Preetan FF : Battle Of Justice Part 2

7:00 pm Ladakh 

Preeta as usual goes back to home after visiting dargah. She lives in small old cottage from years not able to afford big house. She have no reason to come home without any family of own. Her house is filled with all shudder and isolated desert where even during day there is no light like her life. She cleans the room heading to terrace watching the clear sky.

“You know mom everyday I cannot sleep without talking to you’ talks about her whole day achieving another success.

Her neighbor Noor tells her to come out of darkness and feel the light

“For how long will you stay like this gets food for her every week

Preeta : one need reason and people to live here no family only one aim peace

Noor ; its not easy this world is not good, there are people who can never do see other’s happiness

Preeta : but they don’t know that god is watching them anyway good night I have to go for work


On a rally race participates a spunky guy with full of overconfidence and arrogance. He puts feet on brakes getting ready for the dangerous race. The flag is lift up to start the race of many cars. Guy stays back for a while but speed at the nearing end. He clashes with all other cars and is able to reach the finishing line. The crowd gets haywire seeing the unimaginable race. People call him “Karan Luthra heartbob for whole city and popular among girls. He gives flying kisses to his cheering fans but nobody is allowed to come near him because of security around him.

“Yes bhai talks to his brother on phone informing about the race

Karan : driver take car to Rishab’s office right now (plays with his phone)

He reaches at Rishab’s office where everybody greets him with respect of Rishab’s brother.

“Good morning bro how was your horse rival game, I am sure my brother always would win batters him

Rishab : give this form to client (hands file to manager) and you my spoiled brat

Karan : wait wait, don’t give me any lecture because today I won the race

Rishab : what do you get by wining all this rally races, do something big

“My dear brother you also learn to have some adventure it will benefit you in future tells him lovingly

Rishab : forget all that I have called you here for some other work

Karan : are you making me delivery boy again? tell which courier service am i going

“Here is the CD of our confidential stock market information I talked to client and you have to go with manager to New york tells him to join the

Karan : why me if everybody else is going

“Because I don’t trust anybody on this except you and I am sure you don’t turn down your brother’s word right claims him

Karan : okay fine just let me know when are we leaving for trip

Rishab : tomorrow morning is your flight at 7

“So early no way, you know I cannot wake up pouts in front of him

Rishab : I didn’t call you here to make any excuses, pack your bags

Karan : okay fine anything for you brother (hugs him happily)

Rishab ; I am going for important meeting see you in evening be safe take care

Karan : bye bro

After Rishab leaves Karan goes to his office of cyber cell for work.

“Is everything all set ask his colleague to hack the system of another company

Josh : few more minutes buddy then we will break this security code and all information from rival company will be with us

Karan : good but nobody should know this wrap up everything when done

New york downtown 

A huge commotion of police surrounds outside the building. There is another robbery jewels inside. A hooded person with mouth covered puts everybody on same side showing them gun. The hooded person jumps down from the tall building cutting the rope. Cops fire bullet but are not able catch the culprit. The person removes the hood, remove gloves turning out to be girl. She hands the jewels to her boss Urja Nagre’s right hand men selling them jewels

Patil : boss send this reward

“Thanks takes the bag from him and donates some money to the charity house

Young girl Shrishti climbs up the hilltop opening her arms feeling the fresh air. She gets call from somebody to meet urgently at the cafe. In her dark life there is only small ray of light in form of small 15 years old kid Lina who is her inspiration but not aware of illegal issues in city.

“Hi didi hugs her

Shirishti ; how is my little friend

“Perfect and you know something today again I defeated that boring nerd Pia always showing off in front of me complaints about her one classmates

Shrishti : you go to school to study or do all this nonsense focus you will go to college now

Lina : chill sis life should be full adventure only then we it will be fun

Shrishti ; very funny when are your holidays

Lina : next month, you first tell me where are we going for our trip

Shrishti : we will think first get me good marks this time in exam and we both will go for long holiday alright

Lina : love you didi, lets eat I am very hungry

Both goes to Chinese restaurant for lunch

Cashier : yes ma’am what can I got for you

“Yes two hakka noodles, Manchurian rice Shrishti gives order

Cashier : $25.50 ma’am

“There you go gives her change

Shrishti ; hello ms universe here is your food

“Thank you sis this is the best Chinese restaurant ever I must say compliment food

Shrishti : now listen to me carefully I am going out for big assignment next week, if you need anything you have number of Tara aunty right just give her call

Lina : fine but come soon I really want to go home with you

“You know I am doing all this for you once I have permanent home I will take you with me, till then you will stay with aunty convinces her


Vardhan informs Preeta about the important case in New york.

Preeta : but sir they don’t have any information what will I do there

Vardhan : they want to bring an indian officer in front of that girl so we can catch her red handed once you find that girl, you have to win her confidence and then make her confess about all the robberies and theft

Preeta : how could be so sure I will be able to handle this efficiently

Vardhan : because I trust you, now the whole government will rely on one decision of yours

Preeta : fine Sir I will go and help them catch that criminal who has created chaos

Vardhan : good I am sure Yash will be very happy to see you there, don’t worry i will make all the arrangements for your living

Preeta : thank you sir (leaves cabin)

“What are you saying, going to US and catch that dangerous criminal Noor tries to stop her

Preeta : Its my passion to play dangerous games and this one will not be easy like the other cases

Noor : I know you are brave but think once again who knows what happen

“I write my own fate nobody else does and this time nothing will happen either, I will come back with victory again packs her clothes

Noor : before leaving bow down in Dargah in front of Almighty he will help you with this mission, here is the amulet (puts around her wrists as for safety)

Preeta : Sir said my flight is tonight , I have two halts before reaching new york, first long journey

Noor : so strange you have not even stepped out of this small city now going out of country are you not scared

“We cops tie the shroud on your head when leave from duty everyday anyway we are getting late for prayer lets go both girls go to dargah for Namaaz

“God I don’t know what you planned for me this time but keep your hand on me always if my principals shake you give me ray of hope, Preeta prays closing her eyes

“Ya Allah, you know my parents are not anymore whatever it is now only Preeta is my family please take care of her, become her strength in everything if you have planed for some happiness show her the devotion of love Noor asks for Preeta’s well being

“Amen both girls says together

Vardhan and Noor goes to drop Preeta at airport for the next mission.

“Preeta don’t remove this amulet, and take care of yourself, good bye hugs her

Preeta : you too and I will be in touch with you

Vardhan : Preeta I know this time too you will raise the flag of honor and pride of this country

“Thank you sir touches his feet and salutes before leaving

Vardhan : take care best of luck

Preeta checks inside the immigration.

Precap : First impression is the last impression. Karan Preeta meeting in flight turns disaster

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