Preetan, Abhigya & Rabul FF : Shades Of Relationships Part 4

New characters and family

Thakur family

Durga Thakur : Hails from very affluent family in Chicago. Due to her dysfunctional family, she is addicted to drugs and gambling. Loneliness fades her away from all sorts of emotions of love and friendships until she mets Luthra boys falling in love hardly with one of them that becomes obsessive. Finds solace to granny in her house from childhood.

Nandita Thakur : Wife of Thakur Uday Pratap and mom of Durga

Nandita Thakur : Wife of Thakur Uday Pratap and mom of Durga. She does not share good relation with her daughter to conflict with her husband from past.  Is not able to read Durga’s heart inner turmoil.

Thakur Uday Pratap Singh : Renowned and wealthy businessman in town of Chicago

Thakur Uday Pratap Singh : Renowned and wealthy businessman in town of Chicago. To world he is humble person while inside the house is cruel and ruthless who does not share good equation with his own family. Rival to Luthra family

Armaan : Son of Pratap's distant sister but is adopted by him later for inheritance

Armaan : Son of Pratap’s distant sister but is adopted by him later for inheritance. He is Casannova and flirt who does not take life seriously. His life revolve around parties and walking on footstep of his uncle. Traps daughter of Luthra family Kritika in his charm for revenge.



Police station 

Purab comes to headquarters after a while when constable informs him about theft in store.

Purab : what time have come? now girls have also started this profession

Constable : and sir she was shouting so much, my ears are still hurting

Purab : bring her out

Bulbul sees him and starts her bickering again which makes constable rub head

Bulbul : oh hello officer, this people brought me here without any investigation

Purab : keep your mouth shut (stamps on desk) now you will answer only what I ask

Bulbul : why should I? when I have done nothing, let me go right now

“Constable put her inside the cell again” Purab

loses his temper with her constant rant

Bulbul : you cannot keep me like this, I will go to supreme court, call commissioner if you don’t leave me right now

Constable take her back into cell

“What a girl” Purab drinks water to calm himself

Bulbul : don’t touch me okay (jerks the hand of lady constable angrily)

“Stop your nonsense or else I will put you in the old cell” threatens her

Bulbul : just dare to do, I won’t spare anybody

Shrishti sells her camera to get bail for Bulbul.

Keeper : there you go, 7000 for this camera

Shrishti looks at her camera one last time where she captured many good and bad memories of her life.

Navya : are you sure you will do this?

Shrishti nods and tells Navya to approach the lawyer to get Bulbul out of jail.

Navya : but why? won’t you meet your sister

Shrishti : if you are my friend please do as I say, sometime its good to hide some wounds, and thank you for everything bye (leaves after giving money)

Navya goes to meet the lawyer who makes Bulbul’s bail paper. They get access to CCTV footage and she is proven innocent.

Bulbul : thank you but who bailed me out

Lawyer refuses to tell her the name and finishes the paperwork.

Purab : Ms, I am

“You should be sorry, without any investigating I was brought here, such heartless people” Bulbul leaves with huff taking her bag

Purab : god just one request please never ever make me cross path with this girl (prays funnily)

Constable : sir its commissioner on line

“Yes Sir” Purab talks on phone

Phoenix company 

Pragya brings coffee inside the studio where Abhi does his practice. She knocks

Abhi : come in, oh you come inside

Pragya hands him coffee with moody face without smiling much.

Abhi : not bad, you should open coffee chain I guarantee it will be very successful

Pragya : I am very happy with my career Sir, and this is not my hobby

Abhi : tell me something, whats this attitude for

Pragya : look you are my boss, I don’t want to create any scene or here if you were outside then I would have showed you

Abhi : really? amazing I feel very thrilled that I met somebody who can dare to challenge Abhi Mehra

Pragya is about to leave but is stopped by him

Abhi : people come here by their own but they leave on my permission

Pragya : please leave my hand

“You are very fond of challenges right then I will give you one, lets see if you are able to take that” holds her grip strongly

Pragya : I am here to play games alright (tells him sternly)

Abhi : you got scared easily? I expected this

Pragya : I am not afraid of anybody, fine tell me what challenge you want me to win

“My next concert is coming soon and since I have signed with your company the whole event responsibility is yours starting from lights, camera, music, audience everything” Abhi walks around her

Pragya : alright I am on but just one condition this challenge is between us, my company should not suffer any losses

Abhi : thats what my challenges Ms attitude, but if you are pleading so much then I promise I won’t do any loss to this company, you have to make sure my concert does not suffer

Preeta : it won’t promise

Abhi : and in return I will help you get permanent position in this company

Preeta : I don’t go things to get in return neither I take somebody’s favor, anyway deal is on enjoy your coffee (shakes hand with him and leaves)

Abhi : game has just started Pragya Arora lets see for how long you survive in deep water


Rishab comes to meet the orphanage caretaker where he first interacts with Preeta. Both feels awkward seeing each other. Her scarf blows on his face which he removes slowly.

Main taa tere naal hi rehna ji
Har gham sang tere sehna ji

Main taa tere naal hi rehna ji
Har gham sang tere sehna ji
Jo jag se kaha na jaaye woh
Mujhko bas tujhse kehna ji

Sohna sohna itna bhi kaise tu sohna
Sohna sohna itna bhi kaise tu sohna
Tere ishq mein jogi hona
Mainu jogi hona

“You? never saw you here” Rishab asks her

Preeta : I am just a doctor, came to check on the children (gets little nervous)

Rishab : okay, I am Rishab nice to meet you

“oh you are Rishab luthra, madam told me your family has made this orphanage, very nice to see humanity is still alive” Preeta appreciates him

Rishab : I would not judge somebody on first meeting anyway, you still have not given me your introduction

Preeta : I am so sorry, my name is Preeta

Shobha : oh sorry Mr Luthra to keep you waiting, everything is fine

Rishab : good to hear that and I hope doctor madam have also done her work

Preeta : yes Sir, I have all reports of children, all are fit and fine, must say management have done wonderful job on everything

Rishab : thank you

Preeta : okay I will leave for clinic, getting late it was nice seeing you all

Shobha : take care and I will tell Maya to appoint you only every month for check up

Preeta : for sure

Rishab : are you going somewhere? can I drop you

“Yes I have to go back at the apollo clinic” Preeta informs him

Rishab : I am going that way to collect some reports, if you don’t mind can I drop you

Preeta : thats really okay you

“If he is insisting so much, go and its very hard to get transport from this place” Shobha tells her

Preeta : okay sure

A small kid insists Preeta to come back soon and play with them again. The duo leaves

Rishab : not bad kids have become fond of you in such short time

Preeta : I also enjoyed playing with them, poor kids already lost their parents now only we people are their support

Rishab : so you are physiotherapist? you might have dealt with lot of different type of patients, some who might not agree to do treatment

Preeta : actually I just started my practice so its hard to say but what is fun when there is no challenge and I love to help people

Rishab ; so in that case can I ask for a favor

“Sorry?” pardons him

Rishab : I mean my dadi has knee pain, but she does not let any doctor wander around her, do you want to make a try who knows seeing your empathy she will let you treat

Preeta : I would be more than happy to treat her just tell me when

Rishab ; tomorrow morning 8 am at Luthra house and don’t worry about your work, I will inform Maya

Preeta : sure, thank you, clinic is here

Rishab : here you go

“It was very nice meeting you, thanks again, after long time I met such good people” Preeta smiles

Rishab : I will take your thanks if you treat my dadi

Preeta feels awkward

Rishab ; just kidding, see you tomorrow (leaves)

Preeta feels overwhelmed to meet people who are down to earth even after being such wealthy.

Khanna office 

Ruhi is the leading business woman in fashion industry who is on top five of world’s magazine.

“Mona, our clients from Paris have decided to launch their fashion show here in India, so make sure you coordinate with the models, get the clothes ready” Ruhi works on her computer

Mona : but ma’am there is a problem

Ruhi : what is it?

“We need a new photographer, last one you fired” Mona tells her

Ruhi ; because he was irresponsible, I can tolerate less talent but not any type of carelessness, get the advertisement of new photographer within a week (tells her sternly)

Mona : yes ma’am (leaves the cabin)

Near cricket field 

Preeta whose clinic is quite close to cricket ground where Karan does his practice. During evening it starts to rain heavily. Preeta does not get any transport or place to stay for a while. The only place she could find shelter was the sports club. She runs there quickly to save herself from the thunderstorm. All the players left for the day except Karan who was waiting for pick up. He practice with ball in the locker room. Both feels each other presence while walking around.

Karan ; yes bhai, I am waiting from so long and nobody came to pick me up

Rishab ; all the roads are jammed, you stay there I will come there or send driver for pick, just don’t go out weather is bad

Karan : alright bye (hangs up)

He starts to change the clothes when Preeta accidentally comes in the locker room. She shouts with embarrassment

Karan : who are you? don’t you know this is boy’s locker room (starts blaming her)

Preeta : actually weather was bad and I could not get any transport so

Karan : so you thought, let me come here this is an open place for public right

Preeta : no (tries to speak)

Karan : madam for your information this is boys’ cricket stadium and girls are not allowed in this locker room, now I see you are from those girls who look chance to meet Karan luthra

“Okay enough I am trying to say something from long time but you are so much into your ego, you are not ready to listen to me” Preeta starts her argument

Karan : you are lying flatly, first you came here without permission and now making stories

Preeta : first of all i am not interested in you, I have heard lot about you, famous and arrogant BPL player Karan Luthra, outside weather is so bad and I found no transport thats why i came here to make call and inform my family (they must be so worried)

Lights goes off again making her shout

Karan : stop shouting (turns on his mobile flashlight ) let me go get candle

Preeta : please don’t, this place is very new for me, I will also come with you

Karan feels familiar touch from before during Gurudwara he got with her hands.

Rom rom tera naam pukaare
Ek huye din rain hamaare
Hum se hum hi chhin gaye
Jab se dekhe nain tihaare


Teri kaali akhiyon se jind meri jaage
Dhadkan se tej daudoon, sapno se aage
Ab jaan lut jaaye, yeh jahan chhoot jaaye
Sang pyaar rahe, main rahoon na rahoon..
Sajda tera sajda
Din rain karoon, naahi chain karoon
Sajda tera sajda

Karan fixes the circuit and brings the light back. He feels somebody holding him tight

Karan : light is back

Preeta leaves his hands. The rain stops outside

Karan ; you want lift?

“No thats okay i am getting late thank you” Preeta runs away from there

The driver picks him from place. He sees at the duppatta that blew at gurudwara other day.

Arora house 

The girls return home after long day getting wet in heavy rain.

Sarla : you all are so wet? go get yourself dry wait let me get towel

Shrishti gets herself towel from room and dries her hair . Bulbul informs them about incidence

Pragya : what? why didn’t you inform us anything

Bulbul : I could have but that grumpy office and the constable didn’t let me call you

Preeta : thank god you are safe but who bailed you

Shrishti hears them from room

Bulbul : I don’t know, a lawyer came and did all paperwork and didn’t reveal name

Dadi : god bless that soul who did this noble deed

“Where is Shrishti” Preeta asks

Dadi : maybe in her room

Preeta : i will go meet her (goes to room)

Shrishti : yes di, you need anything

“How was your day” Preeta makes her sit and dries her sister’s hair

Shrishti : it was long day, but still didn’t get good job (looks at newspaper)

Preeta : its okay we are not in hurry, just finish your graduation you will be fine


Large indian community gather for Ganesh utsav in big hall. The drummers come to play for the event. In midst enters a guy charming everybody Armaan Malik who adopted by his mom’s brother Thakur Uday Pratap Singh. He rubs color on his forehead smiling in front of statue.

Jwaala si chalti hai aankhon mein jiske bhi

Dil mein tera naam hai

Parwaah hi kya uska aarambh kaisa hai aur kaisa parinaam hai

Dharti ambar sitaare hai

Usski nazaare utaarein

Darr bhi uss se dara re

Jiski rakhwaliya re karta saaya tera

Deva Shree Ganesha…(x8)

During the dance, a girl joins him named Kritika who is the only daughter of Mahesh Luthra. Both shares deep friendship from few years which have turned into silent love for Kritika


Teri bhakti ka vardaan hai

Jo kamaaye woh dhanwaan hai

Bin kinare ki kashti hai woh

Deva, Tujhse jo anjaan hai

Yun tto mooshak sawari teri

Sab pe hai pehredaari teri

Paap ki aandhiyaan na kaha

Kabhi jyoti na haari teri

Apni taqdeer ka woh, khud sikander huaa re

Bhool ke yeh jahaan re, kiski silien ya haare

Saath paaya tera hey

Deva Shree Ganesha…(x4

Everybody gathers for prayer after devotion dance.

“Ganpati bappa, I dont’ want anything for me because I will get it anyway but fulfill her prayer, she is more important to me after Durga” Armaan gives her tray of prayer

Kritika is aware of Armaan’s feelings but still maintains her friendship with hope of getting his love someday. The duo goes to late night drive after the ceremony.

“Woah” Armaan shouts on top of building

Kritika : calm down, and thanks for coming with me

Armaan : you order and I don’t come no way (asks her to stand at edge)

Kritika : you know I am afraid of heights, if I fall

“And I will let you fall? nothing will happen” Armaan gives her hand

Kritika (comes up) : tell me something, whole week you party and all then how do you manage to come at bappa’s prayer

Armaan : I might be raised here but still respect our culture, and your ganpati bappa have given me so much in life

Kritika ; when will you get serious? I know you are very rich but we cannot trust life

Armaan : come on yaar, we only get this life once why waste in working hard

Phone call rings

“Yes, what? okay I am coming” Armaan says with panic

Kritika ; what happened?

Armaan : nothing you go home, its too late

Kritika ; wait I am coming with you

“No its alright I will manage” Armaan insister her

Kritika : first tell me what happened

Armaan looks on

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