Preetan FF : Battle of Justice

The story portrays the web of mixed feelings of an individuals who encounters good and bad things in course of life. The plot thickens when five individuals destinies crosses each with coming from different worlds. Principals, emotions, feelings are staked at every stage in their lives and brings them to one end where nobody have any chance to escape. Either they have to compromise their principals or give up their lives. The battle will start of justice, greed, revenge when love will take the backseat. The background of story takes place in New York, Mumbai, Chicago and London where certain events will take place.

Rishab Luthra ; Elder son of Luthra family. He is considered as an example of humanity in front of people and very sophisticated. People respect him for his hard work and noble heart. Deep down he his very calculative and shrewd businessman who is buried under mysteries.

Karan Luthra : Younger son of Luthra family. He is short tempered and impulsive who often messes up things. He does everything with the hope that his brother will always save him. Sharp witted guy who hate honesty too but still loves his brother. His life change when emotion of love will start taking over his aggressiveness. He is too involved in some copyright issues and hacker like Shrishti

Preeta : Senior officer of CBI team who has razor sharp mind. She believes in fighting with courage rather than money and power. She is dedicated to her work completely but holds much arrogance for her achievements. Closes every door of emotions that could make her weak in her mission. She is given task to save the national security by finding the best hacker who is cops unable to gather evidence.

Shrishti : Professional hacker whose life revolves around theft. She is world’s best hacker and smart software engineer but often misuses her power and intelligence for wrong things. Grown up in the world of terror, robbery, violence she hates to be righteous. Her sole mission is to break the unity of New York government by breaking the national security.

Sameer : Honest and successful lawyer who always fights for right. He does not go against his principles for anything and anybody. He pays heavy price for his honesty and self respect when he falls for wrong girl. The only weapon he uses to fight the cases is righteousness and thinks that can be used to destroy the evils.

PS : I want to clear to you guys, this story will not have much romance like my others but quite tight gripping and intriguing genre. But will try to add some love between Preeran in some parts. But I promise it will keep you guys at edge till the end



The village named Laholi which was known for its honor and dignity. The King Ratan Singh of the district was very righteous and humble towards the people of the town and always looked for their well beings making sure nobody lacks any kind of resources for survival. He owned very big land in the village where he had dream of building school to get education for children in the village. He had wife Ramya and two kids; one 9 years old boy Sonu and 5 years old girl Chutki. There was a time when the village faced big disaster in form of drought and there was no amount of rain to grow crops. Bad Luck knocked on their door when some foreigners wanted to capture the pure land to built their palace but villagers did not accept the offer which came as an insult to them. Those foreigners made an attempt to burn the land if they could not get it.

The fire breakdown in the whole village where million people loses their lives. The crops and land burn and leftover is the dry grass. Ratan Singh lost his wife in the fire leaving their young children on his shoulder. He suffered from heart attack seeing the crisis and after few days he passed away. The foreigners captured everything and made Ratan Singh’s children as their slaves. The head of them was Mr Simons who wanted to own the whole village. Getting chance Sonu flees their palace taking his sister Chutki away from the place. He takes shelter outside a dargah and goes to fetch some water for his sister. Coming back he does not find find her, and is left disheartened for losing everything in one night. He vows to bring justice for his family and dignity his village lost.

Both brother and sister relation did not survive either in the catastrophe.

The scene shifts to seven years old Chutkhi fights her battle alone after her parents death in the violence that striked. She took the support of her some other orphan kids around and start to work for herself. While doing work she also was able to educate herself little bit for survival. One day she witness some slaves beating another girl five years old who was victim like her of the situation. She beats them up till they beg for their life. Both girls becomes each other’s support in the storm but soon the girl who was victim is kidnapped by local thugs. She was sold off in market to an underworld don.

The dignity, self respect, humanity” wiped off in the cold blooded world leaving only ashes.

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