Preetan FF : Truth of life Part 17

Kritika sees Preeta sleeping in Karan’s room and goes to him

Krtika : bhai, what is she doing here? if somebody sees her like this

Karan : I know but situation was such, something is wrong with her from few days, it happened in Ooty too

“Whats wrong bhai comforts him

Karan : I don’t know, but I feel she is getting some nightmares, like something terrible had happened in past, its connected with her life

Kritika : did you ask her?

“I tried but even she don’t remember exactly, those memories are just flash, nothing is clear Karan shares his feelings with her

Kritika : before something happens, you have to find out what the matter is

Karan : but how, I don’t even know anything about her past except she lived in Nasik with her father, I know Sarla aunty will not know much either

“Everything is gonna be okay bhai, don’t worry, but right not take her to my room, I will make an excuse Kritika suggests to avoid embarrassment

Karan takes Preeta in his arms to Kritika’s room before anybody comes home and sees them like that. He was feeling like he his holding a porcelain doll who is so fragile to break even with one small touch. Kritika informs Shrishti about Preeta’s condition and calls her at Luthra house who comes there immediately.

Shrishti ; what happened?

“Nothing, don’t worry, she was not feeling good so I told her to stay here Karan explains but she does not believe him

Shrishti ; I don’t believe that, when she left from home she was fine

“Can I ask you something if you don’t mind personal asks her with concern

Shrishti ; you are my would be jiju, you have all rights please

Karan : did anything in happened in past, like something serious, you usually stay with her, does she get any nightmares very often

“Not that I heard of, I mean she sometime get scared at night, but I thought that was only out of stress and never bothered to ask her anything Shrishti confirms

Karan ; I don’t know I feel something is bothering her from long time but she is not telling us or maybe she herself doesn’t remember anything

Shrishti starts getting worried about her sister’s condition. She thinks to ask her mother but knowing she was not with them during childhood.

Karan : Sis, you don’t take tension, its your wedding, she will be fine okay

Shrishti : yes Kritika, you should take some rest its your wedding tomorrow, you should not look tired

Preeta regains consciousness and finds herself in another room.

Shrishti : di, are you okay?

Preeta : I am fine, what happened (reacts normally like nothing happened)

Karan signals Shrishti not to mention anything in front of her.

Shrishti : well if you are fine then lets go home, its quite late mom is waiting

Karan : I will drop you both home

Preeta : thats okay, we will manage, lets go Shrishti

Before leaving Preeta turns around from door to see the sadness in Karan’s eyes for spoiling his special day.

Rishab drops Tanya at her house who os lost in thinking.

“Your house is here puts hands on her shoulder

Tanya : thanks, good night (leaves from the car and goes inside her house)

She forgets her purse in the car unaware by Rishab.

He returns to back to his home too after the tiring day spent with a girl whom be barely knew from only few weeks. Rakhi is surprised to see him all wet and sneezing

“What am I seeing, my workaholic son is all wet, now you have started taking shower outside the house too holds his ears

Rishab : mom, actually (keeps sneezing)

“My dear son, go and quickly change I will bring turmeric milk for you hurry up tells him to avoid getting sick

After changing Rishab relaxes on his bed when his mom comes to talk after long time

Rakhi : its been ages I have not got chance to chat with my precious gem

Rishab : come mom, even I have not seen that priceless smile on my mom’s face

“Whatever happened, was not good for all of us but again you managed to move on, that only thing makes me feel relieved dries his hair while talking

Rishab : I could have broken down but then if I did then who would handle my Karan, he is still kid for me

Rakhi : now tell me something, where did you go whole day, with that foreigner

Rishab : honestly, sometime I feel she might be raised in London but her culture, language everything seems so familiar like us, it feels she lived in India for long time

Rakhi : it could be possible her mom might have given her whole picture of our culture, county, values

“There is something strange about her, that I cannot catch, have you ever noticed the way she talks, her lifestyle Rishab is confused with Tanya’s attitude towards everything on every encounter they had.

Rakhi ; we don’t know her properly, may be thats why you feel like that way, spend some more time with her, its not good to judge somebody from few meeting

“You are right mom, I won’t repeat the mistake I did previously recalls Sherlyn’s dirty deeds during their engagement

Karan gets restless after witnessing another incidence with Preeta. He makes his mind to go at the bottom after Kritika’s wedding is over. Shrishti recalls Karan’s words and also do something for her sister.

Next day everybody gets ready for Kritika’s wedding day. It was day which the whole Luthra family has been waiting for. Kareena is emotional to see her little princess going away from her.

Kareena ; now go, and get ready, you put your dress carefully right

Kritika is horrified to see the big holes in her wedding dress and starts freaking out.

“Bhabhi, come here quickly Kareena calls everybody in the room to handle

Rakhi : what happened sis?

“Look what happened to this dress shows them ripped bridal dress

Mahesh : but how did that happen? Kritika you didn’t put your dress carefully?

Kritika ; uncle I did but I don’t know who did this

Mahesh tells everybody to come down and asks every servant about the guest that came to their house. Everybody leaves but Sameer stops when his eyes fall on small piece of eating in the bag dress was packed

Sameer : this earring? (recalls of seeing same piece of earring on Tanya’s ears other day) you did not do this right pinky (leaves)

Mahesh ; I want to know, who went to Kritika’s room in our absence, or do you know if any stranger went there

The workers replies of not going to her room. Sameer goes to confront pinky who has done a disaster.

“What happened, this early morning Tanya asks casually to him

Sameer : thats what I am asking what is going on?

Tanya : what have I done?

Sameer ; you cannot be serious, what was Kritika’s fault in all of this that you had to do this

“Her fault is that she is our enemy’s daughter shouts out loud in whole house

Sameer gets very tensed seeing what she has become in her hatred.

“Sameer, how can I spare somebody who would dare to hurt you, that Kareena Luthra would know the meaning of hurting somebody’s loved one holds his collar but he removes her hand

“Are you the same pinky who once didn’t knew the name of hate, life has made you so ruthless Sameer’s word pierces her heart badly and when he gives the right of sister to Kritika and Ruchika as his own sister who call him brother.

Sameer ; they both are not my blood sister but they always considered as their brother like Karan and Rishab bhai

“Really? today you showed me what status I have in your life Sameer, do I mean nothing to you Tanya’s voice lowers down as she lost the strength to fight anything with him

Sameer : you are getting me wrong, I am just telling you to not drag any innocent person in your hatred, I know we don’t like Kareena aunty but what is the use of bringing her daughter when she is not at fault

“Go away from here Sameer orders him holding her tears hardly

Sameer ; listen to me

“I said leave me alone, just go shouts out loud

Sameer leave her house thinking to give her some time alone. Luthra family are disturbed with everything when somebody sends a parcel of same dress. Sameer understands it to be Tanya’s gesture and calls her but she does not answer him. Everybody goes to the venue for arrangement. Arora family arrives there as guests. Karan’s eyes remain bowled seeing Preeta’s attire and hair style. He takes her to the corner from everybody’s absence.

“What are you doing, are you not supposed to do some work for your sister’s wedding Preeta asks him

Karan : you are so boring, work will remain whole life but romance is not I get everyday, by the way now you look Karan Luthra’s girlfriend

Preeta : yea right but for that you also have to match my expectation

Karan : what do you mean? are you challenging me

“Do I have guts to do that, no way my would be husband pulls his leg

Karan : stop teasing me all the time, it hurts me

Preeta tricks him into leaving her and she goes to meet Kritika upstairs.

“Hey my sister in law, it looks like you are getting married not me Kritika compliments her

Preeta ; thanks but you are looking so great

Kareena tells Ruchika to bring her sister downstairs as baarat had arrived. While leaving Preeta’s knot of blouse looses little bit. There is nobody she can call for help as everybody is downstairs welcoming the bridegroom. Karan is passing by from the room luckily when she is having trouble.

“I can help if you want closes door

Preeta : what? you will help me no way, just go and call Shrishti alright

Karan : you still consider me so shameless, I promise I won’t see anything

Preeta hesitantly turns her back to him. His one touch feels like thunderbolt in body. Karan closes his eyes to avoid making her uncomfortable. She gives him direction to hold the knot and tie accordingly. Both share another intimate moment but are interrupted by Shrishti by calling them downstairs. Kritika and Akshay starts the ceremonies of marriage.

“Preeta, did I hear it right people make seven vows too with this rounds talks with her while showering flowers on his sister and brother in law

Preeta : yes but for our wedding If you want we will do our own promises what say

“Good then lets take round right now Karan says casually to her

Preeta stares him with irritation and drops flower bowl on his feet leaving on other side.

“Akshay, you are taking the brightness of our house, make sure she does not miss usMahesh tells him to keep her happy

Akshay : don’t worry uncle, she is my responsibility now I will make sure she does not get any tears

Kritika bids farewell to everybody but before leaving she suggest Karan to tell Rakhi everybody about this relationship with Preeta. Sameer gift her small statue of Ganpati

“Sameer bhai, till today whenever I had fights with Karan and Rishab bhai, you always consoled me, I will pray you get this worlds’ happiness hugs him emotionally and leaves

Tired after the ceremony Luthra and Arora family processed towards home. Karan asks Preeta for small drive but she flatly denies after his comment.

Shrishti : Karan sir I can help but what will I get in return  (ask him for bribe)

Karan : are you asking for bribe not bad Shrishti Arora, if you want me to set your date with Sameer then I am sorry I cannot do that

“Who said I want to go for date with that shorty, but I want something else smiles with smirk

Rishab tells Karan to help them move gifts from car.

Karan : You go I will bring this last one

Rishab : lock the car and come quickly

Karan puts everything in house and finds a diary in a purse while cleaning the car. He warns himself not to read it but cannot resist seeing the cover

“Pinky, this name was also given by stranger but in orphanage I never felt I was orphan.God gave me precious gifts in form of Sameer, my brother, no wonder I always wished for sister but with he became my everything, friend, guide. I became so independent on him that now if anybody else calls him brother I would be so possessive. Then came another two gems in my life but who knew that would change my life forever, Karan and Rishab. What should I say about them, both are like another pillar for me. I always used to fight with Karan for every little things, irritated me for everything, made fun of my hair, height but still he was first one to always fight with somebody would trouble me. Rishab always supported me when I felt weak and alone. In the thunder storm he became my umbrella to give me shelter. There is very rare people like Luthra family who can do so much for an orphan. After that camping incident, mom and dad adopted me and took to London. I don’t know if I should consider this as lucky or not, even after staying in London my heart somewhere still is searching for those three. Today all three of them are busy in their lives so much but that only made me proud of achievement. There is no match I missed of my start cricketer Karan. If i had not promised to mom then today I would have given him tight hug for getting so much success in cricket. When I found out dad’s business partner was Rishab, all my sadness went away seeing him at one glance. I will always pray for three of this losers to get them whatever they want

Karan closes the book with heavy tears flowing from his eyes. For the first time his heart was not able to recognize the girl who was in front of him all the time. She dropped so many hints of them but none of them found out she is their pinky. He starts doubting Sameer’s closeness with her from past few days.

Precap : Karan takes a step to find out about Preeta’s past about the dreams she is getting often. Sameer finds out Tanya’s departure to London without informing them

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