Preetan FF : Truth of life Part 18

Karan starts feeling restless thinking every minute about his pinky. He starts walking outside the room but stops himself for the sake his pinky’s promise. “No pinky, you saved the honor of my Preeta once, if I don’t respect of your promise then it will be unfair, I will wait for the day you will come to us by yourself keeps the diary inside her bag.

He goes to Rishab and hands him Tanya’s bag.

Shrishti is looking for something in her room when Preeta offers to help.

Shrishti : thats okay sis

“Are you alright, you look tensed Preeta asks her

Shrishti : I am fine why, just bit stressed

“Why is my sister tensed today, who is always messing something Preeta

teases her but Shrishti does not smile

“What should I tell you, I am waiting from so long for Sameer but he is showing no signs of love Shrishti finally confesses her feelings

Preeta : then why don’t you tell him truth, just because he is guy does not mean you cannot tell him

Shrishti : I am scared of this love and plus Sameer is Luthras, if he does not accept me then I will break

“He will not do anything to hurt you, don’t be be afraid, he might be scared of something, just go Preeta forces her sister to reveal her feelings

Shrishti agrees to Preeta’s advice and gets ready to meet Sameer who went to Tanya’s house. He sees passport and ticket on table.

“Where are you going finds her sitting in garden

Tanya : what do you mean? I am going back to my home, why are you so shocked I also have my family

“you cannot do this, okay I am sorry holds his ears

Tanya walks to the other holding water pipe splashing on him.

“What are you doing tries to save himself

Tanya : you are such a duffer, look at your face, just trying to calm you down (laughs at his reaction)

Sameer : why do you always want to give me heart attack, first that accident, now this, I swear you will pay for this

“Listen Mr Luthra, don’t even think I will go away easily away from youthrows the pipe aside

Sameer : I still wonder who made you lawyer

“My dear brother, that day when you talked to me I felt so angry at you but I know nobody can take my place in your life, just remembers that, I know how to keep my place safe apologizes for shouting at him

Sameer offers her to go out with him in market. Karan goes for his practice on field when coach tells him about next match. Shrishti happily thinks about Sameer as she is finally going to confess her feelings to him. She buys some food the kids on street something that her sister always does. Suddenly she notices Sameer and Tanya having good time together. Shrishti crushes the flower angrily and does not realize car coming behind her. She ends up injuring her leg badly. Crowd gathers there for her help.

Tanya : there is problem there

“Oh my god, Shrishti are you alright Sameer starts panicking but she becomes unconscious.

Tanya : is there any hospital nearby

One of them tells there is one on walking distance. Sameer picks her up in his arms and rushes as quickly as he can to hospital.

“Doctor please check on her quickly Sameer grabs him in the room

Doctor : don’t worry nothing is serious, there is only sprain in her legs but make sure she rests to recover

Tanya : thank you doctor, but when will she come in her senses

Doctor : I have given her injection, so you can take her in few hours

Tanya : Sameer, I will get the medicines, then we will take her home

Shrishti opens her eyes slowly to find herself in hospital room.

“Shrishti, are you okay, how were you walking on road, at lease learn how to cross the lanes ” starts scolding her but ends up embracing her

Shrishti does not say anything but only seeing his concern

Sameer : now why are you quiet , say something, every time your mouth does not stop now what happened

“You care so much for me, thats enough for me gets in intense eye lock

Preeta rushes to the emergency room after Tanya informed her.

“Shrishti, how did this all happen gets restless seeing her sister’s condition

Sameer : nothing Preeta, you might have not taught your sister how to cross road in big cities

Shrishti taps on his head annoyingly

“Thank you so much Sameer, if you were not there I don’t know where this girl might be appreciates his help

Tanya comes inside too much to Shrishti’s displeasure

Preeta : Tanya informed me, now you will stay in front of my eyes till you recover alright

Tanya : okay then I will take your leave bye Shrishti take care

Shrishti gives her blank expressions.

“I will be right back Sameer goes to drop her out

Sameer : are you sure you will manage? I cannot leave her alone in this state

Tanya : don’t worry, you take care of her, I will wait of you, bye

Shrishti : sis, its hurting, you know I can’t handle so much pain

Preeta : who told you to jump in air, and then break your bones, what is the meaning of my physio if I cannot cure my own sister

Shrishti : how can I forget that, my sister is world’s best sister

Sameer : Preeta, its getting late, i will drop you both home

Preeta : thats alright, we will go, you are already late too

Shrishti : di, if he is insisting so much then lets go in his car, we won’t even get transport at this time

Preeta understands her naughty sister’s signal. Sameer take them to Arora house when again Shrishti gets scolding from her family.

“Preeta, I am going to hall, will be back soon, and don’t let this girl go out of your sight even for a minute tells her

Sameer : aunty relax, it happens only with kids after all

“You shorty wait tries to catch him but her feet pains

Sameer : tall pole, at least learn to stand on your feet first then fight as much as you want

Preeta takes Shrishti to their room and ask her to relax.

Preeta ; wait I will get milk for you, Sameer please keep an eye on her till I come back

Sameer : sure

There is silence in room as both get uncomfortable alone

“Shrishti, is it paining a lot holds her legs gently which nods

Sameer applies cream on the wounded part and change the dressing. Shrishti is lost in his innocence that fell for is still inside him. Preeta’s phone rings that she left in room

Sameer : why is Karan bhai calling her

“Let me pick it up Shrishti picks up call and decides to play prank

“Baby doll what happened to your voice senses another voice

Shrishti : sir, its your baby doll’s sister (looks at Sameer while talking who rolls his eyes seeing her childishness)

Karan : my saali sahiba, can you pleas pass phone to your sister

Shrishti : thats not fair, I am your biggest fan, and you insulted me

Karan : you will always be my favorite fan okay, what happened you sound tensed all good?

Shrishti : how is it gonna be good? when my sister is in pain

“What happened to her stands up in shock from his bed

Shrishti ; her leg is injured badly, I guess this days she is so lost in your thoughts that she did not pay attention (fakes crying)

Sameer tries to stop her but she shuts him up with pillow

Karan : you don’t worry I will come there right now (grabs his car keys and runs to Arora house)

Sameer : what was the need for this?

“You just watch the fun shorty plays with the phone

Sameer : you are really crazy

“Shrishti, there you go, drink this quietly without any drama puts tray of milk

Shrishti ; so sweet of you

“Why are you holding my phone, did somebody called takes from her

Shrishti : no sis, I was just bored this cool breeze is not even talking to me

“Because you were so busy talking with somebody else whispers

Preeta : what?

Sameer : nothing , I guess I will take leave bye Shrishti take care

Shrishti ; wait for few minutes

Preeta : why are you holding him back from long time, let him go

Karan drives rashly on road as his mind is all about Preeta’s safety ever since he heard about her injury. He starts feeling pain as soon as something happens wrong with her.

“Preeta, Preeta’ comes inside shouting her name with fear

“This is Karan’s voice Preeta gets bit shocked hearing his voice

Shrishti smirks at Sameer and goes outside with him in hall.

“Karan, why are you shouting like this Preeta ask him calmly

Karan : baby doll how many times I told you, take care of yourself, its good to think about others but you are so irresponsible, for god sake being doctor does not mean you forget to take care yourself

Preeta tries to speak but Karan does not let her say anything. Sameer and Shrishti enjoys their fun at the same time.

“Sit here, and show me where you got injured makes her sit on sofa

Preeta : shut up, have you gone crazy, I think you are out of your mind, I did not get into any accident

Karan : look Preeta, I know it might be hurting but at least don’t vent your anger on me, i am here to help you

“What are you talking about, you seriously needs psychiatrist Preeta wants to bang her head on walls listening to him

“I think you are injured in your brain thats why you don’t remember anything Karan does not listen to her

Preeta : Mr Cricketer I think you are hit hard by the ball, that you cannot see

“But Shrishti told me looks at Shrishti who standing hiding her smile

Preeta ; did you get that now? she is irresponsible in this family not me god, you made me crazy

“Then why did she tell me you were hit by a car and got sprain asks Preeta who widens her mouth on her sister’s side

Sameer : its not my fault, Preeta it was your sister’s deed

“Shrishti, you called him here by cheating, how silly is that, my god Preeta rubs her head with hands

Karan : what kind of joke was that? this was not funny

Shrishti ; I am so sorry but this was your punishment for hurting your fan Karan sir

“Do you even know how scared I was “Karan scolds for such prank and warns her not to do that again. Karan asks Sameer to come back at home. Preeta goes to drop them out when Shrishti waves him lovingly. Sameer leaves in his car as well as Karan. Preeta senses somebody stalking them but ignores it.

“What was the need for that throws pillow on Shrishti for bothering Karan

“Wasn’t that fun sis, I mean how Karan sir came running leaving everything behind Shrishti gets into joke

“I am warning you Shrishti if you do this again then you will pay big price for this, you have done enough for today first had your leg broken and now this Preeta ask her the reason for injuring herself

Shrishti recalls Tanya and Sameer’s interaction in market that made her lose mind.

Preeta : hello, I am talking to you

“Sis, don’ t mind I am feeling jealous of Tanya and Sameer’s closeness, I mean I feel something very weird about her Shrishti shares her feelings

Preeta gets into thinking as she herself know what relation both of them share is nothing more than siblings.

Shrishti : today when I saw both of them together, my heart was not ready to accept that and I lost my mind

Preeta : for such small thing, you punished yourself really, who knows what you saw might be other view

Shrishti : how do you find so much positivity in such things sis

Preeta : because I know Sameer very well, now you forget all this and go to bed quickly, more you rest more you will recover

At night Preeta goes to terrace for some fresh air after load of work in whole day. Her phone rings again as she knows only person who would call her at that time would be her cute kadva karela.

“Yes Mr luthra, you don’t see any time and call me really Preeta taunts him

Karan : I have all rights to call you anytime, and by the way you pick it up too so I am sure you might be in my thinking

Preeta  as if I don’t have any other work to do

“What other task you have more than me asks her teasingly

Preeta : I wanted to say sorry for Shrishti’s prank, I was not even in room or else I would have not let her done that

Karan : that was seriously not done, for a minute my heart stopped but tell her not to do that again or else next time I will not come even if you are really injured

Preeta : you won’t come even if I am really injured (gets serious)

Karan : come on I was just joking, and I have surprise for you

“What? ask him happily

Karan : turn around

Preeta turns back with much shock to see him again sneaking.

Preeta : you came again? if somebody sees you here like this, go from here

Karan : thats not fair, I have come after so much hurdles and you are kicking me out

Preeta : you are not understanding my point, it it not right to do all this until we get married

“Preeta, I have decided after my next match I will tell everything to mom Karan tells her

Preeta : really? but there is a fear in my heart, everybody will agree right?

Karan : why are you thinking like that? whole family loves you and trust me mom will be the happiest one

Preeta : and kareena aunty? she does not eve stand my sight how will she accept me

Karan : come on, is there anybody who can resist on loving my baby doll, I know one day you will also win her heart

“Then I will have your name in my palms, my every breathe will be yours’ hugs him slowly while talking

Preeta sees a shadow near Karan’s car from up but is not able to figure out.

Karan ; what happened ?

“There was somebody near your car, Karan points on his car

Karan tries to look but he is not able to see anybody there

“Please go carefully holds his hands

Karan : if you say I will stay here with you tonight what say

Preeta : its not joke, I really saw somebody there trust me

Karan : baby doll, I am the Karan Luthra, nothing can happen to me now you go to sleep, you might be tired good night (kisses her cheek and leaves)

Preeta remains tensed about situation as she was sure about somebody’s presence.

Precap : Preeta’s doubt start getting stronger about somebody stalking on them

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