Preetan FF : Truth of life Part 11


Sameer goes to pick up Shrishti at Arora house in evening for movie.

Shrishti ; I am so excited, you know first movie in Mumbai, by the way what are going to watch

Sameer : whichever you want

“No, movie was my idea, now you pick the which one gives him benefit to choose

Both reach the movie theater when Tanya texts Sameer about her on way. He leaves phone with Shrishti who sees the message on screen.

“Pinky, who is this, I am on my way reads message confusingly

Sameer : here you go madam, your popcorn and ticket come

Shrishti gives his phone back but does not tell about the message. Both goes inside the movie room. Sameer comes out to go washroom when Tanya meets him there.

Tanya : where the hell are you? movie started already

Sameer ; actually Shrishti is here with me thats why I could not talk with you

Tanya : what is she doing here? you didn’t tell me before

Sameer ; do you ever hear properly always in rush

Tanya ; this time I am leaving but next time remember you are my friend first, go ahead, I will see you later bye but you will get punishment for this get ready for that

Sameer : oh god, save me next time (eats popcorn in tension)

Shrishti and Sameer goes to dinner after movie nearby.

Shrishti : wow shorty, food is delicious

“I always come here with Karan bhai eats his food while talking

Sameer drives her back to home

“Your house is here looks at Shrishti who is in deep thinking

Sameer : where are you lost? this quiet nature does not suit you

Shrishti ; you know from last few days, so much happened, but now things are getting better suddenly

Sameer : but now everything is fine, go take some rest

Shrishti : why don’t you come inside, nobody is at home

Sameer : you are inviting a boy at this time have some shame, where is everybody

Shrishti : shut up, sis wen to Ooty, mom and Dadi went to relative’s house

Sameer : karan bhai went to Ooty too, what a coincidence, I am sure both might be having good time there

Shrishti ; I am sure, now come inside I will make good coffee for you

Shrishti makes special coffee for Sameer first time. She asks his opinion

Sameer : what tall pole, not bad

“Thank you, multitalented you know praises herself

Sameer : no wonder you and bhai always get together, you guys don’t get tried praising yourself

Shrishti : you should learn that too, only then a girl will give you attention

Sameer : I don’t need to do all that grab anybody’s attention, I believe one needs to have good heart to love somebody

She see him hiding something in his pocket

Sameer : that day I threw your rose, this is for you (gives same rose)

Shrishti takes the rose with much shy

Later he leaves from the home

Preeta plans small surprise to cheer Karan’s mood. She takes him at terrace blindfolding his eyes.

Karan : baby doll what are you doing

“So impatient, few more minutes, here we are opens cloth from his eyes

Karan’s eyes remain shocked seeing something he never imagined. Preeta planned their dinner in small tent with many memories of both of their childhood.

“Welcome to Preeta Arora’s small kingdom opens tent smilingly

Karan : babydoll, what is all this, you planned in such short time

Preeta : nothing is impossible for me, and I have learnt that from you

Karan : great, even if you are no use of me but I am good tool for you

Preeta does not mind his crazy logic and takes inside the tent.

Karan ; wow, my favorite curry, but you made so much I don’t even eat that much food, if you eat you will put on weight

Preeta : shut up, that you did not eat properly at my house so now I will make you pay for that

Karan ; but you know aunt called me and I would die if I had eaten that much

Preeta : I won’t tolerate such excuses today alright, and if you dont’ eat I won’t show you my old pictures

Karan : thats not fair

Preeta : everything is fair in friendship

“Oh my god look at you, still same kareli type face in childhood Karan makes fun of her childhood pictures

Preeta : you don’t see time and start making fun of me so mean

Karan : okay I am sorry, but seriously you looked so different, your red nose, this chubby face, angry eyes

Preeta : really? then whats suits me now

Karan : Should I say truth

“Beautiful eyes, pure heart, million dollar smile, anybody can fall for this combination whispers in her ears

Preeta blushes hearing his words something she never heard from anybody and hearing from Karan would be too much for her to handle.

Preeta : I am used to hear my praise from anybody Karan please

“Then get used to it, baby doll, today I want to confess something holds her hands gently without hurting her

Preeta gets nervous seeing his closeness

“I never let any feelings come to my heart, till you came in my life, you became special why questions her very gently without getting dramatic

Preeta : I don’t know what are you talking

“Because you are different from everybody, so special, that moon might blush seeing this beauty looks at moon while talking

“Please Karan, don’t be so good that I become weak breakdown in front of him

Karan : I am not that good, nobody is perfect we have good and bad

“I would have always listened to you if I was nice friend weeps

“You are precious thats why I love you Ms Kareli kisses her forehead

Pretax freezes hearing his confession

“You made me mental in your love, will you tolerate this crazy cricketer makes his head touch her

Preeta gives her silent consent with nodding her head.

“Only on one condition, you will not trouble me Preeta teases him

Karan : how would our relation survive without fighting, its our daily doze

Preeta ; yea right

“Will you not say those words to me Karan demands when both are in each other’s arms

Preeta ; not so easily, you will have to wait for that

Karan : okay I will wait for that also

While talking both dozes off in the tent

Luthra house

Rakhi invites Tanya for dinner at their house as they never had chance to thank her properly.

Rishab ; welcome to our home

Tanya : thank you so much for pleasure, hello aunty

Rakhi : we never got chance to talk with you after that day, how is your injury

Tanya : I am absolutely fine, you didn’t have to bother

Rishab ; you guve chance to poor indians for hospitality, we will not give reason to complain right

Tanya : very funny Mr Luthra, learn to make better joke next time

Mahesh : dear, whatever you did, even dear ones never do, this is just small attempt to make you part of your family

“Your gratitude is enough for me uncle, just consider me your daughter who did something to save her father’s image touches his feet

Mahesh feels uneasy initially but gives blessing to her

Rakhi : come have dinner with us

Tanya : sure, thank you

Rishab ; did you like my mom’s food, she is best cook

Tanya : are you trying to compare her with my food, then you are right she is better than me

Dadi : what are you talking about?

Rishab : nothing dadi, other day I went to her place, and you won’t believe she is really good cook

Tanya : by the way I make very good desserts (looks at Mahesh)

Mahesh ; then next time done, you will call us for dinner

Rishab : yes but we will all eat sweet except you

Tanya : excuse me I have not given you invitation, only uncle aunty and dadi will try my handmade sweet

Rishab : you probably don’t know he have high diabetes

Tanya : so? will you ban him thats not fair, come on take things easy

Mahesh : thank you dear, only you understand me

Tanya : don’t worry i will also see who will also stop you

Rishab freely laughs at her antics with everybody.

Dadi : so you are from London? who is in your family

Tanya : just three of us me, mom and dad

Mahesh : they might be missing you from there, after all they are parents

Tanya : yea, I am their only daughter

Later he takes her to his room that has all pictures of Karan and him.

Tanya : can I ask you something

Rishab ; will you not ask If I say no

Tanya : yes I will still ask because that was only for formality

Rishab : Karan is right, you are so full of attitude yaar

Tanya ; thats self confidence, you love Karan a lot?

Rishab : Of course, he is my life, I raised him like kid, when dad got heart attack, mom was busy with taking of dad, and sometime even I had to help mom

Tanya : I am sorry to hear about uncle, I can understand what all of you might have went through

Rishab : that time Karan was kid like in school, he broke down seeing dad, and nobody was there to console him except one person

Tanya looks up at him in tears

“I am sorry, I have gift for you opens his drawer to grab something

Tanya : what was the need for this

Rishab : please take that for me

“Thanks take gift from his hands

At her house Tanya opens gift only to find small bracelet but the meaning was very deep for her.

“This is for that girl who always hide her feelings from everybody but I want to be that person who she can confidante

Next day Preeta wakes up first to see Karan sleeping on the other side. She goes near him only to find his cute face sleeping like child.

“You are not that bad my Kadva Karela puts hands on his chest lovingly

She is about to get up but Karan pulls her back in his arm.

Karan : what were you doing, trying to take advantage of alone guy

Preeta ; thats my right Mr Luthra, you can’t stop me from doing

Karan : really, then give me small kiss

Preeta : no way, after marriage

“You are so confusing, what about my right, and nobody is even here if you say we will settle down in this place what say Karan touches her nose

“Duffer pushes him on other side  and runs away

Karan smiles at her blush

Both starts packing to go back at their house after enjoying the trip that changed their life.

“Karan, I think we should tell our families soon about this request him

Karan : relax we will let them know soon, and anyway everybody is busy with Kritika’s wedding, after her marriage we will tell them

Before leaving from there Karan goes to orphanage for some paper work Rishab told him to get. He sees a very old file under table that contains adoption papers.

Preeta ; Karan, we are getting late come quickly

Precap : Preeta finds out Tanya’s identity of pinky

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