Preetan FF : Truth of life Part 19

Preeta remains restless till Karan reaches home safely. He texts her to keep her calm.

“Whatever you say Karan but there is somebody who keeping an eye on us lays on bed with nervousness

Somebody puts Karan and Tanya’s hugging pictures from the ground on big screen making it ready to go viral

“Now begins the real fun, Karan Luthra, game has just began burns his picture

Preeta helps Shrishti do some exercise for some pain relief.

“Oouch sis, its paining shouts in pain

Preeta : who told you to fly in air, could you not have some patience, what will people say that doctor’s sister is impatient she cannot take care of herself

Shrishti : stop throwing those dramatic dialogues on me

Preeta : how does it feel? you will get better in few days

Karan calls Preeta but she being busy with Shrishti’s treatment.

“Why is she not picking up my calls Karan feigns anger on himself

Shrishti looks at her sister with teary eyes. Though she had never believed in luck and Karmas but finds herself lucky in whole world to for getting gem of sister.

“What are you looking looks at her sister with water eyes

“You know sometimes I feel I had done so much struggle to get such precious sister in this world hugs her from back

Preeta : my cute sister, why so much love today, do you need anything

Shrishti : no, but want to give you something (walks with crutches and gets gives small gift)

Preeta : what is this?

“You forgot but how will I your birthday is coming up gives cup (with quote worlds best sister)

Preeta : but why didn’t you give me this on that day

Shrishti : I just felt so, by the way sis can we go to temple today please

“Shrishti, are you okay? temple seriously touches her forehead

Shristhi : today I want to ask something

“In this condition, no way we will go when you can walk properly Preeta warns her to not go anywhere till she recovers

Rishab is tensed with some legal work related with Karan’s cricket.

Rishab : I don’t care, I want the best lawyer to be hired alright

“Hello hello, whats going on Mr Luthra Tanya surprisingly turns up in his office

Rishab : oh hi, what are you waiting for, show me your face when you have results, this is not only my reputation, but it concerns the whole team

Manager : yes Sir, I will do my best (leaves the cabin)

Tanya : is this new shade of yours I know or you are always like this

Rishab : thank you for compliment but can I know what brings you here

Tanya : can I not come to meet you, anyway whats wrong? is there anything I can help you with

“Nothing, I thought after next match Karan will be selected for international but I feel my brother’s hard work and dream will not come true gets upset

Tanya : what are you saying?

“You know after Karan lost last three matches, promoters are not allowing him to play for international. And now even the cricket ground is sealed by government because their contract is going to expire, if Karan’s team does not play in international and win, not only we will lose contract with sponsors but also the ground will be sold to a foreign sports academy Rishab says with tensed

Tanya : they cannot do this, just because another company is offering them good deal we cannot let them have their name on our sports, this is not joke

Rishab : right now all I need is best lawyer who can fight this matter legally

“Can you give me one chance to handle this situation, I know what to do Tanya stands up from chair

Rishab : what will you do

“Just leave everything to me, I only want your consent ask him

Rishab : are you sure? look I cannot take any risk, it concerns my reputation, Karan’s career think once again

“I promise your Karan will play in the next international, they have to give him chance challenges him and asks to give her position of legal head

Rishab : fine, if you are able to handle the clients then I will make you legal head advisor for this whole management

“Its a deal Mr Luthra shakes her hand

Rishab : all the best, I will give you the information of everything, and we will have meeting soon

Tanya : done, I will be ready

Sameer takes her aside for taking up something she is not aware of

Tanya : what are you talking about?

Sameer : look, I know you are lawyer, but this is no joke it is matter of Karan’s bhai whole life, his career is at stake and you don’t know those sponsors are so arrogant

Tanya : so if they are so particular I am not less either get that straight

Sameer : I am talking about this attitude, your anger will ruin everything

Tanya : I took up the challenge and you know once I do that there is no way I could step back now

Sameer : fine do whatever you want, but remember if anything goes wrong blame will come on your head and Karan’s bhai career will be at risk

Luthras visit Shrishti after getting to know about her accident including Kritika

“Look what she did, always jumping in air Sarla complaints to them

Kritika : jumping or lost in somebody’s thoughts (teases her)

Preeta laughs with her too for making fun

“Really? your face is glowing today, how was your nuptial night Shrishti replies back to her blushing face

“Oye, first stand on your feet properly then pull somebody’s legs taps on her head

Sarla notices Rakhi and Dadi’s tensed face about Karan’s problem.

Preeta : what happened aunty? is everything alright

Rakhi tells everything to them which makes Preeta furious on Karan for hiding his problem from her. She immediately text him to meet near the mall.

“Babydoll, why did you call me here, is everything alright holds her face

Preeta : I should ask you same thing, what is going, you are going through such big problem and didn’t bother to tell me

Karan : you are panicking for no reason, everything will be fine

Preeta : how can you be so sure, you have worked so hard to achieve everything and now they cannot let you play

“Who said they will not let me play, when you are with me, can anybody dare to do anything wrong with me assures her

“I am scared, if something wrong happens I won’t be able to tolerate, promise me you will take care of yourself Preeta starts panicking with fear

“Hey, baby doll trust me this time, no force will stop me from playing in international

puts her hand on his heart getting lost again in her eyes

Preeta feels bit relieved hearing him and gets into passionate crushing bone hug.

“I know this time my Pinky will not keep quiet when it comes to my career Karan talks in his mind

Preeta takes Shrishti to temple after few days as she insisted before.

“God ji, I know you always gave me everything before asking but today I want something for my sister and Sameer, both of them are very innocent, please give them whatever they ask for Shrishti ask for two most important people in her life

Preeta too prays for Karan’s success and solve his problem.

The conference takes place in Luthra office of sponsors, Rishab, Tanya, Sameer and some other office staff.

“Mr Lalwani, what do you have to say Rishab asks him to begin

“Mr Luthra, committee has decided to not renew the lease of ground, after the team has been losing last three matches, I don’t see any chance of improvement gives his judgement but is interrupted by Tanya

“Excuse me can I say something she asks

Lalwani : who are you?

“We will discuss my identity later, right now lets talk about legal matter, right shows her attitude to him

“The contract says that lease will be for next 16 years, and at any cost it will not be sold because its governments property gives him files to check

Lalwani : looks like you are new to laws for this country, Ms Lawyer, we have government orders to sell this property and also we are not going to promote Karan anymore after knowing his attitude and indiscipline starts criticizing Karan

Tanya ; getting personal in terms of career is the sign of cowardness I believe, never mind I will change this mentality too

“Sameer this girl will surely bring us down today Rishab get anxious seeing her attitude and tone

Lalwani asks Rishab and government officer Neil to not let Tanya go further but they gives her once chance to prove her point.

“Ms Tanya, I understand your point, but think practically, right now our current financial situation is not stable and already we had lost three matches in BPL, we cannot afford more risks, and foreign sports academy will help us rise up again Neil tries to explain her

“Sir, I do understand, but don’t you think we should let our ground stay in our land, why do you want give the stamp of any country to our sports, she criticizes their argument

Neil : what option do you have for us

“International match, we will sponsor Karan and his team for next finals, I want you to give them chance before you make any decision and Sir, don’t mind but you are doing big mistake by trusting that organization Tanya claims to prevent the field for selling

Lalwani tries his best to not let situation go in the favor of Karan and his team.

“Thank you so much Ms Tanya for your time but could you excuse us for a bit, I want to have some discussion with the staff and government indirectly tells her to go out of room

Rishab too signals her to go by rolling his eyes which she does. Tanya goes to Luthra house directly when Rakhi calls her to meet.

Rakhi ; what happened dear? did they agree to let Karan to play please say something

Tanya ; I am sorry aunty, but they didn’t tell me anything

Karan : don’t worry okay, I am sure you tried your best

Sameer and Rishab come home while talking something important.

“Rishab, you came, is everything aright Mahesh too questions him

Rishab’s eyes are still stuck on Tanya whose face is having many mixed feelings.

“Bhai, why are you so quiet Karan too joins him

Preeta : Sameer, at least you say something

“Mom, everything is over, I am sorry Karan hugs his brother who does not break down

Karan ; bhai, its okay you see I will work hard day and night, I don’t need anybody’s favor, we will win this on our own

Tanya : I am so sorry Rishab, Karan I tried my best but sorry (wipes her tears and is about to leave the spot)

“Finally I made you say sorry to Karan, you does not look like somebody giving up so easily holds her hands while talking

Tanya turns around in confusion as well as everybody. Sameer winks at Karan

“Dad, read this gives him papers

“Mahesh what is that takes there letter

Rishab : so everybody I want to introduce the new legal head of our company, Tanya Oberoi

and you my dear brother pack your bags, its time for some work

“That means, we got Karans starts getting clear image

Rishab : the clients are convinced, they selected your team for international and if you win that, the ground will also be saved

Tanya jumps to hug Rishab happily followed by Karan who is overjoyed. Happiness knocks again in Luhra house and starting success for Karan’s journey.

“You are such drama kings, scared me for few minutes starts hitting on Rishab

Rishab : okay sorry sorry, but you almost lost thanks to Sameer he handled at the last moment, your tongue is good dangerous

Tanya : so whats the deal?

“Dadi, Mom ,dad our Karan is going to South Africa for international tomorrow, and you Ms legal head remember you also have to go with him tells her to join Karan

Tanya : but why? I mean he is going for game whats my need

Rishab ; the head of the team wants you to sign some papers, and Sameer or I could have gone there too but I have another clients coming for meeting

Tanya’s going with Karan does not go well with Preeta and Shrishti even though they are happy with Karan’s success.

Rakhi : I am so happy for you, may god bless you with every success

Rishab : look you have to promise me, that you will work very hard and makes us proud, out country proud

“You just watch how I win this match, I will play for our dignity and honor gives him emotional hug

Shrishti : this Rishabji is no less, what was the need to send Tanya with Karan sir, I am telling you sis keep her out of his life

Preeta : let it be, its great time for my Karan   his biggest dream is coming true

Shrishti : sorry, but he is leaving day after tomorrow, on your birthday thats not fair

Preeta : how would he know? you forget that, he promised after his next match, we will tell everything to families

Shrishti tells Karan about Preeta’s birthday tomorrow. He calls Preeta at night to celebrate her birthday. She enters the house only to find rose petals on floor.

“Welcome baby sees light turning on with his voice

“Karan, what is all this asks him softly

“What did you think I would forget your birthday, did you see how lucky you are for me, I can see my dream getting fulfilled, thank you for coming in my life kisses her forehead slowly touching her eyes

Preeta gets overwhelmed with his gestures and gives in the moment. Both are about to cross the line but stops themselves at the right moment.

“I didn’t mean to Karan apologies seeing her hesitant but Preeta did not mind

Preeta : that okay, so you will leave tomorrow, I will be alone here

“But I will be in your heart cups her face kissing her cheeks

Preeta : take care of yourself, wait i got something for you (takes out amulet)

“What is this ask her when she is tying it on his arms

Preeta : holy amulet, this will keep you safe and my best wishes will always be with you

(touches her nose with his gently)

Karan : I don’t know how will I spend so many days without you, like every minute will be like thorn for me to get over

“Karan, you are going to achieve your biggest success, don’t think back, and don’t forget your every success is mine now remember what you said reminds him of his previous words

Karan : but I will call you everyday, and we will chat a lot okay

Preeta : alright, but you will focus on your practice, or else I will not talk with you

“I love you hugs her burying his face in her curly and smooth hair

Both stay like that for long time before separating from each other that will kill them like slow poison inside. Suddenly they hear 12’o clock strikes. Preeta is showered with flowers and roses.

“Happy birthday babydoll” opens his arms in front of her

“Thank you, my prince charming” runs quickly in his arms to feel heaven

“Happy birthday pinky” Karan wishes her too as she share same birthday as Preeta but he cannot wish her unfortunately

Tanya is excited for the trip with Karan after so many days. She starts packing her clothes happily thinking what change would this trip bring in her life.

“Durga ma, this is happiest day of my life, just have mercy on me, I am going with Karan after so many years talks with his pictures

Precap : Karan’s shoulder injured during match and coach tells them team physio is not available with them

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