Preetan FF : Truth of life Part 13

Preeta walks slowly towards Tanya recalling Karan’s guilty face, the emotion buried under his heart from years. She looks at Tanya with weird expression.

“What are you looking asks Preeta

Preeta : I am seeing the girl who is ruling on somebody’s heart even after death.

Tanya looks at Sameer in disbelief but also knows she has no choice left now.

Preeta : why? Tanya, you are hiding from everybody when you know

“Because I promise my mom I would never meet the Luthra family in my whole life finally reveals her truth

Preeta : what?

Tanya : you and I know both know whatever happened was nobody’s fault but my mom does not think like that, she holds Luthra family responsible for my condition years ago,

Preeta : why didn’t you tell her, it was just an accident

Sameer : that was not an accident, that Kareena aunty didn’t even care about humanity

“What asks shocked Preeta

Tanya : Kareena aunty was already not happy with the importance I got, she wanted to hold that power of being daughter of Luthra family

Preeta : how do you know that

“After that incidence, I saw her bribing to the guy who tampered the belt of Pinky on the camping Sameer reveals

Preeta : I don’t believe she can stoop so low really

Tanya : I could have told truth to them but then a daughter’s image would tarnish in front of her own family

Sameer : we both are raised by foster  families but still somewhere our real identity is orphan, and nobody can change that fact

Tanya : even when dad had partnership with Rishab, mom did not liked that and both had arguments again, then this Prithvi messed up everything

Preeta gets in dilemma again of telling truth to the only person she started loving and the trust he holds on to her. On the other side is the girl who risked her life to save both families from evil.

Tanya : I request you please let things get going it is right now or else many relation will be ruined

Preeta : but I cannot hide this from Karan

“You will have to Preeta, consider me selfish but this is my request to you begs in front of her

Preeta melts down and promises to not reveal the identity of pinky at any cost.

Tanya : thank you

Sameer : okay now I will take leave from here, Preeta do you want me to drop you anywhere

Preeta : thats okay, I will manage you go

“Bye waves to both

Both girls have awkward situation but Tanya makes her feel normal.

“Come sit, I will get something for you is about to get up but stopped

Preeta: , don’t be so formal

Tanya : sorry actually, I know I asked something from you I should not have

Preeta : its okay, lets talk something else, you know when Karan told me about you first time I was so curious but he didn’t tell me everything, and also you injured his leg yesterday

Tanya : because that cricketer is crazy, you know about him more than me

Preeta : can I ask you something if you don’t mind

Tanya : yea sure

Preeta : where is your mom?

“In London, you know I have not talked with her from few months talks while pouring water in glass

Preeta : you should talk with her, after all she is your mom

Tanya : I was planning to visit her soon at home, I miss my hometown

“You are leaving so soon, I did not even get chance to befriend you properly pouts like child

Tanya : I am not leaving right now okay, chill but for that you will have to bear my tantrums think again

Preeta : I am ready, first thing we have to go for shopping with Kritika for her mehndi ceremony

Tanya : really? I didn’t knew about her haldi and mehndi

Preeta : now you know, get ready I am going home, come home to pick me up

Chaaya: sis, I found this wallet in your room under bed

Tanya : this is Karan’s wallet, he might have forgot yesterday, thanks I will give it to him later

Preeta feels uneasy about that but leaves for her home. Later girls Preeta, Shrishti, Kritika and Tanya goes for shopping in mall.

Shrishti : wow, look at this necklace, Kritika this is so beautiful I am sure your would be husband will remained stunned

Preeta tries a red maxi dress and looks herself in mirror. Shrishti urges her to purchase dress as she will look beautiful.

Kritika : how is this dress (tries her ceremony outfit)

Tanya : you look gorgeous but only one thing is missing

Kritika : what?

“That smile every bride has on her face pulls her cheek

Kritika : thank you, by the way you never told us do you have any boyfriend

The smile disappears in a second from Tanya’s face but Kritika apologizes.

Kritika : I am sorry, I didn’t mean to ask you like that

Tanya : thats okay, I don’t have anybody

Shrishti : who knows, you might find somebody in india

Tanya ; maybe but its time for career right now and I am not rushing

Preeta calls Karan but he does not respond to her calls.

While going back home a goon teases Kritika which does not go well with Tanya and Shrishti who mess with them.

“What were you saying Shrishti removes her sandals

Tanya : and you were feeling very hot, now watch how cold this girls are (starts beating him with her sandal)

Preeta grabs stick and also joins them. The goon run away from there as fast as they can.

Shrishti : trying to tease us, by the way I didn’t knew girl like you also can fight

Tanya : why not, I am raised in foreign but still truly indian

Preeta ; are you okay Kritika?

“yes says to the trio

Tanya goes to meet Karan at his cricket field who is initially resented with her presence.

“Hi softly greets him

Karan : hi, you here?

“I came to give you this and thank you for yesterday hands him wallet

Karan : you didn’t have to come all the way here, thanks

Tanya : okay I will go now, you might be busy with the practice

Karan : thats fine, come we are just relaxing for a while, lets walk

Tanya : so you are just playing for BPL right now, not bad

Karan : BPL is not what I want , my passion is to play international for our country, that day my dream will come true , what about you

Tanya : well, I left my law for sometime, dad’s business is also my responsibility

Karan : you know you should never leave your desire incomplete, whole life it will haunt you, who knows one day you might need that, this is the locker room

“You know Rishab always say, one that does not respect its profession cannot achieve anything takes his stuff out from the locker

Tanya notices the locket on his pocket and asks about that.

“This is not ordinary locket, very special memory for me, somebody’s good wishes are in this, my lucky charm wears in neck

Tanya is overwhelmed to see Karan’s emotion to her given gift but also is disheartened of not telling the truth bound by the promise.

Karan : where are you lost, lets go come

One of the player comes there to call Karan for practice.

“This is Rohan, my buddy, introduces him to Tanya

“Hello, nice to meet you shakes hand

Rohan : Karan, hurry up coach is calling you on field

Karan : two minutes, I will be there

Tanya : I won’t take your time, go and I will come later, bye

“Wait, you came till here, won’t you take your return gift stops her

Tanya : for what?

“Duffer, from today consider me your friend and I promise I won’t give you chance for complaint forwards his hand

Tanya hesitantly puts her hand on his to forward their friendship.

Karan : okay now I will go before coach kick me out of here, bye buddy (leaves)

Tanya watches his practice match but is more happy how he is the same Karan who played games with so much passion and dedication.

Arora house

Sarla informs Preeta and Shrishti about their visit to home town in Amritsar.

Preeta : but why?

Sarla : Janki, me and Beeji are going there to pray for your both well being

Shrishti : but mom, Kritika’s haldi is after two days what will we do alone

Daadi : even we don’t want to miss it but we have to visit the temple

Preeta : you all go safely and come back soon without worrying about us

Sarla, Janki and Dadi leaves for Amritsar after couple hours.

Shrishti ; sis, I am very hungry, today you sit I will make something for you

Pragya : really? when did you learn how to cook, before I used to shout so much but never listened to me

Shrishti : stop teasing me, and let me focus on cooking

Preeta : okay you cook, I will clean the hall outside, let me know if you need me

Shrishti ; alright now you go, I will manage here

Preeta cleans the house while Shrishti  prepares dinner for evening. Rakhi tells Karan and Rishab to invite Arora family for Kritika’s haldi. Sameer joins them to Arora house.

Shrishti ; sis, dinner is ready, wow

“Its smells delicious, my dear sister has become sensible Preeta smells the aroma of food

Luthra boys come there.

Preeta : you all here?

Rishab : mom sent this invitation for Kritika’s ceremony, where is aunty

Shrishti ; everybody went to Amritsar for a week so we are alone, why don’t you all join us for dinner

Rishab : Preetaji, did you make this?

“No, Shrishti made this dinner compliments her sister

Sameer : wow, this tall pole also have other talents

Shrishti : some people are multitalented you know (praises herself)

Karan spills food on his clothes purposely to meet his baby doll alone.

Rishab : not again, why can’t you eat slowly, now go and wash it up

Shrishti : Karan sir, I will give you towel

“You wait, I will help me, finish your dinner Preeta interrupts

Shrishti quickly understands her sister’s gesture to help Karan. In washroom Karan corners Preeta again.

“I should have known you did this by your own, such drama king leave me tries to free herself

Karan : who knows when will I get this chance again, by the way I heard you became warrior today in mall

Preeta : then you should start getting scared of me Mr Luthra

Karan : who said I am not scared of you

Preeta : leave me before anybody comes

Karan : at least you cannot fool me, nobody is at home today

Preeta : so what? I have small surprise for you but for that you will have to leave me right now

“Really? there you go leaves her shoulder

Preeta laughs at him and runs away

Karan : she made a fool out of me, never mind baby doll, I am Karan Luthra nobody can escape from me

Sameer helps Shrishti in putting everything inside the kitchen. Rishab catches their moment but gets distracted with Karan again.

Shrishti : shorty, you didn’t say anything about my food

Sameer : what do I say? truth or lie

“At least be honest with me tells him

Sameer : it was fabulous but next time make it less spicy, you know your tongue is very spicy

After boys leave Shrishti urges Preeta to sleep on terrace. Both makes bed on the terrace for them.

Shrishti : after so many days, it feels nice to sleep in open air

Preeta : right, Shrishti do you remember in Nasik how we always saw those shooting stars but in Mumbai we hardly saw any

Shrishti : I thought you didn’t believe on all those things and now what do you want from god, he gave you best gift

Preeta : even you have world’s precious gift in form of Sameer

Shrishti : please sis, that shorty will never share his feelings with me, he is so reserved type

Preeta : not everybody is like your Karan Sir, always blabber what comes in mind

“Thats not too bad defends Karan

Preeta : you are very defending him, can I ask you the reason

Shrishti : I am not defending him but making you realize don’t let him influence from any other girl, you know he has so many girls around him

Preeta : enough of your lecture now go to sleep alright good night

Luthra house

Rishab is sitting in garden recalling about Preeta’s moment with him. Karan comes and sit next to him.

“Why do you look so stressed, is everything okay Karan ask him

Rishab ; yea just its been long day and you know everyday this meeting is making me tired

Karan ; can I say something?

Rishab : are you asking me or telling me

“I am still gonna say, why don’t you take some break from work gives his advice

Rishab : what are you saying?

Karan ; bro, you always work like machine, at least give some time to yourself, tomorrow if you get married your wife will complain us that her husband is so workaholic

Rishab : shut up, you and your logic are twisted like you, I don’t even want to get married right now

Karan : fine then even I will not settle down until you do

Rishab : what do you mean by that? you found somebody

Karan ; why should I tell you?

Rishab ; come on I am your brother, you cannot hide from me

Karan : I will but only when you find your soulmate okay

Rishab : alright I won’t force you but you will have to wait a long time think again

Karan : anything for my brother, love you bhai, good night

Rishab : sweet dreams, good night and wake up early tomorrow (leaves to his room)

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