything for you all, and for Karan I can fight with whole world

Sameer gets into thinking hearing her words. He knew Tanya had sort of attraction towards Karan but is not aware of the extent to achieve anything she wants.

Tanya : where are you lost?by the way how is Shrishti, I didn’t even ask her

“She is fine, don’t worry assures her

Tanya : should I say something, that day I saw another concern of you for her, is there you want to share with me, who knows I can give you some tips

Sameer : what nonsense? I have nothing in my heart, get that straight, and she is just a good friend to me stop teasing me

Tanya ; okay fine, if you don’t tell me I will know that anyway

“Don’t try to act smart with me, now go to sleep its too late tells her go to bed

Tanya : good night and close the door before you leave alright

Next day everybody arranges for Karan’s trip for his next match in South Africa.

Karan ; mom, I am not going there for lifetime, calm down

Rishab : silly boy, first you calm down, you are going first time out of country

Karan : you worry so much for me

“Let him worry for you or else if somebody else comes in his life then your importance will be done Rakhi twists his ears

Karan : no way, nobody can take my place in Rishab’s heart neither will I let anybody take place in my life

“What if somebody tries forcefully to come in that space Kritika interferes

Karan : oh Ms Professor why do you always want to say things that will not happen (Taps her head)

Kritika : bhai you let it be, we will talk about that when time comes

Karan : whatever

“You all never get tired of fighting with each other, Karan can’t you relax for today, you are leaving Rishab stops their fight

Karan : in that case we both brother will go for long drive what say bro

Rishab : yea sure come, mom we will be back in a while

Mahesh : come soon, don’t take long time for your brothers love

Karan and Rishab both go for drive near the marine drive to take break from their work.

“Wow, bhai it feels so good, ever since you started working you never got chance for your kiddo Karan complains like kid

Rishab : my sweet little brother, you know you can talk to me anytime

“i want to tell you something from so many days Karan gets serious

Rishab : what happened?

“You remember bhai in childhood you had dream of getting into football team but you did not get in that only for me, thats making me more guilty Karan’s words hit hard on his brother

Rishab : look I have said this before, if you really want to do something for me then make me proud by making your name

“But why bhai, you could have done it for yourself then why all this Karan gets emotional with his brother

“Look at me, you have become very sentimental this days, whats wrong holds his face gently

“I cannot see you like this, what do you think if nobody sees means you can hide your pain so easily, when will your life settle like everybody Karan express his sorrows of seeing his brother plea

“Listen to me, carefully as long as you are with me I don’t need anybody in this world, and regarding getting married, you only said there is time for everything who knows somebody far might be waiting for me Rishab shares his heart

“But you promise me whenever you find somebody first person will be me to know that okay and I check everything first Karan tells him clearly

Rishab : really? you will have background check okay fine, now cheer up its such big day for us, one more thing I want to tell you

Karan : yes?

Rishab ; Tanya had helped to get this chance putting her career at risk, now you will have to see that her hard work does not go in vain too

Karan : you know bhai, sometimes I feel to lucky to have people like her, Preeta and Arora family in our life, then I wonder why were they not with us from long time

Rishab ; even I learnt so many things from that, how to find happiness in small things, they are also like us small but happy family

Both continues their chit chat for long time. They play volley ball with other people on beach for a while.

“Hey Karan, you forgot what is today, its our pinky’s birthday too, I mean can you imagine she and Preetaji have same birthday Rishab tells him

Karan : even I found that weird but she is so close to us and still far

Rishab : what are you trying to say?

Karan : nothing bhai, do you remember how in her every birthday we used to take her out in midnight and cut the cake

Rishab : yea and than what about nana’s scolding remember that too

Karan ; he used to punish us by doing sit ups and our pinky also joined us

Rishab : I really miss her, if she is anywhere I would always ask for her well being and happiness (wipes his tears)

“I am very sorry bhai but I cannot tell you the truth until our pinky comes by herself in front of us and that will not happen Karan feels guilty of hiding truth

Luthra family wishes Preeta for her birthday. Rishab gifts her favorite flowers

Preeta : thank you so much Rishabji

Rishab : I am sorry we could not arrange anything to make your day special, if Karan was not leaving we would have done something

“Thats okay and anyway I got my special gift for birthday blushes in front of Karan

Rakhi : god bless you with everything you want, and give you all happiness

Preeta ; thank you so much aunty

“Mom, we are getting late, Preetaji we will see you in evening Rishab leaves with his mom for home

“Wish you a very happy birthday Tanya ties friendship belt on her wrist

Preeta: Tanya what is this for, I means its nice

Tanya : for our new friendship, I also need a friend like you in my life

Preeta : sure why not, but its not easy to have my friendship, just warning

Tanya : I am sure then we both will get along

“So first rule where is my gift brings her hand forward

Tanya ; I don’t have gift but guess what I got for you (makes her smell desert)

“Wow, thats such delicious smell I ever had, did you make it Shrishti compliments but realizes what she said and denies again

Tanya : you were praising smell while ago now what happened

Preeta : don’t mind she is little bit twisted, I can’t wait to try this coconut sweet (tastes her favorite sweet)

Tanya : how is it?

“Oh my god, I never had tasted such good desert in my life, Shrishti try it feeds her too

Shrishti too gets surprised and takes the food box from her hand.

Shrishti : let me give this to mom, she will also know what is real taste of sweet

Preeta : this girl is crazy, thank you Tanya

Tanya ; anytime you know when I saw you first time I knew you were such great friend to be with, will you give me my own place like Shrishti in your life

Preeta gets hesitant first but ends up shocking her by pulling into sisterly hug. Shrishti too joins them forgetting his bitterness with Tanya.

“By the way Ms Lawyer you should know Preeta sis has also one more sister than you so you should also notice her praises herself

Tanya : of course how can I forget you. such sweet tall pole, hello dadi

Dadi :when did you came?

Tanya : I just came , what are you drinking

Dadi ; cough syrup, will you have some

“No, I am not sick or have cough Tanya’s words make everybody burst in laughter

Shrishti ; you are seriously funny, that alcohol, do you drink wine?

Tanya : oh then you should have told me before, I used to drink but then mom restricted me after I created havoc in party

Preeta : she did right at least you will never touch alcohol again

Sarla : where did you learn to make this delicious sweet?

Tanya : aunty, my mom is second version of hitler, she made me sit in front of kitchen for 7 hours everyday

Dadi : why don’t you introduce her to us sometime we will also learn something

Tanya’s smile fads little bit hearing it but Preeta handles it and takes her out.

“Thanks but you didn’t have to do this Tanya appreciates her

Preeta : its okay I know how hard it might be for you right now, don’t worry everything will be fine with time, I want to tell you something important

Tanya : yes what is it?

Preeta tells her the whole situation about Sameer and Shrishti from other day.

Tanya : but when I asked Sameer other day he denied to have anything like

Preeta : I don’t know what he feels for Shrishti but I would never want my sister to have heartbreak so before Shrishti takes any step you will have to make sure that Sameer have same feelings for her

Tanya ; I will take care of that but why don’t you tell Shrishti that there is nothing like that between us

Preeta ; I will tell her when time comes and sorry she was kind of angry with you

Tanya : no worries I have no complaint against her, okay I should leave its going to be evening, bye birthday girl enjoy rest of your day I would have given you my whole day but I am busy today

Preeta : thats alright when you come we will celebrate it together, till then you owe this day Tanya : okay (hugs happily)

In evening everybody gets ready to see off Karan and Tanya to airport. Preeta’s heart and mind starts pumping only with the feeling of leaving Karan for few days.

Shrishti : not bad, Karan sir didn’t even leave you started getting anxiety

Preeta : are you done with your nonsense? I am not worried in fact very happy to see him getting what he deserves

Shrishti : did you get any gift for him?

Preeta : for right now? gift is given when something is achieved, and I will give him best gift when he comes back as victory.

“Bappa, today my Karan is stepping towards his dream, please take care of him and save from any wrong recalls Tanya while praying for Karan

Tanya lights up lamp in front of god asking to make their trip successful.

“You always helped me with everything, please don’t let my Karan’s hard work go in vain, I only want to become his strength with this time” closes her eyes

Luthra families and Arora girls goes to drop Karan and Tanya on airport.

“Uncle you should be happy that your wife’s brat son is going out for few days Tanya looks at Karan

Mahesh : see only you understand my problem so proud of you

“Dad thats not fair, I am coming back okay, not settling there Karan gives back

Rakhi : Maheshji, you better not tease my son or else you see I won’t let you touch your favorite sweets again

Tanya : no worries, uncle I know how to make every indian sweet (whispers)

“Mom I don’t know if my ears are ringing or just they are too sharp to hear something from far Rishab rubs his ears

Tanya : very funny Mr luthra, please make better joke next time

Rishab; can I talk with you for a second

“Sure Tanya goes with him

Rishab : I want to thank you again for everything, I know Karan won’t disappoint you this time

Tanya : anytime, after all when will I use my degree if not here

Rishab : good luck and take care of yourself

Tanya ; thanks I will

Karan takes Preeta to corner stealing her from everybody’s presence.

Preeta : Karan what are you doing?

“You are so boring girlfriend, I am going away for few days and you should be give me at least good bye kiss shows his dimple cheek to her

Preeta instead pulls his chubby cheeks laughingly.

“I did not expected this from you kareli, thats the name suit for you, baby doll would have fulfilled my wish Karan takes his bag and is about to leave when Preeta finally utters the magical words his ears wanted to listen from long time

“I love you my sweet karela gives small peck on his cheeks

Karan : thats better

Shrishti calls them as its time for their flight. Tanya gives friendly hug to Sameer in front of Shrishti.

“Take care okay and remember my best wishes are with you Rishab hands them boarding passes

Karan and Tanya heads to their gate for departure. His eyes are still stuck on Preeta who is waving him with her cute smile. Though he wanted to stay back but his heart will not agree to compromise with his dreams from years.

Rakhi gets emotional seeing Karan’s departure as well as Rishab. The house that always echoed with Karan’s banter will now remain silent.

“Mom, stop your tears or else our Karan will not be able to focus, he needs your blessings not your tears Rishab consoles his mom

“Tanya, are you going to settle down in south Africa Karan asks looking at her couple bags than him

Tanya : what do you mean?

Karan ; no I mean let me know if you are going to stay there for long, so many bags really we are only going for two weeks or are you going first time outside

Tanya ; excuse me, I have travelled so many places more than you

Karan ; I can see that, I guess you have to change your passport

Tanya : if you are done with your nonsense can we check in or else we will miss our flight, lets go

Both check in the counter and starts heading inside. Karan’s team is planned to reach a day after to South Africa. Inside the flight again both fights for window seat.

Karan ; I will sit on window, because I am the Karan Luthra

Tanya ; so ? do you consider yourself as hero that you will take window seat, and by the way my ticket has that seat so buzz off, and what do you want, I sit on your lap and travel the journey

Karan ; you know I would have accepted that too but seeing your weight I cannot afford to lose my bones

“I have never seen thankless guy than you criticizes him

While putting luggage Tanya falls on his lap when she gets push by somebody.

Karan : now who is shameless? you seriously came into my lap, I was so right you have really heavy weight

Tanya : I should have not come with you, ill mannered brat, your brother is better

Karan ; the same Rishab has sent you with me to take care of me

Tanya : are you s small kid who needs pampering? you forgot I only came with you because of some work

Karan exchanges their pass when both are busy chattering and forcefully takes seat.

“You will pay for this throws blanket on him

Karan gets happy seeing her irritated and found another company whom he can share banters. Though she could not match to his kareli’s level, but is important part of his life from childhood.

Arora house

Preeta goes to terrace and looks up in sky. She sees a plane passing by and waves.

“Di, what happened Shrishti asks her sister who is still tensed

Preeta : nothing, you didn’t sleep yet

“I can’t sleep, its been so many days we had no gossips tonight its our sisters day Shrishti brings album

Preeta : wow, I have been looking for this

“I was hiding this from you so we can see this on your birthday Shrishti open the album

Sarla and Dadi too joins them and asks about the guy in the picture

Shrishti : my mother india, he is just our old friend from Nasik, his name is Dhruv

Dadi : where is he?

Preeta : last time I heard after graduating he went to london for job, after that we don’t know anything either

Shrishti ; you know both of them were so perfect for each other, made in heaven jodi if that deepak would have not come in between then sis would have been settled down

Preeta signals Shrishti to be quiet. Sameer is passing from temple and prays for his bhai’s success and sister’s well being

“God ji, thank you so much for bringing pinky back in our lives but sometime I feel she is not same as she used to be, please keep give her some wisdom so she does not do anything wrong like last time Sameer prays for his pinky’s safety.

Precap : Karan buys gift for Preeta and also for Tanya’s birthday. Sherlyn’s re entry in Luthra and Arora families lives

PS : To my dear readers I am taking short break from updates so next part will be after few days.

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