Preetan FF : Truth of life Part 14

Luthra family starts the arrangement for Kritika’s haldi ceremony. Preeta comes to house in early morning to meet Karan. She sees him sleeping peacefully in his room hugging his favorite pillow.

“Why do you always come when I am sleeping, taking advantage of me Karan holds her hand in sleep

Preeta : if you mind it then I won’t come tomorrow to see your face

Karan pulls her down when she is about to leave.

“You will not be able to leave me so easily baby doll says huskily

Preeta : okay leave me, somebody will come in this room, now get ready

Karan : why are you so boring?, learn to be romantic sometimes

Preeta pushes him away while blushing but stops at the door.

Karan : wait I have something for you (opens his closet)

Preeta ; what are you doing

“I brought this for few days back but couldn’t give you hands her a gift bag

Preeta : what was the need for this?

Karan : please take it, if you don’t like it let me know

Rakhi calls Preeta downstairs for something. Karan goes to get ready for the day. On road Shrishti buys small gift for Sameer to surprise him.

“I am sure he will like this looks at small sports watch but also thinks if he will like her middle class gift.

Shrishti : I know shorty will love this gift

Preeta quickly opens the gift at her house only to find the small necklace she wanted to buy earlier. Her eyes are full of tears and find herself to be luckiest girl on earth. Nobody would have imagined Karan luthra could have been such a great lover beneath all the flirt nature. She wears the necklace in front of mirror.

During day the guests starts coming there for haldi ceremony. Preeta wears white sleeves with curly hairstyle. Shrishti helps her do make up and wear some simple jewelry reflecting her simplicity.

Link to Preeta’s dress×250.jpg


Sameer is passing from Kareena’s room who is talking with somebody about the family album from the engagement. The photographer asks about Sameer’s picture which she declines.

Kareena : he is just relative, you don’t have to print out his picture but make sure my other children’s photos come out great and also from today’s function

Kareena : I don’t know why bhai always want to bring burden in house

Kritika enters the room but does not notices Sameer standing on the other side of door.

Kritika : what are you talking with yourself mom alone

Kareena : nothing, I was preparing for your function, after all nothing should lack in my princess’s ceremony

Kritika : I feel so bad that Rishab bhai’s engagement broke and we are preparing for my marriage

Kareena : you don’t have to worry about that alright, he will also get good girl

Kritika : I hope all my three brothers get married soon and settle

Kareena : Three? only Karan and Rishab

Kritika : Sameer bhai too, he is our brother mom, you don’t like him?

“He is just stranger in this house, my both brothers are emotional fools to adopt kid from roadside, like imagine who will marry an orphan, what will he say who is he Kareena shows her disgust to Sameer

Sameer’s heart is broken in million pieces after seeing her point of view. He recalls Shrishti’s view of seeing him as son of Luthra family not just the person he is.

Kareena scolds Shrishti for coming late to make arrangements.

Shrishti : I was stuck in traffic, you should be familiar with city

Kareena ; stop arguing with me, now get to work alright

Sameer : Kareena bua, she is Luthra family’s employee not your personal assistant (shuns her off)

Kareena : now you has started answering me back, I can see result of influence (looks at Shrishti)

Sameer : just because she is not Luthra that does not mean you will taunt us

Kareena leaves in huff without further arguing with them. Shrishti feels contented to see the same guy standing up for her who is part of Luthra family. Sameer leaves without looking at her to his room quickly. She remains speechless seeing his gratitude for her and follows to his room.

“Don’t say thanks, I didn’t do this for you organizing his clothes while talking

Shrishti : really? can I ask why you did this for

Sameer : because you are Preeta’s sister, I respect her a lot and even you are Karan bhai’s favorite

Shrishti hides the gift in the bag after seeing his displeasure. All her desires crushed in one moment and leaves.

“I am sorry Shrishti but I am doing this for your well being Sameer apologizes in his mind after she leaves and decides to not attend the ceremony.

In the afternoon the families gather for Kritika’s haldi. Karan desperately waits for Preeta’s arrival when he senses her presence from outside. She enters the house like cool breeze with her hair blowing. Finally she comes in the hall with everybody stunned to watch the beauty. Karan and Rishab’s eyes does not take off from her sight. Kritika and Shrishti sees the brother having their eyes on Preeta from long time.

“What is happening, you know sometimes I am scared if this two will end up fighting for my sister Shrishti says

Kritika : please don’t say that or else there will be big storm in this house

Shrishti : I am just saying, but you take a look how both of them are seeing

“my dear brothers, my marriage is happening soon, if you say we will also bring your brides at the same time her words bring both of them out of dreamy land

Karan : Miss would be bride, focus on your wedding okay, don’t think too much

Shrishti : sorry sir but today I will agree with her okay

Karan : my tall fan, thats not fair

“Everything is fair in love Sir Shrishti looks around for Sameer but he is nowhere to be found

Kareena : bhabhi should we start the ceremony now, first you both brothers will apply haldi okay come on

Rishab rubs slowly on her cheeks while Karan showers her with so much haldi on face and hands funnily. Preeta laughs at his antics when she and Shrishti too apply haldi.

“Next year I will do this are your sister in law Preeta when you will become Mrs Karan Luthra whispers in her ears and Preeta blushes more. Kritika asks about Sameer but Kareena diverts her mind to something else.

Rakhi ; mummyji, did the ritual haldi came from Akshay’s house

Dadi : yes driver got it, he is outside, send somebody to get that

Preeta ; dadi I will bring it, relax

Karan goes to receive a call from somebody outside when some girls come there to take selfies. Preeta who is bringing haldi from car witness the moment. Her eyes turn red in anger with Karan has gotten into flirting again. He tries to stop her but gets stamped on his feet by her.

“Preeta, listen to me runs behind her

While grabbing her hand the haldi falls on both of them. People in hall feel awkward about that but Shrishti handles. Karan notices some mark of haldi left on her cheek side.

Dadi ; Preeta, go wash your face

“Okay dadi goes without looking at him

Karan too makes an excuse to wash his face because of haldi. He holds her in corner for ignoring him.

“Leave me, I am not talking to you tries to remove his hand

Karan ; I am trying to tell you something, I said sorry and I didn’t do that on purpose

Preeta ; really? you mean girls come by themselves

Karan : now not every girl is like you to ignore me, thats not my fault if I am so charming

“Then you enjoy your charming, I am going from here is not able to go and asks him to leave her

Karan gets intimate while rubbing his haldi cheek on hers. Both get lost in the moment not realizing Kritika’s presence

“So much love is between them yet are so egoistic says in her mind

Preeta sees her and pushes Karan immediately.

“There is nothing like that as you are thinking, we were just Karan stops

Kritika : yes you both were? complete your sentence brother

Karan : now that you know, its not good to hide anything from you

Kritika : my dear brother, I knew this affair of yours from very beginning even before you both realized

Karan and Preeta look at each other making faces.

“And what should I call you, friend or sister in law hugs Preeta happily

Karan gets happy too seeing their bonding together

Kritika ; I am so happy for you both, why don’t you get married with me and Akshay on same day

Karan : no yaar, you know how broke is Rishab right now we decided not to marry until he settles down

Kritika : okay then its your choice, now go and wash your face before somebody else sees you like this

Rakhi : after haldi, Mehndi girls will come and then finally we will have sangeet

Mahesh : my wifey, when will we have chance for romance

Rakhi : have some shame, you are father of three kids

Mahesh : there is no limit for romance (teases her)

“Yes dad there is no limit but there is definitely age for romance and you have become old now for that Karan and Rishab again bullies him

Mahesh : you both, mom’s spoilt brats, nobody values me in this house

Rishab ; last time I heard that somebody was very eager to be on your team

Karan ; who are you talking about

Rishab : that spicy girl, Tanya, she came to dinner other day and made dad on her team, imagine

Karan :I will also have some old scores to settle with her, just let her come today, you didn’t invite her for haldi

Rishab : I gave her the car but don’t know where she went

After few hours Mehndi ceremony starts when all girls have henna on their hands. Rakhi tells the girls to put Mehndi very carefully on Kritika’s hands. Shrishti tells Preeta to put Karan’s name on her hands but she denies.

“Have you gone crazy, there are so many people here and its not my mehndi function, if you want you can have Sameer’s name in your palm gives tit for tat to her sister

Shrishti gets disheartened about Sameer not present with her.

Preeta ; by the way where is he? didn’t even came to haldi

Shrishti : I don’t know and I am not even interested in knowing

Preeta : did you fight him again?

Shrishti ; why do you think I always fight him, you never see fault in him

Preeta : just like you always side with your cricketer Karan Sir

Shrishti whispers the girl to put Karan’s name on Preeta’s palm without knowing anybody and also put Sameer’s name on her Mehndi.

Karan holds his ears to say sorry but Preeta does not give in easily. She puts forward condition to find his name in her Mehndi to get an apology from her.

“Like really, you are so dumb criticizes her decision

Preeta : if you really want to get forgiveness, then you will do as I say

Karan ; you know you are not that simple you look like, dangerous woman

Preeta : you should know that by know Mr Luthra, that I am a doctor too

Karan : fine if I find the name then you will do what I say

Preeta : agreed, whatever you say

Shrishti is desperate to see her Mehndi color and wait for the person whose name is on her palm. One the girl accidentally drops water on Shrishti’s wet Mehndi causing to spoil whole henna.

Girl : I am so sorry

“Thats okay, i will go clean it looks at her wet hands

She hears some women talking of rubbing Mehndi is not good sign. Shrishti recalls same incidence in Sherlyns’ ceremony previously and it came true.

Preeta’s Mehndi comes more darker than everybody else.

Shrishti : wow sis not bad, it looks like your future husband will love you a lot

Preeta : we will find that soon, just wait and watch

Precap :Karan and Preeta’s romantic drive after ceremony. Tanya spoils Kritika’s marriage ritual to revenge for Sameer’s pain due to Kareena.

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